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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

December 26, 2013

Steven asks…

I am hearing impaired and want to learn a new language?

my hearing is pretty good, But my speech is so/so. could this prevent me from learning a new language and speaking it such as arabic, italian etc?

admin answers:

It will not prevent you from learning, but it likely will make it more difficult than for someone without an impairments.

Laura asks…

I am a hearing impaired I have done BSC computer science I am good at maths?

and I have given private tutions before is there any scope for me as online tutor??? i dont know sign language.
and I have given private tutions to 8th to 10th standard students. Is there scope for me?? I dont know sign language

admin answers:

I really appreciate the challenge you have accepted.

In computer education, only teaching is not important, but also updating ourself with latest trends and technology is also important.

I hope you do not have 100% Hearing Loss. If so, computer teaching job may not the right job for you. This is not to discourage you, but the fact is that, teaching requires lot of communication, hearing as well as talking.

If you could approach Hearing Impaired Institution, where you can learn Symbol-Language and Teach Hearing Impaired student, there may be lot of scope.

Try to choose good-job which can give you good-earning and lifestyle.

All the best!

Mary asks…

Do Linguistics professions require a BA and a MA in Linguistics?

I am an Art History and Journalism student but I want to get a Masters in Linguistics. Without a BA in Linguistics as well as a Masters, will that impair my chances at jobs in Linguistics fields?
I’m mainly interested in government jobs and museum/authentication/restoration/deciphering work.
Of course, I’m open to other professions as well. Thanks!

admin answers:

It depends on what level you’re looking at. Also based on the little bit of information you’ve provided here, you might be better off with majoring in a specific language rather than linguistics. It’s important to consider what job you want first, because they will each require a slightly different track. Language related government jobs are usually translators and such, in which case majoring in Farsi and other middle eastern and east Asian languages would be a possibility. Check what’s on demand. Sometimes the government has a shortage of people who can work in diplomatic situations who speak French or Japanese.

For museum/historical work older languages are handy, like Latin or Sanskrit. Pick a period/culture you REALLY like because you will need to specialize for these kinds of careers.

Any of the above will take either a Master’s degree at minimum or possibly a lot of amazing fieldwork, probably both.

Good luck!

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Your Questions About For Those In Peril On The Sea

December 25, 2013

Nancy asks…

Trying to find painting showing a woman & her child being lowered from a foundering ship into a lifeboat?

This painting was on the living room wall at my grandmothers’ house and it scared me as a five year old (just like my grandmother did). It shows a woman holding her child and they are being transferred via a rope into a lifeboat below. They are halfway between the ship and lifeboat and they are in tremendous peril. The painting is darkish and the seas are rough. The ship is a steamer and I’m guessing the era is early 1900′s. The life boat has men manning the oars and others holding the lifeline and reaching out for the mother and child. There are people at the rail of the ship and some are helping with the transfer and some are watching. The painting is cropped so only the side of the ship is seen, fairly close up. Close enough so you can see the expressions on the faces of the people involved. Size of the painting roughly 36″w x 24″h. Painting is not a Zichy or a Claxton. Thnks & rgds.

admin answers:

Sounds to me like the cover art for the original book “The Lusitania”. I can’t seem to find it on Google images. I saw a lot of more modern images on later editions and other stories about it but I remember that on the cover of the copy my mother had- it had something very similar to what you described.

This ship ( The Lusitania) was sunk in 1915 by German U-boat killing nearly everyone on board (about 1200 people). It was a big part of what brought the US into the war and was probably painted many times by many artists during that era.

If it was an original work then that painting might have been the only copy. There are sure to have been others though that painted the same subject. Good luck!

Most famous paintings on the subject was by Norman Wilkinson; Here is an etching of his painting:

Daniel asks…

what would a catholic like to recieve for christmas?

im going to my teachers house for christmas [shes cool, not teacher-ish] anyhow im not religious at all, i accept everyones faith but i just chose not to have one. anyhow i want to get her a really good christmas present, im going to paint her a picture of baby jesus, but what can i buy her? any ideas?

admin answers:

Wow, you’re going to paint her a picture of baby Jesus? AND you’re also wondering what else to get her that pertains to her religion even though you are a non-religious person? I wish my non-religious friends were as thoughtful as you are!

