How to Improve Eyesight with Natural Supplements

August 31, 2011

How to Improve Eyesight with Natural Supplements

There are many conditions that can benefit from natural vision improvement. Someone is using prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses and they can get rid of them through natural vision improvement methods. Some people are realizing the deterioration of their vision conditions but have not yet visited an oculist. There are also individuals who have maintained good vision currently but fear that it will deteriorate sooner or later. Regardless of all these circumstances, vision deterioration is to some extent unavoidable at some point in life. Believing this, people should pay enough attention to ways to improve eyesight naturally. Or just have a try.


In the market of eyesight restoration or compromise, there are actually other options. One is eye surgery, which usually costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Another official solution is prescription eyeglasses. These two options are truly effective in correcting defected eyes. Furthermore, eye surgery is more costly in the short run and corrective eyewear is more costly in the long run. They seem a great deal for many individuals who want to get immediate vision correction. However, there is still a third option called natural eyesight restoration.


Sometimes, this approach is also called “alternative medicine”. Statistics show that only 10% of those who use prescription eyeglasses regularly know this third solution. Worse still, the majority of this group only has heard briefly of this approach. They only think that natural eyesight restoration will possibly restore some percentage of their eyesight.


But it takes a lot of work and effort. These reviews are mainly true. Patients can see visual improvement only after they have persisted on this means for a long period. There are still ordinary individuals and professionals who doubt the scientific essence of natural eyesight restoration. But in fact, this method is quite scientific as well as understandable, based on the fact that most of the eye conditions such as myopia are caused by excessive eye strain. The core of natural eyesight improvement is exercising the eyes and minimizing eye strain and stress.



Near sightedness, also known as short sightedness, is a common visual ailment. This particular ailment affects vision and seeing distinctly at a short distance. Near sightedness can be cured on its own if so desired. Although this type of eye ailment is seldom inherited, infants that are kept in their cribs where they can’t move around will fall into a habit of staring which can cause near sightedness.


Near sightedness is mostly caused by anxiety and frustration at an early age. As children, we are forced to sit for hours memorizing boring material. Children try very hard to please their teachers and when they feel that they have failed, they are afraid of being punished. There can also be tension at home and problems that occur as they grow up. In 1925 only 25% of children had visual defects and now it’s over 85%.


This ailment often can be connected with poor posture, a bent spine and tension in the neck. Other concerns are worrying, nervousness, fearful of what the future holds, only comfortable in current situations, etc.


In one case study, a girl that had near sightedness was someone that people always blamed for past mistakes and things she did wrong. She preferred living in her own small little world instead of trying to face what the future held. But over time she began to look forward to her future and her eyes learned to focus on far objects. After admitting that she did have hopes and dreams, her eyesight eventually improved.


Some of the things you can do to start improving your near sightedness today is to wear your artificial lens less often and wear the pinhole glasses whenever possible, accept for driving. Be more aware of your posture and try to relax more often. Rest your eyes when possible and do eye exercises. Reward yourself upon your successes and try to eat more sensibly. Always remember that nothing happens overnight. It takes patience and practice but your near sightedness can improve naturally.


This self-help method is very unpopular with opticians, for obvious reasons. The optical industry actually want you to have poor vision, because selling glasses and lenses is a multi-billion dollar business. Huge advertising campaigns try to convince you that you look smarter and more glamorous with fancy glasses, and hat contacts are trendy.


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But the sad fact is that all glasses and lenses weaken your eyes. As soon as you start using them your eyes no longer try to see normally, and the faulty vision becomes permanent. If, on the other hand, you lose or break your glasses you will find to your surprise that you can see a little better without them after a few days.


Dr. William Bates developed this method for vision improvement through 30 years of research. He found that mot visual defects are caused or made worse by nervous tension and wrong habits of seeing. He devised simple techniques for relaxing the eyes (and the mind.) As a result you also find it easier to ‘take it easy’ and to cope with stresses of daily life. Instead of worrying about the future and regretting the past, you enjoy the present.


Your life comes into focus, and you see your way through confusing situations. Your memory and practical intelligence improve, together with your ability to picture things in your mind. Your inner harmony radiates and brightens your relationships. Your health and general well-being improve. Complaints like headaches and stomach troubles tend to disappear.

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