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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Astigmatism

February 16, 2012

Laura asks…

What could be wrong if I have dizziness but no balance problems?

I have had this off and on for a couple years now. I have a dizziness/lightheadedness that totally stops my life. It gets worse when it gets dark. I have had a CAT scan of the head done and it came back fine. I almost feel as if I am going to pass out. Blood pressure is ok. Sugar is ok I think. Been to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doc and he seemed to think everything was ok. I have no balance problems, have never actually passed out. Have never fallen down either. I do have a slight astigmatism and was wondering if something is wrong with my eyes since I have no balance problems or maybe even sinuses or allergies. Can’t get to the doc till next month. I eat three meals a day like I am supposed to and get plenty of exercise at work. Am a little overweight. No fever. Anybody have any suggestions or does this puzzle everybody else too?

admin answers:

It sounds mostly like an eye problem. If your eyes aren’t focussing correctly it confuses your brain and makes you dizzy. There can also be something wrong with your visual cortex in your brain. CAT scans are not good at detecting small abnormalities. MRIs are much better for this. I would go have your eyes checked, first. If that doesnt solve the issue, go see a neurologist. Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Work with laptop + dry room = my eyesight is getting worse – help?

I’m a student and I spend a very big part of my day working (or browsing) with my laptop. Also, my room is very dry and very hot, not enough sleep – perfect conditions for the dry eye syndrome.

I am already using glasses, but mostly due to astigmatism (I was able to see 1.0 a 1 – 1.5 years ago with both eyes). Now my eyes are always tired and dry. And my vision is definitely a bit worse than before.

I need all the tips I can get on these subjects:

1) Increasing humidity in my room (college room, 1 heater (don’t use, room warm enough, 1 window)
2) Restoring eyesight without limiting laptop usage (exercises, break plans, diet and etc.)
3) Advice on limiting laptop usage (I try printing all my papers, so I could read them without using laptop, but doesn’t always work)

Artificial tears – not an option. Preservatives used in those make it worse in the long run. Also, I tried blinking more often, but I get tired quite quickly :/

admin answers:

How about getting a small humidifier and putting it beside u when ur working. U can also get visine apply before working and doubling it with humidifier.

Thomas asks…

Rosacea ruining all aspects of my life help please?


Hey about four months ago i noticed my face was red especially later within the day it never really bothered my until it became painful my face was constantly feeling hot. So i eventually went to the doctors twice with no luck what so ever they said it was an allergic reaction which i went the third time and was told it was Rosacea. I was then giving Metronizandale which sorted out the pain side of my condition but not colour wise i still have a red face which has destroyed my self esteem and confidence completelty i cant bare to look a Woman in the face. Im currently 16 years old and i used to be a very outgoing person who was very confident … not no more though.

About two months ago i decided i would take an overdose because i could’nt stop thinking about the condition and reading up about it which made me really really depressed i eventually ended up in hosbital and moved in with my dad away from my old life to try and sort myself out which i have improved alot but i still aint the same person. I am currently seeing a cyciatrist every week too keep a record of my Mental health due to my incident with the overdose.

Since my overdose i have seen four my doctors who didnt believe it was Rosacea they were’nt sure what it was so i have been eventually referred to a Dermatologist on the 22nd of this month which i can’t wait for the appointment to find out what is causing my problem. The reason i am so depressed is because it has changed my life so much i dont do exercise anymore i dont speak to girls no more and i dont go out with my friends anymore… before this i was out with my friends every night.

Im now at the stage where i can just about bare to go to college but my face is never ever off my mind no eggaderation and its made worse due to the face i have OCD. The reason i get so frustrated is because everything i used to enjoy i can’t do no more for example ive changed my life in so many ways i dont drink
: drink alchol
: exercise
: talk to girls
: socialise
: drink anything with caffiene.

I also have dry eye syndrome which i also hear is related to Rosacea which makes me worry about going blind! due to the fact every time i go to the opticians they say my astigmatism has changed and i barely passed the eye sight test for my bike liscense. I basically feel useless.

admin answers:

Doctors don’t know the exact cause of rosacea. Some doctors think rosacea happens when blood vessels expand too easily, causing flushing. People who blush a lot may be more likely to get rosacea. It is also thought that people inherit the likelihood of getting the disease. There is also some evidence that it may be caused by a skin infection called Demodex folliculorum and the immune reaction to it.

Treatment options such as oral antibiotics and topical creams are commonly prescribed to reduce inflammation and redness. Topical cortisone preparations for short-term use may also be prescribed as topical vitamin C therapy and cosmetic surgery.

Often the harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are contained in today’s skincare products do more damage to your skin than you may realize. Herbal & homeopathic remedies, on the other hand have carefully selected natural ingredients to improve the appearance of the skin and prevent future break outs.

Some of such homeopathic ingredients include:

* Carbo vegetabilis (30C) is best for patients who are usually identified by the characteristic engorgement of capillary circulation. Their faces are often purplish.
* Calcium phosphoricum (D6) is a bio-chemic tissue salt which assists the body in creating new cells.
* Kali bromatum (30C) – It is also routinely used to help address skin conditions that cause redness, particularly on the face.
* Violae tricoloris (6C) is a remedy formulated from the Pansy and is used mainly as a remedy for facial skin disruptions and redness to the forehead and scalp

These homeopathic remedies when used together can:

– Reduce facial redness and flushing
– Improve facial blood vessel health
– Increase skin smoothness
– Reduce the appearance of tiny red bumps on the face and nose
– Improve skin health from the inside out

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