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Your Questions About For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice

November 10, 2013

Chris asks…

Christians, why did it take so long for God to figure out sacrifices were a bad idea?

For a while there, 1000s of years, your God loved sacrifices (the aroma of the burnt offerings pleased him and so on). He even has his son/himself be sacrificed! But we modern humans know sacrifices are a silly, unreasonable and barbaric idea. Why’d it take God so long to figure this out?

admin answers:

The christian god never did figure out that blood sacrifices were bad.
In fact, christianity is based on blood sacrifice.
Their god always has, and continues to, require blood rituals.

Sharon asks…

Why do Christians and other believers say that God is love? What does this mean?

Maybe cos love is like the best thing in the world. It’s what we all ultimately strive for. We would even sacrifice our own lives for the sake of love. Love is the most powerful emotion of all. So maybe since the believers thing that God is the most powerful and best thing in the world they have to say that God=love?

admin answers:

Love does not define God. God defines love. His love is an unconditional one. He does love us “because” we do this or that. He loves us regardless. ——————————-

Sandra asks…

Would you agree that the liberal versus conservative agendas come down to valuing people versus stuff?

Liberals value people more, and feel that sacrificing some of your stuff for the sake of contributing to the public good is a valid exchange. Conservatives are far more materialistic in nature and prefer to blame the poor for their poverty while also shunning them and referring to them as worthless and stupid.

admin answers:

‘A love of money is the root of all evil.’ If the Bible has one truth in it, it is this.

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died

November 9, 2013

David asks…

What are some good, safe, free dog toys?

I have rescued a couple of dogs, and would like to give them some fun dog toys. I don’t have the budget to spend on $6-$12 toys that they tear apart in 15 minutes! Any suggestions? Empty paper towel rolls? Pine cones? Sticks? Empty egg cartons? I know that if they eat ANY toy it isn’t good for them. But, what common items could I give them and not worry too much about? Thanks!

admin answers:

Okay first things first:

Do NOT give your dog dirt, sticks, empty paper towel rolls, old shoes or socks, or tennis balls. A puppy who is not fully vaccinated can easily get sick and die eating things from outside. Empty paper towel rolls can be eaten and are not digestible, sometimes getting stuck in the small intestine and causing internal bleeding that can sometimes only be corrected with surgery. Old socks and shoes will teach your dog that it is okay to play with socks and shoes. Tug of war is a horrible game to play with a pet dog, and is great only if you actually plan on training your dog as an attack dog, working dog, or champion obedience dog (which takes years). I’m not going to go into details as to why, as that wasn’t your question. Tennis balls are one of the most dangerous toys for dogs, because they chew through the outer layer easily and digest the small inner ball, which can kill them. Tennis balls that are sold at toy stores are safe for dogs to chew on.

Any toy that you homemake for your dog needs to be supervised when he plays with it. I would get atleast one Kong so you can fill it peanut butter and let him chomp while you are gone.

That being said, dogs can’t tell the difference between twenty cent toys and twenty dollar toys; you just have to know which ones are safe. My dogs favorite non-store bought toys are:

Ice cubes!!! Major fun.
Empty plastic soda bottles, he loves the small 12 oz and the large 2 liter ones. He will chase them forever, it’s even better if you leave just a tiny bit of water in them. MAKE SURE you take the plastic label off first!
The little metal door stopper than go “TWWWWAAANNNGG” when you hit them. I’m convinced my dog has a moral objection to their existence.
A cheap leash with a bell tied to the end of it. He could chase that thing for hours. We let him win often, of course.

MAKE SURE that before you give your dog ANY homemade toy, recommended by me, anyone else on this site, or your best friend’s mother, talk to your vet!!!!! Make sure that you clear all toys with a vet.

Good luck!! :)

Lisa asks…

What happens when an imperfect Christian dies suddenly without opportunity for final repentance?

Heaven, because he once asked Jesus to be his personal savior? Hell, because he died in a state of sin? Oblivion, because life is meaningless and we are accidents in the cosmos? Or purgatory, a divine intensive care unit? Please give evidence from the teachings of Jesus, the Word of God made flesh who lived among us, full of grace and truth.

admin answers:

We go to purgatory.

