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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

September 30, 2013

Joseph asks…

How would that pilot program not make Puerto Rico have english as the main language?

My biggest concern: would puerto ricans abandon spanish If everyone wad bilingual? because the mainland speaks english in their daily/personal lives?

Would other countries be as bilingual as Puerto Rico?

Would their be less and less english as the child progresses into high school(like in Sweden)?

Would their be more classes in english or Spanish?

If everyone was bilingual, what are the odds they would only speak english when needed, and speak spanish 99.9% in their daily/personal life? Would culture be dominated in Spanish?

Would their children’s first language be english or Spanish? Why?

Would puerto ricans from puerto rico still be known as “Spanish speaking people”?

Would Puerto Ricans speak in english or Spanish first to a Puerto Rican?

What things would be in english in society once everyone is bilingual? What about Spanish?

Would they still have local media only in Spanish?

Would the government function in Spanish 99% of the time?

Would it be a Spanish majority state? If it was bilingual?
Would it be harder to see the “real Puerto Rico”?

Would it be easy to learn and become fluent in Spanish by immersion if you move there if you want?

admin answers:

Since we already know spanish the program needs to put more effort in teaching / mastering english.
However, the aim of the program is to improve the knowledge of english, not replacing spanish.

Would puerto ricans abandon spanish If everyone were bilingual? No.

Because the mainland speaks english in their daily/personal lives?
* True, the mainland speaks english, but Puerto Rico is not mainland.
* English will be used by puertorricans when needed or desired. There is no need or desire to abandon spanish. There is no need, in Puerto Rico, to use english all the time.

* There are many countries around the world where two or more languages or dialects are used. Asia, Africa, Europe are full of examples of this. Switzerland has four official languages, most of the residents of that european country are fluent in two or more of those languages.

Would their be less and less english as the child progresses into high school(like in Sweden)?
* No. English is taught as a second language and is mandatory in all grades from Kindergarden to High School, both at public or private schools.
* Most public schools teach in spanish all courses, with the obvious exception of the english class that is taught in english. In the first grades the teachers may translate to spanish some instructions as the kids progress learning the words in english. However, as the kids progress during the years the % of spanish used in the english classroom will decrease and by high school I would expect no spanish be used inside the english classroom, unless the task being studied is the spanish definition of a new english word. In the rest of other courses (math, science, history, spanish, arts, physical education, other elective courses) are given in spanish.
* A pilot bilingual program was started a few years ago, in selected public schools, where the Math, Science and English courses are taught in english, and the Spanish and History courses are taught in spanish.
* Many private schools, from decades ago, have billingual programs implemented where most classes are taught in english.

Would their be more classes in english or Spanish?
* At the public schools bilingual pilot program:
*** Courses taught in english: English, Math, Science
*** Courses taught in spanish: Spanish, History/Social Studies
*** Not sure which languages are used at elective courses like Physical Education, Arts, Drama, etc.

* Spanish will continue to dominate Puerto Rico’s culture.

Would their children’s first language be english or Spanish? Spanish.
Why? It is our “mother language”.

Would puerto ricans from puerto rico still be known as “Spanish speaking people”?
* A spanish/english billingual puertorrican is a “Spanish speaking person” and at the same time an “English speaking person”. Same as a english/french bilingual canadian is an “English speaking person” and at the same time a “French speaking person”.

Would Puerto Ricans speak in english or Spanish first to a Puerto Rican?
* If we know that the other person understands spanish we will use spanish to communicate to that person, unless the circumtances around us determines that english should be used. For example:
if speaking to the PR Resident Commissioner at:
1 a hearing at the Congress I would use english.
2 a hearing at the PR Legislature I would use spanish.
3 in his office, just the two of us, I would use spanish.
4 in his office with a House Representative from Misouri who do not know enough spanish to follow a conversation, I would use english so that this spanish-impaired person can understand what I’m saying.

What things would be in english in society once everyone is bilingual? What about Spanish?
* If everyone is billingual, then subtitles in spanish for a movie with english audio/sound would not be required.
* Spanish will be use at most times / events / activities, unless when:
*** communicating to a non spanish speaking person.
*** in certain business processes (like when doing business with a non spanish speaking person).
*** others.

Would they still have local media only in Spanish?
* Sure, why not.

Would the government function in Spanish 99% of the time?
* No, maybe 99.99% of the time.

Would it be a Spanish majority state? If it was bilingual?
* PR would be a state where most people have as our first language spanish, and then english as a second language.
* Both languages with official language status, just spanish being the dominant one.
* The population of billingual people will continue to increase over the time, meaning more and more people would be able to use english with ease when they want or when they need to.

Would it be harder to see the “real Puerto Rico”? No, just come here and see.
Would it be easy to learn and become fluent in Spanish by immersion if you move there if you want?

