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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

June 15, 2012

Sharon asks…

Chronic Pains that are still acking up. Different Pains??//3 years.?

Ok for a couple months to a year now. Ive still have the same Chronic pain Ive had under my belly button from left to right. The only location of pain. But for some reason I have had something ells going on persistent with the pain. sometimes when i eat a good amount of food. The muscles under my skin near belly to pelvis, all that area feel like there trying to push out. unless that’s whats behind my muscles. i have this tingly prickly pain if i sit in weird positions. sitting down irritates it. walking and being active relieves pain. I went to the doctor year ago at least and he said chronic muscle disorder. but the hospital said inflamed lymph nodes from the CT scan. But i haven’t been super sick or being in super severe pain. its all pain i can handle but cant handle. I really cant handle this chronic pain. if i didnt have it i would be doing more with my live right now. but the reason i have this pain is from falling off a deck a couple feet, basically belly flop onto the hard ground and blacked out. woke up in severe pain. blacked out again. then woke up all tingly and walking to the street i was minor going in and out of vision but like speed walking threw my eyes. like strobe lights except slower and in a drunk state of mind. I did not go to the doctor after the fall. but after time the pain started to change every passing month to a year. its been 3 years now basically because Im turning 20 Dec 22. in 5 days. Would working out help? hottubs? Because time isn’t doing anything good. the pain keeps on going. And the more the pain stays the more i have issues with my own life living. i really hope someone has an idea on why this pain doesn’t just go away more. Is it because Ive been a computer player for many years? not much exercise or activeness until high school? i do a lot of sitting around still and that isn’t helping my pain. stretching flat on my stomach helps a little with pain. The only thing that worries me and my mom are. Doctors because she thinks they would want to cut me open, so do i a little and i wouldn’t want that to much. Shes into natural cures and foods that can help fix the human body but she hasn’t really been on the ball with helping my pain because i haven’t told her anything that could help my pain because no ones told me anything i can do. Most i have gotten from this is Things i could do to help my issue but not enough things i could actually do and or go by to help my pain without having to see a doctor. As a human i feel many things going on inside my own body. i feel like theres something wrong but i cant pin point it because nothing searious has happened. i dont no if
I’m fine but in pain or in pain but super serious. i don’t no if i internally bleed a little because the hospital didn’t find anything in a Full blood count or in the CT scan. Except inflamed lymph nodes. So everyone, For the love of everything existing. Tell me what i need to no. If your a doctor tell me straight up. if your into this field of pains, Tell me straight up. i need answers quickly as possible but professional and if so take time with your answer, how ever long it may be i don’t care as long as i can turn my life around from a feel simple facts. Thank you.

admin answers:

Simple fact, what you are going through is because you have pinched muscles in your back and neck. How’s that for simple? Next, the pain you feel in your stomach is because the muscles in your back are tight in that area and pressing on the nerves to your stomach making your stomach do unusual things. I could go on but it’s all the same, that as long as you have the tight muscles in your back and neck you are going to be in pain. Here is how to release those muscles:
For your neck:
place your hand alongside your head and push your thumb in under your ear and place it on the muscle there. Take your fingers and place them on the back of your neck on the muscles there. Press them together and hold a good amount of pressure on them. Then relax, take a deep breath an happening, the muscle going limp under the pressure. Continue to hold until the entire muscle has gone limp.
Place your left hand on your left knee. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and with your fingertips find the muscle next to your spine. Press on it and hold. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale and don’t tense up any part of your body. After about 30 seconds there should be a release happening and when it does slowly lower yourself forward onto your right leg. If you can lean over the outside edge of your leg it will be better for your release. Continue holding for a total of one minute. Then release but rest your body there for one minute longer. Then reverse and do the right side.
I bet your mom will like that way of fixing things, right? Also don’t do the neck one just one time, if you show any signs of things not going back to normal or they seem to drift back to the pain side again, step up the usage of the releases and make them stay where they should. Use it 3 or 4 times a day or more for a week. That should make sure all muscles have been released and are staying in their new home.

