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Your Questions About Eye Exercises For Strabismus

November 15, 2011

Sandra asks…

What is the treatment for Strabismus?

Hey friends,
I am 17 and i have Exotropia Type Strabismus in my left eye,i have read a lot of article regarding Strabismus.All i wanted to ask is that,does Eye Patching help Strabismus,if Yes,How long should i wear it,If No,Suggest some other exercise,i do the exercise in which we concentrate on a compact object and and focus on it.Will This help ?And how long should I do this exercise?

admin answers:

Patching won’t help at your age. If patching is to help at all, it usually has to be done before the age of 8

You should see an ophthalmologist. Surgery is usually the only way to correct it.

Jenny asks…

REALLY WORRIED my right eyeball not moving inward?

REALLY WORRIED my right eyeball not moving inward?
I had a strabismus surgery on my esotropic (inward bending) right (lazy/amblyopic) eye 3 months back and right from the first day, my eye was not straight but going in opp. direction now i.e. outward + it WOULDN’T GO IN AT ALL now!!! …..The doctor said it may be because of eye muscles stressed up etc. and to do eye exercise daily for 3 months and now its 3 months but my eye is still the same as day 1…..i look MORE SQUINTED now because the inward squint wasn’t that noticeable…
i’m very depressed and don’t know what to do now…!!! pls help me!!!

The vision in my right eye is very less, from birth and I had a surgery on both eyes at the age of 1 also, which was a failure

admin answers:


Good luck

Betty asks…

Exercising the eyes?????

Do activities like drawing and reading strengthen eye muscles? I am not talking about vision here.

I am looking for answers to strengthen eye muscles. I usually do artsy stuff that seems like they would strengthen eye muscles since they are focusing on something for long periods of time.

And since the eyes move so much how is it even possible to get an eye disorder like Strabismus?

I am having a little OCD about getting an eye disorder like Strabismus… It’s stupid since no one in my family has it and my eyes look fine when I look in the mirror.

admin answers:

Strabismus usually occurs in infants because the muscles didn’t develop correctly.

One you are over 5 or 6 years old, the chances of it developing are very slim

It sometimes happens in adulthood , but that is a symptom of something serious happening, like a heart attack or a stroke.

So, don’t dwell on it happening to you. There is absolutely no reason for it to happen

No exercises are needed to strengthen the external eye muscles because they get all the movement and exercise they need just from every day life. Our eyes are almost constantly moving anyway.

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