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How to improve your eyesight naturally

September 12, 2011

There are various steps and procedures one can take to help improve eyesight. Poor eyesight is condition caused by our own bad habits of ignoring the needs of our eyes. The eyes are a delicate, important organ in the body and they need just as much care as the other organs.

Palming is a way to help the eyes relax, naturally. Eyes are in constant motion, even when we are sleeping, the eyes are moving around. It’s not possible to completely stop the eyes from moving because they need to stay lubricated. However, we can slow down their motion and help them relax.

In order to relax the eyes, you must first relax your mind. If your mind is running away with its thoughts, your eyes will strain to keep up. Palming helps relax the mind and the eyes all at the same time. The procedure is simple and takes less than 20 minutes, but you can do it for however long you need to.

The first step is to rub your hands together to get them nice and warm. Next, place one palm over each eye. Be sure to cup the palms so they are never directly touching the eyes or putting pressure on the eyelids. Your elbows should be resting on a hard surface, like a table or your knees.

The next step is to relax, fully relax. With your eyes closed beneath your palms, feel the muscles in your body start to relax. Start from the top of your head and slowly move down to your toes, feeling each muscle in between start to relax. The more relaxed you are, the darker the blackness your eyes see will be. At first, you may see a grayish color but as you relax that gray will become a darker and darker shade of black. The deeper the blackness, the more relax your eyes are.

You want to clear your mind of all thoughts. Forget all the lists and things that need to get done and focus solely on the darkness. If it helps, you can picture pleasant things like flowers blossoming or the waves of the ocean. Try to stay in this relaxed stage for at least 15 minutes.

Once you open your eyes again, things will be more focused. Colors, shapes, and lines will be more defined and your overall vision will be clearer

Diet and Vision

Did you know that eating a better is not only good for your health but can help improve vision too? Well, it does. A healthy diet and exercise is good for your health which in turn will keep your eyes working properly.

A healthy diet includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, proteins, and dairy products. For proteins try to add more fish into your diet, it has the essential Omega-3 fatty acids that are great for the brain and mental focus. Dairy products are good but stay away from pasteurized and homogenized milk because they tend to clog arteries and limit the eye circulation. The best vegetables are carrots, spinach, bean sprouts, endive, celery, and cucumber.

Everyone feels the need to splurge every once in a while, but too much processed and deep-fried foods can cause serious complications on eyesight and health. Stick with foods that are high in vitamins A, B, C, D, and E as they are all just the nutrients the body craves. Some other treats that are high in nutrients are sunflower seeds, raisins, pecans, soy beans, liver, and apricots.

The body comes complete with its own pH balance system to keep an equal amount of acid and alkaline. Too much acid causes uric crystals to develop around the joints leading to arthritis. The acid also damages the muscles around the eyes. The body needs fruits, vegetables, grains, and animal products to maintain the balance. Fruits and vegetables reduce the amount of acid in the body; grains and animal products increase the acid. The goal is to find the perfect balance between the two. Most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, so to find balance start there.

Finding a good mix to the foods you eat together can help the body break down foods and digest nutrients properly. Too many carbohydrates taken with protein, like meat and potatoes, can be hard for the body to break down leaving you feeling as if food is just sitting on the gut. Proteins should be mixed with vegetables, meat and a salad. The body will be able to break it down easily and the proper amount of nutrients will be absorbed.

Eat to your health and to better eyesight.

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Three Simple Steps Everyday Improves Your Eyesight Greatly

August 13, 2011

Three Simple Steps Everyday Improves Your Eyesight Greatly

Article by Hyver

If someone tells you that you are able to restore your eyesight naturally just by doing simple exercises everyday, do you believe it? No matter whether you believe it or not, there indeed exists a way to improve both myopia and hypermetropia and even some other eyesight problems just by physical exercises, and a great deal of people have benefited from it. Here below I’d like to introduce three steps which are believed to correct your faulty vision greatly.

1. Get up early in the morning to expose your eyes to the early sunshine and look at the rays for a while ( This procedure should only be performed in the morning, for the sunshine then is mild and does not offend to the eye. ) and then close your eyes slowly. This procedure should be performed for 10 to 15 minutes. This is the first and also crucial step to guarantee the improvement of eyesight, known as eye sun bath.

2. Prepare a cup of cool water and then apply it on your eyes and blink the eyelids 50 times. If you think it necessary, you can replace another cup of cool water and repeat the same action above. ( Note: when finishing washing your eyes, remember to use a handkerchief to tap lightly your eyes.) This step is referred as eye water bath.

3. Sit beside a table with your elbows on the surface of it and put your hand gently on the cheek, fingers crossing the both of your eyes and nose bridge ( either right hand or left hand is ok ). Then close your eyes letting the light reach your eyes through the fingers. This action should be kept for 10 minutes, known as palming exercise.

Maybe at the very beginning when you perform those procedures, you think they are of no use but a waste of time. However, as it is said that constant dropping wears the stone, nothing is possible to be achieved within a short period of time, so is the see clearly method. If you have persisted to practice those three steps for a month, you probably have experienced an improvement of your eyesight.

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*Be careful of vision-improving eye exercise programs

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Eye Exercises For Fatigue – Do It Yourslf Eye Exercises

August 8, 2011

Eye Exercises For Fatigue – Do It Yourslf Eye Exercises

The use of eye exercises for fatigue can be very beneficial for both our eyes and our general wellbeing. Regardless of how tired we are sometimes it can seem impossible to relax. This can prevent us from getting a proper night’s sleep which is essential for our bodies, not to mention our eyes, to function at their best. There are lots of eye exercises designed to relax our eyes but most of the time this involves relaxing our whole body.


One exercise which works to relax our eyes and our minds is called ‘Palming’. The procedure is simple and takes less than 20 minutes, but you can do it for however long you need to. Firstly, warm your hands up by rubbing them together. Rest you elbows on a table and cup your hands. Place one palm over each eye being careful not to directly touch your eyes or put pressure on your eyelids.



The next step is to relax, fully relax. With your eyes closed beneath your palms, feel the muscles in your body start to relax. Now you want to relax your whole body starting with the top of your head and working all the way down to your toes. The blackness that you see is an indication of how relaxed you are, the darker it gets the more relaxed you are. At first, you may see a greyish colour but as you relax that grey will become a darker and darker shade of black.


Focus completely on the darkness, clear your mind and try not to think about your problems and all of your to-do lists and instead try to think about pleasant things such as the sounds of the ocean or walks through nature. Try to stay like this for 15 minutes or however long you feel relaxed. When you open your eyes you should feel much more relaxed and your eyes should be more focused and everything should seem brighter and clearer.


This is just one of many eye exercises for fatigue. Learning exercises to relax the eyes is a great way to develop lasting habits and ensure great eyesight for years to come. If you would like to learn more techniques then has many very helpful and worthwhile programs and exercises to improve your eyes and help you learn to relax your whole body.

Eoin McDonnell is an engineer who has done a lot of research into eyesight improvement methods as a less expensive alternative to laser eye surgery in a quest to cure myopia (shirtsightedness) and astigmatism which he has had since age seven.