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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

May 9, 2012

Paul asks…

does wearing glasses actually weaken or strengthen vision??

if the you wear glasses all the time the eye muscles don’t have to do much exercising…………beacause all the work is done for them. but then strainign sin’t good either is it? I dunno. i really am anot sure please any help would be most appreciated thanks ‘gain

admin answers:

Vision has little to do with muscles-it is the shape of the orb itself. That’s why in LASIK they reshape part of the eye. Not wearing your glasses/contacts will do nothing other than give you a headache from squinting.

Jenny asks…

convergence insufficiency?

i went to my eye therapist and she told me that my eye convergence has gone. She tested it out and it all came normal. I have been doing the exercises for 2 months now. My eye age was 46 i am 14 but it went down dramatically. She has referred me to an ophthalmologist because my blurry vision is still giving me a a problem. The symptoms were pretty bad last week but it got better however my blepharitis has started bothering me, probably from the strain. Why do you think my eyes are still having blurred vision

admin answers:

If you are engaged in “vision therapy” you are wasting your time. It will do nothing for you. Convergence training (i.e. ‘pencil pushups’) work well for convergence insufficiency, but only need to be done a few times daily. “My eye age was 46″ is gibberish as well as meaningless.

If you have blepharitis, lid hygiene will help immensely. Washing your eyelids daily will remove the junk that builds up on them, as well as making sure that the oils your glands produce remain in the oil form. You should notice your blurred vision improving by practicing these simple techniques.

Stop seeing this “eye therapist” immediately.

John asks…

Pseudotumor Cerebri question.?

I was diagnosed about 3 months ago. After having my spinal tap and being given diamox, my vision went back to normal and the pain behind my right eye stopped. I have even lost 5% of my body weight and have been exercising, drinking water, eating better etc. However, I woke up this morning and my vision in my right eye is going and I had the pain behind it again.

I have a doctor’s apt 2 weeks from yesterday. I am not sure if I should call the doctor tomorrow or just let it wait for a couple of weeks since I know what is wrong and have the meds. What else could they really do?? I have seen online that having the paid and the vision loss can be an emergency- should I go? Or should I call the after hours number for the doctor?

admin answers:

You should go to the Emergency Room and have your pressure checked as soon as possible.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

March 4, 2012

Helen asks…

How to improve my vision/hearing without surgery?

I have 20/20 vision, but I want it to be even better. But I cant have surgery like lasik or PKR, contacts/glasses are also out the window… someone please help? I REALLY want to be a pilot and having better than 20/20 would be excellent.

I checked out a package of eye exercises on a website, but the page looks like such B.S. plus it costs about a hundred bucks… should I trust it or not because it gave me a sample “eye workout: ‘place a pencil close to your face and move it away slowly, just concentrate on the pencil and not the blurry background’ ” ______ Does that work, or is it B.S.? I mean, should I really trust this thing?

If there’s any alternate way PLEASE tell me, and that goes for the hearing, too.

Thank you in advance

admin answers:

You don’t need to pay $100 bucks to improve your eyesight, more like you have to pay nothing

yes you can improve your vision better than 20/20

if you have a DS that’s a great start get the game call sight training and train yourself to better vision.

BE Worn, it takes time, commitment and determination.

Betty asks…

help with this aura peripheral vision concentration thing?

right, so im doing this aura thing, and i really dont care if there is such thing as an aura, but i hears the eye exercises on this site are good for your eyes. here is the link:

im fine with the first one, but im no good at the second. when i stare at my finger tip, the two circles join, but i can only see one at a time or in fragments, i cant see them fused like demo shows. is it a problem with my distance or something?
yeah, well thats all fine in good, but it appears that only one person actually understood my question.

admin answers:

I don’t know about those exercises, but the best way to see other people’s auras (as it is almost impossible to see your own) is to stand them against a light colored wall in bright sunlight and focus your gaze on the space just above their shoulder (left or right doesn’t matter). Let your gaze un-focus, and you should start to see their ‘envelope’, that part of the aura closest to their bodies. Just relax and you soon start to see the colors, often more than one, of their auric layers. As you get better and better you can see more and more colors. The first color past their envelope is their ‘root’ auric color and the one that indicates their personality.

