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Your Questions About Carnitine

November 15, 2013

James asks…

What is the mass percentage composition of C in L-carnitine (C7H15NO3), a compound that is taken as a dietary?

What is the mass percentage composition
of C in L-carnitine (C7H15NO3), a compound
that is taken as a dietary supplement to re-
duce muscle fatigue?

Answer in units of % Your answer must be
within ± 3.0%

Thank you im stuck on it: )

admin answers:

I’m not sure but isn’t it just the molar mass of C7 over the molar mass of the entire compound?
Sorry if I am wrong, but here’s what I have:

%C = (C7) / (C7H15NO3)
%C = (12.0*7) / (12.0*7 + 1.008*15 + 14.0 + 16.0*3)
%C = 64.9%

I hope that’s it!

Betty asks…

Can you mix acetyl l carnitine with your protein shakes?

I’m taking redbak WPI protein shake and I was wandering can I mix some acetyl l carnitine with it or will it effect my results?

admin answers:

No i do it works fine, your body still absorbs it

Ruth asks…

Will i get the same.results from L-carnitine as i do from Acetyl L-carnitine?

I know.acetyl has brain focus properties, but I just ran out, but i have a full bottle of regular L-Carnitine, physically not mentally, will i get the same workout results as.using acetyl LCarn? My workout program calls for it but ive only got the regular.

admin answers:

Yes, the L-carnitine is better for workouts than the Acetyl L -carnitine. Check out this site:

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

November 14, 2013

Nancy asks…

What do I do if I left loch modan and cant get back in WoW?

I was in loch modan and had accepted a quest, but I used a hearthstone to get back to the one tavern near khanaros to sell some loot. Now I cant get back. Any ideas?
EDIT: That one the guy bellow here said wont work because trial accounts cant use chat.

admin answers:

This on is the best game in GTA.
Grand Theft Auto III

Product Features
Platform: PC
- It features all-new graphics and perspectives, and an incredibly wide city for you to explore
- Work your way up in the syndicate with over 80 gangland missions to choose from
Work your way up in the gang and fight for a position of power
- Follow a story of deadly revenge as you steal cars and make incredible getaways
- All those cars are just waiting to be stolen — steal parked cars, or take out the drivers with fists, bats, Uzis and more

Sandra asks…

If Jews are THE chosen people why have Christians been torturing them for most of the last 2000 years?

Orthodox Christianity has a terrible opinion of Judaism .It was understood that they lost their status with the rejection of Christ and historically the church has treated them with at best disdain and at worse torture and death.

But now it seems the Jews have become the chosen people again.

Why the change in interpretation?

admin answers:

The answer is in your question.

In the Jewish Bible, the statement is found that Jews are the chosen people. Christian theology accepts the Bible as the word of G-d, and accepts that G-d gave the Bible to the Jewish people, at which time He made the Jews his special messengers.
However, it is the Christian belief that once Jesus made his appearance, and the Jews rejected him and his proclaimed mission, G-d changed his mind about His “choice” of the Jews. At that point the Christians became G-d’s new chosen people.

Any individual’s claim to superiority bothers people only to the extent that they believe it is true. If someone who is indisputably ugly saunters up to a nice-looking fellow at a party and says, “I’m better-looking than you,” what would be the other’s response? More than likely he would simply shrug his shoulders and ignore him, because the comment would not bother him in the least.
If, on the other hand, the best-looking guy in the room comes up to the same fellow and makes the identical comment, that will raise his dander. The reason is that one doesn’t resent people who say they are superior; one resents people who are superior.
That is why the Christians’ hatred of the Jews was particularly intense. They, more than those of other religions, were threatened by the Jewish message. Jews said that Jesus was not God. This statement assumes a “wrongness” about Christianity. The Church Fathers understood that if the Jews are right, and they remain Jews, this implies that Christianity is bankrupt.
Therein lies Judaism’s colossal threat to Christianity. Other groups’ denial of Jesus is a great disappointment to Christians, but the Jews’ denial is intolerable. Jesus came to the Jews! The very group that produced him, those people who had the most knowledge and authority on such matters, those who represented the last word on religion – were the first to reject Jesus.
The Jewish threat to Christianity has nothing to do with their having “killed” Jesus. The source of Christian fear runs much deeper: Jewish existence invalidates the essential tenet of Christian theology.

Hope I helped.

James asks…

What programs are good for studying abroad?

I’m turning 15 this summer. I would like to study abroad for a couple months. Do you know of any programs that would accept someone my age? I would be willing to go anywhere and would also maybe like to go on a mission trip. I’m fluent in Spanish and English both. I’m also learning French, if that’s a factor and know some Italian. I would also appreciate any advice on how to convince my parents to allow me to go. Thank you

admin answers:

Spain is a wonderful choice and the program, one of the best if not the best of the programs offered abroad world wide. Location is a safe and most amazingly beautiful beach resort in Northern Spain.

