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How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

August 4, 2011

How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Is it really possible to improve your eyesight naturally without going through surgery, or without using eyeglasses or contact lenses? The idea that you can improve your eyesight naturally through relaxation and by performing eye exercises originated from Dr. William Horatio Bates (December 23, 1860 – July 10, 1931). He was an ophthalmologist that developed a method that claims to help improve eyesight naturally called the Bates Method.

The basis of the Bates Method for improving eyesight naturally is to improve vision by undoing the strains and stress that’s constantly placed on our eyes. However, the effectiveness of the Bastes method is questionable and scientific studies contradict his theory. Despite this, there are still many who have tried the Bates method at improving their eyesight, and some claim that they have been able to improve their eyesight naturally.


The Bates method approach to improve eyesight naturally is to correct vision problems that are based on psychological principles. Dr. Bates claims that he has treated many patients, and helped his patients improve their vision naturally. In 1920, he published his work “Perfect Sight Without Glasses”.

The Bates Method focuses on complete relaxation of the mind and body to reduce and eliminate the strains and stress placed on your eyes and eye muscles. One of the main eye exercises used by the Bates Method is the palming exercise. Palming involves completely relaxing your body and covering your eyes with your palms to completely block out all lights.

Another key focus of the Bates Method to improve eyesight naturally is visualization – by relaxing and visualizing pleasant mental images, Bates believed that relaxing was the key to the clarity of the visualized image, as well as actual sight. Dr. Bates claimed that with eyes closed, the darker the black was in your mind, and the smaller the area of black which was visualized, the more relaxed you became.

There are also numerous eye exercises designed to help you relax your eyes and eye muscles such as eye focus exercises, eye rotating exercises, and eye swinging exercises just to name a few. All of these eye exercises are meant to help you relax your eyes and eye muscles, reducing the strain and stress placed on your eyes.

Learn more about how you can strengthen your eyes, and naturally improve your eyesight with different eye exercises.

Three Eye Exercises to Enhance Eyesight Naturally

August 2, 2011

Three Eye Exercises to Enhance Eyesight Naturally

Many people have realized the importance of protecting eyesight and they try all kinds of eye exercises to enhance eyesight, but people always misunderstands the spirit of eye exercise as to strengthen the eye muscles but not to relax them. Therefore, we should learn by heart that eye exercise is mainly to make your eye muscles relaxed.


The famous Bates theory tells that blurry eyesight, such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, is mostly due to excessive and accumulative tenses on eye muscles, leading to the distortion of natural spherical shape. Nearsightedness or myopia is mainly due to the elongating eyes caused by tense muscles. Farsightedness or hyperopia is mainly due to the flattening eyes caused by tense muscles. So if we can do something for eye muscles to turn the distorted spherical shape back into its normal condition, our eyesight must be improved. That is what eye exercise can do. Furthermore, when you insist on doing eye exercises regularly, your eyesight can of course be much better.


Three eye exercises will be introduced in the following to help you to adopt the right method.


This eye exercise is called long swing, also means sweeping at an extensive visual field. First, you stand straight with your feet about a foot apart and let your hands and arms rest at your both sides freely. Relax all the parts of your body including shoulders, jaw and facial muscles. At the same time look forward. Next, twist your upper body to the left, as well as your heads and eyes. In that condition, your right heel must lift and your eyes had better sweep to the left smoothly. Then your rotate your upper body to the right through the center, with your eyes sweeping the objects in the room from left to right smoothly. Then twist left again. After repeat the  same actions for 50 cycles, you may magically find that the objects in your room are more clear than ever before, which means your eye muscles have already been relaxed even the time will not last long. This is a good way to solve the problem of staring at an object for too long time.


Rest in a chair peacefully and put elbows on the table and palms over eyes. Be sure the fingers of one hand can overlap the fingers of the other. Try your effort to block all the lights from coming into your eyes to make your eyes relax and have a rest. Enjoy the darkness and quietness for ten minutes. When you open your eyes, you may have a different feeling and have a brighter vision.


Sit in front of a bright light on a sunny day. Close your eyelid and enjoy the brightness and warmth of sunlight gently falling on your eyes. You can simultaneously rotate your heads to let one eye be exposed to full sunlight one time and the other eye being exposed to full sunlight the other time. During the process, you can feel the tension be drained from eyes and the vision is improved.


In fact, eye exercises are not only the above three kinds, there are many. The key point is you put your heart on eye exercises to improve your eyesight gradually.


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Best Eye Exercises For You

August 2, 2011

Best Eye Exercises For You

Article by Suzanne Hughes

Do you take utmost care of your eyes? Maybe you aren’t because causing strain to your eyes and staring at something is also one of the worst things to do since it damages the eyes. Long stressful days demand some rest for your eyes so that the vision can be restored to its actual capabilities. Your vision can be damaged if you carry on straining your eyes everyday. So can you really improve your eyesight by natural methods? Most people think damaged eyes mean they need glasses or some laser treatment, but few think of the possibilities of using simple eye exercises to restore one’s eyesight.

