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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Tab

November 9, 2012

John asks…

Where can I find Rock n’ Roll All Night tabs?

By KISS, of course.

Now then, don’t just give me a vague answer like or something, because I’ve already visited 4, 5 different search results in Google and all of their tabs aren’t appealing. I’m talking about the the live version of the song, which includes the solo and such. Ultimate Guitar offers a *barely decent* tablature for the intro, but not for the verses and choruses. And only 1 version of the tabs includes the solo, which really sounds nothing like the one heard live.

So I’m asking for a very good tab that follows the live song. Unless you know guitar and can play out the tabs and compare it to the live version, don’t just randomly give me links.
Do realize that the solos only occur in the live versions, therefore an official tablature might not be too helpful. Well, of course, for the non-solo parts, thanks.
I stand corrected. Perfect, perfect tabs.

admin answers:

I have the original Dressed To Kill tab scanned and posted under photos at my Yahoo sheet music group.


or send an email to and I’ll forward them.

Ten pages in all.

Laura asks…

Does anyone know where to find bass tabs for Sweet child o’ mone and/or for those about to rock?

I checked but their only four stars. I want to learn the correct way to play these songs.

Not to seem rude but remember, I need the tabs for a 4-string bass.

Thanks for help with either/both song(s).
I meant Sweet child o’ mine, not mone.

admin answers:
I searched there for Sweet Child Of Mine and found it no problem
hope this helps

Steven asks…

What type of seahorse is this?

They say Reidi but everyone says their price is way to low.

This pair was $38 each, but the black ones like the one in my picture go for about $25.
Just found out this store closed :( so I guess I am out of luck on getting them that cheap anymore, but I want to know what type of seahorse so I can look for a new supplier. Gills also says they are moving and will reopen when the economy improves, so all hope is not lost…

admin answers:

The fish in that picture do look like the yellow color morph of Reid’s Seahorse (Hippocampus Reidi).

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Your Questions About Carnitine

October 14, 2012

Joseph asks…

Do you know any L-carnitine rich fruits and vegetables?

I’m in a strict diet right now. I go to the gym almost everyday and eat just right. However i feel that my metabolism hasn’t improve a bit and i’m not losing any weight. A friend of my is taking high dose of L-Carnitine, I think its dangerous especially if you don’t consult a doctor frist. Do you know any L-carnitine rich fruit and vegetable?

admin answers:

Beef is where you find high doses, half as much in pork,and there are small amounts in asparagus, and leafy greens. It is found in trace amounts from some select nuts and seeds. Supplements are the highest amounts – follow the manufacturers directions.
It is a simple solution but the best diet plan – eat healthy, drink lots of (ice cold) water, but burn more calories than you eat. Give it time it happens differently for all. Even if you are not getting thinner, you are getting healthier.

Sharon asks…

Hoe much L-carnitine should a person take daily if he wants to lose weight?

I am so confused about the recommended amounts given in the internet.

admin answers:

While taking L-carnitine as a supplement “may” have some health benefits, it’s use as a weight loss aid are unsubstantiated.

Nancy asks…

would super citrimax or L carnitine be ok to mix with Celexa?

I was drinking a drink with the first and had not heard of either so I googled them, citrimax is linked to increasing seretonin levels, and I know a lot of that stuff can’t be mixed with celexa? I don’t want any guesses, if anyone has some real facts and knowledge i would be very interested. Thanks.

admin answers:

Try and they have all you need to know about side effects and drug interactions take care good luck

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Tab

August 28, 2012

George asks…

rock guitar tabs for a beginner?

i just recently began learning guitar, and i love it! but, i wanted some songs that are easier to play.
and i know about already, but i need specific songs please :)

also, id prefer tabs that have just the melody, no chords, i just like lead guitar better than the others!

admin answers:

Aubrey, sweetie, if you’re gonna learn to play, learn to play. Don’t sissy foot around playing chords. Can you sing? It’s hard to sing over single notes. That being said,

You were meant for me – Jewel
Zombie – Cranberries
Don’t Cry – Guns n Roses

Have fun.

Also, most tabs that only have a melody are either bad tabs, or just the solo….just a hint.

Mary asks…

Beginner tabs for electric rock guitarist?

i started playing electric guitar about a month ago, and im still pretty bad. the only song i memorized and is decent at is obviously smoke on the water. but i want to play more popular rock songs that are pretty simple. thanks

admin answers:

Hey Joe is one of Jimi Hendrix’s easier songs to learn, and when you learn to improvise it’s also easy to solo over. The basic chord progression is C, G, D, Am, and either E or Em…I can’t really remember exactly. But it’s one of those. Someone correct me if i’m wrong.

Ruth asks…

What are 3 rock songs that I can learn by Friday?

I havent played guitar in about 3 years and need to know three rock songs by friday. I need three easy ones and the tabs or sheet music for them and i cant pay for the sheet music cuz im 15.

admin answers:

These are easy should get them down in three days and there avilable on utaimate guitar .com
lithium nirvana
bush comedown
seether fine again
theese are all preety easy songs and all are available in chorded versions or tab in some form on the net

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Your Questions About Google Scholar

August 17, 2012

Paul asks…

How do you embed a “Google Scholar” search into a website.?

I need the code to embed a Google Scholar search. I’m guessing it’s similar to the normal Google search code but I can’t find it. Help?

admin answers:

Give your site the power of Google Scholar (from

The full instruction is explained in three simple steps.

Good Luck

Linda asks…

Besides google scholar, what other web sights are good for finding reliable and scholastically sound articals?

I want to know if there are other good search engines on the internet that help find scholastic articles that college professors would accept as reliable sources?
Is it

admin answers:


Helen asks…

Is there anyway to get google scholar to do a case sensitive search?

I’d like to find all instances of the word “GROW” in all capital letters.

admin answers:

No, all Google searches are case-insensitive.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Tab

July 9, 2012

Michael asks…

I need the time signature and speed for For Those About To Rock guitar tab.?

admin answers:

4/4 time around 140bpm

Lisa asks…

How to learn playing guitar?

I have an acoustic guitar. I always dreamt about electric guitar. I love rock. But at first i have to learn playing guitar that i have. The problem is that i dont know where to start. I want something like rock for acoustic guitar. Solo or powerful chords bould be really nice. I dont know where to find tabs. I know many tabs websites, but cant find exactly what i want.

In shorter words:
I want to find rock tabs for acoustic guitar but also good for electric guitar, because i am planning to get it later. Can you give me tabs and advice me how to become good on guitars, because i love them.


admin answers:

Well, what are your favorite songs?

The way I learned how to play is I just found a few of my favorite songs, got the chords from a website, and strummed along. Too hard to play? Skipped it.

Learn your chords before you learn lead guitar. I’m trying to teach my dad guitar, and he’s not interested in strumming chords, only playing solos or complex rhythm parts (Dust in the Wind for example.) Once you figure out, “AH! Fret D and then pick the strings like this!” it’s much easier than flying all around the fretboard trying to fret each string individually.

Charles asks…

Rock Guitar tabs?

I’m a 12 year old guitarist playing for about 5 months, I like to play rock and metal, does anyone have any good guitar tabs That I could play? i’m alost intermediate player. I can still learn harder songs though.

admin answers:

If youre looking for specific songs….hm

just to go


there are some tabs at

:) good luck

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