Host families are extremely well screened and very loving. This program gets returnees year after year, so great it is.

Cost is really reasonable considering everything included (as long as you sign up with this program through their web site as there are organizations that sell the same program for much more so high quality it is).

This program is considered the most complete exposure to a foreign country because as they say it is true that it combines CLASSES (art, debate, street talk, folklore, among others) with FUN and EXCITING ACTIVITIES such as Latin Dance Classes, Bullfight, Boat Excursion, etc…, FULL DAY OUTINGS to places of historical and cultural interest such as prehistoric Altamira Caves, Guggenheim Museum, Roman Ruins, “Capricho de Gaudi”, Roman Route Hiking adventure, etc… Are also ALL INCLUDED IN THE PRICE while living with a local, loving and carefully selected HOST FAMILY. I know this program allows you to choose from several host families (the type of things this program does, no other program would ever) in order for everyone to be happy.

It offers you the possibility of enrolling with a friend with whom to share same host family home, or for you to stay alone at host family. Many host families count on children of your same age.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

November 13, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Is there any proof that rocks and crystals have an energy?

Magnetic rocks would be a give in, but there are a lot of claims that certain rocks and crystals have energy fields that can may have a “healing” effect if worn or carried by a person. But my real question is do all rocks really have an energy or is it only magnetic rocks and quarts etc… Hope my question makes sense.

admin answers:

People that say rocks have a healing effect are probably smoking those rocks…

But yes, all rocks, and all matter have energy. Ever heard of einstein. E=MC^2

so the mass of the rock multiplied by the speed of light squared will yield its energy

Joseph asks…

What do you do with the extra rock and materials dug up from mining?

So what do miners/mining engineers do with all that rock and dirt they extract from the mines? Surely not just thrown somewhere like the ocean or something. What are some of the possible uses of the large quantities of rock as well?

admin answers:

Environmental laws more closely regulate how the waste materials from mining are handled. If you look at old mines you saw huge piles of mining waste often referred to as slag piles. These mountains of slag often caused heavy metal pollution and other damage to the environment. Modern methods usually consist of using the discarded rock and dirt to fill in abandoned tunnels and mine shafts thus helping to stabilize the mine.

Mandy asks…

What exactly is Rock Salt, and is it safe to eat?

Okay, I know that rock salt is usually used for melting ice and snow, and used in home ice cream makers. But what makes rock salt different from table salt (other than size and shape)? Is it safe to eat? I certainly don’t see any warning labels on the box indicating that it is dangerous, but I find it interesting that I’ve never heard of it being used in some recipe before. After all, many recipes call for sea salt, or other alternatives to table salt, why not rock salt?

admin answers:

Brittany will flunk her tests.
Rock salt is basically sodium chloride the same as sea salt, but the former is obtained as a mineral. Before industry, salt was mainly obtained in salt mines, where it accumulated once oceans retreated. Table salt is either sea salt or rock salt grounded and iodined (so it’s the only one with chemicals added).
You can say their flavor varies depending on the presence of minerals other than sodium chloride.

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Your Questions About For Those Who Have Heart

November 12, 2013

Helen asks…

How do you know that you are working-out at your optimal rate?

I know that heart rate is a good indicator.

Are there any others?

I want to ensure that I am getting the most out of my work-out – not working too hard and not taking it too easy.

admin answers:

Take a look at this:

It will calculate the optimal zones for you.

Mary asks…

How would you like to help a frightened heart that yearns to reunite?

…reunite with the time it wasted from hiding… with the courage it once drove away… with those hands it did let go of… with those eyes who could see within… with those hearts which are loving and kind… with people it once judged and rejected…

admin answers:

Can you help someone else when it comes to their feelings?

A frightened heart.. If it yearns enough to reunite, will take that step by itself. The yearning just has to be strong enough.. I would just tell that person to listen to their heart.. To stop focusing on why it wouldn’t work out and look for one way that it will. Two hearts apart, hurts a lot.. But every story is complicated.. And it’s finally up to them. All I can do is listen and be there for that person.

Jenny asks…

How do you get that heart on your computer?

I always see ppl on myspace that have hearts next to the writing. how do you get that?

admin answers:

Well, my understanding is through the use of Alt codes in which you hold done the “alt” button while hitting a certain series of numbers on the number pad. Though if you have your keyboard set to any foreign languages the alt codes may be different or not work entirely …

I.e. Alt + 0169 = ©

to make the heart you do Alt + 3 = ♥

I hope that helps. :)

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Your Questions About For Those In Peril On The Sea

November 11, 2013

Donald asks…

Can you legally hunt and kill sea lions and seals in the USA?

specifically california
this is info for a article i have been reading. please keep your rude comments to yourself.

admin answers:

I live in Alaska. The answer is a great big YES. It just floors me that 18 so called ‘Experts’ here at YA have no clue. Why did they even bother answering if they did not know the answer? Duh.

