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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept It

November 22, 2012

Ruth asks…

What do you call those types of poems and paragraphs?

Where the first letter of each line actually comes together to spell out a phrase or a word, like a hidden message inside the message?

If you know the answer to that then your next mission if you choose to accept it….is to make a poem for me that in the end spells: LAURIE AND JOHN with the first letter of each sentence.

Best one gets BEST ANSWER!

admin answers:

Love will
Always keep
Us together
Remember the
Expirences we will

Always share
Night and
Day I am

Just mesmerized
Over your kind caring
Heart that I
Now realize loves me as much as I love you

Sandy asks…

Can Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit see everyones future in exact detail?

This question is meant in the context of – can Jesus see everyones future like he could see Lottery number results or is it unknown to him? My understanding is that he is lord and can do anything, but then Im no bible student. I know he has plans for people if such people choose to accept him and follow him, however, does he actually *have* the power to give you a detailed future log of exact events or is it mysterious even to him despite the plans?

admin answers:

Yup. He knew everything about us even before we were born.

Jeremiah 1:5
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

Laura asks…

please answer!! this story any good?

When I woke up, I could feel it was too early. So, I lay in my bed and listened to the bird’s cheery song from outside my bedroom window. Whilst I listened, I tried to think through the last couple of days and what had been happening to me. I couldn’t make any sense to it; there was no point in even trying to anymore. I felt like my own sanity was at it’s end.

I checked the time on my phone, it said it was just after five a.m. Great. I sat up straight, knowing that there was no way in hell I was going to be able to get back to sleep. I headed for the bathroom hoping that a hot shower would remove the grogginess I felt.

I stood under the steaming, hot water, letting its jets remove the knots and kinks of sleep from my stiff body. I stood in the shower until the water began running cold, then I hastily stepped out and began getting ready for the day ahead.

It was coming up to six when I was finished drying and curling my hair and was dressed in my horrific school uniform. Pulling back the coats that I had hung there, I looked at myself in the full length mirror that I kept on the back of my bedroom door. I stared at my reflection, looking for any signs of a change. I didn’t look any different.

I still had my eyes. They were the same blue-green colour that could never decide whether they wanted to be blue or green, still big and round with a bold frame of thick, black lashes. I still had my hair, long golden locks that I curled every day, my cheekbones, my strong but female nose, and wide-ish mouth. I looked exactly the same. I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. I mean, what did I expect? That I would change over night into to some freaky monster or something? I took one last look at myself before turning away. Nope, still me.

It sounded as if I was totally insecure about my self or something, when in reality (unless I really am going crazy) my body had been changing. Taking advantage of my spare time, I logged onto my laptop, hoping I might find a cause or some medicine or something.
Symptoms- Paling, anger, rock hard muscles when angry, dreams, when talking to someone have visions of hurting them, heard voices when near someone

I sighed as I clicked search, thinking I would find mental help services or something like that. The first few results where ads, selling anxiety medicines and mental help sessions. The Rest was more helpful, sort of. I clicked on the first link-
Are you feeling tense? Like you’re going crazy? Come and talk to Aunt Rosie! She’ll help you sort things out without judging you! Just £100 pound a session!
This was not helping me feel hopeful at all; too expensive and not helpful! I clicked on the next link, expecting more of Aunt Rosie.
Instead, I found list of terms and conditions:

I choose accept, slightly wary of these strange rules but curios as ever. I was sure what to expect, but when a chat room called DISCOVER appeared on my screen, I was shocked. A chat-room? The choice of servers available to chat on where even stranger.

*Blood lust (14 posts- 17 online)
*Physic (2 posts- 3 online)
*ghostly (32 posts- 68 online)
*where at full moon (74 posts- 0 online)
* Symptoms (9 posts- 21 online)
*Bitten (34 posts- 23 online)

I stared, dumb struck at the screen for at least five minutes, until snapping into reality. Was this… for real?

admin answers:

There is no ‘advanced’ vocabulary, however it kept me interested which in my opinion is all that matters for a story.
The only things i would change are : I couldn’t make any sense TO it ( should be OF )

They were the same blue-green colour that could never decide whether they wanted to be blue or green
(Blue and green twice in the same sentence is abit to much, try something like) They were the same blue-green colour, that could never decide exactly what hue they wanted to be.

