Bates Vision Care for Better Eyesight Using Vision Exercises

October 31, 2011

Bates Vision Care for Better Eyesight Using Vision Exercises

Article by James Johnson

Some people have an issue getting their head around the idea of eye exercises, and not such a long time ago it was said to be a new age fad with no systematic backing. New research, has shown that bad vision is not necessarily caused by genetics; lifestyle and environment can play a serious part in the health of our eyes.Man is naturally a hunter, and the eyes of a hunter are designed to find and identify at some considerable distance. It is a known fact that people like farmers and sailors who spend a lot of time looking into the distance regularly keep good eye sight well into old age. In a natural environment we exercise our eyes all the time. When we study the horizon, for instance and then look at something close by, our eyes or automatically refocus. The tiny muscles that control our eyes are just like any other muscle in our body, they have to be exercised regularly. Unfortunately, most people when they public when they begin to be afflicted by myopia reach for the glasses. This is a good short term solution, but is really damaging in the long run. This is rather like going everywhere in an automobile instead of walking. Your health practitioner would counsel you to exercise rather than taking the auto. When you visit the optician though he’ll prescribe glasses and tell you eye exercises will not work.Our environment also has a lot to answer for when we consider some of the causes of nearsightedness. Computer screens are made from thousands of thousands of pixels. Over time this will cause strain and strain on the eyes. The American Optometric Association has labeled this condition, “computer vision syndrome”.Staring at a PC Screen for any period proscribes the blood flow and freezes the energy and muscles. The good news is that just five to ten mins spent on eye exercises every day can have a major enhancement. Get into the practice of looking away from the screen at regular intervals and if possible, look at the most distant object in your environment.For this situation there are special optical exercises and vision improvement strategies that may help to regain the flexibility and strength, restoring the clear vision previously enjoyed. Folks now enjoy better health and fitness well into old age, there is no reason why their vision should not remain clear and sharp as well.At as we become more mindful of how eye exercises can help us keep our vision and improve the health of our eyes, doing eye exercises will become an important part of our fitness regime. Most of us take our eyesight for granted and never give it any thought. Only when our eyesight starts to fail do we start to go looking for solutions, by then it is all too straightforward to use spectacles as the quick-fix option.Certain nutrients such as chromium copper gluconate and lutein can help to keep our eye sicknesses like glaucoma and muscular degeneration in check. Vegetables and vegetables which are a bright orange, red or yellow in color are a good source of lutein which explains the old theory of why carrots are so good for the eyes.Eye exercises can do much to reduce strain and improve visual acuity. It is a natural healthy way to keep vision and eye health. With consistent practice there is no reason why you should not keep good vision well into old age.

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