If you really don’t think your taking the time to paint her a picture of her Lord is a sufficient enough of a gift (*scratches head*), a rosary is a good gift, though it is a little cliche like giving candles and bath stuff as gifts for women, because it’s a guaranteed winner, and a rosary is not too pricey for you, depending on the quality of the rosary (prayer beads are $0.00+). But if she’s Catholic, it’s very likely she owns a minimum of 2 rosaries already.

You could try Catholic Chaplet prayer beads rather than the traditional rosary, and give with it an instructional prayer booklet for the Chaplet beads of your choosing (a little booklet is usually under $5)

Here are some Catholic Chaplet prayer beads examples to choose from:

Chaplet (Little Crown) of the Infant Jesus, made up of three and twelve beads.
Chaplet of the Sacred Heart, consisting of 33 small beads, 6 large beads, a centerpiece, a Crucifix and a Sacred Heart Medal.
Little Chaplet of the Holy Face, to honor the Five Wounds of Jesus Christ, composed of a cross and six large beads and thirty-three small.
Chaplet of the Precious Blood, consisting of thirty-three beads in seven groups.
Chaplet of Black Madonna of Częstochowa, made up of nine beads with a crucifix and a medal of Our Lady of Czestochowa.
Chaplet of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, consisting of a medal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, three separate beads, and 12 additional beads.
Chaplet of the Immaculate Conception, also called the Crown of Stars, consisting of 3 groups of 4 beads, with a medal of the Immaculate Conception.
Chaplet (Rosary) of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, made up of seven groups of seven beads. Also known as the Dolour beads.
Chaplet of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, composed of eight brown, eight red and eight crystal beads.
Chaplet of Saint Anthony, made up of thirteen sets of three beads.
Chaplet of Saint Joseph, which is divided into 15 groups of four beads consisting of one white and three purple beads.
Chaplet of Saint Patrick, made up of twelve beads symbolizing the twelve perils of St. Patrick
Chaplet of Saint Philomena, consisting of three white beads and thirteen red beads.
Bridgettine Rosary, consisting of six decades of ten beads each. There are three additional beads at the end.
Little Flower Chaplet, made of one large bead and twenty-four smaller beads.
Chaplet of the Way of the Cross, made of fifteen groups of three beads, etc.
Chaplet of Saint Michael the Archangel, comprising nine groups of four beads each, consisting of three Hail Marys and one Our Father in each. (Each of the nine groups is said in honor of one of the nine choirs of angels.)

I recommend going to your local Catholic gift shop, they will help you with finding chaplets and booklets (since I’m sure this is all Chinese to you.)

I, as a practicing Catholic, would certainly prefer a different set of prayer beads than the traditional rosary. (I have 4 rosaries but none of the prayer beads listed above, heck, I even got a free rosary when I converted to the Catholic faith from my parish) I can only speak for myself, but I think a unique chaplet coupled with the instruction booklet for a “new” Catholic meditative prayer would be a great gift!

I will star this question for my Catholic contacts, I’m sure they have some ideas for you also.

Lisa asks…

What does pollution have to do with global warming?

i need to do a school report on the issue of global warming.

admin answers:

Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into an environment that causes instability, disorder, harm or discomfort to the ecosystem i.e. Physical systems or living organisms .[1] Pollution can take the form of chemical substances, or energy, such as noise, heat, or light. Pollutants, the elements of pollution, can be foreign substances or energies, or naturally occurring; when naturally occurring, they are considered contaminants when they exceed natural levels. Pollution is often classed as point source or nonpoint source pollution. The Blacksmith Institute issues annually a list of the world’s worst polluted places. In the 2007 issues the ten top nominees are located in Azerbaijan, China, India, Peru, Russia, Ukraine and Zambia.

Ancient cultures
The forging of metals appears to be a key turning point in the creation of significant air pollution levels. Core samples of glaciers in Greenland indicate increases in air pollution associated with Greek, Roman and Chinese metal production[2].

