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Your Questions About Carnitine

January 16, 2014

Nancy asks…

Are the FUZE not as good for you as they seem?

I know they low cals and low carbs, but the only real sufficient vitamin is vitamin C, which is usually not lacking in a normal diet. Does the claimed “L-Carnitine and Super Citrimax do anything worth the $2 a bottle?

admin answers:

Nothing like that is worth $2 a bottle!

Mary asks…

Hey is any of these ingredients in this energy drink make you fat?

Carbonated Water, Sucrose, Glucose, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Taurine, Sodium Citrate, Color Added, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Sorbic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Niacinamide, Sodium Chloride, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, Guarana Seed Extract, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Sucralose, Riboflavin, Maltodextrin, Cyanocobalamin.

admin answers:

It looks like it has alot of id say yes

Steven asks…

Can I take different vitamins together ?

I am planing to take the following:
- Multivitamins/Minerals
- Vitamin C 500mg
- Vitamin d3
- Magnesium
- Acetyl L-Carnitine/Alpha Lipoic and
- CoEnzyme

Can I take all of the together? When is the good time take them like breakfast or lunch or dinner?

admin answers:

I am not a doctor, but I have some personal experience with this – a couple of years ago I was taking several different vitamins together – a multivitamin, calcium, magnesium, vitamin e, vitamin c, and a couple of others I no longer remember. I did this for about a two months, then stopped because my skin had started smelling like vitamins. About a month later, I found out I had developed a kidney stone. My doctor said the vitamin cocktail “definitely could have caused it.” I guess my point is, you should talk to your doctor before starting a regimen like this.

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Your Questions About For Those In Peril On The Sea

January 15, 2014

Daniel asks…

Which fairytale would be ideal to write about?

For English class, I have to write an essay over my favorite childhood fairytale. And honestly, I really don’t remember watching any fairytale movies or reading about them. My question is: What is your favorite fairy tale and why?

Or can you suggest a fairytale that has a deeper meaning besides the obvious?

I would appreciate any help that you can provide.

thank you!

H A P P Y H O L I D A Y S!

admin answers:

Most of the fairy tales WRITTEN by Hans Christian Andersen have a meaning so deep that not only are they not for children, they are not even for most adults.

For example, look at the tale The Little Mermaid. That pencil mustached Nazi RUINED it. (i.e. Walt Disney). But what did you expect? Disney ruins EVERYTHING! Look how he changed the entire meaning of Pinocchio, a book written by Carlo Colloidi.

In The Little Mermaid, she lives at the bottom of the sea. She wonders what life would be like in a higher world. That is OUR condition. Our level of consciousness is way below what it could be. Ascending to a higher level of consciousness is difficult work, fraught with peril. Still, if that is the only thing worth having, then the danger is simply to be noted and avoided, if possible.

She had to SACRIFICE something precious to her. It’s like this when a person wishes to achieve a higher level of consciousness. You can’t keep THIS world and have the higher world at the same time. Like Jesus said, you can’t put NEW wine into OLD skins. So she sacrificed her beautiful hair, she sacrificed her voice and she sacrificed a life without pain. Her new legs caused her agony to walk upon. IN THE STORY that is. Andersen’s story. Disney cleaned it all up and made it lukewarm.

In the end, she could not go against her conscience and kill the prince so SHE DIES. Except, she discovered a group of beings who called themselves “Daughters of the Air”. Where was that in the Disney version? It wasn’t there! Disney RUINED THE ENTIRE PURPOSE of the story. He was SUCH AN SSHOLE!!!

Another story by Andersen was The Nightingale. When we are able to penetrate the third state of consciousness, as Andersen CLEARLY had done, we have access to a higher mind. This mind is called Higher Emotional Center. It cannot manifest if we are in the second state of consciousness (ordinary consciousness). It can only come by penetrating the third state. The properties of Higher Emotional Center appear MAGICAL to ordinary consciousness. And aside from that, the sublime joy of having this center visit your common presence, your sense of self, is worth more than anything mere life has to offer. It’s a window into another world. A higher, profound and pure world.

Many genuine fairy tales are metaphors for lifting your consciousness into another realm. The themes are always about Beauty, Beasts, Higher versus lower, etc. Sleeping Beauty; Beauty and the Beast; Snow White and the seven DWARVES (a high life form versus a stunted life form). Even Hansel and Gretel has it’s roots in metaphysics. The wicked witch, the gingerbread house…

One of Andersen’s lesser known tales is The Garden Of Eden. That is ever so slightly tragic. You should borrow a book from the library that is a collection of Andersen’s tales. Some are better than others. Make up your own mind.

