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Your Questions About Can You Naturally Improve Eyesight

November 2, 2011

Ruth asks…

How could I improve my eyesight without surgery?

am 13 years old and I have very bad eyesight.

I have heard my eye doctors say that my eyesight is -6.00.

Now I have heard from the website,, that in Utah there is a program where you can improve your eyes naturally.

This would be perfect except for one thing — I live in San Jose,CA.

Is there anything that I can do to improve my eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

Natural Eyes is just the name of my service. I teach Natural Eyesight Improvement to students face to face. There are great Natural Eyesight Improvement Teachers all over the world. Part of my service is to help people too far away from me find great local teachers near them.

Some very important guidlines in learning natural perfect eyesight: >>start by reading the best books(I have an Amazon referal reward link to one of them on my website, if you have a question on whether a book you have found is good, feel free to email me) >>avoid anything that talks about eye exercises and eye potions(they are most likely a scam or a waste of time and money) >>find teachers that teach face to face(if a program doesn’t teach student’s face to face they have no connection or accountability).

Susan asks…

How can I improve my eyesight naturally?

I am 12 years old and I have terrible eyesight. I currently wear glasses, but every time i get glasses, the end up falling off of my face even after i get them adjusted over and over again! Also, my parents think I’m not responsible enough for contacts even though I am responsible enough for a laptop, my own cell phone, a high quality video camera, a high quality digital camera, and a dog. I’m also responsible enough to go to the mall by myself! But that is a different story. Any who, is there any way to improve my eyesight naturally? By naturally I mean no pills and no surgery! And if you are going to sit here and lecture me about how my parents are only looking out for me and junk then please don’t. Thanks

admin answers:

Sorry to break the coconut boy, but eating carrots won’t really improve your eyesight. It will make your eyes healthier and stay healthy. Only thing I could say is just drink lots of water. Get some doctor recommended eyedrops…or just somehow persuade your parents to buy you contacts. (Though I did not like them much as they bothered me even more)

Daniel asks…

Can you really improve your eyesight naturally? If so how?

admin answers:

No, you cannot. The *only* way to improve your eyesight is with glasses, contacts or laser surgery.

Vitamin A, vitamin E, carrots, Norman Bates’ Method™, etc. Won’t do a thing to improve your current vision.

On the other hand, video/computer screens WON’T make your vision any worse!

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