Paul asks…

How to Somewhat Fix Nearsightedness?

I am nearsighted in my left eye. Are there any eye exercises that will possibly fix my nearsightedness?
Also how long would it take for my vision in my left eye to become more clearer? School starts in September and I don’t want to depend on my glasses to see better all the time. Help please?

admin answers:

This question gets asked a lot. There are many cures out there but independent studies show no evidence they work. If they did noone would wear glasses.

I know its hard to have to get uesd to wearing glasses to school, but there isn’t a lot of choice here. You can try and get an attractive pair of glasses and contacts are really good.

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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

January 8, 2012

Betty asks…

how can i make my vision better?

are there any exercise for your eyes or anything like that to improve vision?

admin answers:

Check out Bates eye exercises. They can actually get you to stop needing glasses if you are just simply nearsighted.

Sharon asks…

Vision Exercises?

Has anyone who wears glasses/contacts ever tried any vision exercises to improve sight? I realized that I have lost the ability to focus on objects at long distances (ie, it seems like my eyes are fixed at one focus length). I feel like this may be the reason my eyesight is getting worse (in general from the time I started wearing glasses), so I have been trying some focusing exercises I made up. It seems to have worked somewhat as I am now able to unfocus my eyes on close objects and onto far-away ones, however it is very limited. I’ve also had a few moments when relaxed where my vision seems noticably better for a couple of seconds.

Has anyone tried this type of thing? I know there are programs where you can pay for this–just wondering if anyone has had any luck or can share some advice as to how the eyes work and what I could be doing.

admin answers:

After much near work your eyes can get essentially locked into that position. That is why it is imporant to take visual breaks when doing lots of work up close or on the computer. It’s comparable to if you held your hands in tightly clenched fists for a long period of time. After a while you would have trouble opening back up your hands. It works essentially the same for your eye muscles, they get locked into looking at the close object. Hope this helped!

Mandy asks…

How to improve my eyessight?

I’ve been wearing glasses for about 2 1/2 years and I can tell my vision deteriorating. I lost my new glasses and I can barely see anything with my old one unless I tilt it in a certain angle.
Is there any way o improve my vision? (naturally) I heard Vitamin A only make your eyes better at night. I also read eye exercises only prevent your eyes from worsening but it doesn’t make it any better. Please help.
Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

There are eye exercises that if done properly can help with bad eyesight. They helped me a lot to get rid of astigmatism and small myopia and my own doctor is still puzzled as how. Read more here:

Also take a look at these supplements:

Hope this helps!


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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Better Vision

December 11, 2011

Nancy asks…

eye exercises wuold really help in improving the vision..if it so would you please suggest me the eye execises?

i searched about the eye exercises in the net but i found nothing because we need to buy those eye exercises…can’t there b any facility where all exercises are being thought so that one can really feel better and suggest others too for their betterment and improve the country in the field of vision……

admin answers:

There are no exercises that are effective in improving the vision.

Those exercises for sale are scams.

James asks…

I am 14 years old. How can I improve my eye vision?

Am I still growing? My eye vision isn’t that good, but its not THAT bad. I mean, I can make out what things are without glasses, but I just can’t see them as crisp clear with my glasses. I am also using a book called “improve your vision without glasses or contact lenses” it has a routine of exercises. If I do these exercises for about a month (in the book it says in a month), will my eye vision get better?

Also, I will cut down using the computer and I will only wear my glasses when I really need them.

admin answers:

Sorry, Dear Heart, but if those exercises worked everyone would be able to go without glasses. They just don’t work. It’s your decision to cut down using the computer…it might ease eye strain. And going without your glasses…that’s between you, your optician, and your parents. Normally, though, once you’re in glasses, it’s a forever thing. And your vision will change throughout your life. The most important thing is keeping your eyes healthy.

Helen asks…

Is it better to wear a slightly weaker or a stronger eye prescription?

