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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

October 11, 2013

Sharon asks…

How can I improve My Autism to my Advantage?

I have autism and having it means I have a lack of cognitive empathy the following statement explains. “People who suffer from schizophrenia or autism-spectrum disorders lack cognitive empathy, although they have emotional empathy. When asked to view emotionally charged photographs, people with these disorders tend to have an emotional reaction, although they cannot speculate what the person in the picture may be thinking. These organic deficits impair social interaction and lead to people with these disorders feeling disconnected from others.” Having that issue, how can I improve on it ? Also, having Autism hasn’t made making friends easy at all, all the failures with making new friends ( only have 3 I talk to more ) when it came to women I honestly believed and somewhat still do that there’s seriously something wrong with me, cause I don’t like to believe that ” oh she’s out of your league” bullshit, I like to believe that any man can get any girl, just gota know how, also the failures have started to fade away, and I was wondering what are some tips on not letting them cloud my mind cause they sometimes do from time to time, also what are some social tips that y’all can give me to help with women or how to deal with certain women or how to deal with a certain situation, also sometimes when I’ve talked to women hey get smart with me when I’m honestly trying to have a conversation to see where it goes, what can I do to. Or how should I think so I won’t look socially stupid, also way about when girls do that on Facebook ?

admin answers:

Obviously you have high functioning autism (HFA) and that means you get lonely.

You should work on social cues and body language and what they mean to non-autistic people. People with HFA often approach others with brutal honesty and bluntness and that can be disconcerting for the average person, especially females when you’re a male.

Study how other conversations develop between girls and boys in school and on facebook, notice the give and take in exchanges. Notice the boundaries and the body language between them. Just be an observer until you feel more confident. Good luck.

Helen asks…

Where I can download Gyandarshan ca cpt lecture class?

I am ca student I am pursing ca cpt, I want to download gyandarshan ca cpt leture class, I want to know where i can down load this programme, If get it in cd also ok where I should contact. Please help me.

admin answers:

I’m sorry you aren’t gettng any answers–this is a college question–not a special ed question…you can try the college category–

i would have told you sooner, but there is a troll reporting me for trying to help people by directing them to the right category even though that is a legitimate attempt to answer.

Special Education is for students with DISABILITIES. You have miscatergorized your question. Y!A suggests a category but you need to verify it is the correct category and change it if need be. This will ensure you will get more useful responses.


The provision of education to people with disabilities or learning differences differs across countries and (in the US, Canada, Germany, and other federally organized countries) across states

Special education in India was present since the pre independence time, with very few schools or NGOs helping intellectually impaired children. Today India has come a long way and made a good progress in the field of disability rehabilitation. Presently India has four national institutes for effective implementation of this special education through various government schemes.

Miscatergorizations is a violation of the Y!A Community Guidelines:;_ylt=Al7YZOo5P3CPU4qL9vhG4OI_zKIX;_ylv=3

Categorize correctly.Categorize your question correctly. Placing your question in the right category ensures that it is seen by people who can give you better information and more accurate answers. Yahoo! Answers is available in many countries and languages, so find the right one for your location or language

try the HIGHER ED category;_ylt=Ar1NZd981liDmiITV9oOlPW.xQt.;_ylv=3?link=list&sid=396545359

This is a legitimate attempt to answer a question by redirecting the asker on how to get the information needed. It is not a violation of the TOS or community guidelines.

Maria asks…

How can conflict arise in the workplace when dealing with deaf culture? How can this conflict be resolved?

Hi everyone. I am doing a project on deaf culture and would like a bit more understanding. I need to know how hearing impaired clients can experience conflict with non-hearing impaired workers. Thank you :)

admin answers:

Lack of acceptance, discrimination and alienation. Many people become nervous when they are around handicapped people and have a tendency to ignore them rather than invite and encourage them to contribute, in the workplace this may result in their ideas being taken less seriously, them feeling separated from the rest of the group, and eventually their work performance suffering.

Also a conflict may arise if the employer refuses to make the reasonable accommodations that the worker needs to do their job.

The first conflict may be improved through some sort of “sensitivity training” for the staff. I hate that word but in this case I use to mean anything that will help bridge the gap between the deaf employee and the other employees. This could be simply teaching the staff some sign language that is needed for the job.
The second is usually dealt with by the deaf employee quitting the job, being fired, or filing a lawsuit against the employer, or hopefully the accommodation would be made.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

August 29, 2013

Daniel asks…

Did you ever had an interview through the phone with Petsmart manager?

I applied online for a groom assistant last Wednesday. I called last Friday to make sure a manager received my application and he said he’ll read it thoroughly this week. Is it possible he actually will do it and call me for an interview?

