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Your Questions About An Impaired Driver’s Eyes

October 3, 2012

Donald asks…

I have impaired vision in one eye and I need to get a driver’s license in California. Can I get a license?

I have a condition in one of my eyes that reduces my vision to 20/200 in that eye. I can see fine out of my other eye and I have been driving with a New York license for 7 years. I recently moved to California and their state laws require 20/40 vision in both eyes to obtain a driver’s license. I would like to know if I am able to get a license or if I have to do anything specific to obtain one.

admin answers:

You sound like me..i have a weaker eye then the other.

You will propably have to get glasses,or a certificatre from an optomitrist,saying your eyes are ok for driving with out glasses.

I failed the test at the Drivers license place,yet passed at the optometrits.

I dont like in calfornia though..

Joseph asks…

Can a Visually Impaired 16 Year old get a Driver’s License?

I have Microphthalmia in both eyes (unfortunately).
I also have glaucoma.
I currently live in Sydney,Australia…

… I was just curious…
- i can only see light in my left eye…

admin answers:

I’m not sure about the laws in australia, but usually it depends on the severity of the visual impairment, and if it can be corrected or aided with the use of glasses, contacts, etc…

But you might want to research that.. Ask someone at whatever department is in charge of issuing driver’s licenses in australia… Good luck.

Michael asks…

Forfeit driver’s license for medicaid?

If a visually impaired person, taking medication for eye problems, wants to apply for medicaid would she have to give up driver’s license as “proof” of disability?

Just wondering as a driver’s license is a well honoured form of ID & many applications, (such as one to send a child on a field trip), require a person’s driver license to process.
To give up a drivers license, even if not driving, would make identification of self difficult.
So if one wants to apply for or collect Medicaid, due to visual impairment, does one have to forfeit drivers license?
L&P you inferred to much into the question.
I stated that the visually impaired is not driving & I thought it was clear that the license was being used only for purposes of ID. Nor did I say the visually impaired was unwilling to take a bus. How do you think she is presently getting around if she’s not driving? The bus, the visually impaired is presently using the bus. L&P you made erroneous negative & hostile inferences from the question.

admin answers:

In many states, the DMV can issue a personal identification card, which somewhat resembles a drivers license, but is issued as ID purposes only with no driving privileges. (This will at least take care of the ID requirement.)

If the personnel at the DMV do deem the visually impaired person fit and meets the visual requirements, that person could still hold a drivers license…one just has to pass the eye test at the DMV. If one fails the eye test, they can still be issue a state certified ID card.

As for this scenario, it depends on the level of disability and impairment. I would not think if a person is qualified to be considered disabled due to visual impairment could be also deemed fit to obtain a drivers license. I think they would be mutually inclusive…one or the other, but not have both.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

September 21, 2012

Daniel asks…

Help me choose between two poems for class?

Okay, I’m NOT a poet so they might both suck. The assignment was to write a war poem for a project we’re doing on the novel “All quiet on the western front.” I wrote two different ones thinking “Well, if one turns out to be crap the other might be decent.” Which one should I turn in?

Poem one (I’ll probably title it as “human”)
(Btw Shrapnel is the fancy word for the shards of flying metal that goes everywhere when a shell explodes.)
It is a notion reserved
for times of peace
and innocent civilians.

beneath the endless thunder
of shells and death
and the vicious rain
of torn earth and shrapnel
That notion
is a distant dream.

There is
only us
and them
faceless and stained.

I shoot blindly,
fueled by metallic hatred
rushing from the gun
to my veins,
until I meet eyes.

For a single moment,
a human stares back.
A human
with twenty short years
flashing before
silver-blue eyes,
With a cut on his face
from which crimson life drips.

He lowers his gun
locked in the bond
all humans share.
You could be my brother”

I pull the trigger
I shoot him dead.

Because here
in the rush of bullets
where gas roams
and shells scream,
where the venom
of blind hatred
fills us,

there is
no human soul.

Depressing enough for you? The next I wasn’t really trying to rhyme, but a few things just rhymed the way they came out so I left it. I know some things don’t quite rhyme but again, I’m not really aiming for perfect rhymes. I’m not as sure about this one. (It would relate to the part of all quiet when Paul is with the headmasters and they’re talking about how the war should go, if that gives you any more insight)

Strike down another name
war is just your little game.

