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Naturally Improve Your Eyesight With These Tips and Advice

How to Improve your Eyesight

August 4, 2011

How to Improve your Eyesight

Your eyes and its ocular mechanism are an inherent section of your system and it needs adequate nourishment to preserve its optimum role. Although your brain and visual structure merely consist of 2% of the weight of your body, they utilize close to 25% of your nutritional uptake. Vitamins are necessary for your wellbeing, and play a crucial function to improve your eyesight. It is among the natural means to improve your eyesight without doing surgery, using eye drops or even taking medications. I have listed the vital vitamins which you should include into your diet to improve your eyesight naturally. They are:

1. Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene

Vitamin A by far is the widely known nourishment which is essential to improve eyesight. It is among the vitamins which are soluble in fats which can be found in nature in a range of classes. It is seen as retinol in animals and as for plants it is found as beta-carotene. You can get an adequate amount of Beta-carotene when you take fruits like cantaloupes and apricots. As for veggies, it can be found in spinach, carrots, broccoli, squash and pumpkins. The liver in your system has to transform the beta-carotene to retinol kind of vitamin A, only after that can be utilized to improve your eyesight. Beta-carotene and vitamin A assist your eyes in several means. Beta-carotene renders you with the antioxidant guidance from free radicals which may harm your eyes. Deficiency of adequate amount of vitamin A in your system could result to night blindness or persistent dry eyes. Consuming too much quantity of Vitamin A through an extended length of time can be harmful to your system. Now you know that Vitamin A can help improve your eyesight.


2. Vitamin B-complex

B-complex is a range of vitamins which are usually soluble in water, meaning it can not be stocked in your system. As a result of this, it is necessary to complement your system with foods rich in vitamin b-complex every single day. Though Vitamin B-Complex ought to be consumed as a whole, every one of complex-B vitamins possesses its respective and distinctive roles. One of them is referred to as vitamin B2, or simply called riboflavin. It is adequate for appropriate cellular respiration and keeping good oxygen stages all over the body. Riboflavin performs a crucial function in the avoidance of eye diseases like cataracts and other forms of eyes problems. The eye’s signs of lack of riboflavin in your body usually consists of burning eyes, too much eye tearing, vision disruption, eye tiredness, eroding vision, feeling of sand-like particles in the eyelids,  distended pupils and the rest of others. The sources of vitamin B-complex which you should take to improve your eyesight are potatoes, bananas, chile peppers, beans, liver oil, turkey, tuna, marmite, vegemite, and lentils.

3. Get Vision without glasses

Vision without Glasses is a step by step guide which has the naturally tested and proven methods to improve your eyesight from the comfort of your home without eyeglasses. It contains the exercises, diets, do’s and don’ts which you require to improve your eyesight naturally. I highly recommend you to get it if you need a clearer vision. See more about it at Vision without Glasses Review

Can You Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

August 4, 2011

Can You Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Improving your eyesight naturally may be something that you never thought possible.  Why is it that we can heal our bones naturally but not our eyesight!  When you break a leg, the doctor sets it, puts it in a cast and then you are sent on your way to go about life while your leg heals.  After a period of time, the cast is removed and your leg is healed.  So why would it be so hard to imagine that the same can be done for your eyesight!

Unless you are a medical student, most people don’t really take the time to study the human body and how it actually functions.  I’ve heard a lot about mind over matter and if you have more of a positive mindset, then you can either heal yourself naturally or prevent whatever ails you from getting worse.  I’ve seen this happen first hand actually, with my own father.

So if you can heal your body or what may ail you over a period of time, why can’t you improve your eyesight the natural way instead of depending on eye glasses, contact lens or surgery?   Well, you can it’s been proven since the late 1800′s.