The best way to understand the idea of already being forgiven but still having to be cleansed of the temporal effects of sin is by analogy: imagine you are the parent of a 7-year old child who steals a candy bar from the local grocery. The child is repentant, in tears, sobbing his apologies. You, being the good parent (as God, our Father is!) forgive that child and love him and show him your mercy. But being a good parent means that you are also just and will expect that child to pay back the store. Purgatory is God’s way of forgiving us, loving us, showing us His mercy and justice — and making us “pay back the store.” Can you imagine what would happen to the child of a parent who never expected that child to “pay back the store” (especially when that same parent believed also that there was nothing that child could do to become “disinherited,” as in the “once saved, always saved” doctrine)?

Purgatory is His way of ensuring that Revelation 21:27 is true and that nothing unclean will see Heaven. It is only through Christ’s sacrifice that we are shown this mercy! It is Christ and Christ alone Who allows us access to the Father.

Carol asks…

What happened during the Trail of Tears, and what was it all about?

I believe I read 4,000 Indians died. And I think it’s because Andrew Jackson was ordered to take the Indian tribes to Oklahoma. Is this what happened?
Thank you Joe, and I‘m glad you pointed out that White people actually cared. The media seems to try to get all White people killed for “ancestors abuse of every other race”.

admin answers:

You are correct in that he was ordered to move the natives. Congress had passed a law making it illegal to be an Indian and live East of the Mississippi River, so off they went. Congress had made no provisions for food or water, or shelter, or rest, and the Indians died by the thousands, in one of the cruelest forced migrations ever.

If you put the words “Trail of Tears” into the Y’ Search ____ Web Search box at the top of this page, it will yield over 17,000,000 links to follow.

BTW, it was the white people who were doing the crying on the trail. They came running out by the hundreds to give whatever water and food that they could spare to the poor Indians passing by.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

November 8, 2013

William asks…

What Would The Repercussions Be, For Someone With A Serious Respiratory Disorder?

…When the air pressure within a passenger compartment of a commercial aircraft may be equivalent to an altitude of 8, 000 feet. What toll would this take, on someone inflicted with critical lung problems? :D Thank you so much, to y’all who answer.

admin answers:

Well, commercial airlines are pressurized, so that wouldn’t really be a factor.
What would be much more of a concern is that the air is recirculated, and if the person has impaired lungs and/or impaired immune system, they would be at a much higher risk of contracting the flu, pneumonia or even a cold which can then lead to pneumonia.

Donna asks…

This is for school:If you wanted to legalize recreational drugs, what would have to be researched?

My teacher wants to know: Should recreational drugs be legalized in the United States? What specific questions should be asked concerning this issue? What research should be done? Will emotions interfere with the critical thinking process surrounding this issue? If so, what can be done to make the discussion more objective?

admin answers:

Emotions run high on controversial issues and recreational drugs is one, questions should be related to the consequences of overdose, driving a vehicle while under the influence, walking across a busy street while under the influence and other issues of danger, also questions related to any pros on the issue.

An Excellent research procedure was just completed At St. Louis University where the professor was attempting to show that Marijuana smokers were less impaired that people who were over the legal limit on alcohol, the research proved that the Marijuana smokers were slower to respond in an emergency and all over less capable of driving safely. The study included both students and faculty.
Is Alcohol More Dangerous Than Pot?

Although many experts argue that pot is safer than alcohol, the risks of smoking marijuana are hard to ignore. Marijuana contains even more of the cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke, and regular use can lead to the following ailments:

* Certain types of cancer
* Respiratory problems (such as coughing and wheezing, chest colds and lung infections like pneumonia)
* Impaired immune system
* Depression
* Cognitive impairments (such as delusions, hallucinations, disorientation and impaired memory)
* Cardiovascular disease

In addition to the negative health effects, addiction counselors have noted that pot is a gateway drug (a drug that leads people to try other drugs). Young people assume that if they smoke pot and don’t have an immediate adverse reaction, they can safely move on to alcohol or harder drugs such as cocaine, LSD or methamphetamine.

Another serious concern with marijuana is that it is often laced with more dangerous drugs like meth, without the user knowing. Before they know it, teens are not only addicted to marijuana but also to the drugs it was laced with.

All of this isn’t to say that alcohol isn’t dangerous for teens. Drinking alcohol has been associated with violence, risky sexual behavior, unintentional injury and alcohol poisoning, as well as the following long-term health risks:

* Neurological problems (such as dementia, stroke and neuropathy)
* Cardiovascular disease
* Depression, anxiety and suicide
* Cancer
* Liver disease and gastrointestinal problems

James asks…

How can I get rid of a yeast infection and why did I get one?

