Several types of eye exercises

August 1, 2011

Several types of eye exercises

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Some types of eye exercises are now used to maintain eye health, while some others have been taken in hopes to improve eyesight. In fact, those eye exercises are just like other forms of physical exercises, which are widely used to maintain and improve fitness and health. In similar, eye exercises are believed to keep the eyes and eye muscles healthy.

The function of eye exercise in vision improvement is still under controversy. While some studies prove that eye exercise can both strengthen the eyes and improve eyesight, others have not found apparent benefit for vision improvement. However, one point has gained agreement from all those studies that performing certain eye exercises can strengthen the eyes.

One type is called eye focus exercise. A person can simply hold a pen or pencil close enough so that it can be seen clearly. Then focus the eyes on the object for several seconds. After that, switch the eyesight into an object about 10 feet away for another several seconds. Alternately repeating the two objects can help the eyes improve focus ability.

Thumb rotations can be used to train one eye at a time. For example, a person can cover the left eye with his left hand and train the right eye first. Hold the right thumb up directly in front, on which should be focused by the right eye. The right hand can then make a variety of shaped such as circles, half circles, squares, and triangles and so on. During these changes, the right eye should move to maintain focus on the right thumb, without any movement of the head. After doing this several times, switch to the left eye.

Another eye exercise is to rotate the eyes. A person can start this exercise with his eyes focused on the eyebrows and make the largest circle possible while rolling the eyes.

People with poor vision are highly encouraged to take these kinds of eye exercises for only several minutes every day. It is necessary to remove contact lenses before performing any kind of these exercise, otherwise the lenses may become dislodged.


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