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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight

February 12, 2012

Daniel asks…

Anyone read this book? amazon readers gave it 5 stars? is it any good?

admin answers:

I’ve not read it but from the reviews perhaps i should – my eyesight is failing, if that book works it could save me a fortune in glasses!

Joseph asks…

Improve eye sight to 20/20 from doing eye excercises?

ive read an article about this, and i want to see if anyone has tried it, and has succeeded in getting better eyesight naturally by doing eye exercises , i am tired of my glasses

admin answers:

These “eye exercise” schemes do NOT work!

Think about it logically; say there really was a way for people to fix their vision themselves at home by doing some kind of “eye exercises”, taking special “eye vitamins” etc. You would be hearing about it on all the talk shows, it would be in the news, etc and you wouldn’t have all these people pending hundreds/thousands for contacts, glasses and laser surgery!

Sandy asks…

eyesight techniques?

techniques to help my vision improve naturally and as quick as possible

admin answers:

If your reduced vision is due to myopic refractive error there is almost nothing you can do to improve your visual acuity. See an optometrist interested in these things.

Do not waste time on methods you may find in books or on the internet.

If there is pathology involved see your Ophthalmologist.

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Your Questions About Improve Vision Naturally

November 10, 2011

Mary asks…

Improve vision?

Is there anyway that I could make my declining vision better naturally

admin answers:

There is. I’ve experienced vision improvement firsthand. My vision used to be L: 3/20 R: 4/20 but now I have an average vision of L: 7/20 R: 10/20, after only a month.

Go to and learn about the Bates Method. Also important: read and/or post at the forums at

There are many things you can do to help your vision, but they are not the same as the misleading commercialized ‘eye exercise packages’ out there. I strongly recommend starting with this book called “Relearning to See” which you can get at through this link:

Out of the 24 reviews on this book, each single review has received 5/5 stars.

P.S. Do not listen to the naysayers posting here. They have only seen one side of the coin, not both. They have not experienced a paradigm shift in understanding how western society has been affected by misinformation on some levels.

I tried convincing my cousin about the need to separate the mind from the body. Vision is largely a mental process. For many years, psychologists have tried to emphasize that thoughts and emotions are capable of causing MOST diseases of the body to manifest in a physical sense. There is a strong bias in the medical community that makes it favor attack-the-symptom, drug-based medicine. Since the method I’m referring to involves quite a bit of psychology, it may be dismissed by some out of hand. [Western medical] “Doctors” do not deal with psychology. Now, what if vision problems are actually a disease caused by the mind? (I have overwhelming evidence that can support this)

It may not make sense to you until you read more about it, so I strongly suggest you read up about it. There has been very clear evidence revealed in the British Medical Journal of how western scientists have distorted things, giving people the mistaken impression the scientists, including optometrists, are on top of everything–but they aren’t… Citation: (go down to where it says “The fallacy of an assumption of simplicity” and you have one of the most convincing articles ever presented on the problems regarding the western mindset. This is a cultural thing…)

I tried to convince my cousin of this, but his inability to “see outside the box” posed a serious problem. You may be familiar with paradigm shift of how a single image can be interpreted two different ways: — this is an example of a paradigm shift viewpoint. A person may only be able to see the duck or the rabbit in that picture, while another person can see both the duck and the rabbit. I can see both the “duck and rabbit”, metaphorically speaking, but my cousin can’t, and neither can many people, including doctors and ODs. They are still prone to assumptions that everything they’ve taught has been sufficiently backed up. May be true in many cases, but for the optometrists, there is a serious problem.

I commented as I showed a few people what had gone wrong when I tried convincing my cousin: “It’s too bad he thinks our scientists and optometrists are smart enough to find out whatever has gone wrong, although I gave him direct evidence indicating otherwise (Helmholtz’s Theory of Accommodation reference at Wikipedia, for example). This should’ve been a “hint” to him that scientists aren’t always one step ahead on everything. One detail overlooked, especially if it has to do with something right at the optometry foundation, and just about anything is suspect to potential flaws. It seems that Helmholtz’s Theory was treated the way a cold case would be in a criminal investigation, closed from further investigation due to “limited manpower” and resources and interest. Then no one but Bates checked into it. It’s amazing how some people are unable to think outside the limits they have imposed on themselves..”

That is why things like improving vision are easily dismissed out-of-hand by many people- including doctors. But it does make sense from a true scientific perspective. Ex. The brain flips the retina’s image (which is upside down) the right way down shortly after we are born. We also have optical illusions, that are attributed to the mind. For eye doctors to address the eye as a physical-only organism is based on many misconceptions… You need to read more if you wish to understand how this has happened to society. Dismissing this possibility out-of-hand would be based on assumptions. A person needs to read closely both sides and understand what’s going on before making a judgment.

Many people don’t understand that there are different ways of seeing things, and that certain things make sense only if you take for granted certain underlying premises, which people don’t always see alternatives to.

Anyway, I suggest you check out the sites I provided. Especially the first two. There are a lot of misconceptions about eye exercises out there, and what other people may offer you may give temporary results but not permanent results. What part of your body do you move more than any other? Your eyes. Why would you need to exercise them any more? They’re fatigued and causing strain in the mind… This is opposite of what many ‘eye exercises’ products out there say, and what I’m showing you has a history to it and is based on the discovery of a very brilliant, well-respected scientist that got ostracized as soon as he made a nearly 180 degree turn after 25 years as an optometrist. He discovered there was a very bad, inconclusive mistake at the foundation of optometry understanding of how the eye works. Don’t assume that modern advancements have addressed the real problem, there are many unexplainable (or explained away) ideas about what causes diseases of the eye.