I’ve gotten a yeast infection for the first time ever and I don’t know why I got it. I got it yesterday and I felt very swollen down there and uncomfortable. There is a bit of itching and also some discharge. I just feel really swollen and I would like to know how to get rid of this! Will it go away on its own? Also, I’ve been on birth control for the past month for the first time ever and now I’m on the sugar pills.. could the birth control have caused this yeast infection?

admin answers:

Hello, here are a few facts about causes and cures of yeast infections. I hope this can help you with your questions. Take care.

A vaginal yeast infection is caused by the fungus candida. Candida is a microorganism that’s normally present in your vagina, along with bacteria. Your vagina naturally contains a balanced mix of yeast and bacteria. Lactobacillus bacteria produce acid, which discourages overgrowth of yeast in the vagina. But disruption of the healthy balance can result in an overgrowth of yeast. Too much yeast in your vagina can lead to vaginal itching, burning, and other classic signs and symptoms of a yeast infection.


Use yogurt. Apply the yogurt to the affected area and do this twice a day until the infection is gone.

Ingest yogurt internally so that it can work through the body and eliminate the bad bacteria from the body.

Use distilled vinegar, which is known for being antibacterial and anti-fungal. Fill a bathtub with warm water mixed with 1 cup of vinegar and soak in the vinegar solution for about 15 or 20 twenty minutes. Afterwards, bathe normally in warm water, minus the vinegar. Dry the affected area with an absorbent towel.

Try Tree Oil Cream, which can be applied to the affected area and will relieve the yeast infection. Follow the directions on the bottle to ensure that it is used properly.

Buy vaginal suppositories, which are available as an over-the-counter medication that comes in different dosages.

Try garlic vaginal suppositories by peeling a clove garlic and wrapping a piece of gauze around the garlic. The thin type of gauze is best to use for this process. Fold the gauze in half to form what would look like a tampon. Insert the garlic, vaginal suppository inside the vaginal area. Remove the suppository every 3 or 5 hours and insert a new one. Repeat the process for about 3 to 5 days or until the infection is gone.

Overgrowth of yeast can result from:

Antibiotic use, which leads to a decrease in the amount of lactobacillus bacteria in your vagina and a change in your vaginal pH that allows yeast to overgrow
Uncontrolled diabetes
Impaired immune system
Anything that changes the type and amount of bacteria normally present in the vagina, such as douching or irritation from inadequate vaginal lubrication

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Take This Mission

November 7, 2013

Steven asks…

How do i download the hoth mission on star wars the force unleashed?

I wanna know because i have star wars the force unleashed for the xbox 360 and i have xbox live but i don’t know where to download the hoth mission.So how do i download the hoth mission?Plus is it free or do i have to pay for it?

admin answers:

Go to your Xbox Live Dashboard and make sure the game is in. Once the game icon loads and says Play Game press Y and you’ll see some options come up, choose downloads and you’ll see it. It costs about 10 bucks not really worth the price because it only takes about 45 minutes to beat, but it is really fun.

Thomas asks…

How does God choose one for a mission?

One who has already the characteristics that He wants
or he trainer someone He wants to prepare to the mission?

For example a person that has the nationality, origin,
studies, personality to a mission in some countries
that he will need those characteristics.

admin answers:

