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Your Questions About For Those Who Have Heart

October 1, 2013

Paul asks…

Why does that heart use ketone bodies in preference to glucose?

I’ve read that the heart will chose to metabolise ketone bodies in preference to glucose. Why is this?
Is it because ketone bodies have less metabolic steps to travel (compared to glucose) in order to reach the citric acid cycle?

admin answers:

It doesn’t prefer them, as they don’t yield enough energy. Glucose is the main man

Laura asks…

How do you make those little hearts on photoshop?

like those hearts that people make on their icons.

admin answers:

How to make hearts, etc.

?Go to>start>programs>accessories>… Tools> then “Character Map”…scroll down to “symbols.”

Hope that helps.

More info:
Hold down the ALT key and then press numbers on the num pad. When you let go, it will type a symbol such as this smiley face: ? (ALT + 1).
A heart is ALT + 3: ?. You can press more than one number, though, such as ALT + 1 + 3: ?. Similar things are usually grouped together, so ? Is ALT + 3, ? Is ALT + 4, ? Is ALT + 5, and ? Is ALT + 6. Experiment and you will find many more.

Another way of doing it is to type special codes for certain entities such as &hearts ; (without the space inbetween the code and the semicolon) which is ?. Here is a list of a bunch of them:…

If you’re using Windows then a third way is to go to start > all programs > accessories > system tools > and character map (or just go to run and enter charmap). Then search for what you want, select it, copy it, and paste it wherever you want. For example, I found this in character map: ?. I found this under another answer.

Good Luck

Charles asks…

What does a heart with a lock or a key represent?

What do you think when you see a heart and there’s thousands of keys around that heart but inside that heart there’s a key in it, what exactly do you think that means when you see that?

admin answers:

Theres only one person that can open you heart

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