[edit] Official acknowledgement
The earliest known writings concerned with pollution were Arabic medical treatises written between the 9th and 13th centuries, by physicians such as al-Kindi (Alkindus), Qusta ibn Luqa (Costa ben Luca), Muhammad ibn Zakarīya Rāzi (Rhazes), Ibn Al-Jazzar, al-Tamimi, al-Masihi, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Ali ibn Ridwan, Ibn Jumay, Isaac Israeli ben Solomon, Abd-el-latif, Ibn al-Quff, and Ibn al-Nafis. Their works covered a number of subjects related to pollution such as air contamination, water contamination, soil contamination, solid waste mishandling, and environmental assessments of certain localities.[3]

King Edward I of England banned the burning of sea-coal by proclamation in London in 1272, after its smoke had become a problem.[4][5] But the fuel was so common in England that this earliest of names for it was acquired because it could be carted away from some shores by the wheelbarrow. Air pollution would continue to be a problem in England, especially later during the industrial revolution, and extending into the recent past with the Great Smog of 1952. This same city also recorded one of the earlier extreme cases of water quality problems with the Great Stink on the Thames of 1858, which led to construction of the London sewerage system soon afterward.

It was the industrial revolution that gave birth to environmental pollution as we know it today. The emergence of great factories and consumption of immense quantities of coal and other fossil fuels gave rise to unprecedented air pollution and the large volume of industrial chemical discharges added to the growing load of untreated human waste. Chicago and Cincinnati were the first two American cities to enact laws ensuring cleaner air in 1881. Other cities followed around the country until early in the 20th century, when the short lived Office of Air Pollution was created under the Department of the Interior. Extreme smog events were experienced by the cities of Los Angeles and Donora, Pennsylvania in the late 1940s, serving as another public reminder.[6]

[edit] Modern awareness

Early Soviet poster, before the modern awareness: “The smoke of chimneys is the breath of Soviet Russia”Pollution became a popular issue after WW2, when the aftermath of atomic warfare and testing made evident the perils of radioactive fallout. Then a conventional catastrophic event The Great Smog of 1952 in London killed at least 8000 people. This massive event prompted some of the first major modern environmental legislation, The Clean Air Act of 1956.

Growing evidence of local and global pollution and an increasingly informed public over time have given rise to environmentalism and the environmental movement, which generally seek to limit human impact on the environment.

Forms of pollution
The major forms of pollution are listed below along with the particular pollutants relevant to each of them:

Air pollution, the release of chemicals and particulates into the atmosphere. Common gaseous air pollutants include carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and nitrogen oxides produced by industry and motor vehicles. Photochemical ozone and smog are created as nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons react to sunlight. Particulate matter, or fine dust is characterized by their micrometre size PM10 to PM2.5.

Water pollution, by the release of waste products and contaminants into surface runoff into river drainage systems, leaching into groundwater, liquid spills, wastewater discharges, eutrophication and littering.
Soil contamination occurs when chemicals are released by spill or underground leakage. Among the most significant soil contaminants are hydrocarbons, heavy metals, MTBE[7], herbicides, pesticides and chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Radioactive contamination, resulting from 20th century activities in atomic physics, such as nuclear power generation and nuclear weapons research, manufacture and deployment.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

December 24, 2013

Robert asks…

Will Obama be safer if he chooses Hillary as a running mate?

I am uncomfortable with this subject, but only an idiot wouldn’t recognize the danger that he’s in.

The insane fanatics that would put a bullit in his forhead are those that wouldn’t want a woman in the White House either. I’m guessing that given the chose between a Black man and a woman, these crazies might do nothing. So, would Barack Obama improve his odds of survival if he chose Hillary as his running mate?

admin answers:

No, I don’t think Obama would be any safer from the threat of assassination should he choose Hillary as his running mate, although I can certainly see where someone might think so.

One might argue that having Hillary as his vice president would insulate him from harm because Hillary would automatically become president should Barack die or become disabled. The thinking is that because of Hillary’s low popularity rating, no one would take such actions against Obama for fear of a President Hillary Clinton. But, given the acrimony of the recent Democratic primary season, the loon pulling the trigger could very well be someone incensed that Obama “stole” the nomination from Hillary and not the perceived right-wing fanatic or racist thug. In that case, Hillary , of course, becomes president by default.

My thinking is that Obama will be just as much a target for assassination as McCain will be, regardless of his vice presidential choice. While Obama may certainly be in danger of a racist’s bullet, the same holds true for McCain should he become president. With all the hype surrounding Obama, it stands to reason that there will be those who feel a President McCain will dash history being made and the possibility for “change”.

