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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

December 11, 2013

Sharon asks…

How many songs can you think of with the word rock?

Think of all the songs you can that have rock in the lyrics. Name them and or type a few lines of lyrics with rock in it. Go.

admin answers:

I am a rock by simon and garfunkel:”i am a rock!”

Paul asks…

How do people enjoy listening to all that hardcore screaming music?!?

You can’t hear the lyrics at all, the guitar and drums are random chords and beats, and even if you could hear th lyrics, they would be about suicide and blood. Its scary that some people listen to this BS.

At least REAL hip hop and rock lyrics have meaning and stories to tell.

admin answers:

Maybe we listen to the stuff because we like it? The screaming gives the feeling of adrenaline and because it can be relaxing. It’s okay if you like country, hip-hop, rock music or whatever, but don’t start a battle you can’t win. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

Who the hell writes a song about blood and suicide? Listen to a death metal song before you insult it. UGH.

Rap is all about drugs, sex, and raping women. It’s true. See, I can bash hip hop.

Don’t like screaming? WHO CARES! Next dumb question.

Have a bad day.

Nancy asks…

How to write song lyrics?

I stink at writing lyrics. I was wondering if there is any site that has rock lyrics that aren’t songs yet. Lyrics that someone can sing and make instrumentals for.

admin answers:

Think about the message you want to write about. Then use some rhetorical figures to spice it up. Make it by genre: love, mad, sad ect.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

December 10, 2013

Maria asks…

How do you become an astronaut?

Now of course I’ve already done a little homework, and I know the “official” requirements to be selected as a NASA astronaut-what I’m talking about is what you REALLY need to do to have a reasonable chance of being selected. From looking at the last few shuttle missions, I notice that everyone who crewed the missions had qualifications that far, far exceeded the “official” requirements. Would anyone know more about this subject? Thanks!

admin answers:

Only the most highly skilled applicants enter NASA’s space program, and fewer still make it into space. Depending on their background, astronauts train as pilots or mission specialists. Here are the procedures:

1. Know that you must be between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 4 inches tall to be a pilot and between 4 feet 10 1/2 inches and 6 feet 4 inches to be a mission specialist. You also need to be in top physical condition and have great stamina.
2. Maintain an excellent academic record in your undergraduate and graduate studies. Many astronauts have doctoral degrees.
3. Choose a scientific field for your bachelor’s degree that you can use if you become an astronaut. Possibilities include medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, aerospace engineering and mathematics.
4. Make certain you have at least 3 years of work experience in your field before applying as a mission specialist. An acceptable substitution might be a 2-year graduate degree with 1 year of experience.
5. Have at least 1,000 hours of pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft, preferably with flight-test experience, if you wish to be a mission pilot.
6 Send for an application package. You’ll have to pass the strict NASA physical as a basic qualification.
7. Realize that if you’re accepted as an astronaut candidate, you’re committing yourself to a training period of 1 to 2 years in Houston without a guarantee that you’ll ever go into space. Training will be intense and often in low-gravity conditions. It will include land and sea survival training and scuba diving.
8. Prepare to remain with NASA for at least 5 years if you pass the training period and are accepted as an astronaut.

Richard asks…

Tell all the things you would tell a Noob that is starting to play guild wars?

Hi, I recently was thinking about guild wars and thinking about purchasing it. But I’ve played other games, where I see the noobs begging for money and such, and can someone who is experienced in guild wars tell me all the basics of guild wars, tips, and such? Also what is the maximum level? What are the classes ( races, jobs, etc) What is a campaign? Is there a demo? Any other tips and helping out a noob will be accepted. Thanks!
Also should I wait for guild wars 2? Or buy it right now?

admin answers:

My poor boy you have alot to learn and it would be easier explained when playing the game but as a experienced player i can help you out with some of the questions you have put up.

1) The basics or GW, tips and such should be asked by someone in the game, for it would take forever to explain it all on here. For a short version there are 3 Campaigns (Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall) and 1 Expansion (Eye of the North), i suggest buying the Trilogy which contains all 3 Campaigns and doesn’t cost much money. Save up for the expansion later if you need more money. The Campaign story lines will provide you with a lot of things to do between the 200 quests and 25 co-op missions that the games provide. You will busy busy for along time.

2) the max level is in fact 20, but going through the fun story line and playing you will forget what level you are and just keep pwning everything.

