Myopia Eye Exercises ? Simple Eye Trainings to Cure Nearsightedness

August 2, 2011

Myopia Eye Exercises ? Simple Eye Trainings to Cure Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness or in medical term called myopia is a vision condition in which close objects can be seen clearly but farther objects appear blurred.  People who are affected with this problem must not fear because they can learn how to cure nearsightedness with myopia eye exercises and can see better without glasses or contact lenses for years to come. This article will introduce some of the exercises as the following.

Boosting eyes’ concentration

Sit and relax in comfortable chair.  Your neck and back should be straight. Remove your glasses or contact lenses then look at the tip of your nose. Continue to focus it for two minutes then close your eye to relax for about 30 seconds. Then look ahead focusing on an imaginary object in the area between your eyebrows for about two minutes. Close your eyes to relax again. Shift your focus to the right of your shoulder and your eyes should look at the area between your eyebrows. Then change to your left shoulder with the same manner. Complete this myopia eye exercise with palming.

Mental focusing and de-stressing the eye

This myopia eye exercise will help to put away stress from your eyes and train the mind to focus at the vision. Relax and lay on you back then close your eyes. Inhale and exhale deeply then open your eyes to look at an object. Close your eyes and try to memorize it or to imagine that you are still looking at it. This exercise will help you to balance mental and eye focus.

Another choice to de-stress your eyes is as follows. Lay on your back then close your eyes. Relax and breathe slowly. Continue breathing in this way for a few minutes then open your eyes. Then look at an object and concentrate your mind to look at the object without staring hard. This exercises helps you to train your mind to focus at the image. Let your mind ‘see’, not your eyes.

Myopia eye exercises to strengthen eye muscles

The most common cause of nearsightedness is eye muscles strain. Range of exercises are available to exercise you eye muscles. One of the best choices is yoga. The key to do these exercises is to relax and empty the mind as if you are meditating. Yoga eye exercises include palming, sunning, concentrating and other trainings to improve your vision permanently.

To achieve better result, myopia eye exercises should be combined with good nutrition for the eyes, sufficient rest and sleep to relax the eyes especially after doing heavy works like doing computer works, reading or watching television for a long period.

If you perform the above myopia eye exercises each day and adopt good habits and lifestyle you will feel the result in no time. Just click here to explore other useful information to reverse myopia effectively. You deserve to have better eyesight that you’ve always wanted. Why don’t start to improve it right now ? To your health !

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