Speaking of history, it has taught us that any would-be assassin with an agenda, whatever that agenda may be, will find a way to attempt to carry it out without regard for consequence.

Steven asks…

Can anybody reccommend a gun for my husband?

We have a Glock 9 mil and a .357 Magnum. He doesn’t really like his Glock, because it lacks safeties and the trigger pull. He doesn’t really like Berettas. Anybody have any suggestions for a gun I could get him for christmas?
We would be using it for home protection and target practice.

admin answers:

Dixieland Delight – there are so many to choose from. If you are on a budget, I’d recommend going with a Ruger 9mm, such as the P89. They are reliable and dependable, have an external safety, are capable of using magazines up to 17 rounds, and are comparatively inexpensive. Plus, thy are made in the USA and come with a very good warranty.

If you are pretty much unlimited, there are lots of choices too, which offer external safetys. You could have your firearms dealer show you several. I’d stick with a 9mm or .40 caliber, though. The 9mm would be the way to go if you are going to use it a lot at the range.

Is your husband aware the trigger pull on a Glock can be easily changed? It isn’t expensive to do so either, and can be lightened up to a pull of right at 3 pounds. As far as a safety, the Glock is in reality a very safe pistol. I’ve carried one for several years now in my job, and never heard of anyone in my department (state wide department) having any accidental discharges or issues with the safety, which is embedded in the trigger. I like the “double action only’ feature of Glocks which means the trigger pull will be the same every time, and not vary between the first and second shots.

Good luck, and I’d say your husband is a lucky man to have a wife who will buy him a pistol for Christmas!


Richard asks…

What is a good tragic historic event to write a script on?

In my creative writing class we are going to write a script. I want to write a play about a tragic historical event. Originally I wanted to use the Hindenburg disaster, but now I have no clue how to write it. Any good tragic events I could use, that are not overused?

Oh, and best answer will be chosen in an hour.

admin answers:

You have to decide if the “tragic event” is a short-term event, in which case it should probably trigger your story or set it in motion — e.g., two people, whose loved ones were lost on the Titanic, find love as they struggle come to terms with the disaster — or a long-term event like The Great Depression or the Vietnam War, in which case the event might keep the main characters apart.

(That is the story behind Dr. Zhivago, in which two lovers meet literally on the day of the Russian Revolution in October 1917, and the politics of the warring sides keeps pulling them apart in spite of their best efforts to stay together. The Russian Revolution is MORE than just an historical backdrop — the whole theme of the novel, that love and the human spirit must triumph over the obscene violence of revolution, is dependent on the events and on the author’s knowledge of the forces that were warring.)

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Your Questions About Carnitine

December 23, 2013

John asks…

what herbal supplements affect birth control?

I take fish oils, vitamin b, chromium picolinate, l-carnitine, iron, folic acid, and b-12. I’ve researched and havent heard anything about side affects.

admin answers:

If you eat properly then you don’t need to be wasting your money on this kind of rubbish. Spend the money on some fruit and vegetable instead.

Mark asks…

DMSO used to treat Pyronies has any one used this to treat them self?

I have read different web sites that say this can help as well as Acetyl L-Carnitine. Have you had any success with this?

admin answers:

Hey Bret, Peyronies is a layer of hardened fat (plaque) under the skin at any point along the shaft of the penis.
You can straighten the curve yourself. You should be able to soften the fatty layer with applications of DMSO. You apply it right on the skin on the side that the penis is bending toward. It takes many applications, but it will straighten the penis. Just rub on a drop or two each day on the inner side of the curve.
At first it might seem to be itching, but you will get used to it.
You can usually get DMSO at a feed store for animals, especially horses and it is very cheap there.
Some health food stores carry it but you will pay lots more.

Susan asks…

Question about amino acids and iron?

I have a question about taurine, creatine, and carnitine.

I read an ariticle and it said there are no vegetarian sources of these amino acids. It said people’s bodies will normally make enough of these if they are taking in enough protein.

How do you know if your body may not be making enough or if you are deficient in these?

I also read somewhere else that if you swipe a gold ring across your forhead and a dark streak appears, you are deficient in iron. Is this true and if not, how can you tell if you are?
Actually, the source was from a vegan website… It said most vegetarians and vegans do not need to be concerned about it, but since it said ‘most’ and that a carnitine metabolic problem may be linked to migraines (which I do have at least a few times a month), I thought I would ask about it. Then again, though, I went back and re-read the article, and the migraines are linked to it if they developed after becoming a vegan… I have had migraines ever since I can remember, so this probably does not apply to me.

