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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

August 24, 2013

Mark asks…

How can i put music from iTunes onto my phone?

Is there any way i can take music from itunes and put it on my phone? I have the LG Revolution. Please help, i leave for newyork on a mission trip in 2 days, i can’t go eight hours without music!

admin answers:

Isn’t that You have an iPod AND a smartphone? I’m assuming the iPod came first.

Anyway, as a smartphone, it should be easy to put stuff on it. It’s easy to install stuff on my BB, and while I’ve never had an LG smartphone, my Voyager was workable on that score back in ’09.

There may be a problem with whether the music files are compatible, but the Revolution seems to accept a wide variety of music file formats, including AAC +.

There may also be a problem if your music files are on the iPod and NOT on your computer. IPods aren’t supposed to transfer music TO a computer – but there are ways around that (that question is posted here on YA by 5 or 6 different people a day – and answered).

Anyway, the long and short is that to transfer music files from your computer to a phone like this, you need to have a MicroSD card installed on the phone, then connect the phone to the computer (via USB cord) as a USB mass storage device.

If you don’t have a USB cord, and your charger’s cable doesn’t detach (with the usb plug on it) see if you can easily find one on eBay for under $10. Many Verizon phones seem to have the same plug these days (my husband’s BB, our Samsung Realities, my son’s LG Cosmos – same carrier, different makers, same connector plug on the phone), and many chargers have the detachable cord w/USB connector. So if you don’t have the cord, you can probably bum one from a friend.

Connect the cable and set the phone as mass usb device – if the computer doesn’t do this automatically, go into the phone’s settings and tools menu, choose tools and look for “usb mass storage” or something like it.

You’ll get this box asking if you want to play media on the card using any of your installed software, or just view the folders on the “drive” (the card). You want to browse the folders.

The card will show up as a removable drive on your monitor. You can then explore its folders or copy music to it as if to any folder on the HD.

You can skip the USB connection by inserting the card into a card reader slot (using microSD to sd adapter – which are typically included w/the cards), but not before it’s formatted on the phone. You’ll know if it was properly formatted when you put it on your computer and see that it’s got folders for “my music”, “my pix”, “my flix”, etc.

Jenny asks…

What are the first steps to convert to Christianity?

Hi there;
I want to be christian. I don’t know the first steps. Which community should I adhere: catholic, protestant, …. ? Would Jesus accept me, love me and forgive the days I wasn’t christian? Tell me plz the maximum advises and help. I’m waiting for your answers.
Thank you!

admin answers:

It doesn’t matter really the Christian religion you choose to align with. To be a Christian, you must believe the Jesus, the Christ was God incarnate who came down from heaven and was made man. This was Gods spectacular gift to us. Jesus was here to teach, to die to atone for all the sins of all man. If you believe in Jesus and His mission, you are a Christian.
I think you would find knowledge and comfort with the catholic church.

George asks…

Are there forces at work trying to instill a BLIND hatred of the One God Faiths in Humanity?

Jewish, Muslim, and Christian? Natives too accept a Divine Being over the other spirits they acknowledge.

admin answers:

Yes. Satan is the father of lies. He is also the father of all violence, rage, and anger. In the beginning, when God created man, Satan became so jealous and full of rage that he made it his eternal mission to lead us away from God, and into the burning pit of hell where we would eventually go if we choose his way of life instead of God’s.

When you feel most angry, most rageful, most upset, dont you feel blind?

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

December 28, 2012

Paul asks…

What can i do to boost my nonexistant immune system?

I had chemo shots back in 2003(methotrexate),and since then,my immune system has been low to the point that i get sick almost everytime i step foot outside of my house.
I drink OJ and eat fruits with vitamin C,but it doesn’t seem to help.
Any suggestions?

admin answers:

YOu may have to try a multi-modal approach.

Vitamin C is one approach, but you need to suppliment it with other thing to counteract any immuno suppressants

one that people do not usually think of is stress. Be sure to get a proper amount of sleep each night and to take some time out fo dealing with stress.

Also, exercise on a regular basis.

Suppliment your vitamin c with a healthy diet.

Try to think of the immune system needing energy to work, and anything that would detract from that energy or impair it would cause issues for your immune system’s performance.
Things like:
-out of shape
-poor heating (like in the house)
-self-esteem issues

Laura asks…

How does one build up their immune system?

I’m not a big believer in taking vitamins. I actually do not like taking any kind of drugs of any sort, even for a headache. Can lack of sleep and stress weaken your immune system even if you are eating properly and exercising?

admin answers:

A balenced diet, adeqate rest and physical activity will help build your immune system. Taking vitamins and nutritional supplements is a nonsence option unless one has got problems with food and fluid intake, digestion and absorption. Stress including spending too much time on non physical activities (computer, TV, computer games etc) can impair immune system. Specific immunity can be obtained through vaccinations for certain conditions.

Chris asks…

What is the best way to boost your Immune System?

What foods or liquids can you est or drink to boost your antibodies & immune system?

admin answers:

I applaud you in your interest in strengthening your immune system with food. If you are interested in great ways to boost your immune system without food, go to

Boosting with food…..
As you may know, it is a challenge today to find foods that are mineral rich without added chemicals that are toxic.
The good news is it is possible to find healthy foods that are rich in vitamins, mineral, photonutrients, ect. For you body.