Mandy asks…

Should world bring Marxism to stabilize uncertain economic conditions around the globe?

admin answers:

Your question itself is wrong and needs a refinement!

Marxism cannot brought to this world by the present day government and rulers of the world ! The communists who were in power around the world have all collapsed like a pack of cards and many of them are literally wiped out with no trace! Moreover, the Marxism was not at all practiced and preached by the communists who ruled many nations but it was militaristic, dictatorial, inhuman and mostly barbaric when things were forced down the throat of people to accept the rulers own theory and therapy!

People of those nations themselves have traumatic experience to overthrow the party which was incidentally ANTI MARXIST AND ANTI COMMUNIST AND BECOME FULLY BLOWN BUREAUCRATIC CAPITALISM as we had seen the sea change in the attitude and conduct of the nation by the ruling communists! The world itself was watching in disbelief the perils of communism which was declared as socialism to start with when they came to power!


On the other side the International Capitalism has grown to an unbelievably ugly in all its manifestations which has destroyed everything what the BEST OF CAPITALISM brought to this world!The power hungry politicians and their group with backing of powerful gangs of rich and all the mafia you can name playing the dirtiest of politics of every powerful nations destroying the wealth of their own people and the billions of people in the poor countries! In countries like India which they term as emerging economies or developing nations the whole social system is terribly filthy and making the people pauper day by day in millions!

Though the Governments, right from Barrack Obama of US, all are in terrible in trouble of DEBT TRAP and the people are pulled to historic low in living standards! However, Obama is left with no options then to take a SOCIALIST MEASURE OF SPENDING THE PUBLIC MONEY TO RESCUE BY WAY OF FEDERAL BAIL OUT FOR THE TWO TRILLION DOLLAR CITY BANK and many other bankers! From October 2008 to till date nearly 960 banks in USA have declared insolvency and have become totally bankrupt and closed!

YES, The world needs Marxism in principle but not by those who call themselves as Marxists but world major powers leaders have to sit, discuss, debate and bring those socialist measures in the most acceptable form for all and must follow for the benefit for the entire humanity as a whole!

Robert asks…

Why are the passages about Jesus choosing his disciples important for Christians today?


admin answers:

Mark 1 (Amplified Bible) 14Now after John was arrested and put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the good news (the Gospel) of the kingdom of God,
15And saying, The [appointed period of] time is fulfilled (completed), and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent ([a]have a change of mind which issues in regret for past sins and in change of conduct for the better) and believe (trust in, rely on, and adhere to) the good news (the Gospel).
16And passing along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, He saw Simon [Peter] and Andrew the brother of Simon casting a net [to and fro] in the sea, for they were fishermen.
17And Jesus said to them, Come after Me and [b]be My disciples, and I will make you to become fishers of men.
18And at once they left their nets and [[c]yielding up all claim to them] followed [with] Him [[d]joining Him as disciples and siding with His party].
19He went on a little farther and saw James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother, who were in [their] boat putting their nets in order.
20And immediately He called out to them, and [[e]abandoning all mutual claims] they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired men and went off after Him [[f]to be His disciples, side with His party, and follow Him].
+++”II. Christ appearing as a teacher, here is next his calling of disciples, v. 16-20. Observe, 1. Christ will have followers. If he set up a school, he will have scholars; if he set up his standard, he will have soldiers; if he preach, he will have hearers. He has taken an effectual course to secure this; for all that the Father has given him, shall, without fail, come to him. 2. The instruments Christ chose to employ in setting up his kingdom, were the weak and foolish things of the world; not called from the great sanhedrim, or the schools of the rabbin, but picked up from among the tarpaulins by the sea-side, that the excellency of the power might appear to be wholly of God, and not at all of them. 3. Though Christ needs not the help of man, yet he is pleased to make use of it in setting up his kingdom, that he might deal with us not in a formidable but in a familiar way, and that in his kingdom the nobles and governors may be of ourselves, Jer. Xxxi. 21. 4. Christ puts honour upon those who, though mean in the world, are diligent in their business, and loving to one another; so those were, whom Christ called. He found them employed, and employed together. Industry and unity are good and pleasant, and there the Lord Jesus commands the blessing, even this blessing, Follow me. 5. The business of ministers is to fish for souls, and win them to Christ. The children of men, in their natural condition, are lost, wander endlessly in the great ocean of this world, and are carried down the stream of its course and way; they are unprofitable. Like leviathan in the waters, they play therein; and often, like the fishes of the sea, they devour one another. Ministers, in preaching the gospel, cast the net into the waters, Matt. Xiii. 47. Some are enclosed and brought to shore, but far the greater number escape. Fishermen take great pains, and expose themselves to great perils, so do ministers; and they have need of wisdom. If many a draught brings home nothing, yet they must go on. 6. Those whom Christ called, must leave all, to follow him; and by his grace he inclines them to do so. Not that we must needs go out of the world immediately, but we must sit loose to the world, and forsake every thing that is inconsistent with our duty to Christ, and that cannot be kept without prejudice to our souls. Mark takes notice of James and John, that they left not only their father (which we had in Matthew), but the hired servants, whom perhaps they loved as their own brethren, being their fellow-labourers and pleasant comrades; not only relations, but companions, must be left for Christ, and old acquaintance. Perhaps it is an intimation of their care for their father; they did not leave him without assistance, they left the hired servants with him. Grotius thinks it is mentioned as an evidence that their calling was gainful to them, for it was worth while to keep servants in pay, to help them in it, and their hands would be much missed, and yet they left it.