Im not the best writer so im sure you can come up with a better sentence then that though lol.

The final bit is : YOU MUST NOT TAKE THIS UNSERIOSLY. Unseriosly is not a word, although in your story it could be seen as part of the ‘is it real’ scenario, but id probably just change it anyway.
Either You must take this seriously, or, You must not take this slightly.

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Your Questions About For Those Who Wait Lyrics

October 27, 2012

Charles asks…

Does anyone know the artist/song for these lyrics?

“first you have to climb a wall not a pleasant start at all do you see the water
i want i want i want what i have not the best things come to those who wait now u have to wait and see like the lovers in the apple tree cause this is how to lose ur best friend”

heard it on kerrang! raw show last night

thanks :)

admin answers:


Archangel – How To Lose Your Best Friend


Sandy asks…

Can anyone review these lyrics I made ?

Doing a project where I need to write and play my own song (guitar), and am sort of under pressure as I have three other academic courses that are piling large assignments in the last few weeks (grade 10)

If anyone could help change/edit/review my lyrics, I would really appreciate it, since I don’t think they’re that good, and they seem incredibly cheesy and sappy.

This road that you’re on/ Traveled by so few
Unsure what to expect/ and undecided what to do

Life is an adventure/ This is not the end
Good luck comes to those who wait/ So shine on my friend

And where you arrive/ in say three years time
Will be nothing to fear/ but to prevail and sublime

So worry not/ My simple friend (repeats X number of times)

It all works out/ For better or for worse
It’s not the destination/ But the journey that hurts ( < – - really want to change this, sounds too sappy/emotional for me. )

admin answers:

I like it how it is but if you want to change the last line you could try “So find your destination and go on course.” I like the meaning but you can’t say “repeat x number of times” you have to have a set number, say repeat it 2 or 3 times, but saying X can mean 30 if yo wanted to, not majour just something i noticed.

Maria asks…

What song are these lyrics to?

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait
No time to hesitate


admin answers:

Hung up – madonna

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Your Questions About For Those Who Think Young

October 10, 2012

Donna asks…

Question for those who married young, under 25?

Do you think your life would have gone a much different path if you had not married so young? Would it be a better path? I married young and am now divorcing and since the separation my life has taken a whole new path, a good one, probably the one it would have if I hadn’t married young!

admin answers:

Wow 3 marriages by 36, OK Elizabeth Taylor … LOL !!

I disagree … It does get better with age … And age plays a H U G E part !!!!

What you want out of life at 22 is not the same as say 27, 30, 35, 40 etc …
You have to find that person you can grow and change with …
And not the party every weekend, live by the sit of our pants guy …
Also … Everytime you are “in love” doesn’t mean you have to get married !!!!

Charles asks…

What do you think of young girls who want do date older/bad guys?

Do you think those types of girls are immature, picky, somewhat naive, or otherwise?

PS for those who are familiar with my questions: Do you have an issue with me posting childfree and interracial topics?

admin answers:

Absolutly. I think it is absolutly stupid when girls my age to try and get off with older/ bad guys. Thats why Im not like them.

Mary asks…

What do you think about young girls who wear makeup?

I mean girls who are under 15 wearing all this make-up like base, foundation, and just everything?

I think its awful trying to look older than you are but more important putting chemicals on your face at that young an age is SO bad for your skin! By the time you get around 20 you WILL start getting wrinkles and such and age faster. Trust me I’ve seen it like everywhere.