3) Among all 3 Campaigns there are 10 professions, in Prophecies the professions are Warrior, Monk, Mesmer, Necromancer, Elementalist, and Ranger. Factions the same ones apply but with the addition of Assassin and Ritualist. Nightfall have the same as prophecies but instead of Assassin and Ritualist, they have Dervishes and Paragons, plus the game includes Heros that join your party as you progress through the game. In all games you can choose a secondary profession, by obtaining a certain quest when the time comes. You can combined and try out all professions, best to start and practice in PvP (player vs player) before you move on to PvE (player vs environment).

3)About the demo, no there isnt any but i think there may be a free trial, on the Guild Wars website somewhere. Don’t bother with it just buy the game it a lot better then playing a trial.

4) Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have an exact date on when it will be out, so to get in the mood of the game and understand its history before the new game comes out is your best bet, you will be completely lost when Guild Wars 2 comes out. Buy it now before either prices go up or stock runs out.

If you have any more questions, consult this website that i have posted, Guild Wars has its own Wiki site and it has all information from beginning to end, its updated frequently and very useful.


Most important thing is to Have Fun.

Susan asks…

How can I make sure I get into University of Southern California?

I’m in 9th grade now and have been thinking about colleges. That’s probably an understatement as my obsession is probably borderline unhealthy. Out of a ton of schools, I fell in love with USC. It’s the best school in the nation for the program I want to pursue(occupational therapy) and it would be an amazing experience for 4-5 years since I live in IL and probably will move back to IL after college. Anyway is there anything I can do now to ensure Ill be accepted? Classes? Grades? Sports? Volunteer/job? Also if you have suggestions for other colleges i’d love to hear them. :)

admin answers:

1) Take as many advanced classes (honors, AP, etc) as you can handle. Competitive schools like USC want students who have challenged themselves with a rigorous course load.

2) Obviously, get the best grades you possibly can. You will need all or mostly-all As for USC. If you begin to struggle with a class, get help immediately, before you fall behind and get discouraged. Actually, it can’t hurt to work with a private tutor on a regular basis, even when you’re doing okay, to maintain your grades and stay ahead of the game.

3) Choose a few extracurriculars that you can stick with throughout high school. You don’t need a ton; colleges would rather see a few activities that you’ve been extremely devoted to and/or really excel at. If you can earn honors or awards in your activities, especially at the state or national level, all the better.

4) Aim for leadership positions: team captain, club president, class officer, etc. Colleges like leaders. They also like trailblazers: students who take the initiative to make things happen. Starting a club, running your own business, or organizing a significant charity event are some examples.

5) Get involved with some community service, and keep a log of the hours you serve. Try to accumulate at least 200 hours of volunteer work. If possible, volunteer in some areas that relate to your extracurriculars, personal interests, or intended field of study.

6) Plan to take the SAT and/or ACT in the fall of your junior year. If your scores aren’t as high as you’d like, this will give you plenty of time to take them again. Many people are able to raise their scores each time they take the tests. Prepare yourself by taking an test prep class, working with a tutor, and/or doing practice tests online.

7) Plan your summers wisely. Colleges will want to know how you’ve spent your summer vacations; did you sit around the pool or play video games all summer, or did you do something worthwhile? Do some things you’ll be proud to list on your application, such as taking summer classes, attending sports or academic camps, volunteering, working a job, going on a mission trip, etc.

Hope this helps some! Good luck!

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

December 9, 2013

Ruth asks…

Why people ignore me that way i talk?

I’m a deaf person, i can speak english and spanish. When i talk with people, people started to ignore me but my grammars. I tries to study them in speech therapy and I realized how to talk in both language so what happen people makes ignorance and making fun of my languge. So what should I do?

admin answers:

Dear Borifreak, Polite people do not make fun of other people. Intelligent people do not ignore people. I think your teachers probably listen carefully to you. You have a disability and that does not make you a freak, or stupid. It does mean that you experience things differently than most people in some areas. It takes a lot of skill to understand two languages. When a stranger makes fun of you, the best thing to do is laugh with them and then, in sign, tell them you are hearing impaired. They will be understanding. If the people are not strangers, you need to disassociate yourself from them. Intolerance of a challenged person is illegal at your workplace in the USA.

Paul asks…

What does it mean when I go to a movie and it says closed captioning?

I am on the amc theater’s website and I saw that the movie Inception has closed captioning and the descriptive video. I was just wondering if that would impaire the video for those who are not impaired. Thanks

admin answers:

Closed Captioning is a fancy word for subtitles. So if your hearing is gone or they start speaking in a different language, what they say appears on the bottom of the screen.