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Your Questions About For Those In Peril On The Sea

January 14, 2014

Maria asks…

According to Inuit mythology, what must one do in order to go to Adlivun?

is this where all people go to when they die? or do they have to something to go there?

admin answers:

The Inuit believed that all things had a form of spirit or soul (in Inuktitut: anirniq – breath; plural anirniit), just like humans. These spirits were held to persist after death – a common belief present in practically all human societies. However, the belief in the pervasiveness of spirits – the root of Inuit myth structure – has consequences. According to a customary Inuit saying “The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls.” By believing that all things – including animals – have souls like those of humans, killing an animal is little different from killing a person. Once the anirniq of the dead – animal or human – is liberated, it is free to take revenge. The spirit of the dead can only be placated by obedience to custom, avoiding taboos, and performing the right rituals.

The harshness and randomness of life in the Arctic ensured that Inuit lived constantly in fear of unseen forces. A run of bad luck could end an entire community, and begging potentially angry and vengeful but unseen powers for the necessities of day-to-day survival is a common consequence of a precarious existence even in modern society. For the Inuit, to offend an anirniq was to risk extinction. The principal role of the angakkuq in Inuit society was to advise and remind people of the rituals and taboos they needed to obey to placate the spirits, since he was held to be able to see and contact them.

The anirniit were seen to be a part of the sila – the sky or air around them – and were merely borrowed from it. Although each person’s anirniq was individual, shaped by the life and body it inhabited, at the same time it was part of a larger whole. This enabled Inuit to borrow the powers or characteristics of an anirniq by taking its name. Furthermore, the spirits of a single class of thing – be it sea mammals, Polar Bears, or plants – were in some sense held to be the same, and could be invoked through a sort of keeper or master who was connected in some fashion with that class of thing. In some cases, it is the anirniq of a human or animal who became a figure of respect or influence over animals things through some action, recounted in a traditional tale. In other cases, it is a tuurngaq, as described below.

Since the arrival of Christianity among the Inuit, anirniq has become the accepted word for a soul in the Christian sense. This is the root word for a number of other Christian terms: anirnisiaq means angel and God is rendered as anirnialuk – the great spirit.

“Humans were a complex of three main parts : two souls (iñuusiq and iḷitqusiq : perhaps “life force” and “personal spirit”) and a name soul (atiq). After death, the iñuusiq departed for the east, but the other soul components could be reborn.”[3]

Mark asks…

What is the best music for a titanic movie. (I Ran out of film scorse.)?

I’m working on a movie for Tinaics 101st anniversary and ran out of music that goes with titanic like death of titanic and the sinking and so on. So I need some ideas for the movie.

admin answers:

Hymns often have the right sort of tone. Of course, “Nearer, My God, To Thee” was supposed to be the last tune played when the ship sank. But you could also use “For Those in Peril on the Sea”, and so on.

Richard asks…

What is some good background music like this?