Mascara, eye liner, and a little blush is okay. But even know I avoid other make-up and use it only on some occasions.

admin answers:

Children under the age of 16 have no reason to be wearing foundation, base, or any goop on their face. At that age, they have just beautiful, clear complexions that get ruined by all that. Sure, eye makeup is fine (i wouldn’t really go with eyeliner) but wrinkles will happen. If you are young and have acne or bad blackheads, concealer and powder are perfectly fine. But wearing foundation is bad. Also, usually when you’re young you tend to put too much on. You just end up looking orange. So no, please don’t wear makeup underage. It should be illegal.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

October 2, 2012

Nancy asks…

Can someone read over my speech for hearing loss?

I have to make a speech in order to this a scholarship money for the hearing loss association. I want to know if it’s good enough and if you can edit some trivial mistakes you see.

Ever since I was little, I had to deal with a severe-to-profound hearing loss in both ears. Why I had my hearing loss was a mystery since no-one else in my family had it except for my sister. Dealing with hearing loss was sometimes annoying and mentally agonizing when I was younger because I used to be shy and insecure about my hearing impairment. When mainstreamed into a regular class in elementary school, I felt like an outcast because I wore hearing aids. I would get a lot of curious stares from my peers. They asked questions like, “What’s that in your ears?”, “Can you hear me when I talk?”, or “Is your hearing loss contagious?” The most tension I felt was from those who just simply glared at me, speaking with unspoken words. When someone was talking to me, I felt embarrassed to ask a person to repeat what they said because I did not hear them the first time. I would tend to nod my head to pretend I understood them even though I was not sure if they were asking me a question or if they were just simply making a statement. My parents told me not to be afraid to ask someone to repeat themselves. They said I should be proud of who I am. I have one life to live so I should make the most out of it. As I grew up, I took my parents’ advices. I did not enjoy feeling uncomfortable around some people just because I was hearing impaired. So I changed my personality: becoming friendly and outgoing rather than shy and awkward. I tried to impress my classmates by getting high grades and gaining more confidence. Gradually I became socially accepted when people saw that I was not different from them. In fact, I became well known for my academic excellence in school. One of the benefits of my hearing impairment is my exceptional skills in mathematics. People viewed my hearing loss as a drawback to my academic success when it was, in fact, the reason for my improvement in schoolwork. I believe that the reason I find math easy is because I’m a strong visual learner. My increased ability to see things more visually, as well as my ability to see things from multiple perspectives compensate for the decline in my hearing. I also discovered that when my hearing aids were off, my focus would significantly increase because ambient sounds were blocked.
Over the course of my life, being hard-of-hearing not only helped me succeed in school, but it also allowed me to experience and interact with two different worlds: the deaf/hard-of-hearing world and the hearing world. Because my sister is deaf, I have good relationships with some of her deaf and hearing-impaired friends. My sister and her friends taught me sign language and I was quick to learn it. Sign language is a way of communication between those who cannot clearly identify sounds. I found sign language interesting, especially because it requires the use of body movements. Not only have I developed sign language skills, but I also learned how to read lips. Because I’m mainstreamed in public school, I frequently interact with hearing people. However, due to my hearing loss, I can’t always rely on my hearing aids in case of dying batteries or technical difficulties. I began to correlate sounds with the motion of lips. Developing this ability has helped shape who I am and made me more confident about myself. The more confidence I got, the easier it was to make friends and become much more sociable. I may have been shy during my early years, but as I became a teenager I developed my social skills drastically. I am now graduating from high school with a 98.6% average. I plan on going to Syracuse University: L.C. Smith School of Engineering. I plan to major in mechanical engineering and utilize my academic skills (especially in mathematics), social skills, and life skills to be successful in college. I would like to thank my parents for helping me come this far. I am grateful to have two loving and caring parents who are always there at my time of need. They always motivate me, telling me to pursue my dream and that they will support me no matter what. I love you mom and dad. I would also like to thank Ms. Giliberto, my resource room teacher who I had since elementary school. She would always push me to do harder in school and give me tons of great advices due to her immense life experiences. Also, I would like thank my sign language interpreter Dion for staying with me throughout my whole high school career. She is one of the best interpreters that I’ve had. I would like to thank Ms. Pope for giving me this opportunity to be here tonight. Thank you everyone for listening and have a great night.