My optometrist is giving me the option of changing my glasses lens to either a “perfect” vision prescription (-4.00 in one eye and -3.75 in the other) but this seems to make me feel dizzy when I look at closer objects. Otherwise, she said she can give me a slightly weaker prescription that will be easier for me to get used to (-3.75 in one eye and -3.5 in the other) but this is not as clear when looking at objects at a distance. My question is this: Is it better for your eyes to wear a weaker prescription or a stronger prescription? If I wear a weaker prescription, will my eyes get tired and eventually get worse? If I wear a stronger prescription, will my eyes get weaker bec they are not “exercising” and also get worse? My optometrist said it was up to me but I just want whats best for my eyes in the long term!

My sight had not changed for years until a recent job change where I spend +9 hours a day on the computer – can they get better if I take more breaks and exercise them more?

admin answers:

Ask your optometrist for a mid range prescription, sometimes called computer glasses. The focal range for this is 30-36 inches instead of the 18 they use for reading.
It is best for your eyes to wear the correct prescription, neither weaker or stronger, the only practical exception for this is if you have never worn glasses and have always needed a strong prescription, then it might be hard to get used to.
It sounds like what has happened to you is you need one prescription for distances, like driving, walking, watching TV.
And a different prescription for reading, and now that you spend so much time in front of a computer, you need those mid-range glasses.
Your vision is relevant to the shape of your eyeballs, your eyeballs don’t exercise, the muscles that control them do and you will do nothing more than tire them if you constantly make them work to do something they cannot do.
They will not get better, they will not get worse. You will become more aware of how you see if you don’t wear glasses, but it will not change the problem.
In the long term, get a pair to keep at the computer.
Get one to read with,
Get one to drive with.
I know its a pain, but I think you and your eyes will be happier in the long run.

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Bates Vision Care for Better Eyesight Using Vision Exercises

October 31, 2011

Bates Vision Care for Better Eyesight Using Vision Exercises

Article by James Johnson

Some people have an issue getting their head around the idea of eye exercises, and not such a long time ago it was said to be a new age fad with no systematic backing. New research, has shown that bad vision is not necessarily caused by genetics; lifestyle and environment can play a serious part in the health of our eyes.Man is naturally a hunter, and the eyes of a hunter are designed to find and identify at some considerable distance. It is a known fact that people like farmers and sailors who spend a lot of time looking into the distance regularly keep good eye sight well into old age. In a natural environment we exercise our eyes all the time. When we study the horizon, for instance and then look at something close by, our eyes or automatically refocus. The tiny muscles that control our eyes are just like any other muscle in our body, they have to be exercised regularly. Unfortunately, most people when they public when they begin to be afflicted by myopia reach for the glasses. This is a good short term solution, but is really damaging in the long run. This is rather like going everywhere in an automobile instead of walking. Your health practitioner would counsel you to exercise rather than taking the auto. When you visit the optician though he’ll prescribe glasses and tell you eye exercises will not work.Our environment also has a lot to answer for when we consider some of the causes of nearsightedness. Computer screens are made from thousands of thousands of pixels. Over time this will cause strain and strain on the eyes. The American Optometric Association has labeled this condition, “computer vision syndrome”.Staring at a PC Screen for any period proscribes the blood flow and freezes the energy and muscles. The good news is that just five to ten mins spent on eye exercises every day can have a major enhancement. Get into the practice of looking away from the screen at regular intervals and if possible, look at the most distant object in your environment.For this situation there are special optical exercises and vision improvement strategies that may help to regain the flexibility and strength, restoring the clear vision previously enjoyed. Folks now enjoy better health and fitness well into old age, there is no reason why their vision should not remain clear and sharp as well.At as we become more mindful of how eye exercises can help us keep our vision and improve the health of our eyes, doing eye exercises will become an important part of our fitness regime. Most of us take our eyesight for granted and never give it any thought. Only when our eyesight starts to fail do we start to go looking for solutions, by then it is all too straightforward to use spectacles as the quick-fix option.Certain nutrients such as chromium copper gluconate and lutein can help to keep our eye sicknesses like glaucoma and muscular degeneration in check. Vegetables and vegetables which are a bright orange, red or yellow in color are a good source of lutein which explains the old theory of why carrots are so good for the eyes.Eye exercises can do much to reduce strain and improve visual acuity. It is a natural healthy way to keep vision and eye health. With consistent practice there is no reason why you should not keep good vision well into old age.

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