Perils of The Wind-Crematory
Mr. Ambulance Drive-The Flaming Lips
Radio Song-Jet
Blame it on The Tetons-Modest Mouse
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight-The Postal Service
Sleeping In-The Postal Service
We Will Become Silhouettes-The Postal Service
Such Great Heights-The Postal Service
Nothing Better-The Postal Service
Brand New Colony-The Postal Service
Of A Broken Heart-Zwan

I know it is an odd mix, but just some calm background music. Suggestions?

admin answers:

From the songs you’ve named, I’m assuming you prefer male vocals.

Sea Wolf
-The Cold, The Dak and The Silence
-You’re a Wolf
-Violet Hour
-Leaves In The River
-Neutral Ground

Radical Face
-Welcome Home

Union of Knoves
-Opposite Direction

Modest Mouse
-The World At Large

Death Cab For Cutie (Same vocalist that sings for the Postal Service)
-Tiny Vessels
-Bixby Canyon Bridge
-I Will Follow You Into the Dark
-Brothers on A Hotel Bed
-A Lack Of Color
-Summer Skin
-Soul Meets Body
-The Ice Is Getting Thinner

The Classic Crime ( I personally like all of their songs…but here are a few)
-Far From Home
-Say The Word

Rogue Wave
-Seasick On Land
-Postage Stamp World

-This is the Thing

Civil Twilight
-Letters From The Sky
-Next To Me

City and Color
( I strongly suggest you look up all of their songs…they’re super good.)

Brand New
-Play Crack The Sky
-Jesus Christ

The Arcade Fire
-The Crown Of Love
-Wake Up
-Ocean Of Noise
-I’m Sleeping In a Submarine
-Keep The Car Running

Amazing Baby
-Head Dress

The Kooks

-Take a Bow

Phillip Larue
-Live This Life

We Were Promised Jetpacks
-It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning
-Quiet Little Voices
-An Almighty Thud

White Lies

-This is Twice Now
-Fools and Luxury
-One More Day
-Now The One You Once Loved Is Leaving

Snow Patrol
-Make This Go On Forever
-You Could be Happy

-Strange and Beautiful
-Something to Believe in
-Brighter than Sunshine

The Avett Brothers
-I and Love and You

If You’re Interested in similar bands with female vocals, then you can look these up as well…

Gregory and The Hawk
-Boats and Birds

Anya Marina
-Satellite Heart
-Whatever You Like

Turin Brakes
-Dark on Fire

Bat For Lashes
-Siren Song
-The Horse and I
-Mother Sea

Blue Foundation
-Eyes On Fire

Cat Power
-Metal Heart
-The Greatest
-He War
-Sea Of Love
-Wild Is The Wind
-Crossbones Style

-You are The Only One I Love
-Grey or Blue

Kellin Watson

-Your Ex-Lover is Dead

Yael Naim
-Pachad (It’s in Hebrew)
-Far Far

Wow..Thats alot. Sorry. Hope I helped. :)

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

January 13, 2014

Charles asks…

How do you think people with no arms perform sign language? Could they communicate with the hearing-impaired?

Say the hearing-impaired person couldn’t or had trouble lip-reading also. Then how would they do that? I’d like to know. Thanks, answer carefully and c’ya on da otha side if you’re lucky—lol.
I know of other ways; I just wanna see how creative y’all can/are gonna be. Thanks!!!

admin answers:

Communicate with the deaf ? Lol
well i would think alot of facial expression is one way that deaf people rely on to pick up nuances of things signed or when lipreading .
Many disabled people can also write with there toes .
Remember that if a peron really wants to communicate , you will find a way to be understood .
Happy Weekend

Ken asks…

How do you adapt activities for children with additional needs?

I need to know how you would adapt:
tyre jumping for a child with cerebral palsy
balancing beam for a hearing impaired child
simon says for a child with English as second language
hide and seek for a child in a wheelchair

I have looked this up on google and it hasn’t helped. I am struggling to think of what to write.

admin answers:

Tire jumping–have them walk through the tires with assistance OR use hula hoops or make chalk circles on the floor that are a bit bigger and easier to navigate

Balance beam–depending on the location of the impairment you probably wouldn’t have to do anything at all; if it’s in the inner ear (which can affect balance), have a partner walk alongside to provide balance assistance OR make a line on the floor for them to walk on

Simon Says–simple instructions with visual cues. “Simon says jump. Simon says walk. Simon says run. Simon says stop.” Notice how all the instructions only have “Simon says” and a one-word verb?

