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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

October 16, 2013

Mark asks…

Where can I find Korean rock music?

I am looking for some Korean rock music , however I find that rock music is extremely rare in Korea, especially hard rock. Quite often what Koreans consider rock music, is basically pop music with an electric guitar. If you know of any hard rock Korean bands please let me know. Also if you could provide a link to listen to their music with lyrics, that would be great.

bored:) : I live in Korea.
Ga: I understand you like The Trax, but there is no way in hell they would ever be considered a rock band.

admin answers:

Pia and Seo Taiji.

Pia –—Cassandra

Seo Taiji –—Internet-War—Ultramania—Ultramania

lyrics =

Nancy asks…

Who sings that rock song about giving a bum money?

There is a song that plays on the rock station where the singer speaks the whole way through it. I can’t remember much of the lyrics. One line talks about how he was going to give a bum money, but then thought about how the bum would just use it for drugs and booze, but then realized that that is what he was going to use it for. Its driving me crazy! Please help!

admin answers:

Theory of a dead man- hate my life

If the song your talking about starts out saying “I’m sick of the hobos always asking for change”

Carol asks…

Good romantic classic rock lyrics to quote?

Ok so like every once in a while I like to just text my girlfriend with lyrics from love songs…like classic love songs. So can anyone give me some classic rock song lyrics that would be sweet/romantic to send to her? I’ve already covered thank you by led zeppelin and is this love by bob marley. Thanks!

admin answers:

Hellogoodbye – Here in your arms
Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing
The Calling – Wherever you will go
Mario – Let me love you

Those are really good love songs that I like but you know what the lovey-dovey thing can get a bit tedious. Instead make her laugh as well. These will make her laugh guaranteed:

The Commodores – Brick House
Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby got back

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Your Questions About For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice

October 15, 2013

Maria asks…

Do you think the ancient Mayans offered all those human sacrifices because they were looking for Jesus?

Or any other culture that sacrificed humans in history, were they also inspired by God to do this, trying to make sure Jesus was killed so humanity could be saved?

If sacrificing humans is a bad thing, then why did God use such a practice to save humanity?
@ Pastors – Jesus is not God, Jesus is God’s son.

admin answers:

The Pastors are absolutely correct, Jesus is God in the flesh!!

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 The same was in the beginning with God.
3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

The ancient Mayans were pagan and in order to placate their gods they offered human sacrifice. In contrast Almighty God, Yahweh, offered one sacrifice of His only begotten Son, Jesus. His shed blood was the only sacrifice that can save mankind from sin. Where are the pagan gods of the Mayans? Lost to history ! In contrast my Jesus is alive and reigns on high in Heaven. Now let me tell you about Jesus!

He could hear the crowds screaming
“crucify” “crucify”…
He could hear the hatred in their voices,
these were His chosen people.
He loved them,
And they were going to crucify Him.
He was beaten;
bleeding and weakened…
His heart was broken,
but still
He walked.

He could see the crowd as He came from the palace.
He knew each of the faces so well.
He had created them.
He knew every smile, laugh, and shed tear,
but now they were contorted with rage and anger…
His heart broke,
but still
He walked.

Was He scared?
You and I would have been.
So His humanness would have mandated that He was.
He felt alone.
His disciples had left, denied, and even betrayed Him.
He searched the crowd for a loving face
and He saw very few.
Then He turned His eyes to the only One that mattered
and He knew that He would never be alone.
He looked back at the crowd,
at the people who were spitting at Him,
throwing rocks at Him
and mocking Him
and He knew
that because of Him,
they would never be alone.
So for them,
He walked.

The sounds of the hammer
striking the spikes echoed through the crowd.
The sounds of His cries echoed even louder,
The cheers of the crowd,
as His hands and feet
were nailed to the cross,
intensified with each blow.
Loudest of all
was the still small voice
inside His heart that whispered
“I am with you, My Son”,
And God’s heart broke.
He had let
His Son walk.

Jesus could have asked God to end His suffering,
but instead
He asked God to forgive.
Not to forgive Him,
but to forgive the ones who were persecuting Him.
As He hung on that cross,
dying an unimaginable death,
He looked out and saw,
not only the faces in the crowd,
but also,
the face of every person yet to be,
and his heart filled with love.
As His body was dying,
His heart was alive.
Alive with the limitless, unconditional love
He feels for each of us.
That is why He walked.

When I forget how much My God loves me,
I remember His walk.
When I wonder if I can be forgiven,
I remember His walk.
When I need to be reminded of how to live like Christ,
I think of His walk.
And to show Him how much I love Him,
I wake up each morning,
turn my eyes to Him,
And I walk.