You see the casualty numbers,
you think you understand.

Dear headmaster.
if only
you saw the faces
lurking behind
If only you stood beside me
on the front line.

If only you had seen
the blue, shuddering, sputtering faces
drowning in the green tides
and heard them cry out
gurgling up blood
watched them reach out
for salvation they will never see

If only you had stood in the crossfire
of my worst nightmares,

You would not sit here
in safety
with good company
and make your careless demands
for me to fight out
in our war.

I cannot take it.
I cry out.
You turn to me
and you dare say,
You don’t understand what you‘re talking about.”

Strike down another name
War is just your little game.

admin answers:

I like the first one, it’s very painful and very real….

Mary asks…

Trying to choose between motorcycles, possibly a Suzuki sv650, and could use some help?

I am trying to pull the trigger on my first motorcycle.
I just completed the Motorcycle training course, and my instructor mentioned the Suzuki sv650 as a strong first bike. Unless people have other ideas, i started to just search for that model.

There seems to be multiple models that I don’t know the difference between.
There is a sv650s. There is a sv650sf. There is a sv650sf with ABS
Craigslist in St. Louis has 4 bikes. Years are 2002 thru 2004. All priced between 2,500 and 3,800

Found another 2008 sv650s with under 500 miles.
Small dent on gas hub and scratches on muffler.
Starting at 3,500 but not an accepting price
I assume between 4,000+ (not entirely sure)

Then I found a 2008 sv650 SF with ABS.
1,500 miles and asking 5,500
Perfect condition

Without knowing anymore than i do….is one of these better to zero in on?
For a beginner? For when I get more advanced? For the value of the bike?

I don’t know if the “SF and ABS brakes” are much stronger features and worth extra dollars.
I’m sure braking is important, but have no idea whether ABS is a huge difference.

I obviously don’t know how motivated either seller is….so helping me decide an offer for each person would be a big help.

Or if you have different offers based on scenarios for me to ask both buyers about….any background or details would help me soooo much.

At this point, I really don’t know what questions to ask other that previous riding history, year make and model, accidents, or other inciddents, and that’s about it.

This is a real help.
I am 35 and have struggled nearly 3 years now with a medical condition.
I lost everything and haven’t worked in 18 months.
I am now in St. Louis after losing my place this past December in Chicago.
This chance to learn to ride could be a huge break at feeling normal again.
And though all my funds are pledged towards medical bills, I promised that I ould figure out a way to make this happen. SO you help is very important, and much appreciated.

Have an awesome holiday weekend and thanks again. jp

admin answers:

I think the SV would make a great first bike. I really admire the elegant design of the engine, a 90 degree V-twin with counterbalancer, so you have the ‘character’ of a twin with more smoothness.

The second generation SV 650 goes from 2003 to present, so you want one made 2003 or later. Starting in 2007 they have dual spark, but I don’t think that improves performance or anything, it’s just for lower emissions.

They come in various styles–naked, with a little fairing, and the V-Strom which is an ‘adventure tourer’ that uses the same engine and lots of the same parts. Except for the V-Strom, all the SV 650s are very much alike, just different in certain details.

Go and look at a few of them and see what they look like for the price. For your first bike you don’t want anything too new and shiny and expensive. You’re likely to be hard on your first bike. You may very well drop it once or twice–just minor spills and parking-lot tipovers. You will very likely abuse the clutch before you get the hang of it. So you want a bike that’s old enough to be depreciated but new enough that you can still get parts (which won’t be a problem with any SV 650). After a year or so you can sell this ‘old beater’ for about what you paid for it, and by then you’ll have a better idea what you really want.

Really ‘clean’ new-looking bikes are going to be more money. But you don’t really care that much about appearance for a first bike. Just as long as it’s reliable (meaning the bike has been well cared for, oil changed regularly, etc.

Different models of the SV are sold as ‘standards’ or ‘sporty’ (not dedicated sportbikes but on the sporty side). So they might have different seats, different handlebars. If you look at a few you’ll see that you find some configurations more comfortable than others.

I know just what you mean about a motorcycle making you feel more ‘normal’. I have diabetes and sometimes my feet get a little numb from poor circulation. I get on my 1978 BMW and the footpegs vibrate just enough to feel really good on my feet! 8^) Plus, riding a motorcycle makes me feel independent and capable. In the Summer I do camping weekends, all by myself, which I totally love, they are like the high point of my Summer.