George asks…

Help please, how to reduce stress and tension :D Please?

Hello. I’ve had a really bad tension and stress problem for years now, but I’ve never seen a doctor about it and I’m not planning to. I find that I really easily get stressed, and when I do the muscles in my shoulders, neck, back and head really tense up, and I mean they really do. This also happens when I get really excited and happy which is a shame. This usually causes extremely painful headaches similar to migraines, I sometimes have 1-3 a week, and they last for hours, sometimes for the rest of the day! My eyes also hurt during these headaches although I have perfect vision. I’ve had this problem for a long time since I was a young child, and now that I’m 13 years old and growing rapidly, I understand that it would be a good idea for me to keep my stress levels down as I have read it may have an effect on growth(is this true). I get plenty of exercise and I’m a healthy weight, so what can I do to prevent this. I really don’t want to take any medication.

admin answers:

I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing a doctor about it, even if only to eliminate possible genetic and/or dietary causes behind your major stress levels.

Nevertheless, it’d be smart to look beneath the surface and find out what’s really bugging you. What unexpressed emotions are running the show, that cause you to flare up at a moment’s notice? Keep asking yourself until you find the answer/s, and more importantly, take it out on something safe – like your pillow or say, cardboard boxes (rip them up) until it has gone. Coz left unchecked, it’s only going to get worse.

Linda asks…

What do you think of these lyrics?

:3 It isn’t a mainstream pop or rock song, so not every line is gonna rhyme and it’s not gonna use simple, middle school vocabulary either (: You actually have to read it and decipher the meaning, it emphasizes the listener’s ability to come up with a meaning, instead of being very easy to comprehend. Don’t put negative comments if your too unimaginative to appreciate lyrics that aren’t simple and completely straightforward.

This sacred vision runs full with diamonds.
So far beyond my grasp.
Looks so good from here,
But I won’t have it any other way.

Light has abandoned the stars;
Blind to such scarred eyes.
Perception turning black,
Angels telling lies.
Never really cared, anyways.
Just another passing phase.

Embody and accept it as an offering.
Numbness is a consequence of sanctity.
Look closer and you’ll find giving up some things
Is a lot less painful than holding on to them.
Light has left the surface dry.
But I can still touch it.
Lost one sense, but strengthened another.
Feeling succumbs to something greater.

This is what we are capable of.
Exercising strength and will.
Love is just a barrier.
Nothing is unbreakable.
This is the final test.
On my way to transcendence…

Circle in an endless ring,
Burdened with a blessing.
Holding it all in the palm of one’s hand.
It never looked like this until the very end.
Burdened with a crooked path to follow.
And eyes that can’t see beyond the shallow steps.

Don’t try to comfort me.
I can’t feel anything.
Cut so deep,
But still not bleeding.

Thank you for reading anyways!!

admin answers:

I really like “Perception turning black, Angels telling lies.” and “Cut so deep, But still not bleeding.” Overall they’re pretty good but it depends on how you perform them.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

April 7, 2012

Donna asks…

Help with eye exercises!!!??? ***Answer only IF you believe they help your eyes!!!***?

1. I confirmed that they infact DO improve your vision.

The problem:

2. I do them and it makes my eyes vision better, but whenever I blink, it goes away? Why? Do I have to do them like thousands of times or something like that?

admin answers:

Being as you only want to hear from BELIEVERS and not the facts…you are seeing for yourself why it is all baloney.

You can trick your brain for a few minutes , but exercises won’t change the shape of your eye, which is what is causing the refractive error to begin with.

OOOPS, sorry…you don’t want medical facts.

Mark asks…

How can I improve my eyesight?

I already have really bad vision. I wear glasses with strong lenses too. I want to improve my vision so I don’t have to wear my glasses all the time. I don’t want to get contacts or have eye surgery- I’m only a teenager. I’ve hear about these books where you learn about eye exercises, which can improve your vision. Has anybody heard about it or actually tried it?
Thanks for your quick repose guys. :)

admin answers:

This is a fact that if you eat ALOT of carrots it will help but not drastically

Paul asks…

Do I do this eye exercise with my glasses on or off?