A place to start is looking for raw and organically grown fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Here is a sampling.
Vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, collard greens, and spinach are the great source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber,

Fruits (like blueberries, bananas , acai,and mangoes.) are good sources of antioxidants and phytonutrients

Proteins containing amino acids aids in the growth and repair of your immune system. Some protein sources can be chlorella , eggs, organic meat and poultry, fish especially those high in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, trout and tuna.

Medicinal Mushrooms such as Shiitake, Reishi, Maitake, and Coriolus Versicolor (turkey tail) are wonderful for building your immune system up.

Drinks like Wheatgrass, Aloe vera juice, green tea, white teas, and MonaVie juice are excellent drink choices to boost your immune system.

Whole grains like brown rice, millet, buckwheat, oats, and barley are also a valuable source of the vitamins, minerals and fiber that are an essential part of keeping the immune system healthy. Fiber helps cleanse the colon of toxins and helps prevent intestinal infections.

It is also important to avoid “bad” foods (“unprocessed” and “unrefined”) that will weaken your immune system.

Here is some suggestions:
Sugar contains no nutrients. Excessive sugar intake can deplete your body of several vitamins and minerals. Sugar impairs the ability of white blood cells to sweep up and kill bacteria. It also robs the body of key nutrients such as zinc that is vital for the immune function. Sugars food to avoid include soda pop, candy, many cereals, and ice cream.

Coffee Caffeine is a diuretic that contributes to the body’s loss of important nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. The acid in coffee eats away the villi of the small intestine, reducing their effectiveness in supporting nutrient assimilation.

Alcohol (when consumed in excess), is a poison to every system of your body. It depresses the nervous system, inhibits the bone marrow’s ability to regenerate blood cells, is toxic to the liver, depletes B-vitamins, and is dehydrating.

Raw foods such as clams, oysters, sushi, very rare meats, and undercooked eggs contain infectious bacteria and intestinal parasites.

With the advent of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizer and green harvesting, our fruits and vegetables lack vital nutrients. Today, it is necessary that our diet will need supplements to the food for the immune system.

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Your Questions About Google Docs

December 9, 2012

Joseph asks…

Can you do a mail merge with google docs?

In google docs I have a form that inputs data into a google docs excel file. I would like to mail merge that excel file with a google docs word document. How can I do this?


admin answers:

No Dear it is not possible for mail merge with google docs you can try Microsoft Word

Nancy asks…

How to ad different special effects in Google Docs Presentations?

I did a little presentation with Google docs presentation and thought it was OK but it wasn’t near to Power Point.How can i add special effects between slides? How can i add charts, And add more beautiful themes? Please help understand G Docs better.Thanks in Advance

admin answers:

I’m so sorry, but according to Google Docs help “There are no animation effects in Google Docs presentations.”

Betty asks…

How do you make a brochure using google docs?

I need to make a brochure for Anatomy and I don’t have anything else, besides google, on my computer. I’m not allowed to download anything to the computer. Is there a way to use google docs?
I just asked, and I may be able to download something depending on how much space it would take up.

admin answers:

You might try the templates in Google Docs.

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Your Questions About Google Images

November 25, 2012

Robert asks…

is it illegal to go onto google images and print out a famous persons signature?

Is it illegal to go onto google images and find a famous persons signature and print it?

admin answers:

I guess so as if u wanted to get a famous autograph then it would cost but your not paying anything-

Lisa asks…

How can I make pictures out of pictures from google images?

How can I make pictures out of pictures from google images?
Well. I see a lot of awesome pictures of my favorite musicians and things from google images. But I was wondering if you could like download a picture onto your computer than make it up at like Walmart and frame it. Is that possible? Just wondering? Thanks for your help. Easy 10 points for best answer.

admin answers:

You certainly can. You save the picture to a convenient place in your computer. Then export or import it ot Photoshop or Picture Project and work over it for editing. Then You burn it on a CD and take it to your store where they print youtr photos. ASk them to print to the size that you want. Here in Pondicherry a size of 12″ x 8″ will cost little less than half a dollar.

William asks…

How to download all images on google image page simultaneously?

is there any way to download all images which are there on the google page screen simultaneously?

admin answers:

If you’re using Firefox, try the DownThemAll! Extension.

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Your Questions About Google Chrome

November 21, 2012

Lizzie asks…

How do you get Google Chrome to remember what you have typed but without the auto complete option?


I would like Google Chrome to remember what I have typed so that I can select each fields individually but not have the auto complete option. Is this possible? Thanks

admin answers:

No it’s not possible – if autocomplete is off chrome will not be able to autocomplete anything, so it doesn’t remember anything because you’ve told it not to by turning autocomplete off

Jenny asks…

How do i prevent google chrome from being blocked by my firewall?

I am not sure how, but i stopped google chrome from being used. I have looked around on my computer, but i can’t come up with anything.

admin answers:

Go into the firewall program and add it as an exception

William asks…

How do I transfer my bookmarks from google chrome to another computer?

Hi, I would like to know how I would go about transferring the bookmarks at my Google chrome browser, to another computer,( Where I also use Google chrome). I am really confused. Please do help me. If could please lay out a step by step guide, as I am not very astute at these matters. Thank you :-)

admin answers:

Go to the “wrench menu” in chrome and select “set up sync”
log in into your google account (you need agoogle account for this) and that’s really all you need to do, because with this your bookmarks, browser themes and settings will be transferred to your google account.
If you want to use the settings transferred to your google account just do the set up sync again on each computer you’re using

here they explain it with more details

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