Steven asks…

If you had to choose one Gun, for Everything what would it be?

When I say everything I literally mean Everything.
-Game Big
-Small Alike
-Self Defense
-Long Range
-Short Range
-Medium Range
-Target shooting
-”Not having to pull the trigger factor”
-Durability, but I guess that kind of comes hand in hand with reliability.
I’m looking for more specifically the gun/gun system not just a manufacturer.
I’m looking for civilian versions more specifically.
I’ve been shooting guns/hunting for years, I had this conversation with someone and was wondering what other peoples opinions on it where as I came up with the 12 gauge shotgun but the range thing was the only downside. But I guess a quick interchangeable rifled slug barrel would help with that.
Also, the not pulling the trigger factor really is only for unarmed people, if they are armed, it would become a quick and easy decision of shoot first ask questions later.

admin answers:

You asking your question like that, is like me asking what wrench I should purchase to fit every bolt and nut in the world. There is just no one gun or wrench that fits all.

With that being said, I would choose an O/U 3 inch 12 gage magnum shotgun, if I was limited to only having one firearm.

I could use shot on winged fowl and for home self defense, buck shot on medium game, and slugs on large game. That pretty much cover the spectrum of shooting needs.

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Your Questions About Carnitine Deficiency

July 1, 2012

Sharon asks…

anyone heard of Carnitine deficiency?

my friend was told her baby girl has got this just over a month ago but as it is very uncommon shes not really been given any information she is 9 months old and suffers with fits but they dont no what cause them as a result she is now blind with a little brain damge (they wont no how much till she is older) she was a normal healty little girl before all this so anyone with any information at all with what to expect or anything at all answers much appeciated thanks in advanced

admin answers:


Thomas asks…

Is anyone familiar with a condition called Phosphorlase B Kinase Deficiency?

I was diagnosed with this condition along with Metabolic Myopathy with a Carnitine Deficiency. This was found when they did a muscle biopsy on me to try to find answers for me and my son who has the same health problems that I have.
We have flare-ups where we aren’t able to do anything for days at a time, nothing…then we have our “good days” when we can actually function.
Doctors don’t know too much about this, still trying to find out. I really want answers to try to help my son. He has to be home schooled because during his flare-ups he would miss too much school. And he really wants to be in school, he would actually be in the high school. It is so heart-breaking watching him go through this. It is bad enough that I have to live with it, but devastating to see him like this. Any help, any at all, is greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

I found out what it is in simple terms-
phosphorylase b kinase deficiency /phos·phor·y·lase b ki·nase de·fi·cien·cy/ an X-linked disorder of glycogen storage due to deficiency of the enzyme in the liver, characterized in affected males by hepatomegaly, occasional fasting hypoglycemia, and some growth stunt.

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers. © 2007 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved.

I have tried looking for ore information on this condiction but this was all I can come up with.Is there any organizations that support the cause of this. Smethimes doctors offices have support groups and phamplets laying around that way you can find out more about the condiction. Sorry this was I can come up with.

Joseph asks…

is there a connection mcad deficiency and uti’s?

my 3yr old daughter was diagnosed with mcad deficiency and has been taking a carnitine supplement to help her kidneys get rid of toxins is there a connection between low carnitine levels and uti’s?

admin answers:

MCAD and the carnitine has nothing to do with uti’s. MCAD is a metabolic disorder and the carnitine is a naturally accuring enzyme that your daughter can’t make. The toxins are also building up in the liver so I dont think this would cause and uti’s. My son was diagnosed when he was 5 days old in october 2006. He is now a very happy, healthy and active 19 month old.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Double Vision

January 10, 2012

William asks…

in your opinion, is there cause to believe I have myasthenia gravis (MG)?

Okay, so I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis last year after noticing a substantial difference in my vision (I couldn’t wear both contacts/no contacts without experiencing severe double vision). I’ve goe for CAT scans, MRIs, had multiple blood tests, and even underwent a single fiber EMG. Everything but the EMG came back negative. The EMG noted an abnormality in my nervous system, with 6 pairs (or packets, I forget the exact term used). I’ve taken Mestinon with no effect, and also started on Prednisone and Imuran before deciding I wasn’t fully buying into the MG theory. I’ve been to three different neurologist, one of which believed I had MG (and was treating me for it). Another, who specializes in MG, had me go through a pretty hefty exercise (like the other doctors) and, checking out my symptoms, said he had no reason to suspect me of having MG. The third doctor is in between–he actually wants to do another single fiber EMG. The result of that test is: if it’s positive, I’m back to the meds. If it’s negative, more tests.