I have worn glasses for over 2 years and recently read some articles about improving vision naturally through eye exercises. I was just wondering, am I supposed to do the eye exercise in which you stare at a distant object with my glasses on or off?

What about exercises like focusing on something close and the focusing on something far, palming, zooming, etc.?

admin answers:

The idea of eye exercises is to help bring about normal function of the eye and the mind. Sure its possible to find one person, insist that they try eye exercises and find out after one year their prescription was totally unaffected.
Then again its possible to find examples of people who couldn’t drive a car without glasses, getting help and later improving their eyesight so much that they can now legally drive. ( )

One therapist (who appears regularly on tv) is well known to have been born with cataracts, glaucoma and a few other rare conditions and was declared legally blind. His name is meir schneider if you care to look him up. He was introduced to ‘eye exercises’ at the age of 17 and nowadays can be seen on tv or writing in books describing how giving up and neglecting any part of your body will definitely lead to deterioration and/or illness.
Being legally blind and then being able to drive is a clear example of how holistic methods have had a positive effect on a person’s life.

Anyway what are the issues involved with eye exercises? Technically nearsightedness is defined as having eyeballs that are elongated front to back. So if this shape remains the same and the lens and cornea remain the same then the prescription has no chance of changing.

However what is indisputable is that the muscles of the eye are there for a reason. If we had none of these muscles then our eyes would be pretty much useless. There is the extraocular muscles with which your eyeballs can turn around in their sockets (to look up down etc.) There’s the ciliary muscle which is vital for your eye to change from seeing the distance to seeing something close up.
Does everyone need these muscles in order to function normally? Yes. Is there a guarantee that EVERYONE in the public is using these muscles correctly or have them in a workable state? No.
Since when did we live in a 100% healthy population?

Sorry I forgot the orbicularis muscle. This is crucial for closing your eyes and for blinking.

So if you are sure all of these muscles are working 100% ok for you then eye exercises won’t be helpful in this area.

The other issues are how you use your eyes, stress and the mental process of eyesight.
The eye has the simple job of refraction. This means the rays of light enter the eye and are then concentrated/ pointed in the right direction. The process of actually SEEING starts with the retina and ends in the brain. This area can also be prone to problems or failure. If the existence of stress is acknowledged then we can establish the possible cause of the problem.
Does everyone suffer the same amount of stress? Is it the true that noone actually suffers from excessive stress in their lives? Well if we lived in stressless world why does the word ‘stress’ exist.

So anyway if you never suffer from stress and have a consistent level of relaxation allowing you the time and freedom to take in visual information and process it then again….eye exercises won’t do anything for you.

There is something worth noting though.
Nobody claims eye exercises are a risk to your health. Nobody claims they help or contribute to eyesight getting worse. And doing eye exercises will possibly be something that will just take up one hour of just one day of your life. There’s no price to pay and there’s always the option to go back to glasses. Being honest I made a big deal in my head whether commiting to the idea of doing eye exercises was a waste of my time. But having done that first exercise and not seriously having worn glasses since then I can say it was a pretty lousy predicament (looking back at myself). Being unprepared to experiment with anything is a very ineffective way of approaching life.

BTW its worth pointing out staring is anti social and will be a cause of strain. On your eyes as well as other people. Everyone is familiar with magnifying glasses and binoculars. We stare into them. Glasses are no different.
See for some advice in this area.

Why are there people online here spending every day of their lives trying to tell people they waste their time with eye exercises? If eye exercises were proven to never work then there is a non-issue here. A complete non-event that is not worth anyones breath. There would be no logic for anyone to put effort into attacking the idea.
The question then becomes why is it only people who SELL glasses that are the ones (online) that try as hard as they can to convince people to avoid it? Quoting from a previous answer: ‘nobody uses eye exercises because they dont work. That’s why everyone wears glasses or has lasik.’ Well if everyone is buying glasses right now this issue would then not be in dispute. However I don’t understand why there are people spending all their time online devoted to a crusade which apparently has no relevance to their business.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

April 5, 2012

Maria asks…

Lazy Bulldog??