– Carrie McCutcheon


Baptized in Jesus Name according to Acts 2:38

My faith in the One who died for me

Degree in History (focus Jewish studies) and Spanish, New Mexico State U. 1990

Donald asks…

Christians, why is sending your only son to be tortured and die considered love?

Seriously, if a human did that would you consider that love or just plain insane?

Also, if you play the “He died for our sins” card. Why does anyone need to die for our sins?
Who says we even sin at all? Did the church invent this notion of “sin?” Isn’t this just human

admin answers:

If you could, would you let your son be sacrificed and die so that many would live? God loved His creation enough that He let His Son Jesus die in our place.

The term “sin” is one of the most common Bible words describing the fallen condition of man. All men have sinned (1 Ki. 8:46; Ec. 7:20; Ro. 3:23; 5:12). Man’s sin began with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden (Ge. 3; Ro. 5:12).

The penalty of sin is death (Ro. 6:23). The forgiveness of sin requires the shedding of blood (He. 9:22). Jesus Christ paid the full penalty for sin when He died and shed His blood on the cross (Ep. 1:7; He. 1:3; Ro. 5:9-10). Is. 53 describes how Jesus bore man’s sin. Man receives complete and eternal forgiveness for sin by exercising personal faith in Jesus Christ (Ro. 6:23; Ep. 5:5-6; Eze. 18:4).

God tells us that we are sinners. Rom 5:12, Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

Betty asks…

I need a word that you can define with a more complex meaning?

I am doing a paper, i need to take a word like (love, sacrifice, freedom, religion etc.) and give it a more complex meaning. Something that stretches your mind.

admin answers:

More information? What is your paper for?

It really depends what subject this is for. If it’s English, for example, choose a word that is a theme of a couple of texts and then give the word a more complex meaning through exploring the themes of the texts.

Your examples are good, chose one of them?

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died

October 14, 2013

Lisa asks…

What are some depressing songs that are similar to these artist?

Okay there’s this song Circles by Hollywood undead. I really like that song What other types of songs are like that. I also like Tears don’t fall by Bullet for my valentine what other songs ar alike that? And please dont recomend using pandora I hate that.
Im writing a book and need to be depressed to write this certain part.

admin answers:

“I Don’t Wanna Die” – Hollywood Undead
“World Around Me” – Escape the Fate (if you look it up, make sure the sound isn’t high pitched)
“Iridescent” – Linkin Park
“With Eyes Wide Shut” – BlesstheFall
“Ghost in the Machine” – B.o.B
“In The Darkness” – Dead by Sunrise
“My December” – Linkin Park
“Get Out Alive” – Three Days Grace
“Lonely Day” – System of a Down

Laura asks…

What tv show or movie made you cry whose willing to fess up?

Come on a sad part in a tv or movie show that made you tear up spill it . I will admit I got sad in the ghost whisperer show when it showed those twin when the twin died and then it showed her remember when her grandmother died. It made me think of my grandparents.

admin answers:

One Tree Hill, when Haley’s Mom died. It was really sad, and my grandpa is dying, so it hit home a little.

Donna asks…

Dealing with a friend who is worried about her husbands operation?

My friends husband is having heart surgery tommorow. He is only 46. Today I spoke with her and she was in tears worrying that he would die etc. I didn’t know what to say and tried to reassure her. Tommorow it will be the same and she knows I am here for her, but I don’t know what I can say to comfort her. Have you ever been in a situation like this?

admin answers:

Apart from saying her, u r with her, cant do anything else.. Just share her feelings…. Convense her n bring courage to her… Medical field is so developed, n doctors are also experets n so nothing wil happen… Something like that

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

October 13, 2013

Nancy asks…

How do i deal with the blatant bias treatment by my supervisor?

its so blatant. It drives me crazy so much that i fantasize about putting a gun to her head and pulling the trigger. Im a quiet introvert so i will never be one of her favorites instead i get dumped on. How do i learn to cope?
no i need an answer or suggestion.
Stuart thank you so much.

admin answers:

Communication is what’s missing in this employee-supervisor relationship. Sounds a little crazy, but you need to schedule a sit down with your supervisor (and another supervisor as a witness) and address your concerns.

Be specific: “When you assign the awful assignments to me and hand the easy stuff to the others, it makes me feel like you’re dumping on me.” “When you choose the other person for the training classes that could lead to their promotion and over look me, it makes me feel like you’re belittling me.”

Once you’ve had your say, listen to her responses. See if you two can get on the same page. It makes more sense to try and make her aware, and possibly open her eyes to your unseen potential than it does to have to move on and look for yet another job.

Breathe in, breathe out. You can do this. Remain calm, and try it out in the mirror a few times first.

Remember, no harsh speaking. Stay neutral or slightly friendly, and you’ll get a lot better response.

Good luck.

- Stuart

Ken asks…

Quick a gun is pressed against your head, would you rather pet a baby duck or a gerbil?