Chris asks…

Are there any sign language classes offered in henry county, ga for a 1st grader?

My daughter would like to learn sign language. She isn’t hearing impaired, but she would like to learn to sign. I would be interested in taking a course with her as well.

admin answers:

Get a book and go through it with her!

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died

December 8, 2013

Sandy asks…

Is it normal to feel like dying after something really sad happends?

It’s been a 2 weeks after a depressing incident and I am getting better but every time I get reminded of the incident I feel like bursting out in tears and dying….. I‘m not suicidal and I do love life it’s just that sad things gets to me so bad. Is this normal?

admin answers:

Its a hormonal thing, one bad day makes you feel like you have a bad life. I feel the same way, I feel like dying. But the thing is I’m not exactly ‘suicidal’ I don’t think I have the gutss to actually kill myself. But let’s just say if a car was coming right at me, I don’t think I would get out of the way. Or if I had a drink that would kill me immediately, if drink it.
I try to keep myself distracted from these thoughts. It’s normal just hope it doesn’t get to you

Lizzie asks…

What was the last fictional death that made you cry?

I‘ve been planning some death scenes in a fanfic I‘m currently writing, and it got me thinking. What are some fictional deaths that you saw in a book, movie, TV series, or video game that made you tear up?
BQ: How do these 2 death scenes sound? Do you like them? Should I tweak them somehow? They are a bit long in definition, and there is a little bit of violence.
1. One of the main villains (let’s call him T) has seen the error of his ways and has been secretly sabotaging the other villains. When a group of heroes go and confront the villains (2 of the heroes are T’s former friends whom he betrayed before. He regrets betraying them, and they were heartbroken that he ended up doing the things he did). When it looks like one of the villains is going to kill one of the heroes, T won’t let that happen, so he takes a knife and stabs the villain and tries to go for others. One of the villains (who is completely evil and has no morals) stabs T, and a battle ensues. After the battle, the villains flee, and T’s friends go to him. He apologizes for what he’s done, and after a short conversation where his friends tell him they never hated him no matter what he did, T dies in their arms.
2. After the final battle, there is a problem that can only be solved by destroying certain machinery, or bad things will happen for the world. Only one hero knows how to destroy the machinery (it has to be blown up a certain way, long story). When it comes time to escape the building before the place collapses due to the machine, D helps the others escape, then stays behind. When his friends call him via 2-way monitors they have, he tells them that he has to do this, and that if he doesn’t, life as they know it will end. They try to convince him otherwise, but he tells them it’s the only way. He then asks them to stay on the monitor until the explosion occurs. D dies in the ensuing explosion. This is made worse because one of his friends who has been the most emotionally stable throughout the story has an emotional breakdown because of this.
Sorry the BQ was long, but I just wanted some opinions on it. Thanks :)

admin answers:

I’ve cried at a few different death scenes in various media. I’ll tell you what they are, and attempt to explain why.

#1) Sirius Black in Order of the Phoenix. Reason being, he was a likeable character and the only real family that Harry had left.

#2) Alex Drake from Ashes to Ashes. For those unfamiliar with this series, Alex spent three seasons (three years) stuck in this dystopia, constantly working to wake up from her comatose state (after being shot in the head in the pilot) and return to her daughter. But it was all in vain because she ended up losing the battle and dying. Just the fact that she sacrificed so much to get back to her little girl, and then couldn’t even stay with the man who she’d fallen in love with in this version of “purgatory” (because she had to go to heaven) is heartbreaking. Ugh, now I’m sad.

#3) Ianto Jones from Torchwood. He was a very likeable character, very funny, young, always full of life. He and his immortal partner died together while confronting this alien, but his partner came back to life as always. Ianto didn’t. It was sad because they were in love and Ianto told Jack that he loved him and he never said it back and… Just kill me now.

#4) When Sam “died” in 5×22 of Supernatural. He came back to life, but at the time I thought that it was permanent. It was sad because Dean can’t live without him, and vice versa.

#5) When Bobby died in a later season of Supernatural. Simply because he was their father. Their REAL father.

#6) Fanon!Castiel in this one fanfic I read called Twist and Shout. The story started out great and he and Dean were so happy, but then Dean went to go fight in the Vietnam war and got PTSD and the relationship fell apart. Nine years after they separated, Dean got a call from Cas’s brother and learned that he was dying. He went to go see him in the hospital, and they spent a few weeks together while Cas deteriorated and eventually died from AIDS-related pneumonia (I think.) It was sad because they were so happy, and things could have been so different. They had so many plans that went south and never happened, and even in the nine years that they were apart they were still in love. Goddamn I am bawling.