William asks…

Is there any way to naturally improve my vision? If possible i want to avoid surgery?

I have had bad vision for several years, but i haven’t gotten glasses until about a month ago. I can already tell my vision is worsening and there seems to be nothing i can do to stop it. I am an athlete (basketball player) and i dont want to wear glasses while playing because of the unnatural feel, and i would prefer not to get contacts because this would only continue the atrophy of my eyes. Are there any excersises that i can do to improve my vision? Are there any suppliments that will actually improve my vision (not ones that stop atrophy)? please help

admin answers:

Hi 2Handbanger

Here are some ideas to heal the issue.

1. Less stress (deep breathing, yoga, ect)
2. Better nutrition (more organic fruits and vegs)
3. Drink at least half a gallon of water a day
4. An herb called eyebright can improve the eyesight tremedously, if applied long enough.
5. Cleanse the body of toxins and waste with a colon and liver cleansing.

Best of health to you

Lizzie asks…

How to get 20/20 vision naturally?

Hi, I was wondering how can I improve my vision naturally. I’m nearsighted and both of my eyesoars 3.25. Is there any way I can get to like -1 diopmeter in each eye in a month or to a point where I can see the board in class without glasses? I’m only a teenager so I can’t afford to buy eye programs to improve my vision. What can i do?

admin answers:

No, you’ll have to wear glasses or contacts

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Your Questions About Can You Naturally Improve Eyesight

November 2, 2011

Ruth asks…

How could I improve my eyesight without surgery?

am 13 years old and I have very bad eyesight.

I have heard my eye doctors say that my eyesight is -6.00.

Now I have heard from the website,, that in Utah there is a program where you can improve your eyes naturally.

This would be perfect except for one thing — I live in San Jose,CA.

Is there anything that I can do to improve my eyesight naturally?

admin answers:

Natural Eyes is just the name of my service. I teach Natural Eyesight Improvement to students face to face. There are great Natural Eyesight Improvement Teachers all over the world. Part of my service is to help people too far away from me find great local teachers near them.

Some very important guidlines in learning natural perfect eyesight: >>start by reading the best books(I have an Amazon referal reward link to one of them on my website, if you have a question on whether a book you have found is good, feel free to email me) >>avoid anything that talks about eye exercises and eye potions(they are most likely a scam or a waste of time and money) >>find teachers that teach face to face(if a program doesn’t teach student’s face to face they have no connection or accountability).

Susan asks…

How can I improve my eyesight naturally?

I am 12 years old and I have terrible eyesight. I currently wear glasses, but every time i get glasses, the end up falling off of my face even after i get them adjusted over and over again! Also, my parents think I’m not responsible enough for contacts even though I am responsible enough for a laptop, my own cell phone, a high quality video camera, a high quality digital camera, and a dog. I’m also responsible enough to go to the mall by myself! But that is a different story. Any who, is there any way to improve my eyesight naturally? By naturally I mean no pills and no surgery! And if you are going to sit here and lecture me about how my parents are only looking out for me and junk then please don’t. Thanks

admin answers:

Sorry to break the coconut boy, but eating carrots won’t really improve your eyesight. It will make your eyes healthier and stay healthy. Only thing I could say is just drink lots of water. Get some doctor recommended eyedrops…or just somehow persuade your parents to buy you contacts. (Though I did not like them much as they bothered me even more)

Daniel asks…

Can you really improve your eyesight naturally? If so how?

admin answers:

No, you cannot. The *only* way to improve your eyesight is with glasses, contacts or laser surgery.

Vitamin A, vitamin E, carrots, Norman Bates’ Method™, etc. Won’t do a thing to improve your current vision.

On the other hand, video/computer screens WON’T make your vision any worse!

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Free

September 30, 2011

Michael asks…

how do i improve my eyesight because i wear glasses?

improve it safely, naturally, and free

admin answers:

Wear contact lenses.

Laura asks…

Is it possible to improve one’s eyesight naturally?

I’d like it if someone could tell me their experience and what products or methods they used (hopefully free) or even a video you followed or you think is helpful then please share. (By the way, I’m short-sighted) I know a lot of people say that eye exercises don’t help the improvement of the eye, but I’m one who believes it does.
Personally I’d like answers from those who have experience.
I’ve heard that I should check out this book:
But from the comments on that page, you apparently need to stop using your glasses, which is impossible because I need them for school.

admin answers:

If there was, don’t you think everyone would be using it? While you can keep your eyes healthy with proper nutrition, if you’re near sighted (like me) you’re near sighted for life.

John asks…

If you were locked in a dark room for 3 years – would your eyesight degrade or improve ?

like vin diesals did in pitchblack ? remember his eyes glowed in the dark or something ? ^_^

imagine being able to have , even 25% night vision….that would totaly rock right ?

i mean if anybody has some free time on their hands and wants to spend the next 3 years of their life inside a dark pitch black room, to give me the BEST possible answer….

is it scientificaly possible that the human eye could have night vision naturally ? i.e birth abnomaly or some genetic condition ?

bonus question – is it possible for the brain to slow down time so it sees things happen in super slow motion , giving you time to react like superman ?

admin answers:

In the movie pitch black vin had his eyes operated on to be like that. And your eye sight would become worse. You wouldn’t be able to see at all in the dark room, so your other senses would make up for the lack of one. It’s like fish that live in a cave, over time they become blind and learn to adapt to there surroundings without sight. And the question about slowing down time…..check out the string theory.

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