I need some other outside opinions on this: what do you think?

My main reason for doubting it’s MG is that they all keep asking me the exact same question: “Does your vision get better or worse throughout the day?” It’s always no. My eye does turn outwards, but it never gets better or worse. It’s always exactly as it is. Head trauma was ruled out, by the way.

I’m now just wearing prism glasses (which give me some fairly intense headaches when I do too much in them) and one contact lens, which is the most effective solution right now to the double vision. I do feel slightly tired at times, but never to the point where I simply can’t do anything. I work at a restaurant making pizzas just about every night, and I can go work out at the basketball court for an hour or so before going into work.

I know I’m probably missing some points, so if you hve questions feel free to ask. It’s not so much that the EMG is uncomfortable and slightly painful (or very, depending on how much you love needles in your muscles and forehead), it’s that I feel like we’re just in the same circle and no one wants to explore other options.


admin answers:

Man that sucks. I have had EMG and I will drink ground glass before I have one again. You are quite brave. Anyway this is what I think. If the three neurologists have all stated different consensus I would contact your state university medical center. The biggest one there is. Speak to the neurological department and have a consultation with a department head. Get to the bottom of this with those who see this often and not just once in a while. The other idea is to approach the specialists at Mayo or Cleveland Clinic. That’s where the docs go when they or their families get in trouble. And finally whatever you do become an expert. Read all you can and know as much as you can. Start to be able to speak at the level of the docs and take control of your problem. Best of luck to you I understand your frustration.

Helen asks…

Really sick in Mexico DF, CFS Like Symptoms follow, then Coxsackie B4 Antibodies Discovered… Advice anyone?

Okay, so here’s the deal. It’s a long strenous deal so bear with me, please.

In 2005 I got really sick in Mexico. I had one of the worst illnesses I had ever had in a lifetime: super high fever, naseau, vomiting, “burning” sensation in the CNS, major fatigue, the chills, and double vision.. I might be leaving somethings out. Okay, so, the illness lasts for about 2 weeks and I was bed ridden for two weeks. I recovered about 80 percent and then I traveled back to the United States.
While back in the states, I expected my health to improve, but it did the opposite. Day after day my health declined on a very gradual level. First, I couldn’t exercise as much and my strength was less and less. Then, I couldn’t eat. Next I couldn’t breath and then my eyes started to hurt. Third, my brain felt like it was disentigrating. Fourth, My muscles began to hurt. Fifth, Double vision. I began getting dizzy and seeing double. Now, all these symptoms came one after another in about a years time and the onset was slow, but very debilitating. I suffered from this from 05 to about 08 and then I discovered some things.
I ruled out parasites, bacteria and current viral infections, and all my blood tests showed my body was fine.
The only thing the doctors found was that I had antibodies for a Coxsackie B4 virus. I read that you can get the virus from eating raw pig, which is exactly what I did 4 days before my illness in mexico… I ate a pork sandwich.
I also read that the virus can cause this onset of latter symptoms. Unfortunatly the doctors I went to don’t agree that this would be the cause of the problem, but they didn’t really heed to investigate my condition either. Now, my condition following the illness in mexico seems to match the characteristics of a strong coxsackie b4 infection, and the antibodies seem to confirm it.. in my mind it’s a slam dunk.
So, I googled the term “coxsackie b4 testimonial” and got the testimony of an athlete of who was diagnosed with virus during the actual initial infection. His explaination was exactly the way I discribed my symtpoms and they were exact even to the onset of the latter symptoms. He said he used a protocol designed by Dr. Petrovic consisting of a large amounts of antioxidants.. and they have been working

I have been on this protocol for about 3 months and it has substantially improved my condition. I also found vitamin Bs do a really good job and improving the condition. I also found this group of people who are able to get an amino acid that causes the body to release large amounts of antioxidants. I took that and felt significantly recovered.

Here’s an article by Professor Pall explaining why antioxidants help the body recover from CFS.