EDIT: #7) Rue in The Hunger Games. She reminded Katniss of her little sister. I can’t imagine anything worse than my little sister dying.

BQ: They sound awesome. Good luck to you.

Paul asks…

How to overcome the feeling of losing ur love?

I love a girl very much and she loves me to. But because v r of same sex v can’t tel this to anyone around us, nor can v stay with each other for long cz our studies r abt to b over. I never thought that i can fall in love with a girl. but her care n love made me do so. She takes care of me like a baby.
I am not able to overcome this feeling of separation now. We were nt able meet or talk properly fr 2 months. then due to some reasons v were in same class but still not close. She even started liking a guy that made me very insecure. All that tore me apart. I lost interest in every thing in this world.Things started to get back to normal but our placement and all again separated us. Now v r having our exams and after a week or so v will again get busy with our work and i might loose her now.
All this had made me emotionally as well as physically weak. I don’t like anything. i just wan b with her.
Please help me to overcome all this.

admin answers:

That’s easy, think about all those millions of people that are starving and dying because of famine. There you will see how pathetic and tiny your “problem” really is.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

December 7, 2013

Sharon asks…

How would you communicate with a hearing-impaired individual?

the reason i ask is because I dont know sign language and i want to know what other ways can you communicate with them?

admin answers:

You could write. The hearing-impaired individual is probably able to read and write.

Paul asks…

Considering deaf education as a college major?

I have recently considered being a teacher for deaf/hearing impaired people. I wanted to know if this would be a field I would have difficulty getting a job in or something that is in demand.
I was also wondering if I would have to go into school knowing basic sign language.
Any information would be very helpful.

admin answers:


David asks…

What is autism, what does it really mean if you are autistic?

I was talking to my friend over the phone once and he was telling me that autism is when kids lose their temper really bad. I think all kids are like that. He tried to explain it to me, that autism is a really serious thing and it needs to be handled professionally. But if autism is just losing your temper really bad, I can name all kinds of people I know who are autistic.
I know there is more to it. Please tell me: what is autism?

admin answers:

The external links lead to sites containing more information/examples of the things I have mentioned.

Autism usually refers to autism spectrum disorder (ASD), which is a group containing autistic disorder, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), Asperger’s syndrome (AS) and, depending on what you are classifying, childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD) and Rett syndrome.

This is the proposed diagnostic criteria for ASD (read the ‘proposed revision’ and ‘severity’ sections)-

Autism is a severe, lifelong developmental disorder that consists of a large spectrum of ability and disability ranging from severe ( ) to mild ( ). Functioning levels (high to low functioning) are also used, these take into account the presence/severity of intellectual impairments, epilepsy, self injurious behaviour etc.

Many individuals with ASD do have trouble regulating their emotions, and this can lead to them losing their temper. Most individuals with ASD also have sensory processing disorder ( + ). Sensory overloads caused by sensory processing disorder (SPD) or can strongly resemble tantrums, but the person experiencing it really can’t help it. SPD may also cause someone to not want to go into certain situations (eg. Not wanting to put on their clothes due to tactile hypersensitivities) which may resemble oppositional behaviour.

People with ASD have impaired communicative abilities. In a mildly affected individual this may be limited to impairments in nonverbal communication (such as an inability to read facial expressions and not understanding concepts like personal space) and atypical speech. In a severely affected individual this could consist of no speech, some learn to use varying amounts of sign language or electronic communication devices (such as iPad apps specifically designed for individuals with limited or no speech). Some individuals have no communicative abilities whatsoever.

People with ASD also have significant impairments in social skills. Some individuals may wish to have friends but be unable to make them (without help), whilst others have no desire for friendships.

People with ASD have repetitive and restrictive behaviors. This can take the form of stereotyped movement or speech (echolalia, rocking, hand flapping, self injurious behaviors) ( ), these are theorized to be related to the SPD. People with ASD are very reliant on strict routines, and become very distressed when their routines are broken ( ). These routines can consist of things such as: wearing the same clothes every day, taking the same route, sitting in the same spot, even eating the same food.

A few people with high functioning ASD are very talented in the areas of mathematics, science and technology, but a significantly higher proportion have immense difficulty in these areas. Comorbid learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyscalculia etc.) are common. Intellectual impairments affect 40% of people with ASD (but, obviously, nobody who is high functioning). All the known genetic causes of ASD cause comorbid intellectual impairments.

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