I have a wonderful bulldog but i am very concerned with her weight. she doesnt ‘look’ overweight but the vet just said to keep an eye on how much i feed her.
I feed her twice a day on weight control Iams and she seems fine with that. I try to get her to exercise everyday and shes really happy to do this but every other day i go for an hour and half long walk with her… she seems fine then and there but after she comes home.. she limps and cries.
This only lasts the night and shes fine after that. Is she just really lazy? and if it was too much for her, wouldnt she of slowed down during the walk?
iv took her a quite a few times now and do you think she will get used to it?
I dont need any reading up on the breed… i have had bulldogs before.. they all have been fine.
Just this girl has been a lot lazier than the others.
I will try changing the food.. my vet just advised me on that.
Im not sure exactly how much she weighs.. its been a while. Thanks though

admin answers:

You didn’t say if she limps on the front or back. Have you had her hips and elbows checked? Displaisia is a common issue with the bully breeds. Also, how old is she? Arthritis is another concern. I do have to agree with the other poster about the feed. Did you know that on IAMS rated no better than most store brands? Yet it’s twice the cost! Look inot Natures Variety. It’s a good quality feed. Am including a link to a joint suppliment I use on my bullys. Can’t hurt! Good luck and best wishes!

Charles asks…

please anyone help me.?

Hi my name is Maria I am 20yrs old & 170lbs, I just had my son 7 months ago. Ive had issues with my weight, eyes, nose & the hair I get on my body is just so much and my teeth well say the dentist hasnt seen them since I was 11. Ive done the whole diet & exercise. I cannot afford any surgeries for my fat or nose or laser for the hair & eyes. Im on the depo shot & I gain 1lb a month. My nose is pretty big & I have lazy eyes & also I grow hair very thick everywhere and my teeth are very messed up. I just want to feel healthy look good & feel like this is what i deserver my boyfriend deservers & my son deservers a mother who not going to die due to heart failure or diabetes. My boyfriend does everything possible to take care of us. all I want to do is know when he looks at me he knows he has a confident healthy good looking women that will be by his side for the rest of his life & when my son looks at me he can say my mommies healthy I should be healthy too & know Ill be there for him for the rest of his life until its my time to go. I love him so much & hes done so much at the age of 22 he stopped being a child & turned into a man. he deserves a thin small nose straight eyed women, I want to be that for him, he says its more than enough for me to stay home cook clean be there for him when things get rough take care of our son, he tells me every time, but like I said I want him to have a confident women by his side someone that when I get a job I can go in there with my head held up high & l& the job. So I can help him with everything. I wish my body image would just change & the worst part of me, is when I do see a nice looking girl pass me & my boyfriend by I always think hes looking at them, Or trying to talk to them, especially the ones at his work. But he always tells me no matter what he will always be there for his family. Im so lucky to have him & he says he lucky to have me but I wish I would just look & feel better about myself. I wish I could change my whole body become a new me a better more confident me.I NEED TO DO THIS FOR ME! i can send the pictures give you doctor reports anything nothing is helping me lose weight my nose is still big my eyes still cross and my hair is every were not to mention my teeth are bad i have no help insurance if someone can just help me… please anyone…. meet me see how iam im not fake im not scamming ppl for there money you could be there through the whole process ill even go to the dr right with you there show you i’ve only been there for a cold… please someone help me.

admin answers:

I iwhs I could help, but I don’t have any income these days, You should be confident too! If your boyfriend loves you, you shouldn’t care much about the look or underestimate your self, you are a smart women so act like one!
Good luck

PS: Get a job and pay for a surgery!

Robert asks…

How Can I Look Beautiful?

