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September 17, 2011

Would you like to improve eyesight naturally? Millions of people in the world today have difficulty seeing clearly and therefore must rely on ocular aides to help them focus. Did you know that you can Improve Eyesight Without Glasses? It is frustrating,inconvenient and even scary searching frantically for a lost contact or misplaced glasses. You can’t see a number on your cell phone or even read letters on the television, If you become fed up with the inability to focus, there is always Lasik surgery. What options are available for those who do not want surgery. Many people are looking for a natural means to improve eyesight. It is no secret that using a computer can have a negative affect on eyesight. For those who use the computer daily, the eyes become trained to focus close up.

Try doing these simple eye exercises to improve eyesight naturally, and increase distance focus.

1. Look at something in the distance, and hold your gaze for at least 30 seconds. Get into the habit of doing this several times a day, as it will improve your focus on distant objects.

2. Place your finger about 6 inches in front of your nose. With one eye closed, stare at your finger for a few seconds and then shift your gaze to something in the distance. Close the other eye and repeat the process. Do this several times per eye as it will improve focus ability.

3. Move your head up and down as if you were nodding yes. Now look up at the ceiling, then down at the floor. This will strengthen your neck muscles and increase circulation to improve eyesight.

What About Diet and Nutrition? As with all other parts of the human body, the eyes need to be nourished properly, and proper diet will help to improve eyesight naturally.

*A diet filled with green leafy vegetables such as spinach.

*Fruits, for example blueberries and bilberries, help to prevent age-related eye diseases. These foods contain the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which have been found to play an important role in vision and the general health of the retina. Lutein and zeaxanthin may also help in reducing the effects from glare, increasing visual range, prevent macular degeneration and inhibit the formation of cataracts. Did you know you could Improve Eyesight Without Glasses?

In addition to eye exercise and diet, there are other things that you need to remember in order to improve eyesight naturally.

Ingesting too much sugar is damaging to the eyes, and causes poor eyesight. This includes fruit juices, so cut down on your intake.

Although carrots are beneficial for overall eye health, they will not make you see better.

Although wearing glasses may help you focus on your daily responsibilities, it does not improve eyesight, and may even make it worse. If you must wear glasses to focus, limit the time you wear them. You can Improve Eyesight Without Glasses with some advice on how to improve eyesight naturally.

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Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

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