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Your Questions About For Those In Peril On The Sea

January 26, 2014

Betty asks…

Realistically how much longer do you think tna will be on tv?

There on a big decline and already get terrible raitings wwe is improving and going up

admin answers:

They wont be cancelled.

What most fans dont know is that TNA is bigger over seas than they are in the United States. Even if TNA lost SPIKE TV and stopped touring in the United States they would still flourish from their over seas sales and TV revenue.

The only thing holding TNA back in the United States is TNA. They just havent taken off like they have in other countries however it’s important to understand that no wrestling company ever became huge in 10 years, 20 years or even 30 years. It took WWE over 35 years before they became the #1 wrestling company in the world. So you can see how TNA being around for only 11 years it would be unfair to expect them to even compete with the WWE at this point.

Besides all that the WWE and WCW didnt have to compete with the UFC which has sucked up about half of the viewers from pro wrestling.

Also, just to give you a quick 411 on TNA. The Carters bought 70% of TNA in 2002 for 250k. In 2006 the Nielsen ratings company offered to buy TNA for 60 million dollars. The Carters turned it down. Today TNA’s value is estimated at 100 million dollars. They have multi million dollar state of the art production studio at their headquarters much like WWE does and they have offices overseas much like WWE does.

As for being cancelled, Despite their low ratings of .9 to 1.5 (1.5 was their highest rating to date when they went head to head with RAW on Monday night) Despite the low ratings TNA is still the highest rated programming on SPIKE TV. Even the UFC came in 2nd to TNA when they were on SPIKE.

TNA just needs to get there name out their nationally.

Years ago WWE released a series of commercials when they launched the attitude era. The commercials aired during the Superbowl and were viewed by 100 million people. TNA needs to do something like that.

TNA is in no danger of going bankrupt.

Also, PANDA ENERGY does not put money into TNA. They do not own TNA. Robert Carter ownes 70% of TNA, Jeff Jarrett ownes 30% of TNA however, he is a silent partner.

FYI – Jeff Jarrett’s estate value before he sold TNA to the Carters was about 125k in 2002. Today the value of Jeff Jarretts estate is a whopping 30 million dollars. He’s loaded BECAUSE of TNA’s success over the last 11 years.

And Robert Carter who ownes 70 % of TNA and also ownes Panda energy is a billionaire. He has already stated that he will never sell TNA because it’s a cash cow. Since buying TNA he’s invested 6.25 million dollars on the company…250k to buy 70% of the company and 6 million to improve production and talent on the roster. TNA cut him a check in full in less than one year after they bought the company. There for TNA is not in debt or in any financial peril.

And many of the talents have debunked the story created by a WWE fan that TNA’s pay check are late. Even a recently fired TNA talent stated that was a lie and that TNA has always paid on time.

You really need to keep a eye out for BS info that is created by WWE fans. They love to bash TNA and make TNA sound like the next WCW when in fact WWE is more like WCW than TNA. TNA is actually more like the WWE of the 90′s. TNA only has 3 talents or staff members who worked in WCW. WWE has over 100 employees, staff members , scouts, production staff, talent and other positions that worked in WCW. Even WWE head of talent is WCW former Head of talent and WWE’s talent trainers are mostly all former WCW wrestlers and not even good ones at that. Norman Smiley, Hugh Morris, Fit Finley, Kidman, Dusty Roades, Arn anderson, Lex Luger and Terry Taylor.

Donald asks…

Are there any other books like Graceling by Kristin Cashore?

I love the book Graceling and the series by Kristin Cashore, but I can’t find any other books like hers. does anyone have any suggestions?

admin answers:

I love Graceling and the whole medieval genre. Other books that I love just as much and that are similar are:

The Study Series by MARIA V. SNYDER. The first book is called “Poison Study” and there are 3 books in the series (there is also a spin off series now as well, which starts with Stormglass) and she has a new series starting with “Touch of Power” that is great as well. Here’s what I can find on

Yelena has committed the ultimate sin and for that, she has been sentenced to die by hanging. Yet when she faces the man whom will send her to the noose, she receives an offer instead to live. Granted, there are catches, first and foremost the duty of food taster. Assassination by poison is ever a favored way to strike at the Commander and as the next prisoner to be executed, and as they need to fill the position, Yelena is next in line for the job. Thinking escape is surely in her future, she takes on the dangerous new duty. Her new handler though, Valek, has many tricks up is sleeve and soon Yelena finds it’s not as easy to escape as she thought.