Both Alaskan and Canadian native peoples can legally hunt these animals. They are required to use all parts of the animal – which they have always done in the past – but it is part of the current Marine Mamal Protection Act verbage.

Under the MMPA indigenous people can hunt seals, walrus etc providing the use the meat and hide. Frequently the meat is eaten locally, the hides are tanned and used to make a number of expensive, and very pretty, waterproof garments. The skulls, tusks and teeth are ivory – this is where current ivory comes from for scrimshaw and other artistic uses – like musical instruments.

Seals, harbor and Stellar, and walrus population in Alaska and Canada are not in any peril. Although big scale harvesting has been stopped – only because of the decline in the fur market – we are close getting to the stage where the government might have to intervine and cull the populations at tax payer expense for the greater good of the animals well being.

What goes around – comes around. People don’t like killing seals – so they don’t buy seal products. Now your tax money will soon be going to killing seals so they do not overpopulate their habitat. Yup – those tree huggers are one smart group – good thing they don’t pay taxes – so they can have a clean conscious.

Hope this helps

Robert asks…

do fisherman in Indonesia works during the hurricane season?

the reason i am asking that i am going to indonesia soon and i want to spend a few days on a local fishing boat , so i was wondering do they work in the hurricane season ?

admin answers:

Its called the Monsoon season . Yes they do work because they are dependant on the sea for their livelihood . Only somedays they wont go out and others they dont drift off far because of the obvious peril on high seas

Helen asks…

What to do about slugs on my plants?

FIrst it was ants eating my plants, now slugs!

What do I do to get rid of slugs, now?

I live in an urban area, and only have a tiny garden, so I really would like to keep what I have looking nice.

admin answers:

1) Beer. Yes, it really does work. It’s also the best non-personal way to confirm that overnight damage is due to the slimy beasts. Just don’t use the often-cited “stale beer”, which slugs like about as much as you and I do. Place commercial traps or old margarine tubs on top of the soil close to the damaged plants, wait until dusk and then fill them with the cheapest—but freshest—beer you can find. The next morning, they should be filled with dead drunken slugs. Dump this defeated debris nearby (where it will attract their cannibalistic pals) and repeat every evening.
2) Coffee. New research has found caffeine to be very effective at dispatching slugs. Save your dregs and spray them full strength directly on the beasts in the evening. Surround plants under attack with a mulch of used coffee grounds to deter slugs and feed the plants.
3) Iron phosphate. Turns out that iron is very bad for a slug’s digestion. Like deadly bad. So a new generation of products with brand names like “Sluggo” and “Escar-Go!” wrap iron in a slug-attracting bait. You simply scatter the pellets around plants in peril to wipe out the pests without poisons. (And a little extra iron is good for your garden soil.)
4) Copper. Slugs get shocked when they touch this shiny metal. You can buy ready-made copper plant guards or just adorn your raised bed frames with copper flashing. Hot-glue rings of pennies around the tops of your containers. Drop captured slugs into a jar of pennies and watch ‘em spark!
5) Diatomaceous earth. Available at garden centers, ‘DE’ is the mined fossilized remains of dinosaur-era, sea-going creatures called diatoms. It looks like white flour, but is incredibly sharp on a microscopic level, dehydrating slugs on contact. Surround plants under attack with protective rings of DE (be sure to wear a dust mask); freshen them up if they get wet.
6) Boards. Lay some old planks between your garden beds. The vampiric slugs will crawl underneath to hide from the sun. Come morning, lift the boards and scrape the slugs into a bucket with a flat piece of metal. Then do with them what you will. Hey—got any pennies?
7) Human hair. Surround your plants with a protective barrier of hair. The slugs will get all tangled up in it and strangle (hey—it was them or the hostas!); and the hair will eventually add plant-feeding nitrogen to the soil. 8) Citrus. Leave lemon, orange and grapefruit rinds out overnight near slug prone plants, and then collect and trash them—covered with slugs—first thing the next morning. Old lettuce leaves work well too.
9) Vinegar. A spray bottle filled with plain white vinegar is a great cure for slugs that aren’t on plants. An extremely effective mollusk dissolver, vinegar is also an herbicide—so don’t spritz the salvia.
10) Toads. Avoid all pesticides, provide water low to the ground and a damp shady spot for them to hide during the heat of the day, and these wonderful nocturnal predators will eat lots of slugs for you.
11) Rove beetles. These big black bugs don’t bother plants, but do eat LOTS of slugs and their eggs. So don’t hurt them!
12) Lightning bugs. The larval form of these summertime entertainers, the fascinating “glowworm,” eats slugs and their eggs. To encourage adults to breed nearby, turn off outdoor lights at night, allow a small area of your garden to stay moist and a little weedy, and don’t use pesticides.
13) Ducks! Just turn a few loose in the garden—these feathered friends (and natural fertilizer providers) are among nature’s FINEST slug-eaters! And all together now: “We can always use the eggs”. Thank you.

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