Here’s the link:

admin answers:

O.K. Here’s the thing. You are going to have to consider some things when reasoning ideas such as this. If you take the time to reason them you will usually find an answer. Here, I’ll show you.
1) Let’s go that the first thing you have listed is fact. “There are no vegetarian sources.” In this case it is correct as far as I have researched.
Now, here’s where I am talking about reasoning.
If the only sources of these synthesized amino acids are animals, there are only three options that can be reasoned from this.
2a) Do any animals that you would consider eating for this eat meat before it gets to you… Cows, chickens… No. The only omnivore that you eat is pig…
2b) Does any research suggest that pigs are the only source of these amino acids… No.
2c) Do these amino acids come from meat sources other than pigs… Yes.
So, from here we have to deduce that…
3) vegetarian animals must be able to synthesize these amino acids from other proteins or monomers of proteins that are found in vegetarian nature.
From here we have to consider
4a) Are cows etc… The only animals capable of synthesizing polymers… No
4b) Are humans capable of synthesis on a molecular scale… Yes.
5a) Can you live without amino acids… No
5b) Are there those who have lived their whole lives as strict vegetarians… Yes.
Then we must conclude that it is safe to assume that people who have never eaten flesh and yet lived a long life have to have gained these amino acids from a source other than meat… Yes. Further, since they have had no source outside themselves for this nutrient, they must have made it themselves from normal body processes.

Our bodies are remarkable chemistry labs. We are capable of amazing feats on molecular levels… Our bodies can do processes that still to this day baffle me when I think of them.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

December 22, 2013

Donald asks…

What are some effects of extreme sleep deprivation?

At what point does not getting enough sleep become a problem?

When should someone get help?

admin answers:

Sleep deprivation can have serious effects on your health in the form of physical and mental impairments. Inadequate rest impairs our ability to think, to handle stress, to maintain a healthy immune system and to moderate our emotions. In fact, sleep is so important to our overall health that total sleep deprivation has been proven to be fatal.

Without adequate rest, the brain’s ability to function quickly deteriorates. The brain works harder to counteract sleep deprivation effects, but operates less effectively: concentration levels drop, and memory becomes impaired.
Similarly, the brain’s ability to problem solve is greatly impaired. Decision-making abilities are compromised, and the brain falls into rigid thought patterns that make it difficult to generate new problem-solving ideas. Insufficient rest can also cause people to have hallucinations. Other typical effects of sleep deprivation include:

heart disease
slower reaction times
slurred speech

William asks…

How much alcohol needs to be consumed before feeling effects?

For an individual of average size and weight, could they be expected to feel tipsy after unknowingly consuming one cup of punch with vodka?

If someone consumed a small amount of alcohol without knowing that alcohol was involved, would the effects be stronger or weaker?

Thankyou very much :)
This person is AVERAGE size and weight.
Completely hypothetical here, a friend and I have a bet riding on it.

admin answers:

Even drinking a small amount of alcohol can impair judgment, coordination, and reaction time. It can increase the risk of work and household accidents, including falls and hip fractures. It also adds to the risk of car crashes.

Heavy drinking over time also can cause certain cancers, liver cirrhosis, immune system disorders, and brain damage. Alcohol can make some medical concerns hard for doctors to find and treat. For example, alcohol causes changes in the heart and blood vessels. These changes can dull pain that might be a warning sign of a heart attack. Drinking also can make older people forgetful and confused. These symptoms could be mistaken for signs of Alzheimer’s disease. For people with diabetes, drinking affects blood sugar levels.

Ken asks…

Can you train your body to be able to function with less sleep?

Like if you only get 5 hours of sleep each night can you train your body to be good with that?

admin answers:

Yeah but it will just take its toll on your body in other ways. Cell metabolism has its set rate and your body has to recharge every cell in every part of your body. If your body needs enough sleep to function well. Lack of sleep can interfere with concerntration brain function, digestion will slow leaving u feeling slugish and even more lethargic. Probably loose interest in daily activities, labido and even become depresive. Immune system can become impaired so if it cant fight off bugs the body will be even more exhausted

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