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Common Foods Improve Our Eyesight

September 8, 2011

Common Foods Improve Our Eyesight

In order to prevent the pain caused by myopia, we should try our best to improve the eyesight. However, few people really know how to improve the eyesight in our daily life. In fact, some common foods can help us improve our eyesight effectively. These foods mainly include fish, broccoli, carrot, green tea and orange.

Fish contains abundant omega-3 fatty acid. We can absorb adequate omega-3 fatty acid by eating fish to prevent macular degeneration which can cause blindness. If we can not alleviate macular degeneration in time, our eyesight can become blurrier and blurrier. Therefore, we should frequently eat fish in our daily life.

Broccoli contains a lot of vitamins and lutein. We can supplement adequate vitamins to improve the eyesight and prevent various eye diseases like glaucoma. At the same time, we can absorb lutein to defer the aging of eyes and prevent blindness. Vitamins and lutein can also work together in our bodies to resist free radicals and maintain the health of our eyes. 

Carrot contains rich beta-carotene. According to the medical research, carotene plays an important role in protecting our eyesight. We need a lot of carotene to prevent dry eyes and accelerate the production of visual purple. In addition, when carotene enters human body, it can be rapidly transformed into vitamin A. It is known to all that the adequate supplementation of vitamin A can help us prevent nyctalopia. Therefore, we should frequently eat carrot in our daily life.

Green tea contains abundant catechin. Catechin can effectively resist oxidation for us. That is to say, we can supplement enough catechin to resist oxidation of eyes by drinking green tea. Thus, we can effectively prevent the occurrence of cataract and glaucoma.

Orangecontains abundant vitamin C. The crystallization of foreign molecules in the eyes can cause blurry vision. If we supplement vitamin C adequately in our daily life, we can effectively resist the crystallization of foreign molecules and prevent blurred vision. Generally speaking, women need 75 milligrams of vitamin C every day and men need 90 milligrams.

 In addition, we can also eat other foods like pork liver, pumpkin and lean meat to protect our eyes and improve the eyesight. Pork liver contains abundant vitamin A. we can absorb a lot of vitamin A to maintain normal functions of cornea and enhance our vision in the dark. Therefore, many common foods can protect the eyes for us. We should not always be picky in our daily life.

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