“The Witches of Eileanan” by Kate Forsyth
6 books in the series ‘Dragonclaw’ is the first. From Library Journal
In a land where witchcraft has been forbidden, young Isabeau learns the old ways in order to take her place in the battle to overcome the forces that threaten her world. Australian poet Forsyth’s fantasy debut details a richly imagined universe with a distinctly Celtic flavor and introduces a resourceful and courageous protagonist. This first novel in a projected trilogy belongs in libraries where the demand for epic fantasy is high.

In the Celtic land of Eileanan, witches and magic have been outlawed, and those caught for practicing witchcraft are put to death! It is a land ruled by an evil Queen, where sea-dwelling Fairgean stir, and children vanish in the night. But in a valley deep in the mountains, young Isabeau grows to womanhood under the guidance of an elderly witch, and must set out on a quest, carrying the last hopes of the persecuted witches.

The “Pellinor Series” by ALISON CROGGON. It goes The Gift, The Riddle, The Crow and The Singing.

Maerad is a slave in a desperate and unforgiving settlement, taken there as a child when her family is destroyed in war. She doesn’t yet know she has inherited a powerful gift, one that marks her as a member of the noble School of Pellinor and enables her to see the world as no other can. It is only when she is discovered by Cadvan, one of the great Bards of Lirigon, that her true identity and extraordinary destiny unfold. Now, she and her mysterious teacher must embark on a treacherous, uncertain journey through a time and place where the forces of darkness wield an otherworldly terror.

“The Old Kingdom Trilogy” by Garth Nix. It goes Sabriel, Lirael and then Abhorsen.

Darker than most fantasy this is a trilogy to really immerse oneself in. Sabriel is at boarding school until her father goes missing and she is forced to return to the land of her birth and assume the role of Abhorsen, guardian of the nine levels of death and warrior against the evil forces that lurk there. With free-magic an untameable peril that daily confronts the stability of the Old Kingdom Sabriel has her work cut out to develop the necessary skills to survive the onrushing cataclysm. Imagine Harry Potter cast into the wilderness and made to fight Voldemort without the safety and education of Hogwarts and his friends. This is stripped down magical fantasy, spectacularly characterised and awesomely exciting.

I hope you like the sound of at least one of them ^_^

Ken asks…

Can anyone give me a short and sweet summary of the book called A Series of Unfortunate Events Book the 12th?

I really need to have a quick summary, forgot to read this book for reading class and I’m going to be totally screwed, so I need to know a summary of the book A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS: THE PENULTIMATE PERIL – Book the twelfth (12)th.

Any help would be greatly appreciated you guys =).

admin answers:

Okay…let me tell you as much as I can remember. This is going to take you only 5 min…it’s very short and sweet compared to the time it’ll take you to read the book. Oops, sorry for wasting your time.

The Baudelaires go with Kit Snicket to Hotel Denouement, where the Baudelaire disguise as concierges. A VFD meeting with all the noble and treachry people is about to take place and a lot of volunteers are coming to the hotel, including Sir, Principal Nero, Charles, Hal, Mr. Poe, and Olaf and Esme. The sugar bowl is suppose to be brought to the hotel by crows and land inside the laundry room.
The Baudelaires meet a noble person called Dewey, who has a library under a pond in front of the hotel. However, Count Olaf comes and threatens to kill Dewey if the Baudelaires do not leave with him. Count Olaf has a harpoon and points it at Dewey. However, the Baudelaires manage to get hold of the harpoon, but shoots Dewey and kills him.
The Baudelaires are then brought to trial in the hotel by Justice Strauss as the judge. Everyone is blindfolded because “the law is blind.” While everyone is blind folded, Count Olaf takes Justice Strauss away and the Baudelaires chase after them.
Count Olaf forces the Baudelaires to help him unlock the lock to the laundry room, so he can get the sugar bowl. The sugar bowl is not there.
Count Olaf, seeing that there are a lot of volunteers in the hotel, starts a fire in the laundry room and goes to the top floor with the Baudelaires.
At the top floor, there is a giant swimming pool, with a boat in it. Count Olaf forces the Baudelaires onto the boat with him and pushes the boat into the pond (which for some reason leads to the sea.)
The hotel is left to burn and the Baudelaires are trapped on a boat with Count Olaf.

For more information, you can always check on or of course, go to the library and borrow the book out.

Good luck and happy reading. Cheers!