Most of our problems with our health start with stress we have in our lives.  In children it’s been proven that when they are pressured into learning something in school that they don’t enjoy, it brings on more of a strain and over a period of time, this can lead to poor eyesight.  My problem started out from using the computer over the years where it wasn’t that I couldn’t see clearly, it’s that I got a terrible headache when I worked on it for several hours or was reading a book for any length of time.  Little did I know that when I have a frown on my face from studying something so hard, that puts added pressure on your eyes which over time will just make them worse.

It all starts with taking short breaks from your computer work, reading, even watching TV.  Step away, close your eyes, visualize something pleasant or even place a dark cloth over your eyes.  Just a few methods such as this every single day and you can start improving your eyesight.

Adrienne Smith is a work at home business owner and she enjoys helping others find the same success.

Having had poor eyesight herself from many hours of computer work, she was thrilled to learn of these amazing methods that have improved her eyesight. If you would like to learn more about the methods mentioned above, please be sure to visit Vision Without Glasses today.

How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

August 4, 2011

How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Is it really possible to improve your eyesight naturally without going through surgery, or without using eyeglasses or contact lenses? The idea that you can improve your eyesight naturally through relaxation and by performing eye exercises originated from Dr. William Horatio Bates (December 23, 1860 – July 10, 1931). He was an ophthalmologist that developed a method that claims to help improve eyesight naturally called the Bates Method.

The basis of the Bates Method for improving eyesight naturally is to improve vision by undoing the strains and stress that’s constantly placed on our eyes. However, the effectiveness of the Bastes method is questionable and scientific studies contradict his theory. Despite this, there are still many who have tried the Bates method at improving their eyesight, and some claim that they have been able to improve their eyesight naturally.


The Bates method approach to improve eyesight naturally is to correct vision problems that are based on psychological principles. Dr. Bates claims that he has treated many patients, and helped his patients improve their vision naturally. In 1920, he published his work “Perfect Sight Without Glasses”.

The Bates Method focuses on complete relaxation of the mind and body to reduce and eliminate the strains and stress placed on your eyes and eye muscles. One of the main eye exercises used by the Bates Method is the palming exercise. Palming involves completely relaxing your body and covering your eyes with your palms to completely block out all lights.

Another key focus of the Bates Method to improve eyesight naturally is visualization – by relaxing and visualizing pleasant mental images, Bates believed that relaxing was the key to the clarity of the visualized image, as well as actual sight. Dr. Bates claimed that with eyes closed, the darker the black was in your mind, and the smaller the area of black which was visualized, the more relaxed you became.

There are also numerous eye exercises designed to help you relax your eyes and eye muscles such as eye focus exercises, eye rotating exercises, and eye swinging exercises just to name a few. All of these eye exercises are meant to help you relax your eyes and eye muscles, reducing the strain and stress placed on your eyes.

Learn more about how you can strengthen your eyes, and naturally improve your eyesight with different eye exercises.

How to Improve My Eyesight – Tips for Using Your Diet for Enhancing the Quality of Your Vision

August 4, 2011

How to Improve My Eyesight – Tips for Using Your Diet for Enhancing the Quality of Your Vision

Having poor eyesight is really frustrating. You will not be able to see clearly underwater when you go swimming. You will not be able to go anywhere without eye glasses or contact lenses. You will not be even admitted to jobs that require 20-20 vision. Thus, you may not be able to become a pilot, an astronaut, a soldier, or a flight attendant. Poor eyesight is really a hindrance that is why most people search for ways on how to improve their eyesight. “But what are these ways on how to improve my eyesight?” you may ask.

Well, there are actually plenty of ways. Most of them will not even require you to spend a huge sum of money. A person who asks himself “What are the ways on how to improve my eyesight?” often overlooks the important role of nutrition to vision improvement.

For instance, salmon is one of the foods that help improve eye health. It contains Omega-2 fatty acids, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D. Garlic is also ideal. It is rich in sulfur which is vital in maintaining the resilience of the lenses of the eyes. Moreover, if you think that chocolate is not good for you, then you must think again. Dark chocolate contains flavanoids which help protect the blood vessels of the eyes. Hence, the eye lens and the cornea will remain strong as years pass.