I find so many flaws in me…
short, thick hair.
too lazy to put on make up.
too lazy to exercise.
too lazy to get off of this freaking computer.
full of fat (but I weigh 88 lbs).
small eyes.
large lips.
fat thighs.
does anyone have any tips on how I can fix any of these flaws? & please don’t give me the “oh, but you’re beautiful” talk. I’m asking you a question, and I’m yearning for an answer.

thanks. x
oh I’m 14 years old and 5 foot 5.

admin answers:

Um, personally I think you’re contradicting yourself. If you don’t want to accept the general answer that is that you are beautiful, how else can you look beautiful if your saying your too lazy to put on makeup or to exercise?…

If you want to look beautiful I suggest wearing nice eye makeup especially because you have glasses. Glasses tend to hide your eyes and if you accentuate them with eyeliner and mascara and maybe even a little shadow, your look will improve by a lot!

Large lips can be really attractive, use a nude lip gloss.

And sweetheart those are not flaws, those are simply characteristics that make you YOU.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

March 18, 2012

Jenny asks…

How good would I be at martial arts or fencing, and how effective would they be as an exercise regime?

Since the age of twelve I have been enamored to the idea of taking some form of martial arts, including fencing or broadsword fighting – at the time I can’t deny that it was mainly the thought of being able to kick the bullies arses/being vaguely connected to the escapist fantasy literature I read through having some of the skills. Unfortunately, having appalling balance and spatial coordination due to a lazy eye that wasn’t discovered till 16, or, as I would have put it at the time, ‘being crap at sport’, I never did.

Now I have reached 30, still being crap at sport, I realize I just can’t put off any longer – it’s time I started doing some of that dreaded exercise for my own good.

So: as a 6’4″ large man (think rugby player size) with poor coordination which would be best for me? Unfortunately it comes down to more than just what is most fulfilling for me: being this tall but also mild mannered sort of prints a great big sign on your head saying “short angry men with something to prove: I AM YOUR TARGET”, thus I have to defend myself far to regularly for my liking, and I have heard that the eastern martial arts actually put tall men at a disadvantage in self defense by training them in protocols of fighting that don’t allow them to use their height, weight and reach to the full advantage.

Anyway, after that mouthful I’m greatfull for any advise, thanks!

admin answers:

Hey, I had a slightly different dilemma, but I feel it will probably help you.

I am very uncoordinated and I considered myself mild mannered. I do, however, go to the gym a lot and I’m a fairly muscly guy. At university, this led to a feeling of dissatisfaction because I wasn’t really taking advantage of my strength and I considered myself a bit (ok, a lot) of a pussy. I went to a beginners MMA class and it was actually really good fun. No way near as brutal as the UFC is on tv, but good enough so that you can throw your weight around and get used to getting bashed around a bit. Now, i’m still uncoordinated and not as aggressive as I need to be to succeed in the sport properly, but I’ve had a lot of fun doing it and i’ve toughened up no end. I understand that your concern may not be to ‘toughen’ up, but MMA was good fun. Might be a wise call to check out the club you’re going to join, though. I joined a different one and all I can say is, I was quite literally a bloody mess!

George asks…

What do you think of my writing? lol?

I’m bored lol, so i made a fake journal entry..what do you thinK?