With all due respect,


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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

January 25, 2014

Joseph asks…

I wanted to becum either a signed language teacher or an interrpretor when i get older.What should my major be

i know how to spell!! It only allows you a certain number of letters in your original question. So please get off my ass!

admin answers:

They have colleges that teach those careers specifically.
So combine that with an Education Degree depending on what grade you want to teach elementary or secondary. That is if you want to teach hearing impaired students or maybe you meant you want to teach sign language? Either way those should be good.

Sandra asks…

What are the social affects of impaired hearing in young children?

Honest answers please. I am doing this for a school assignment. Thanks

admin answers:

Depends how much their hearing is impaired.

If they wear hearing aids other children may tease them or avoid them.

If they are unable to use hearing aids (due to severity of hearing loss) then they may misunderstand a lot of the stuff going on in their environment whether through not being able to lip read others correctly or misinterpreting visual clues.

If they only use sign language they may not be able communicate with anybody (including their parents – it’s surprising how many hearing parents of deaf chidren do not learn sign language) and as a result be isolated.

Their choice of TV programs is also limited as not a lot of children’s programs have someone interpreting what is said in to sign (if they are young they may not be able to read so subtitles are useless to them)

If they learn to speak their accent may cause teasing or cause them to be misunderstood.

They may need someone with them at all times to protect them from dangers which are normally heard before they are seen (at which point it is too late to do anything) or to interpret their language for them.

David asks…

How to tell if she is interested in me if you were socially impaired?

One sign that shows a girl is interested is by eye contact…
I’m socially inept so I can’t look into a girls eyes to tell whether she likes me or not…
If i force myself, I find myself staring and then when she looks over, i quickly turn my eyes away.
I can’t approach a girl cuz im always in my confort zone
How can I tell if a girl likes me even though i can’t see the signs?

admin answers:

First try building up your self esteem…girls love a guy that’s assertive and secure,that way you can read her body language and pick up when she flirts…..second,how are you gonna talk to her after you find out that she likes you?

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

January 24, 2014

Laura asks…

I have some hearing loss, is it ok to request an interpreter for court?

I ask because the form to request one that Maryland provides asks what language you speak and from what country… there’s no option asking if you are deaf or hearing impaired. I have a trial coming up on a speeding ticket where I am requesting a waiver however I am nervous because of my hearing loss… Also if its ok for me to request one, do I have to pay for the interpreter?
Thank you!

admin answers:

The court has to follow ADA…Americans with Disabilities Act. They must provide an interpreter, ASL, or oral interpreter. If the deaf person does not use a signed language then can use a computer notetaker who types out what is said. Contact the courthouse that you are requesting an interpreter.

George asks…

How to listen to English and understand without subtitles?

I know grammar. I know how to pronounce words. And even write some text. However the only thing I can’t seem to understand is listening without subtitles. I understand a little bit but not everything. No matter what accent it is still a bit hard for me to understand the whole sentence. I want to understand without subtitles because it gives me a feel of victory to understand it correctly. English isn’t my native language. So do you have any tips?

admin answers:

This may sound counterintuitive, but the best way to improve your spoken english understanding is listening WITH subtitles…in English. Most DVD’s / BD’s have English for Hearing Impaired subtitles. They can be a little annoying as they will include descriptions of sound, but they may help you connect spoken words with english texts.

Linda asks…

Are you required to hire an interpreter for a hearing impaired employee in Arkansas?

Is an employer required to hire a sign language interpreter for a hearing impaired employee in the state of Arkansas?

admin answers:

ADA requires ‘reasonable’ accommodations. Hiring additional people to do one job is not necessarily held to be a reasonable accommodation – particularly in a small company, this might be seen as placing an unreasonable burdon on the company.

A lawyer would have to determine whether the request for an interpreter met the test of ‘reasonableness’.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

January 23, 2014

Steven asks…

Does anyone own a certified therapy cat?

I have a wonderful 3 year old outgoing male cat who is leash-trained and can perform tricks. He did very well when we took him to Petco and he likes riding in the car. I think he would make an awesome therapy cat for hospital-bound people or elderly folks in a retirement home, but I have been having a difficult time tracking down the requirements and available certification programs. I’m also looking for ideas of how to get him more socialized. I would prefer people who know or own a certified therapy animal to give me some good advice. Thanks!

admin answers:

Hi there…pet animals who are used for animal assisted therapy do require certification.

Therapy cat owners say the most important traits for a therapy cat include a laid-back, steady, calm personality and a tolerance for the unusual. A cat who reacts before thinking is not a good therapy cat. Therapy cats must be able to tolerate sights and sounds that are unusual, petting that could be different or a bit rough, poking or pulling, and any number of other things that are out of the ordinary. Therapy cats are also affectionate, purring, snuggling on a lap or on the bed, or offering other gestures of affection.

