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Your Questions About For Those Who Have Heart

November 25, 2013

Steven asks…

How do you tell the difference in a heart attack & a stroke?

And angina pains?

I lost my husband due to a massive heart attack years ago, & I thought heart disease could be detected these days better than it was then.

I am somewhat of a band aid nurse, & I thought I knew some things about health, but I’ve learned lately due to a friend,that sometimes it masks itself & you cannot tell.

How can you tell if you have heart trouble? Is there anyone out there that has dealt with this? I thought that heart trouble was diagnosed easier than it was 10 years ago.

Thank you.

admin answers:

A heart attack is when blood vessels that supply blood to the heart are blocked, preventing enough oxygen from getting to the heart. The heart muscle dies or becomes permanently damaged. Your doctor calls this a myocardial infarction.
A stroke is an interruption of the blood supply to any part of the brain. A stroke is sometimes called a “brain attack.”
A stroke can happen when a blood vessel that supplies blood to the brain is blocked by a blood clot. This is called an ischemic stroke.
Hemorrhagic stroke involves bleeding within the brain, which damages nearby brain tissue.
Subarachnoid hemorrhage is bleeding in the area between the brain and the thin tissues that cover the brain. This area is called the subarachnoid space

Donald asks…

I want to get my boyfriend that is serving oveseas something like this for christmas but i have no clue where?

I want to get his something like those heart necklaces where one person has one half and the other has the other half. Does anyone know where I can get one for a reasonable price but is appropriate for a soldier? Or any other great gift ideas? Thanks
And please no bull s*** comments. Leave the drama at the door.

admin answers:

Overseas? Check this out:

Or are you looking for a more lovey one?


Or for an idea if you are willing to spend money: a camera! If he is allowed to take a camera overseas to take pictures or maybe a flip camera to record daily vlogs that he can send you or vise versa.

Maria asks…

Heart disease is not so much a disease of the heart but a disease of the arteries?

It is often said that heart disease is not so much a disease of the heart but a disease of the arteries. What do you think this statement means?

admin answers:

Just what it says.

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Your Questions About For Those In Peril On The Sea

November 24, 2013

Joseph asks…

Why did the Orientals come to Canada during the Oriental invasion, and why did they not want them?

What is the Oriental invasion, and why did they not let the orientals? also, whch orientals came into Canada?
What was the Oriental invasion, and why did they not let the orientals? also, which orientals came into Canada? What did Wilfrid Laurier do to stop it?, Where did the Orientals settle?

admin answers:

Back when the Bering Strait was passable on foot due to ice cover and lower sea levels, the Orientals staged the first of their many invasions of Canada. Yes, the dreaded Yalu Peril (so named because of their ancestral homes on the ‘Yang-Tze’ or ‘Mao’ River) swept over the area of Canada like a plague of ravenous locusts, cutting down the mighty Redwoods that formerly coated the mighty glaciers of this mighty land. As for why they did not want them, they were always conflicted in their thoughts about themselves. That, of course, is why they cut down the mighty Redwoods – they all wanted to be Lumberjacks instead of Orientals, because Lumberjacks get to sing and press wildflowers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Laura asks…

Do you agree or disagree that what caused and occurred before andduring the sinking of the Titanic?

mimics closely what is happening in America, and perhaps the entire world, today?

The people who were responsible for building the ship were flackers. They fudged here and there, breaking the rules and cutting corners to make strategic pressure points un-sturdy. Those who were responsible for putting on the safety mechanisms failed to perform their responsibilities because we have put our faith in the irresponsible.
That is, to say, our highest government officials have failed us. They are setting most of us up to drown in freezing waters.
The government, like the captain and crew, only made sure only that their were enough life vests and rafts for themselves. They didn’t put together a good health plan for the public but paid serious attention to the one they drew up for themselves even though we were the ones who were paying them to make sure we would all be all right.

We the people are the citizens like the passengers on the Titanic. We thought the Titanic was too strong to every sink. But our captain put people in important positions, that are actually punching holes at the bottom of the ship to sabatgauge the ship and America to sink.
They may be delliberately or inadvertantly making these holes, but never the less, they are boring them as they speedily borrow to speed up our arrival at the ice berg that history suggests lies just ahead.
Then, when we hit the economic failure and the collapse of the infrastructure due to the corruption by those in charge, including the homeland security and the state police, most people won’t get a life saving vest at all, let alone make it onto a raft.

kinsuch as ast the appointed oSo did our capare trusting them to steer the ship through a sea of ice bergs in a cold cruel world. But those they entrusted to steer their ship let them down.

Yet, the country’s
entertainment industries keep trying to distract us from the peril we are in by playing on. The more depressingly it become clear there is no hope for survival, the more sweetly the band plays, in the hopes of distracting themselves as well that the people they put in charge have led them to disaster and most of them have run off with the safety rafts unfilled only worrying about their own bu t t s.

