Improve Your Eyesight Naturally With Dr. Bates Vision Improvement Method

August 1, 2011

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally With Dr. Bates Vision Improvement Method

Article by Andy Riandi

In our modern world, concern for natural eyesight improvement is become popular because we have to use our eyes even more from time to time due to continuous increase of overwhelming information that come in various visual forms. This abundance visual information can degrade the normal function of our eyes. Tension and stress in our everyday life contributes even more to the deterioration of our eyesight. Fortunately for us, there are simple eye exercises and natural methods that can improve your eyesight naturally.

One of the earliest and extensive study on natural eyesight improvement method was developed by Dr. William Horatio Bates and it is known as the bates method. This method is an alternative approach to improve eyesight naturally without wearing eye glasses or using any surgical means.

The method consist of numerous eye exercises such as palming, sunning, fusion, mobility combine with mind relaxation etc. In relatively short period of time, the natural eyesight improvement method can improve your eyesight thus you will get better eyesight without glasses and bring healthy for your eye. Its certainly not an overnight solution therefore you have to schedule time into your daily schedule for eye exercises. Once you begin to feel the vision improvement, you will surely agree that these regular eye exercises are definitely can improve your eyesight and worth the wait.

These eye exercises have been proven to be effective method to improve eyesight naturally. One example of the eye exercise involves covering or closing one eye and holding a pencil at about arms length in front of your nose and then slowly move the pencil towards your nose while focusing your eyesight on the pencil.

The Bates method proved that natural eyesight improvement is not hard to achieve, and also this method can be applied to many type of visual problems such as astgmatism, myopia, presbyopia, amblyopia etc.

This vision improvement method reveals techniques that have helped so many people and it can give you greater chance to improve your eyesight.

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