Also the gun is a revolver with the chamber having one bullet and spun randomly. Every 10 seconds you don’t decide the trigger is pulled. If the person holding the gun doesn’t like how you are petting your chosen pet then he will pull the trigger one more time.

BQ: quick! gun to your head, eat a hamburger from Arby’s or getting kicked in the face by a donkey? take note a burger from Arby’s is incredibly disgusting…also the donkey has a sprained ankle and probably will not kick at full power…
BQ2: quick gun to your head, commit suicide or stay in that spot for 1 year and being given food and water intermittently to prevent you from dying…?
BQ3: Is it possible to fatally wound the snow weather? it’s snowing where i live and i am plotting to murder this terrible snow…

admin answers:

Duck because it will fly away and take me with it. That would be a perfect getaway from the gunman, unless he shoots me or the duck in the air, but he would have to have superhuman precision and accuracy cause ducks are extremely fast flyers

Bq: getting kicked by a donkey. In south America that is considered good luck. I’ll take good luck over diarrhea.

Bq2: damn my head is gun magnet! I’ll pick stay in the same spot
Bq3: mother nature would not like that

Maria asks…

How do you find the strength to keep going?

Everyday I stare at the same computer screen and talk to the same people about the same stupid things. How do you continue? What reason is there to keep going and not just pull the trigger? I cant imagine there is anything someone can say to change things but I guess its worth a shot.

admin answers:

Change your habits. Your life is what it is because of an accumulation of habits that you might not be aware of. Make note of those habits and break them.

If you have friends that don’t treat you well, you should change things around. Sit them down quietly, and tell them that you are upset. If they don’t change, try making new friends and hanging out with other people instead

If you do not exercise often, try exercising 20 minutes a day.

Write down your goals. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? What do you want to accomplish before you die? Make lists and timelines. Keep them close to you, and read them every day, preferably when you wake up.

Remember that it is your life to live. You should choose what is best for you.
Good luck.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

October 12, 2013

Sandy asks…

What are those giant rocks called that are in Utah?

I just wondering beacause I’ve searched the web and I can’t find any thing about those rocks in the valley. I want to know what they are called and what animals live there. thanks!

admin answers:

Are u referring to Big Rock Candy Mountain?
It consists of altered volcanic rock in various shades of yellow, orange, red, and white.
Id expect foxes and other creatures like that to live thre

Mark asks…

What are some NEW songs that ROCK that have the name Rachel in them?

My best friend found me a song with my name in it that rocks, which is a miracle cause there are no songs with my name in them. so i wanted to find her a really good song with the name rachel in it. anyone know any? thanks sooo much!

admin answers:

I know nothing about these songs i just looked for songs with the name rachel… Anyway here goes:
My Turn (Rachel) – Punchline
Rachel – Lil Chris
Rachel – Pietasters
Rachel – Lil’ Chris
Rachel – AmberDexter
Rachel – Andy Baxter
Rachel – Klimt 1918
Rachel – Stephen Duffy
Rachel – Ben Folds Five
Rachel – Kris Dane
Rachel – Buddy & Julie Miller
Rachel And The Storm – Elisa
Rachel Corrie – Ten Foot Pole
Rachel Strayer – Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
Rachel, I’m A Wretched Idealist – Die, Emperor Die!
Ruth Vs Rachel – Matthew Friedberger
Starting Forever (For Steve And Rachel) – Corey Crowder
Take Him Back Rachel – Basia
Tell Rachel I’m Sorry – Kiera Plan (The)
The Lady Rachel – Kevin Ayers

and to the grand finale:
S l u t Named Rachel – Skasmopolitan

Joseph asks…

How would different sediments and heights affect the rock layers with labeled contour lines?

So basically I have this topographic map with a line across it, and then I have another map from the side view of the heights of those rock layers, and the topographic map labels the different rock types.. So how would having the strike and dip affect the rock layers underground? And is there anything else I should know?

admin answers:

That sounds more like a Bedrock Geological Map than a Topo; though, they do have topo info on them. I have one of Connecticut sitting on my desk, here.

If I look on my map in a section of Pawling and New Milford Quads I see bands (whose names I won’t bother to explain) in this pattern on a line West by North to East by South for 10 km: €m,N fault, Owm, Ygh, Yga, Owm, H fault, €m, N fault, Owm, €d, Yg, €d, O€d, N fault…

This looks a bit like a pattern but it’s not obvious what it implies. There are missing layers and faltering faults.

But if I look at the cross section I can easily see that there is an ancient system of syncline, anticline, syncline, looping anticline abutting a major fault that has all been heavily eroded away and get an idea of how much material is missing.

I now can determine how this area formed umpteen million years ago, and recognise that that outcrop of €m and this outcrop of €m are related, not merely coincident.

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