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How To Naturally Improve Your Seeing – The Best Eye Exercises For Perfect Sight

September 4, 2011

How To Naturally Improve Your Seeing – The Best Eye Exercises For Perfect Sight

Article by Franklin Richard

Did you know that there are some easy practices that you can do that naturally improve your seeing. With doing regular eye practices you are able to reduce the need of glasses and actually improve your seeing.

Here are some of the best eye practices for complete sight that you can do.

Palming If you use a computer or watch television for hours you are able to seriously damage your eyes. Due to the overwork your eyes are stressed so your sight tends to get blurry and hazy. Palming is a very effective practice that aids you to improve your seeing naturally and safety.

To begin the practice take a deep breath and cover it with the cup of your palms. While doing this eye improvement exercise your fingers ought be positioned in your forehead and your hand’s heel ought rest on your cheekbone.

Do not put too much pressure on your eyes because this could cause your eyes to become more tense.

The dot technique The intent of the dot practice are to instruct you not to strain when you stare at objects. Straining is very bad for you eyes so you need to train yourself to recognize when you are straining and instruct to prevent it from happening in the future.

Here is how to properly perform the dot practice. Look at a period or comma on a sheet of paper. The text is not important your concentration should attend the period or comma. Make the comma or period as clear as possible and stare at it for an extended period. After a few moments of staring the period or comma becomes blur and it is even potential that you experience a headache.

Go on and try to relax your eyes a bit and look at the period or comma on staring. Admit your eyes to move over, across and around the dot or comma. It is totally all right if you blink one or two times. Now close your eyes and envision the period or comma again or just look at an area around the period or comma without focusing at all. Then once again focus back on the period or comma.

Notice that the period or comma is clearer. By doing exercises that relax the eyes your vision can be improved naturally tremendously.

Keep in mind that straining is very bad for some eyes.

Improve your seeing right now by following a proven scientific technique that allows you to get nearly perfect 20/20 sight. At last you can say goodbye to your contact lenses and glasses forever.

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