Are Eye Exercises a Scam?

August 1, 2011

Are Eye Exercises a Scam?

Article by Rebecca Turner

Nearly everyone who first encounters the idea of vision training asks: are eye exercises a scam? Certainly, for anyone with poor eyesight, the idea of having clear vision without glasses seems too good to be true. And if eye exercises are real, why doesn’t everyone do them? These are important questions.

When I first discovered eye exercises, I couldn’t believe they worked either. But I was so frustrated with wearing glasses for my myopia (-3.25/-3.00 at the time) and astigmatism, I was desperate to try anything. Anything except LASIK that is – I’ll admit to being terrified of anything going into my eyes. I was never even able to wear contact lenses during my 15 years of being nearsighted. So when I found eye exercises I was quite dubious but felt compelled to give it a go.

My 30-Day Trial

Eye exercises had the potential to change my life – IF they worked. I decided to give it my best shot. I purchased a 30-day vision training course online called Rebuild Your Vision. The course required me to do 20 minutes of eye exercises each day, with 5 minutes of relaxation afterwards. It also challenged me to only wear my glasses when I really needed them, which was a lot easier than I expected it to be. In fact, I was able to go about many different aspects of my life without glasses from Day One, which helped me overcome a major psychological barrier. It was also necessary for the eye exercises to make a difference.

The Beginning

During the first week I performed the simplest eye exercises like Ferris Wheel and In & Out. I can honestly say I began having brief periods of clearer vision on Day Three – ie I could suddenly read titles on the bookshelf from across the room, something I was obviously not used to without my glasses. The course explained that if you already have small fluctuations in your vision from day to day, then you have the capacity to relax and retrain the muscles that serve to focus clearly.

And that’s what was happening to me – I was giving my eyes a break from the near point stress of wearing glasses all day and using them in a variety of new ways. For years, I had never bothered to try to focus in the distance without glasses. Now I finally used my eyes properly, and they were working.

The Middle

About three weeks into my 30-day trial into eye exercises, I was positive they had made a permanent difference. However, I knew I still didn’t have 20/20 vision and so I put off going to the optometrist for an eye test. When I marched in there I really wanted to get a dramatic result – to prove to myself I had made a success of it and soon I would be “spec free” and not even have to think about it anymore.

I was doing the eye exercises at a set time each day – usually just before lunch. I am lucky to work from home so was able to fit it into my schedule easily enough. This routine made it easier to keep going. I also put relaxing music on or listened to the TV in the background so I didn’t get bored.

I’ll be honest, 25 minutes every day was a challenge and I think this would be the major detraction for most people. If it required only 2 minutes per day – well then hardly anyone would need glasses because we’d all be doing our eye exercises while we brush our teeth in the morning! Unfortunately, if you want better eyesight, you have to put in a bit more effort than that.

The End

After 30 days I knew I still wasn’t at 20/20 or very close, even though my vision had noticeably improved in both eyes. While Rebuild Your Vision is called a 30-day course, that timeframe really refers to mild to moderate cases of nearsightedness (and, for that matter, farsightedness, aging vision and astigmatism). If you have moderate to severe vision problems you will need to repeat the 30-day trial for another stint and perhaps beyond.

After six weeks, I started getting strong headaches when I wore my old glasses to drive (never drive without glasses while you’re still improving your vision – if that needs to be said). This concerned me, so I finally made the trip to my optometrist and got my eyes checked. I said nothing about the eye exercises I had been doing – I didn’t want to jinx or otherwise affect the outcome of the test in any way.

So you can imagine how pleased I was when the result came: since doing eye exercises, my left eye has improved from -3.25 diopters to -2.25 diopters. And my right eye had gone form -3.00 to -2.00 diopters! My heart leapt. If you have been stuck wearing glasses for any significant period of time you can imagine the feeling… Finally I had a verifiable answer: no, eye exercises are not a scam!

Beyond The 30-Day Trial

Of course, I couldn’t stop there. My progress had been a little slower than I expected (in a perfect world I would find a non-invasive, overnight cure) but the fact remained that the eye exercises had truly worked. I continued the Rebuild Your Vision course and after a further 30 days went back to the optometrist. I was delighted to be handed an even weaker prescription with a -0.50 diopter improvement in both eyes and I had eradicated my astigmatism of 10 years.

If you’re not familiar with diopters, those results mean I went from seeing 20/150 initially, to seeing at 20/60 without any glasses in 10 weeks. The average person with healthy eyesight has a 20/20 focus. This is a benchmark measure of what you should be able to see at a distance of 20 feet. So by this point, what other people could see clearly from 60 feet away, I could see at 20 feet. My vision had not been that good in at least a decade, since when I was at school.


Are eye exercises a scam? Not in my experience. I saw a dramatic improvement in my vision, albeit over a good number of weeks, although this is not dissimilar to the overall recovery time of a LASIK patient. Plus, my results came at a fraction of the price (LASIK costs an average of ,000) and without the side effects and risks of LASIK that I would never subject myself to, beyond the squeam factor.

If you have poor vision as a result of refractive errors which most people do, I would definitely recommend looking into eye exercises. If you can’t be bothered, don’t have the time, or don’t care about wearing glasses, I would still point out that vision deterioration when you’re young (ie before the age of 40) is unnatural and leads to more serious vision disorders in later life. So eye exercises give us a chance to correct the bad vision habits of our youth and restore our natural vision.

You can start doing these eye exercises in the next few minutes by downloading the Rebuild Your Vision program for free and paying only after your 30-day trial has elapsed.

About the Author

Rebecca Turner is a freelance writer and creator of the website Improve Vision Naturally.


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