Never have I realized the intensity of my hideousness. I’ve been hiding it from myself so long, I’ve been tucking my inner but outer thoughts away, denying what I see in the mirror. How could I have been so foolish? The size of my nose, my asymmetrical droopy eyes, my female moustache, my body! How dare I say I’m cute and how dare they say I’m beautiful! They’re nothing but liars, accountable for the fluctuation in my slowly dying self esteem. I’ve cried so many times, so many nights and days I have wished and longed to be beautiful. So many times I have thought I was beautiful, but my pictures and my boy’s attention scale are starting to tell me otherwise. I am becoming miserable and the thought of me being beautiful seems so far fetched. It’s impossible for me to ever be gorgeous and now it seems damn near impossible for me to be cute. I am cursed with the features of a man, my father, who’s not here and who happens to resemble an ogre. My mother is beautiful with long, curly, shiny, beautiful hair with chestnut brown eyes that hide between thick framed glasses and a body shape that is the envy of many. Her features compliment each other, her keen nose and normal shaped eyes and lips sit quietly and daintily on her smooth tanned skin. I on the other hand, am not a person of physical beauty. My skin is covered with acne and my acne grows as if it’s on steroids. The scars on my face are round and hideous, small but abundant, and growing by the day. My hair is dry and nappy and now is choppy because of a bad haircut. My forehead is wide and big, a sure place for pimples to come and go, leaving behind their marks of pubescent injustice. My eyebrows are thick, like hairy arms that extend across my pimple written forehead. My eyes are slanted and brown and appear to be half way open. Unfortunately, my left upper eyelid seems to be weaker than than the other, so it hangs closer to my lower eyelid, giving me the lazy eye appearance. My nose is prominent, giving me the appearance of a Samoan man. Pimples seem to travel across my broad forehead and occasionally land on my huge, round, flared nose and stay there, causing me major embarrassment that not even makeup can conceal. My lips are small and dark pink and seem to be the only normal thing on my face. Above my decent lips are small tough follicles of hair that persevere through sharp razors and waxing. My chin, like the rest of my face, is covered in bumps. My cheeks are wide and unattractive and they give the appearance of having Braille on my face. If a blind man were to walk up to me, he would probably be reading, “ugliest chick alive.” From my neck down harvests extra fat that is holding on and staying strong like my upper lip hair.. I’ve exercised, ate healthy, and I’m still as thick as a regular buffet goer. I’m quite unhappy with my appearance and I should stay that way until I’m a sight of beauty. I will be beautiful, I will be wanted, I will be loved. I tell myself this but goodness knows this transformation from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan is going slow. I want to be beautiful! That’s all I ask for, that’s all I want.
i search for no compliments! i just want to know if you like my writing
the reason fake was put there so you wouldn’t think it was a pity party!! I just want honest opinions on the style of my writing and if I’m actually a competent writer.

admin answers:

The lol in your title said it all

this drivel made me lol.This is nothing but a pity me diary entry

Linda asks…

What type of doctor do I see for facial drooping?

Okay, so in the past year, I have noticed that my “lazy eye” turned more into the “lazy side of my face.” I do suffer from TMJ and the side that has the problem is the side that droops.

I just noticed it being really bad when I had to review a speech I gave and now it’s really bothering me. It seems to be worse at different times.

Also, I’m pretty sure it’s not Bell’s Palsy or anything like that because it has been gradual over a few years and not once and then better. I am 23, in good health, a vegetarian, on a healthy diet, and I exercise… so what’s up? Who do I see to fix this? A TMJ doctor? My regular doctor?

Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated!
I should also add that the dropping begins with the bottom of my eye down to my mouth… my forehead and brow are not affected at all.
Also, my sister-in-law works for a dentist and she said they see a lot of strange bites and asymmetry from things like car accidents affecting the spine/bone structure. I did have a pretty rough wreck in June of 2007…

admin answers:

Start with your GP (family doctor) and go from there. Your doc can evaluate you and decide if you need evaluation from a specialist and if so, what kind.

As you said, it’s unlikely to be something acute (like Bells Palsy) because it’s developed over a long period of time. But your symptoms are obviously bothering you so it’s time to take action. Your doctor may refer you to a TMJ specialist or perhaps a neurologist, but let him/her help you make that decision.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Lazy Eye

March 3, 2012

Joseph asks…

How do I improve my eyesight when I have Amblyopia?