So, my question is, can anyone provide any other helpful information.
AND.. if anyone is suffering from what I just described, please contact me so I can give you my findings asap to help you recover.
Thanks a bunch

admin answers:

Ok so this doesn’t seem like a question more like spam… If you wanted to really ask a question you would have just said has anyone out there had Coxsackie b4? And that would have been the end of it. You could have emailed the rest of this novel. Also i did some reading up on the Coxsackie viruses, there is no cure only pallative care, like most viruses it has to run its course. So there you go:

Thomas asks…

Can anybody tell me what’s happening with my body?

There are so many things going on and so many reasons why i think they might be going on. I’m going to list them:

Things going wrong:
1. The sight in my left eye is slightly darker than the sight in my right eye.
2. When my heart starts beating really fast (from crying too much or from exercising) i start to feel like I’m about to faint.
3. My back feels tight when i stand or sit up straight.
4. I feel tired all the time.
5. I’m dizzy when i wake up, and randomly through out the day sometimes.
6. I’m never hungry anymore.
7. I feel light headed constantly.
8. I forget a lot.
9. The last time i smoked pot
10. My ears are ringing.

Things that could be wrong:
1. My liver: I use to be addicted to cough medicine (triple c’s, robitussin max, delsum) but I’ve been off it for almost two weeks (it sounds really bad but please understand it’s a really popular thing in my town and everybody does it… I’m never touching that shit again even when i’m sick because last time it my vision was doubling and i was blacking out)
2. My brain could be swelling: i fractured my skull ten months ago and i got a bad concussion and my brain or something i don’t know swelled and caused some fluid release from my nose.
3. I could have iron deficiency: I’ve been a vegetarian for six years.
4. I smoked cigarettes but my dad is allergic. (that’s why he thinks this is happening)
5. I might have radiation poisoning: the ct scan at the hospital i went to for my fractured skull was giving off excessive radiation.

My Nero surgeon told me that it was just a nasal infection but i didn’t tell him that i did cough medicine.

p.s. i didn’t know who to ask or talk to about this because everybody thinks that I am a hypochondriac, ever sense i started talking to people about this. t-t

admin answers:

Go to a different doctor, make sure you tell them everything in the past. Try going to a nutritionist, it may have something to do with your diet. Go to your opticion. If your doctor says it’s a nasal infection or something which has to do with our past, demand a solution.

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Exercise and Relaxation -Tricks to Improve Your Eyesight

November 18, 2011

Exercise and Relaxation -Tricks to Improve Your Eyesight

Article by Beulah

By covering your left eye to let only the right eye focus on an object and then do the opposite, you can have a check on your eyes to know whether both of your eyes are in good condition and which eye is stronger. You can wear spectacles, contacts or even have a laser eye surgery to correct your vision. But you must not know your eyesight can be improved in a natural way. That is eye exercise.

The main reason why our eyes are in bad condition is the excessive stress on eye muscles. Overworked and stressed people are more likely to have eye problems. Staring or squinting at one object all the time is a horrible thing for eyes. You can take a break, either closing your eyes or looking out of the window as far as you can for a while.

Yoga exercise can make a fabulous effect on eyes from the long term, such as a perfect comedy for double vision, myopia and diplopia eye problem. The key point is you should stick to it regularly.

Exercise is one trick to improve your eyesight. You can lie down straight on your back with your legs slightly apart. Close your eyes and do inhaling and exhaling simultaneously. Hold on the position for 15 seconds. After that, you can focus on the stationary object above your head for a while. Close your eyes again to image the object you just saw as if you are still looking at it. Also hold on the process for 15 seconds. Repeat the process several times. It is a good exercise for keeping your eye muscles elastic and strong.

Relaxation is the other trick to improve your eyesight. After a long time working, you must relax for some time to keep stress away, either closing your eyes for a while or having a little sleep. Keeping stresses away from you and to be relaxed, you can have bright thoughts, as well as having bright eyes.

It is everyone’s dream to have bright eyes, and people used to make mistakes on regarding eyeglasses or contacts as the only way to correct vision problems. Actually, eye exercise is a natural way to improve your eyesight effectively. So do not be too pessimistic on your eyesight improvement. If you stick to the principle of eye relaxation, you will surely get better eye vision.


*Be careful of vision-improving eye exercise programs

*A healthy way to improve your eyesight

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