admin answers:

I read the whole speach and there was only a couple spots that didn’t flow for me! Great overall! I wouldnt change in the sentence that went like “I would ask to people to repeat themselves because I did not hear them the first time” to “because I didn’t” didn’t sounds better than did not to me.(: Also at the ending when you say I plan twice, and I would like to thank a few times, I think it gets kind of boring when you repeat yourself more than twice in a row so maybe you could say, “Also I would like to..” Or “I’m also grateful for my teacher..” Hope this helps!:)


Donald asks…

I feel lost and confused, so much is going on?

I feel so lost and confused. I mean, I do see a future for myself, I’m going to be a concept artist and 3d animator. But theres just this sick feeling of hopelessness. I’ve never really had much friends because I’m simply not compatible with people around here. I only have a few friends, most of which are online buddies. My parents are on the verge of divorcing. Both my parents have cheated on each other, my father thinks its okay to screw a girl once in a while, my mom doesn’t show love to us. I’ve given up praying to God few months ago, but I should prolly start praying again… but yea. I love my gf, but I keep thinking she hates me and stuff. I feel like nobody cares about me at all. I’m so angry at why this is all happening. I’m fking language impaired and I can’t get my message across to people without sounding like an idiot. What the hell am I supposed to do? I feel like noone loves me! I try my best to please people, but I end up failing and snapping at them. Everything I run into a problem, my father expects me to solve it on my own, but I need help! My mother doesn’t even help me at all. I don’t get along with some of my sisters at all, they make me feel like sh!t even more. I fking masturbate everyday. I’ve done a lot of things that I regret doing. I’ve thought about being gay, bisexual, and a furry. I hope it doesn’t end up like that though. But wtf man.

People see me as a random and messed up kid. I say random crap that I find amusing. but others think its stupid and they call me retarded and stuff. I’ve been bullied for reason I don’t know of. I used to abuse my sisters. I’ve been abused by my parents badly when i was young, not anymore. I live in a basement with my family, on the verge of poverty. I’m always in my head and stuff, thinking about every sort of possibility, most of which are negatives.

I wanna stop this all and change, but I don’t know where to start. I wanna get rid of these stupid thoughts.Why do I keep thinking that noone loves me!? I’m not an attention seeker, its just this feeling that nobody cares about me makes me sad. What should I do?

admin answers:

First of all, your parents do love you. They just may not know how to express it. Or you can’t feel it. Or they’re too broken to allow it to flow from them, but they and your sisters love you.

Secondly, (and even better) God loves you, son. You belong to Him. He’s the real father you keep wishing you had, so the LAST thing you should have done is quit praying. I suspect your situation got gradually worse as you gradually fell lout of touch with your Creator. Remember, He is Hope, He is love. He is light. He is all of the things you seek. He is also living in you at this very moment. He wants you to come to Him.

My advice for tonight, (since you have a relationship with the greatest healer of all time) is to talk to Him tonight. Get on your knees and offer all of this pain up to God. He’ll take it off of your hands for you.

My advice for tomorrow is to find yourself a church and ask for help in finding counseling.

David asks…

How to Communicate With A Deaf Person?

I am a profoundly deaf female and my parents tell me I have been deaf since 1970, when I was about 2 years old. As you can imagine, the biggest challenge for deaf persons is communication with people with hearing. I have encountered much impatience on both sides, but with a little patience and understanding, communication can be achieved.

Remember that each deaf person is different. Some may be able to speak, most deaf people do not. Some deaf people can speech read, others cannot. Now, me, I can speech read very well. Through great patience, I did learn to talk but my speech is rather impaired. (Think of Marlee Matlin). I primarily use ASL. Some people think ASL is a signed version of English. It is not. It is as different as English is from Swahili! When I write, my mind must make the transition from a visual language to a written one as I think visually with ASL. So sometimes my wording may seem a little odd. Here are a few guidlines that will help you should you need to communicate with a deaf person. They work for me but remember, each person is different.