Hide and Seek – depending on the size of the child, if you have an aide who can lift them out of the chair and put them in a hiding place

Carol asks…

Don’t you feel weird listening to taglish language in radio 5?

Listening to the Presenter, I feel my hair all over my body are standing. Can’t be filipinos just speak plain language without mixing it like remix music? It’s really bizarre to listen one part english,one part tagalog when the country has a proper language of it’s own. Why pretend to be someone when we are nobody but from the Philippines with tagalog language.

admin answers:

Here in Aussie we get some Philippines TV programmes. On Channel 32 every day at 2-30 pm is Bandila the Manila based news service. Three presenters all so pale skinned and western looking you have to double check it IS the Phils channel as no body in the whole programme looks anything like ANY Filipino I have ever met but then you start to listen. Tagalog—-Tagalog –English English Tagalog Phenglish–with utter rubbish thrown in.
Its a bloody joke. If the presenters had any idea how bloody STUPID it sounds I think they would die of embarrassment to have it shown as it is here. Honestly, it not only sounds terrible but actually comes across as uneducated babble. They all sit there thinking they are clever Makati super IN crowd. I watch them and all I see and hear are— bloody wankers.
Speak one language at a time. Not 2 mixed up into total rubbish. Why will NOBODY there listen? It sounds terrible and makes the speaker look well—mentally impaired to be quite honest.
But it is also–bloody funny these pesenters think any westerner is taking them seriously. Especially the ugly little bald fellow with the huge eyebrows who squeaks like a door hinge needing oil.As to the women, maybe if they lost a few kilos and talked at only a hundred miles an hour instead of rattling off like a machine gun in both languages and making a total balls up of it , well, it may appeal. But I doubt it.
Once and for all Filipinos, half your language and half English should be kept a secret there as when we hear it here it is nothing but a source of great hilarity at someone who does it and thinks anyone would be impressed by it. Laugh ourselves silly at it but you have no idea how stupid it makes the person look. Hilarious. And it’s not only the half half speak but the accent on the English. OMG –Terrible !
It’ s almost, but not as bad as me , speaking Tagalog. Lmao.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Take This Mission

January 12, 2014

Sandra asks…

How do you get to play extra missions in Sonic Heroes?

I was doing the Mystic Mansion level with team Rose and when it was loading it said extra mission instead of mission and i had to get 200 rings instead of just getting to the end. So how do you do more missions like that on other levels?

admin answers:

These extra missions can be played as long as you’ve already completed the level once. When you play it again it will appear with an “Extra Mission”. You can choose to play the first or second missions by going to the “Stage Select” screen – when you select the stage you want, move left/right to switch between the two missions.

Each extra mission varies depending on which team you play as:

Team Sonic: Complete the stage in a set amount of time

Team Dark: Defeat a certain number of robots

Team Rose: Collect a certain number of rings

Team Chaotix: Usually a harder version of the first mission, for example, Collect 20 chao instead of 10.

This is from memory. Hope it helps!

Thomas asks…

Do you think some people choose to be Christian because they are interested in how they appear to others?

Aren’t there a lot of people who want to be liked and respected more by their surrounding friends and family so they choose to go to church or say they are Christian? Aren’t there a lot of people who derive a great sense of pride by touting that they indeed are a Christian?

AND the question beneath the question, do you think that these people who put on appearances are conscious to the fact they are doing this?

admin answers:

Yes. And another facet to your supposition is that these people have always had Christianity in their lives, they do not know anything else. Their whole lives are intrinsic upon their faith…their social circles, mission trips, bible schools, all of that. I think a lot of Christians follow the motions and spout off about believing this notion without ever taking a moment to reflect on what they are talking about. They don’t stop to consider whether they really believe what they are saying because they *believe it* or because they have always been taught to believe it.

Steven asks…

In mass effect 2, how do I get romantically involved with Miranda after completing the Suicide mission?

I just finished the suicide mission and now every time I go to see Miranda its the same thing. She tells me she interested and that she”ll come by next time things are quiet. How do I pursue a relationship with her?

admin answers:

She’s supposed to find you right when you choose to enter the Omega-4 relay. Meaning you had to pursue romance with her before you do the suicide mission. I’m not sure if you can have a romance with her after the fact.

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