Long Swing – An Eye Exercise to improve your vision

August 2, 2011

Long Swing – An Eye Exercise to improve your vision

Article by Almas

You may have heard many kinds of eye exercise from various sites in the internet. And you may have the same doubt as have been asked by many people – Can just doing eye exercise improve our vision? If it can, then what is the principle of improving vision by doing eye exercise? Here, I’d like to answer these questions. Yes, you can improve eye vision naturally just by doing eye exercise.

As we have known, according to the Bates theory, blurred vision eye problems such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism are mainly due to the shape change of eyes caused by the high tension of the muscles around eyes. Lacking of eye movement is one of the most common reasons which can increase the tension in the muscles of the eye. With the development of computers, people often stare at short distance for a long time, thus eye problems increase day by day.

Eye exercises are specially developed to improve your eye vision by strengthen the muscles around the eyeball and improve the circulation of the blood around the eye area. By doing eye exercises, the state of your eyeball can recoil from deformation to normal spherical shape. Long Swing is an effective eye exercise technique which have being used by hundreds of people all over the world. This excellent method can help you improving your vision and getting rid of your glasses naturally.

Long Swing eye exercise including the following steps. To perform this eye exercise, first you should stand with you two feet an inch apart, relax all parts of your body, and look forward. Then, twist your eyes, your upper body as well as your head to the left. Raise you right heal as you bend yourself to the left. Your eyeballs should move to the left gently along with the body movements. After that do the same movement to the right side. That is a cycle of Long Swing. Repeat this cycle for a few times each time.

Practice Long Swing eye exercise regularly in your spare times, and you will feel the change in your eye vision finding that you can see things in around you more clearly. There are also many kinds of other excellent eye exercise that help to improve eye vision naturally, and you can learn them from the internet.

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