And in the end when its over and the over confident and spoiled from as life of looking down their noses at the people whose money they redistribute into their own pockets, would just let everyone else aboard die beneath the waves or to freeze to death slowly int the icy waters as the earth becomes too polluted to support life as we knew it.

admin answers:

The RMS Titanic was built in a time where technology was seen as an end in it’s self. We TRUSTED ourselves and the technology. A Hubris shattered in freezing waters. A series of missed steps. One thing you have missed is the amazing part.

It takes time for an ice berg to form and start it’s journey in the North Atlantic. As a keel was being laid, a massive chunk of glacier broke off and shattered into smaller bits. As one of those bits finally broke out into the Atlantic, that laid keel completed it’s test trials at Harland &Wolf. The rest is history. Or, God’s hand laying a booby trap to challenge us?

In other words, we do not know what, and can never fully understand, the forces that build up to come our way. No matter how anally we prepare. The RMS Titanic was not built weakly. Not on purpose. She was built to withstand what ever could come against her. With the best materials of the time. With the best technology. Afterwards, the men who built her examined and understood their errors. Even the stress relief joint (where the ship tore in two) was improved. Witness that her slightly older sister ship lasted into the 1930′s. Where an old crack, caused by a 1911 collision and unseen for decades, finally opened. After another incident where she was driven over a light ship. This doomed the RMS Olympic. Where the HMHS Britannic was doomed, as her sister ship was, by the complacency of her crew. Wide open portholes and loading doors.

Now, after all that windbag??? Here’s the deal of America as RMS Titanic. That is a warning. What we should look at is a purposed course we’re being placed on. The RMS Lusitania and the HMHS Britannic are closer to what is happening. Despite warnings and in-spite of the times and dangers, we are told to just go about our lives and SHOP for Christ sakes. That we are completely safe. As our trusted crew reduces the HMHS Britannic to less than what the RMS Titanic was. As our crew swings open the portholes and loading doors. As they steer into waters where know mines and torpedoes await. As they command our shepherd warships to stay at dock.

See, it is worse than what the 3 ship’s stories convey to us. In ALL 3 luxury liner cases the crew, the classes of people on board and the builders trusted one another. All understood and even accepted their statuses. There wasn’t an animosity like today. An air of utter distrust on one side and contempt on the other. The times, the moments, the people and, yes, the machines were fairly in harmony.

And that’s the biggest difference. Our Elites are purposely steering us into the ice and into minefields and torpedo alleys. On board a ship they’ve deliberately stripped of it’s protections and safeguards. Another difference??? Unlike those who died in freezing waters and died on ships darkened by explosions and bad judgement? We Americans ARE aware of what our self appointed Elites are doing.

Pray we’ve woken enough of us up and, most importantly, IN TIME. Or, we will see most of ourselves and this Nation we all Love, slip beneath the waves of history’s ocean. Drowned by the legacy of the mindsets behind The Terror of the French Revolution and Lenin’s International Socialist Revolution. And the Band won’t be playing (to calm) for us at the end.

Steven asks…

Would an indepenent Scotland refuse to help a nuclear sub in an emergency?

If a nuclear sub got into trouble for some reason and called for help and needed docking immediately , would an independent Scotland refuse to take them and potentially save the lives of the crew or would it be turned away? Salmond wants an independent Scotland to become a nuclear-free State but also wants his cake and eat it in wanting to joining the ‘nuclear alliance’ NATO , so therefore the country couldn’t refuse help as a member. The confusion goes on and on with the SNP.

admin answers:

Scotland would follow the rules for those in peril at sea and offer whatever assistance it can..just like it does today and every other day

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

November 23, 2013

Jenny asks…

What rock is the most interesting rock i can do research project on?

I want to do a research project on a very interesting rock.
So i want to find a lot of information on the internet about that rock.
Do you have any suggestions?
*It can be igneous, sedimentary,metamorphic, or a mineral.

admin answers:

Try garnet schist. This is one of the most beautiful and interesting rocks, with an interesting mode of formation. Any of the high grade metamorphic rocks, such as schists, gneisses and migmatites are very interesting. See the links below.

Alternatively try accretionary lapilli tuff. This is a rock which was erupted from an ash cloud and some of the ash nucleated about other ash fragments due to moisture in the air. The rock is very interesting in appearance and unique in its formation. Links below.

Bioclastic limestone is well worth considering. There are several different types of limestone, but this one is composed of fossil fragments, and represents a unique source and depositional environment. They contain interesting fossils and can form limestone caves.

Ken asks…

What are some classical composers that a fan of rock music would like?