FYI: I’m hearing impaired. Is it possible for me to ask for phone interview (videophone with an interpreter in it) or should I just go to petsmart store?

admin answers:

They prefer to do interviews in person. That way they can also read your body language when asking you questions. I have never heard of them doing over the phone interviews. Petsmart takes awhile to get back to people unless they really need people to work asap.
Be patient but if you don’t get a phone call by the end of a week, go ahead and call up and say that you applied for a job at their store and you were curious as to where you were in the hiring process or if they’ve read your application. Don’t sound accusatory, just make it sound like you were wondering and thought you’d call up and check.

Good luck! I hope you get the job =)

Lisa asks…

Why are some news broadcastsl in a foreign language?

I am a loyal Fox news listner and I ask why are some news broadcasrs in a foreign language? I am hearing impaired and have a problem hearing the live audio.

admin answers:

This is due to the significant presence of a migrant non-English speaking population in your area.

Mark asks…

What is a good, convenient way to learn sign language?

I work with teenagers, occasionally with various disabilities. I would LOVE to learn sign language and be able to work with hearing impaired kids more.

admin answers:

Go to a Community College. Also, you can go to a local Deaf Club, the best way to learn a new language and especially a new culture is with native speakers and a lot of practice.

You can learn some vocab in different places, but for getting the language background and grammar there is no one else who can teach better than the Deaf.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

June 23, 2013

Sharon asks…

If you can’t afford speech language pathologists’ fees, how do you encourage a child with autism to talk?

My niece is nearly two and doesn’t talk or make eye contact. She smiles when music’s played so we don’t think she’s hearing impaired. A child psychologist said she might have autism. What can we do to motivate her to communicate?

admin answers:

If you are in the US contact the school ASAP. Most states do have programs to assist in home until the child is old enough to go to a Specialized preschool. Waiting is not an option. Please also check her hearing – you need to find a developmental pediatrician who has the knowledge to point you in the right direction.

Check out parent information on Autism

Richard asks…

What would you do if you encounter a deaf person or a hearing impaired?

Base for this question is for people who never encounter a deaf or a hearing impaired person.
Would you inorged them or try to get along? This is not base on discrimination. Just coming from your perspective.
You maybe thinking I better avoid them just because I just do not know how to deal with them or would you simply try? I say it would be a challeage and would encourage me to have the opportunity to communicate with people like them who live and work within our country. They need a job too!

admin answers:

This would be a real challenge for me since I’ve never met such a person. I would definitely try to communicate with him/her using body language or signing or maybe writing down what I would like to say.
In general dealling with such a person in my opinion shows us how “disabled” we “normal” people are in dealing with others!
: )

Charles asks…

Any suggestions on teaching babies sign language?

I have a 2 1/2 year old with a speech delay,her therapist wants me to teach her sign language. I also have a 12 month old, and I figure if I’m going to teach one, I should teach both. Any suggestions, books, video’s you could recommend. Thanks!!!
Thanks lucky, I knew sign language years ago, so I am trying to refresh my memory right now.

admin answers:

Baby Signing Time is an awesome set of dvd’s. My 22 mo old started signing at 7 months, and my 10 mo old just did her 3rd sign yesterday. They are for children 3 to 36 months check out the website I can’t rave enough about this system. It teaches babies ASL simple signs and was created by Rachel who stars in the dvd’s for her daughter Lea who is deaf. None of my children are hearing impaired but I have found this is a great way to communicate with them. Good luck try them out honestly you won’t be disappointed.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

February 8, 2013

Mary asks…

What does a political candidates body language represent?

What does the constant wink and a thumbs up mean in terms of body language?
I disagree I think it means more than you think. My personal feeling is it is patronizing. I just wanted to know what others think?

admin answers:

Perhaps they think they can engage the hearing impaired by doing bad sign language.

Nancy asks…

Do hearing impaired teens look different from normal kids?

Do the hearing impaired teens have alike features to each other due to the illness? What are some ways the teens act different from normal teens? Thanks in advance
I’m sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone I just thought that maybe things were different. I just wanna know more about hearing impaired teens from actual people and not from google or anything like that. I don’t wanna read an entire website I just wanna hear from you guys. Maybe personal stories as well.

admin answers:

Whether or not their appearance is different is going to depend on the reason why they are hearing impaired, it is not necessarily due to an ‘illness’ as you put it. Their features are no more or less alike than the features of any other 2 teenagers you may come across. In the vast majority of cases, they are going to look exactly like any other teenager, with the difference that they might possibly have a small hearing aid or cochlea implant visible.

I have friends who have hearing impairments and they act exactly the same as any other teenager, and enjoy doing exactly the same things. The only differences are that sometimes their speech can sound a little ‘odd’ as they are not accustomed to hearing what words sound like, or they may choose to communicate in sign language rather than talking.