A therapy cat also needs to be up-to-date on his vaccinations and very healthy, so he isn’t a danger to people with impaired immune systems. A visit to the vet is a good idea.


The Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy and the Delta Society both certify cats as therapy pets. Each has their own requirements for certification, so send a self-addressed stamped envelope to each for more information:

Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy
PO Box 6308
Oceanside, CA 92058 (this organization may no longer be exist or has changed names as this website listed is for sale)

The Delta Society
289 Perimeter Rd East
Renton, WA 98055-1329

Source dated Feb 2 2002:

David asks…

What are the bad things about smoking weed?

i only need to know the negatives, i have quite a lot positive but not many bad points, but if you know any pros that arent the normal “you get high” then that’d be good too. also does anyone know about cancer? because i’ve heard it helps prevent it AND can cause it.
there are a ton of articles about it preventing cancer/killing cancerous cells….
this isnt because i want to start smoking it by the way.

admin answers:

“Distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch)
Problems with memory and learning
Loss of coordination
Trouble with thinking and problem-solving
Increased heart rate, reduced blood pressure
Impaired memory
Daily cough and phlegm production
More frequent acute chest illnesses
Increased risk of lung infections
Obstructed airways”

“Research indicates that THC impairs the body’s immune system from fighting disease, which can cause a wide variety of health problems. One study found that marijuana actually inhibited the disease-preventing actions of key immune cells. Another study found that THC increased the risk of developing bacterial infections and tumors.

Effects of Exposure During Pregnancy
Several studies have found that children born to mothers who used marijuana during pregnancy exhibit some problems with neurological development. According to those studies, prenatal marijuana exposure can cause:

* Altered responses to visual stimuli
* Increased tremulousness
* Problems with sustained attention and memory
* Poor problem-solving skills”

Mandy asks…

What does the bible say about smoking marijuana?

Did jesus used to smoke a blunt every now and then?

admin answers:

Is Marijuana Really That Bad? “Some say that using marijuana is a way to escape problems,” says Ellen, who lives in Ireland, “and that it doesn’t have any bad side effects.” Have you heard similar statements about marijuana? Compare some common myths with the facts.

Myth. Marijuana is not harmful.

Fact. Known or suspected lasting effects of marijuana are as follows: damaged memory, impaired ability to learn, and suppressed immune system, as well as damage to the sexual health of both males and females. It can induce anxiety attacks, psychoses, and paranoia. Children born to women who smoke marijuana are more likely to have behavioral problems, be less attentive, and have greater difficulty making decisions.

Myth. Marijuana smoke is less harmful than cigarette smoke.

Fact. Compared with tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke can deposit four times as much tar on your airways and carry five times as much poisonous carbon monoxide into your blood. Smoking five marijuana joints can deliver the same amount of cancer-causing toxins as an entire pack of cigarettes.

Myth. Marijuana is not addictive.

Fact. Teens who have mental or emotional problems can quickly become addicted to marijuana. Others can become addicted after long-term use. In addition, studies show that teens who smoke marijuana have a much greater risk of using other addictive drugs, such as cocaine.

What does the bible say? To be completely honest with you, there is not a scripture in the bible that has a law set against smoking. The reason for this is because the majority of the bible, has you exercise and follow not laws, but primarily “principles.”

Bible principles are fundamental truths. Laws, on the other hand, may be for specific circumstances. (Deuteronomy 22:8) We must use thinking ability to understand how a principle applies in a particular situation. (Proverbs 2:10-12) For example, the Bible teaches that life is a gift from God. That basic principle can guide us at work, at home, and while traveling. It leads us to take safety precautions.—Read Acts 17:28.

By using the scriptures that we know and understand, we can deduce an educated conclusion for ourselves. Here are some examples of medical facts of smoking and some scriptures that you can use to compare.

The probability that a long-term smoker will eventually be killed by tobacco is 1 in 2. The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) stated: “A cigarette is . . . A cleverly crafted product that delivers just the right amount of nicotine to keep its user addicted for life before killing the person.”