Apocalypse has started because of abortions and new documents. God gives people names during baptism. The devil wants to give people anti-names (a bunch of numbers, like on a bar-coded identification card or insurance card). Be prepared to die for faith. 80 foot (25 meter) dinosaurs (man-eaters) will come out through sinkholes and lakes. To kill these dinosaurs, go for their nerves. Use of contraceptives is an early abortion. Aborted babies go to hell for 33.5 years to grow up there in the dark. That’s why abortion needs to be banned. Had these babies died some other way, they’d go to heaven and be 33.5 years old right away and always remain this age (like the rest of the people in heaven). God is 100% light. In Him there is no darkness. Http:// God is one. God = Most Holy Trinity. Jesus is 100% God and 100% man. Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father only. Http:// Christ preached in hell. Those who believed, got out of hell. Church prays for the dead because hell is not permanent before God’s Final Judgement. There are different punishments in hell. Overtime, people may be released (or their punishments may be decreased). After God’s Final Judgement, hell is permanent. Church prays to saints and angels so that they beseech God on our behalf. Physical objects (icons and remains of the saints) are a way God wants people to be healed with. Jesus healed a blind man with mud (physical object). There is no purgatory, but there are 20 ordeals (where demons accuse people of 20 general sins) after death (from 9th until 40th day after death). The only Biblical Church is the Orthodox Church. WW3 will happen soon. America and Israel will attack Iran. Russia will be forced to attack Georgia and Turkey. 90% of American population will die. China will attack Russia. NATO will fight Russia. Russia will go to Egypt. Greeks will fight Chinese. Angels will help Greeks. Demons fly in UFOs. “Healthy zombie-like people” are those who go into UFOs to be healed by demons. There are neither aliens nor ghosts nor pagan deities; only demons who pretend to be aliens, ghosts, and pagan deities (all demons are male). Antichrist is born to a Jewish generational prostitute. Antichrist is possessed by Satan since he’s 12 years old. He’s surrounded by demons who appear as angels of light. Antichrist resembles “Billy” from “Saw” movie. He is very pale, has red eyes, and wears gloves. During coronation of antichrist in Jerusalem, Jews will see that the antichrist has long animal-like nails. This will be made public among the Jews. That’s why many of them will reject the antichrist’s mark (666 tattoo by lasers). Antichrist will rule from 3rd temple in Jerusalem (Omar Mosque stands there currently). Antichrist’s mark is 666 tattoo by lasers given when people stretch hands to receive the evil plastic card (small grey world passport or similar document). There is no rapture to escape the evil flying Jew and his 666 tattoo by lasers. Http:// Food stores and Police will laser people too. Reject new documents, chips, tattoos, and non-Biblical teachings. Go hide in a village with 7-15 people per house to escape getting chipped and lasered. Http:// Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (rejecting salvation through Jesus, suicide, worship of flying evil bloke, and 666 tattoo by lasers) lead to hell.

Susan asks…

how to choose to kill or not kill someone when locked on in GTA 4?

im ion a mission and i wanna let him live and see what happens. i remember when i was supposed to kill a guy in a previous mission and i had the choice to kill him or let him live but i forgot what button to press to let the person live when im locked on and the crosshairs r green and red or one or the other. help please??? Thanks, anything helps.

admin answers:


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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

November 6, 2013

Carol asks…

What are some songs that relate to Romeo and Juliet?

I’m doing a project and I need some songs (preferably rock) whose lyrics relate to any moment in Romeo and Juliet. Any ideas?

admin answers:

Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings

Juliet by LMNT

Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits (also covered by The Killers)

Prepare the Masses by A Change of Pace

Love Story by Taylor Swift

Not Romeo Not Juliet by Bryan Adams

Romeo & Juliet by Toy Box

Romeo Loves Juliet – Rick Astley

Thomas asks…

How is the song sympothy for the devil proof that rock n roll was indeed the devils music?

Also how to refute (challenge and prove false) the charge that sympathy for the devil is a song praising the evil

admin answers:

It is not proof at all. It is a catalyst for opinion though, easy to point fingers.

I have been a rock n roller for 38 years now, been to over 250 concerts, including the Stones twice ( 1981 & 1989 ), and I also took part in various devil worship sermons and meetings over the years trying to convince me my music was bad.

So, I could go off for way too long on the subject, but instead I will just make a couple of points for your consideration, and that actually answer your questions, lol.

First, the song does not “praise the devil”, it is a song about man. Look at every lyric carefully, the metaphors are about the devil being present when man has been doing his terrible behaviors over the centuries.

Second, and I will use AC/DC’s Highway to Hell album cover and song for my example here, most bands that fooled with the devil in their music over the years simply do not believe in him at all, hence why they feel comfortable using him in their songs.

Look at that album cover, they are joking the devil, and religion. Listen to the song, they are praising fun and basically saying they just don’t believe in God at all, so feel no fear about the devil and his God given powers.

Van Halen play it the same way on their first ever track, Running with the Devil.

Here is a question and answer I had to come to peace with a long time ago, because I do believe in God and thus the devil.

These musicians, and people in general, if they believed then they would not be so fast to joke the whole thing, because they would fear, but because they do not believe it is all in good fun and games, and excellent song material.

Hope this tiny intro into that world Serves you well.

Paul asks…

What are some classic rock lyrics relating to growing up?

I like bands like Pink Floyd and Zeppelin. We can put a quote under our picture in our yearbook, and i really want something that reflects my music, as well as showing how we all have matured!

admin answers:

Listen to Oasis – D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman. Its all about how u change ur dreams when u get older. In the song its about wanting to be a spaceman when ur young and as soon as u get old all u want is the gold listen to it. I can’t really describe it here’s the link

Joy Division is good as well. I rememeber one song it started with “I’ve been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand”. I think its called Disorder heres the link

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