1) If the deaf person can speech read, remember to slow down a little. Just a little. Say your words clearly, but don’t over-pronounce your words. Don’t shout because that distorts your words and I can’t speech read you. Use short words and sentences.

2) During the conversation, ask me a few open-ended questions. That way we both know we are understanding each other. Remember, even the best speech-readers still lose a part of what you’re saying.

3) If speaking through an ASL interpreter, remember that the interpreter is just that. Speak to me as you would a hearing person. Remember to look at me because you are conversing with me. Don’t ask the interpreter, for example, “Does Robin like the color red” or “Ask Robin if she likes the color red”. Ask me directly and the interpreter will sign it. I know that it is natural for you to look at the person talking, but do try to remember that you are communicating with me.

4) Of course, there are times when the interpreter is a part of the conversation. That is something to keep in mind. So for example if my friend ‘John’ is part of the conversation and is also interpreting, say John’s name when you want to want to shift the conversation to him. He will still “sign” so I can follow what is being said.

5) When you want to get a deaf person’s attention, a simple wave will do. Do this if you see me and a friend having a Sign Language conversation and you need to get their attention. Also if you see us having such conversation, remember that the other person may have hearing.

6) Notes always work. But never, ever simply shove a note in my face! That would be like me interrupting you by shouting. Get my attention first and then hand me the note.

7) Of course, if you want to learn a language, learn ASL. It is a fun language to learn.

admin answers:

Ok? Nobody cares.

I had a deaf friend once and he carried around a little hand held chatting device he used to talk to people with. He would type out what he wanted to say and if they needed to respond they’d respond on the device. Nobody should have to adapt to you, you are the minority.

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Your Questions About Google Images

September 26, 2012

Steven asks…

How to put photos from google images to facebook?

Hey, i started a new group on facebook, and dont know how to get photos from google images, to the group’s profile picture thingy? I am new and dont really know how at all….Do I like have to download the picture from google images to my hard drive and stuff like that? Plz help!

admin answers:

1) Go on image, Click see full size image right click save as save it onto your computer somewhere

2) Go to group, Hover over the profile picture of the group you have created when it says Change Picture

3) click on change picture

4) Click Upload Picture

5) Click Browse

6) Select the image file youve saved


1) Go to image, view full size… Go to the adress bar at the top select all and Ctrl C (or just right click coppy up to u)

2)go to group Hover over the profile picture of the group you have created when it says Change Picture

3) click on change picture

4) Click Upload Picture

5) Click Browse

6) Select the image file youve saved

then click OK… And then your done

Linda asks…

How do you remove a picture from google images?

I recently tried googling my full name and I saw my picture.
It was a photo I posted on facebook.
I want to remove this photof rom google.. How do i do that?
By the way, i removed the picture from facebook, but it still apears in google images..
And why out of all the pictures of my on facebook, google chose that particular one to have in their image results?

admin answers:

You can’t. Google updates its search every so often- usually every couple of weeks, i think, to include new images and delete old ones. A representation of your picture is stored on google servers, and will continue to show up for a while longer.
As for why it did it, its a result of google’s mysterious algorithm. If anyone figured out how it worked, and why, they’d be rich. Just goes to show you how cautious you need to be on the internet.

Robert asks…

How to remove my picture of google images?

i uploaded some images to fanpop of me, then i realised they were all over google images (i’m so dum sometimes). i wanted to remove them from google images. so i removed the images from fanpop, and reported my own group to get it removed. the page is gone. but there are still images of me on google images. and the pages are still available to see on google search. any help to remove them completly?
i deleted the page 1 week ago
need them deleleted ASAP

admin answers:

Unless someone is going to be searching your name into google images I doubt you need them removed.
Anyway yes they will come off in time.

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