My left eye is stronger than my right. Somehow, I have managed to conceal my lazy eye. Even though that’s the case, I still feel uncomfortable about it, and often think about it. Sometimes when I’m tired I can feel that it is turning in, and it is really hard to make eye contact when this occurs. I’m an 18 year old male, and am very busy. I try to get some use out of my right eye by reading and doing simple common sense eye exercises such as focusing on close objects and then distant ones… going back and forth. I have also used the bates method, but am not completely satisfied with the results. I’ve recently discovered atropine eye drops. I’ve yet to try them though. I know that my eye muscles aren’t as easily correctable as they were when I was a child, but I still long for improvement. What do you recommend? By the way, surgery is an option I suppose. I don’t have much money, and am not very knowledgeable on the subject. Thanks!

admin answers:

If you are far-sighted, contacts may help to alleviate the strain on your eyes and prevent the eye from turning in. If it is truly muscular, some vision therapy may help. You should see if there is a doctor who practices vision therapy in your area…

Mark asks…

How long do children have to wear patches to correct lazy eyes?

My 3 year old daughter has been diagnosed with a lazy eye. She has been to see a specialist and they are using patching as the method to correct this problem (4 hours a day for the first 6 weeks then 6 hours a day there after). How long is this patching likely to continue for?

Are there any exercises that can be used to speed up the recovery of a lazy eye?
The comment “To speed up the process like you said, just patch them 6 hours a day and also to patch the bad eye at least once a week for 6 hrs as well” has interested me but is it a recommended idea? No one else has mentiuoned this but i do see the point of giving the bad eye a rest from all the hard work.

admin answers:

I have come to believe that lazy eye comes from blockages and constrictions in the head. These blockages and constrictions often come from the myriad of infections that our children get. Sometimes there are just weaknesses from birth where toxins and infections tend to settle.

One thing that tends to strengthen weaknesses in the head is Xylitol. It is a sweetener that kills bad bacteria and fungal growth. It also balances the fauna and flora in the digestive system which helps tremendously to balance the pH in the body. Proper pH boosts our body’s immune system. Because it is quite strong against the bad bacteria and fungus it should be taken in small amounts and then increased in small amounts for the adaptation period. You can tell if you’ve taken too much before your body has adapted because it will loosen up a person.

Many Natural Eyesight Improvement teachers have come to understand that traditional methods of trying to work lazy eye muscles and many hours of patching are very harmful to people who have lazy eyes. The eyes are weak in lazy eye because of reduced circulation and nerve blockage. Trying to work “lazy” eye muscles always exhausts the vision system and often makes things worse. Also surgeries are rarely successful and permanent. Until the eye is activated properly it will always wander away from the imbalance.

Patching can be very beneficial if done properly. It should never be done for more than 2-4 minutes at a time and should be balanced with 2-4 minutes of patching the other eye and at least 10 minutes of no patching to rest the eyes. Proper palming during story times can also be very beneficial.

Spinning activities like a play ground mary-go-round or gentle spinning with mommy or daddy in a chair are very beneficial in helping the lazy eye to unloose and circulate.

Eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) are very different from self healing activities. Eye exercises tend to denote a lot of effort and even stress and tension which are harmful to eyesight.

Betty asks…

Do I have myopia and do you have myopia ?

If you have myopia tell me about it?

How canI tell if I have myopia?? one eye is near-sighted vision the ther is not? One eye is near-sighted vision and the oher is not.That means one eye is for reading and the other is for distant objects .The one for distant objects has trouble raeding do to blurry vision and the one for reading has trouble for distant objects .

The eye doctor was saying I need eye glasses.After doing a search on the internet some say wear eye glasses to fix the problem and others say to cover up the good eye so you see out of the bad eye to fix the problem.They say you need to exercise your eye and make sure you do not have a lazy eye that where you look out of the good eye not the lazy eye .

They say people who read alot and in front of the computer or TV alot get this problem.

admin answers:

Follow your doctor’s advice and ask him if you have myopia. If one eye is blurry for distance and clear at near, it likely has myopia.

Patching is used to treat amblyopia, it will not help at all with needing glasses. Lazy eye develops before age 6, if you had a lazy eye the doctor would have told you about it. You cannot develop one now.

Computer and TV use does not cause myopia.

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