Most people are aware that exercising is good for the body since it ensures you have a healthy body. Some people just neglect the eyes thinking that they don’t need to be exercised, but that’s the wrong mentality since eyesight can be restored by doing daily exercises to keep them fit as well and disease-free. Some exercises have been scientifically proven to be good for improving eyesight and also preventing eye problems, hence reducing dependence on spectacles.

One eye exercise you can practice to help improve your eyesight is called the ‘word exercise’. All it requires you to do is to look at a phrase of any text which isn’t shorter than four alphabets in length, and then concentrate on the full phrase in order to catch the most appropriate image that it produces in your brain. Once more and the word becomes blurred when you try to gaze and firmly focus on it.

It’s quite important you do eyesight improving exercises since they present the only natural method of achieving elasticity of the eye muscles and strengthen them. They also help diffuse the tension the eye muscles experience when you’re reading or working on the computer. On the overall basis, your exercises will be best for your eyes and you will be able to retain your natural ability for the eyes to focus on things at a short distance as well far away. Eye tension causing anxiety and sometimes headaches is reduced as well if you devote yourself to some natural eye exercises, hence preventing the ill effects of ageing eyes.

The Bates method’s something that’s recommended for eye exercises and according to it, the first one you can start with is ‘palming’. All you have to do is to cover your eyes with your palms keeping the eyes closed and gently massaging each eyeball slowly. You’ll have keep moving your eyes up and down and from right to left both anticlockwise and clockwise. Another exercise is where you move a pencil or your finger from your nose tip to a distance of about an arm’s length slowly and follow this movement with your eyes. Then close your eyes and keep it squeezed as tightly as you can and you’ll feel the eye muscles contracting. Repeat ten times for each exercise. Relax your eyes after the exercises by blinking continuously for a while.

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Long Swing – An Eye Exercise to improve your vision

August 2, 2011

Long Swing – An Eye Exercise to improve your vision

Article by Almas

You may have heard many kinds of eye exercise from various sites in the internet. And you may have the same doubt as have been asked by many people – Can just doing eye exercise improve our vision? If it can, then what is the principle of improving vision by doing eye exercise? Here, I’d like to answer these questions. Yes, you can improve eye vision naturally just by doing eye exercise.

As we have known, according to the Bates theory, blurred vision eye problems such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism are mainly due to the shape change of eyes caused by the high tension of the muscles around eyes. Lacking of eye movement is one of the most common reasons which can increase the tension in the muscles of the eye. With the development of computers, people often stare at short distance for a long time, thus eye problems increase day by day.

Eye exercises are specially developed to improve your eye vision by strengthen the muscles around the eyeball and improve the circulation of the blood around the eye area. By doing eye exercises, the state of your eyeball can recoil from deformation to normal spherical shape. Long Swing is an effective eye exercise technique which have being used by hundreds of people all over the world. This excellent method can help you improving your vision and getting rid of your glasses naturally.

Long Swing eye exercise including the following steps. To perform this eye exercise, first you should stand with you two feet an inch apart, relax all parts of your body, and look forward. Then, twist your eyes, your upper body as well as your head to the left. Raise you right heal as you bend yourself to the left. Your eyeballs should move to the left gently along with the body movements. After that do the same movement to the right side. That is a cycle of Long Swing. Repeat this cycle for a few times each time.

Practice Long Swing eye exercise regularly in your spare times, and you will feel the change in your eye vision finding that you can see things in around you more clearly. There are also many kinds of other excellent eye exercise that help to improve eye vision naturally, and you can learn them from the internet.

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Lazy Eye Exercises That Will Help You To Get Rid Of A Lazy Eye

August 1, 2011

Lazy Eye Exercises That Will Help You To Get Rid Of A Lazy Eye

Are you looking for Lazy Eye Exercises? If you suffer from lazy eye, you may constantly hear that there’s nothing really that can be done to help, alleviate or improve your condition.  We’re here to encourage you and let you know there are lazy eye exercises that DO help so don’t give up!  You’re not alone!

What Lazy Eye Exercises can do for you

They will teach and coax your eye muscles to relax.  Relaxation is key because like any other muscle in the body, eye muscles play a vital role in the health and condition of the particular organ.  Once relaxed, the muscle can rest and recuperate before being challenged once more to stand at attention.

Conditioning is another necessary must for your eyes.  Along with a good, well-balanced diet, proper exercise and good hydration, lazy eye exercises will similarly refresh and rejuvenate your eyes.  It’s how the body works.  Team work.  The whole package.

So tease and challenge your eye muscles with great exercise so you can both strengthen and restore their muscles.  Not just any exercise, but those specific ones that will help to correct your lazy eye when you do them properly and to the best of your ability.

How do you know what the right lazy eye exercises are?

The safest way is to invest in a corrective eye program that offers suitable exercises.  

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This tool will equip you beyond comprehension so you understand each step of your lazy eye exercises as you progress and see results.

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You’ll see for yourself that these lazy eye exercises are exactly what you need and are applicable to your condition.

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