Smoking tobacco endangers health and life. Smoking has been linked to more than 25 life-threatening diseases. It is, for example, a major contributor to heart attack, stroke, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and various cancers, especially lung cancer and is related to a greater risk of atherosclerosis and diabetes. That being so, smoking and high blood pressure are a dangerous combination that can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

How Smoking Affects Others: The Bible says: “You must love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39) Love for your neighbors—and your family members are your closest neighbors—is a powerful reason to quit.
Smoking hurts others. Until recent times a smoker could light up just about anywhere and expect no objection. But attitudes are changing because more people understand the dangers of breathing in smoke that drifts from the cigarettes of others. For example, a nonsmoker who is married to a smoker has a 30-percent greater risk of developing lung cancer than if he or she were married to a nonsmoker. Children who live with parents who smoke are more likely to develop pneumonia or bronchitis in the first two years of life than are children who live in homes where no one smokes.
Pregnant women who smoke endanger their unborn babies. Nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous chemicals contained in cigarette smoke enter the mother’s bloodstream and pass directly to the child in the womb. The consequences include a greater likelihood of spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, and death among newborns. Moreover, the risk of sudden infant death syndrome is three times higher for babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy.

2.Corinthians.7; 1 “Therefore, since we have these promises, beloved ones, let us cleanse+ ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God’s fear.”

Romans 12:1” Consequently I entreat YOU by the compassions of God, brothers, to present YOUR bodies+ a sacrifice living, holy, acceptable to God, a sacred service with YOUR power of reason.”
Matthew 5:8 “Happy are the pure in heart, since they will see God.”

Cleanliness is a quality that belongs to and originated with the holy and clean God, Jehovah. He teaches us to benefit ourselves by becoming holy and clean in all our ways.—Isaiah 48:17; 1 Peter 1:15.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

January 22, 2014

David asks…

Working with children with additiona support needs?

I live in Scotland and have got my level 1 & 2 in sign language I also have PDA Classroom Assistant.

I would like to work with children with hearing and sensory problems and wondering if anyone can tell me where i should go next. I am trying to return to working in aug and I am willing to study part time.

Anyone help me

I have thought of doing childcare but the wages for working in a nursery is not great.

admin answers:

Look on the website for your local authority in Scotland for job vacancies in schools. The wages for classroom assistants aren’t great either but as you have sign language (BSL?) you could look for Communication Support Worker jobs. Send your CV to any special schools for Hearing Impaired children or maybe there are some mainstream schools with specialist units. Speak to the Special Educational Needs Team / Deaf Advisory Service.

Sandy asks…

Have you ever taught your infant sign language to communicate with you?

Im about to receive a class on how to teach you infant how to use sign language to communicate when he is hungry, needs to cuddle, needs a diaper change, etc. so he doesn’t gets frustrated when i don’t understand him,but to be honest,im kind of skeptical about those methods. What is your experience with it??

admin answers:

Before becoming pregnant and deciding to be a stay at home mommy I was a registered sign language interpreter as well as a teacher at our local school for the deaf and hearing impaired.
It’s suggested that you start teaching your baby to sign between six and nine months. I started my twins at six months and by eight months they’ve made remarkable progress.At first the signs were indistinct because at six months motor skills aren’t as developed. But now they’ve mastered the sign for cuddle and food. It’s been remarkably helpful and I full intend to continue working with them.

American Sign Language is the third most used language in the U.S. If this works out for you and your baby AND you decide to continue working with them for years after then they will have mastered a second language which can be enormously beneficial in the long run.

I highly suggest looking into a class for you and your baby. Maybe gymboree or something similar. Many places are picking up baby sign language classes because of how much easier it is for parents to understand their children.

Donna asks…

What is the most common form of autism?

I currently have high-functioning autism/Asperger’s Syndrome and I’m on the short end of overcoming it completely. There’s also classic autism, which I believe is the middle of the spectrum. Unlike HFA/AS, classic autistic individuals are more socially impaired I believe . There’s also low-functioning autism, which is the low end of the spectrum. Is high-functioning autism the most common form?

admin answers:

Autism is not a disease but a brain disorder that typically affects a person’s ability to communicate, impairs social interaction, and severely limits activities and interests. Some people with autism are relatively high functioning, with speech and intelligence intact. Others are mentally retarded, mute, or have serious language delays.Its prevalence rate makes autism one of the most common developmental disabilities. Autism varies a great deal in severity. The most severe cases are marked by extremely repetitive, unusual, self-injurious, and aggressive behavior. This behavior may persist over time and prove very difficult to change, posing a tremendous challenge to those who must live with, treat, and teach these individuals. The mildest forms of autism resemble a personality disorder associated with a perceived learning disability.
Hope u have got the answer.
For more info visit:

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