Currently I listen to a lot of Christian rock music (Skillet, Kutless, Sanctus Real, etc.), but I want to get a little “sophisticated” and listen to some classical music. I want to garner a little more knowledge about music theory. If you could give me some names of composers that rock music fans usually like, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

admin answers:

Hi,Jeremy H.
At first i suggest Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi from the Baroque Era(Additional ones:Händel,Correlli,Tartini and D.Scarlatti).
From the Classical Period i recommend at first Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart(The film AMADEUS is about him and you can hear good music of Mozart in the film).Others from that Time:Joseph Haydn(In 2009 by the way,we have a great Haydn year;it’s 200 Years ago he died),Franz
Schubert and Ludwig van Beethoven(Enjoy his great Symphonies,3,5,6,
7 and No.9 the most famous of his Symphonies).
From the Romantic Period there are so many good ones that it’s very
difficult to pick out someone,but this is a short list of my favored ones:
Niccolo Paganini(The great Violinist),Frederic Chopin and Franz Liszt,
(The Great Pianist’s of that time),Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy,Robert
Schumann and Johannes Brahms(Their Symphonies and symphonic
works are also world-famous/You should listen them).
The music of the Late Romantic composers and Impressionists,
Expressionists,Neo Classicism etc…to our Time Classical Music,is at
the beginning,maybe,a little bit to much to your ears.So,therefore i stop
my list here and hope you enjoy the suggestions i made.Bets wishes
from Heidelberg/Germany.Happy new year to you.
Stefan K. Featuring Dr.Nirokay.

Sandra asks…

What comedian said that rock & roll is worth the deaths from drug use?

I remember hearing a comedian saying that (A) drugs kill kids and (B) drugs result in great rock & roll. In his opinion, B outweighs A, so a few dead kids is worth the great rock that resulted from drug use. Who said this?
Bill Hicks said something along the same lines, that great rock was written under the influence, but he doesn’t relate this to kids dying from drugs.

admin answers:

Bill Maher,said this in a comedy routine in the context of his point of view on marijuana drug legislation.

Starting at 1:10 in this clip.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

November 22, 2013

Nancy asks…

Who does the rock song that has the lyrics Fred Bear?

Heard it on rock station, other lyrics are about being out in the wild. Might be Red Bear instead of Fred Bear.

admin answers:

Ted Nugent. You know Google has a search function, right?

Hope I helped.

Laura asks…

What is the difference between pop and rock music?

I dont really know how to tell the difference… there are some songs that seem like rock and are actually pop and vice versa. So how do you tell the difference?

admin answers:

Rock: Usually has a 4/4 beat (not required, but it usually has one) Usually consists of a musician lineup of electric guitar(s), electric bass, drums, and often keyboards. Emphasis is placed on a group, rather than a solo musician. Frequently (not always) the performer writes his/her own material. Older rock bears influence of blues and country music.

Pop: Often has a 4/4 beat too, but is more likely to either be faster or slower. Generally (not always) oriented towards single performers, not groups. Material is often written by a professional songwriter, and the producer often has the biggest influence in the finished record. Pop incorporates musical ideas from whatever is popular at the moment, so pop throughout the years has undergone many stylistic changes.

Modern pop has had an emphasis on a danceable beat and a de-emphasis on the lyrics.

Often a “rock” song is called a “pop” song, due to a softer beat or sunny arrangement or huge mass appeal. One could consider all Western music designed to sell in large numbers as pop music, and rock a subgenre of pop. Or, rock and pop could be considered wholly separate genres.

Chris asks…

How do i find this certain christian song?

All I know are bits and pieces of the song. Im lookig for a website were i could type in some of the lyrics to see if they could pull it up. Having a hard time finding a christian song website that isnt rock songs. Its not a christian rock song. Just a simple song.

admin answers:

If you know a line of the lyrics, you can type it onto google, and something should come up. This is what i did when I had to identify over 100 songs that i got from a friend. Google has everything.

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Your Questions About For Those Who Think Young

November 21, 2013

James asks…

Do you agree with Obama that most young illegals are Americans at heart?

After announcing his executive order, Obama remarked that young undocumented workers are already Americans in their heart.

If that’s true, would it be unreasonable if he asked them to prove their loyalty by enlisting in the military? Speaking of the males, of course.
But what if they’re willing to join the infantry and risk their lives for the country. Does that atone for their transgression?

admin answers:

Are they the ones on the YouTube videos walking on our flag and flying that Mexican one?

Lizzie asks…

Try changing this article into simple English, or re-write it in a way that younger people will understand?

Article 12 is designed t ensure that young people have the right to from their own views and right to express these on matters concerning themselves.

Thanks! ♥

admin answers:

What article are you talking about? Give us a link.

Robert asks…

Why is it that young women do not like to cook?

It bothers me that young women don’t like to cook because I think it is a great way to be creative & it is very satisfying.

admin answers:

Well, I’m reasonably young (under 30), and I love to cook. I’ve been cooking since I was 7 years old.

I agree though that most of my friends my age don’t cook AT ALL, and it bothers me. I wonder what they are going to feed their children when they become mothers – and is this why there is such a child obesity problem?

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