These are only some of the foods that will help enhance the quality of your vision. You should know that diet is very important if you want to have better eyesight. If you maintain a healthy diet, you will no longer wonder “how to improve my eyesight.”

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Improve Your Eyesight Naturally – Exercises to Correct and Restore Your Vision Permanently

August 3, 2011

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally – Exercises to Correct and Restore Your Vision Permanently

Article by David B. Clarke

Want to discover how to improve your eyesight naturally? Long before the days of fancy machines, trendy glasses and color contact lenses, cultures worldwide were limited to what they could do to not only diagnose but treat vision problems. With modern medicine stepping in, most will not think twice before slapping on a new set of glasses or poking around with contact lenses. If we are suppose to believe what we are being sold, expensive corrective lenses must be our only option right? Wrong.

Glasses And Contact Lenses Do Not Fix The Problems With Your Eyesight

The problem with corrective lenses is they do nothing to fix the problem with your eyes. If you are like most, you probably suffer from being near sighted or far sighted, two of most common vision problems. Throwing on a set of glasses or contacts simply masks the symptoms, a patch up if you will. The longer you wear glasses the stronger your prescription will be overtime. The reason? Our eyes are unable to correct themselves, they simply get lazier with the use of prescription lenses.

Luckily if you are desperately wanting to throw away your glasses and contact lenses you can make it a reality. You can improve your eyesight naturally without surrendering to expensive and risky eye surgery!

How Do You Improve Your Eyesight Naturally? My Optometrist Wouldn’t Lie To Me. Would They?

The unfortunate thing about the health industry these days is that more emphasis is placed on profits and “patching up” symptoms as there is no money in the cures. Believe it or not, with billions of dollars on the line there is no doubt that improving your vision naturally is something that is quickly scoffed at and rarely discussed. Your Optometrist makes a very healthy income selling you on the latest and greatest frames and contact lenses year after year. They would rather you never improve your eyesight naturally!

Exercise to Correct And Restore Vision

1. PalmingPalming is a fantastic relaxation technique but its effect on helping you relax your eye muscles and take away other health problems such as head aches, eye strain and migraines should not be underestimated. With Palming you simply warm up your hands by rubbing them together and cover your eyes for a few minutes everyday. This exercise will help your eyes relax and give them much needed rest, especially after prolonged periods in front of the computer or television.

2. Focusing On Things In The DistanceOur eyes are not made to be fixated and focused on the same thing for extended periods of time. Naturally they are meant to zip around taking in our surrounding and not fixed on things like reading a book or a computer screen. Take a breaks every 45-60 minutes and begin to try and focus on things in the distance. Don’t squint or strain simply look at things, overtime your eyes will be forced to become stronger trying to readjust to images outside your current vision levels.

3. Physical ExerciseVery important factor. The fitter we are the more our body will love us for it, this is not different for the health of our eyes. Being fit and healthy helps with many vision problems, this includes having a balanced diets full of vitamins and minerals. Don’t underestimate the effect this has on the health of your eyes.

Going Against The Status Quo – Changing Lives Forever

People world wide are discovering naturally ways to improve their vision and throwing away their glasses forever. It might sound far fetched and unbelievable but it’s true.

If you consider your eyes are muscles like any muscle in your body you would realize that not only can they strengthen and improve overtime but can correct themselves. When you provide them with the correct exercises to rebuild your vision, your eyes begin to recover and your vision will improve in time. You can improve your eyesight naturally to 20/20 vision!

This we first demonstrated in 1880 by Dr William H. Bates. Dr Bates treated thousands of people with eye relaxation and exercise techniques. He found that no matter the age of the patient, almost all the common vision problems could be corrected naturally with exercise, permanently. His research upset his peers. Dr Bates research has been followed and perfected for over 100 years with many specialists around the world advocating his natural techniques. The Bates Method as it’s commonly called is also used in class rooms around the world to help prevent and correct vision problems amongst children.

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