To the other answerers who have condemned you for asking the question: Admittedly it was not phrased in the most sensitive way, but how else are people meant to learn if they don’t ask?! Refusing to answer isn’t going to solve anything.

Hope this helps.

Ken asks…

How do I become a broadway sign language interpreter?

I really want to become one. I already have an associates degree in English. But I’m going to a university to get my masters degree in English and bachelors degree in American sign language. Do you think I need some theatre classes?


admin answers:

You should contact as they are the organization that provides access programs for the hearing impaired on Broadway. If you are not talking about Broadway, but national tours of Broadway shows or shows in other states, contact the specific theater.

This article about being an interpreter is extremely helpful – and yes, I do think theater classes would be a nice touch – you aren’t there to act, but to support the performance. A good interpreter can make or break the experienced for a patron. Http://

That being said, you do realize this is not a full time position and that you would need to work as an interpreter in other capacities and just do this on the side. Most regional or touring theaters only offer one signed performance per shows stay in the theater. And on Broadway, it is even less because the money is there for open captioning and other options.

For example, if you check the upcoming shows that are going to have accessible performances, there are only NINE performances scheduled between now and September, and only one of those is signed – the rest are OC (or audio described, for the vision impaired)

You can see their list here for New York –
And here for regional (each region supplies their own) –

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

January 5, 2013

Mary asks…

Is it a good idea for a socially impaired kid with Autism, to attempt public socialization?

I am Autistic, I have Aspergers Syndrome, and I am not a typical person. I have some social upps and downs, but I will focus on the downs.

I have trouble reading body language. I am easily distracted. I have trouble with the right words to use in public to start conversations. I have trouble feeling like I should reply to a miscellaneous comment to start a conversation. (Ex: A girl walks out of a jewelry store alone, and murmors “That guy at the counter was really rude…”) I have trouble passing messages to people through my own body language. I take a lot of things litterally, and have poor judgement on sarcastic remarks. I tend to not stick to a style, or sense of visual appeal. I have problems looking people in the eyes, or towards their bodies or faces (Especially with girls) with girls, I tend to look at their shoes, or a distant object- due to respect beliefs. I tell the truth alot sometimes, and do not respond well to questions like “Do I look fat” or “Do these clothes look good”, I can’t sugar coat things well, or pick up on a stylish garment.

I am trying to see if I can go for a walk around my hometown, and be able to talk to random people. And I also plan to be able to talk with kids, and adults alike at the upcoming coast guard festival- without seeming wierd, or out of the ordinary.

Does anybody have any guidelines, or perhaps some unwritten rules that can be written, to assist me with this?

admin answers:

Take it slow and ease into it-start by maybe finding an Aspergers group and try doing socialization practice with other aspies-may make you feel a little more comfortable and no one will judge you if you do something wrong or make a mistake-which will likely happen until you get more comfortable with socializing.

Charles asks…

Does the DWP use incompetence?

as a criteria for recruiting it’s staff.

I was trying to help a mentally impaired and physically disabled client the other day and it took me two and a half hours on the phone to get to the right department- that I found had then shut a minute before I managed to ring them.

That included: 2hrs and 15 minutes ringing completely incorrect numbers that had been provided by their staff, some of whom had a problematic grasp of the English language.
Lestat: could have done but then I would have left an extremely vulnerable individual without any source of income.
Lestat: I am ‘welfare rights’ and the CAB can take up to three weeks to see someone and then have to use a phone as opposed to telepathy or a Ouija board.

Not everyone has access to the same vampiric powers as you do- thanks for the advice though.

Rich B .Pay in Mcdonalds is not more than the Civil Service nor does McMucks offer a final salary secured pension.

admin answers:

Poor staffing of important jobs will cause failure. Why would anyone hire someone that can’t do the job?

Lisa asks…

am really sick and tired of all the foreign email I’m getting! help stop it?

I do not speak Spanish because I’m hearing impaired and never could learn it. It’s clogging up my spam email and I’m sick of it. Can you make an option available to block all foreign languages from entering our emails. I use spam guard, but still…ughhhhhhhhhhhhh this is America and I’m English, so please tell me how to stop that stuff!!!!

admin answers:

It is difficult to stop them at this stage because your e-mail id has been sold to spammers. At the most, you can do the following:
1. Set “words” in spam filter option, so that the mails containing those words are sent in the Spam filter.
2. If there are options in these unsolicited mails to “unsubscribe” , then go for them.(This, sometimes is however, dangerous because the spammers come to know that the e-mail ID is still live) .
3. Forget about this id and create a new id. Do not ever subscribe to a suspicious looking site with this id.

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