Best Eye Exercises to Relieve Eye Strain

August 31, 2011

Best Eye Exercises to Relieve Eye Strain

Article by Maryam Getz

There are several different ways to make tired eyes feel better and remedy eye strain. Here are what are considered to be the top exercises to relieve eye strain.

Many people suffer from eye strain today and it can come from a variety of different factors. If you have a persistent problem it is always best to see a physician.

There are things you can do to cut the irritation that comes with eye strain apart from visiting a doctor.

It is essential to learn what is causing the strain in the first place to learn the best remedy for eye strain. For most people it is caused my working at a task that requires close up vision all day. A good example of that would be working at a computer for long hours.

There are very basis remedies that everyone knows but we seem to over look, and they are worth mentioning. Drinking the proper amount of water during the day, getting plenty of sleep, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and not drinking alcohol in excess will all help. That is not coming from me, that’s what the doctors say.

But what are the best exercises for eye strain?

Number one on the list is to take frequent breaks and get away from your close up work as often as possible. Go outside or to an area where you can focus your eyes on far away objects when you get away.

Find an object that you can stare at, that is far away when you are in this environment. Fixate on this object and hold this gaze for as long as you can. Then close your eyes and get them rest. Don’t squeeze your eyes tight. Just close them naturally and hold the closed eye position for at least a count of 60.

Setting your glare a long distance again is another top exercise you can do outside. This time you are going to write out the alphabet as if you were writing it with the motion of your eyes. This will cause your eyes to proceed in all sorts of directions following the pattern of the letters. Let them to rest for 60 seconds after you have done this close your eyes again.

You will need to close your eyes with this next exercise. (This can be done at your desk.) Rub your hands together so they become warm. Cup your palms and place them over your eyes. Do not press hard. Relax your eyes, think of something pleasant. Breathe slowly and enjoy the deep blackness for a moment or two. This exercise can be very soothing for tired eyes.

This last exercise requires the help of another person. It is actually more of an observation than an exercise, but it can be very beneficial. Because you may be doing something you do not understand. Ask a friend to discover you for a moment while you execute the project you normally do: working at the computer, working a machine, what ever. Ask them to watch and see if you are squinting. Many people do not realize it but they squint when they do their work and that can be a big contributor to eye strain. If that is the case it is definitely time to see the eye doctor.

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