Carol asks…

how do you teach a toddler sign language?

my daughter is speech impaired and i wanted to teach her to sign.i have asked her speech therapist many times for help but with no success.any help?
she’s 2 and a half,she will be three in july.

admin answers:

My daughter, now four, just graduated from speech therapy, and also used sign. It is NEVER too early to begin.
Try searching for Baby signs and there will be sights that offer basic signs for free, check your local PBS for the show Signing Time, it is great, my daughter still loves it. Also Baby Einstiens just put out a baby signs video.
Watch these shows with your child and use the signs while you say the word, help her learn the signs by using hand over hand (use your hands to make her hands do the movements), you may be amazed at how fast she picks up signs, especially for her favorite things. My Daughter was learning them faster than i was, she thought it was funny to make us guess what sign she was using.

James asks…

If someone is hearing impaired do they think in sign language?

Whenever I think to myself I can hear my voice. But if someone who was born deaf would they think in sign language?

admin answers:

No, my sister is hearing impaired. And I have asked her many times about this matter. She just explains that she thinks like everyone else. In words. You can never actually hear yourself in thoughts. It’s just your brain playing a trick on you. Thinking that you actually are listening to yourself. All you are doing is thinking of the words and putting a noise to it. Just as they do. They just convert the words into hand motions to express what they think to everyone else.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

September 29, 2013

Sandra asks…

what do you call those rocks that you split open with a hammer and gemstones are in the middle?

what do you call those rocks that you split open with a hammer and gemstones are in the middle?

It was an oval/sphere shaped rock that gemstone places would usually sell for 5 bucks or so..
And you split it open and there are tiny gemstone clusters in the middle! Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

admin answers:

They are gemstones, they’re just crystals. The name of the rock is “Geode”.

Robert asks…

How To Get That Rock Chick Look?

How do i get that rock chick look without looking all emo or goth. Need ideas on what type of hairstyles to do , jewellery, colours to wear etc.

admin answers:

You need to decide the type of hair you have and from there you can choose a hairstyle. Most “rock star” looks will have an edgier hairstyle such as: choppy, teased, messy waves, super short crop, etc. Talk with your stylist and she/he will be able to give you a cut that fits your hair and face shape. Go through pictures in magazines and bring them in. Your stylist will also suggest different ways to texterize your hair.
Now that you have the hair you need some edgier clothes. Usually something bold like a top with some metallic in it paired with some skinny jeans and boots would give you a classic rock look. Also the baby tees with your favorite band or saying on it would be a rocker look too. Just think edgier and bold compared to what you already wear.
The makeup needs to be on the dramatic side. Black eyeliner or a soft black liquid liner would make those eyes bold. Try some eye-shadows in the grey/silver or violet palettes. Sweep your eyelashes with a couple of coats of black mascara, or try blue or violet for something different.
Jewelry should be a statement. Try a thicker chain necklace with a large pendant and some sparkly earring studs. If you like rings then try some rings that have bigger jewels.
And last but not least is your attitude. In order to rock the look you need to have the bad girl attitude.

John asks…

Do you think that newer rock music will bring out a movement against pop and hip hop music?

Do you think that rock music could bring out a “real music” movement against “fake” music, like techno-pop, dubstep, and hip-hop? And do you think rock could take back the top of the charts?

admin answers:

I’m sure rock will make a mainstream “comeback” at some point. Though note there’s still plenty of rock, some mainstream… And even in eras past – including the ’70s through ’90s – “pop” generally outperformed rock on the charts (look at any archived Billboard chart from those years). It hasn’t really dominated the charts since the ’60s.

That said, I doubt it will be an outdated hard rock style that a lot of “rock” fans are looking for. Rock is (thankfully) mutable and evolves – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Still, when rock first took off in the ’50s and ’60s, it was a new, exciting style. Wanting to go back to some nostalgic idea of what rock was in the ’70s (or whenever) is counterproductive to the very spirit of rock & roll. It has to move forward, otherwise it just becomes, I don’t know… Jazz. What if Jimi Hendrix tried to sound like The Billy Murray Orchestra? He wouldn’t have been exciting or the legend he is now.

So yeah, I’m sure it will make a mainstream comeback, but it won’t sound anything like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, or Nirvana. Also, most of the new/exciting/experimental music being made right now is from pop (especially art-pop) artists: Jonsi (who’s also the frontman of Sigur Ros), Laleh, Oh Land, etc… I imagine the next stage in rock will borrow a lot from that.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

September 28, 2013

Betty asks…

What is the quickest and cheapest way to learn sign language?

Aside from being a Physical Therapist, I am on my Districts Volunteer Call Fire Fight Team. We have a couple Hearing Impaired facilities at the local schools and centers that I wish to be able to communicate better with since my basic signing is very limited. Would like to be better proficient in a skill my fellow firehouse heroes are not to be a more effective team member.

admin answers:

Look on local community sites, free ad sites, or sites like for sign lessons and also meetup sessions where people looking to learn can go to and practise together.
It is also worth looking at local schools and colleges, sites like will show what is available in your area.
Otherwise for an online course has free lessons in sign language for 6 days and gives a good basic overview. I haven’t done the sign course but have done several of their other ones which were really good.

Joseph asks…

Which of the European languages has the hardest pronunciation?

Well I think it depends a great deal on what your mother tongue is. For example, I’m Russian, I really love 2 languages, the German and the English, well Russian language is out of the question of course;). And although German language is far from sounding like any Slavic language I really like the way it sounds (it also concerns English but German is my top favourite).
I really hate the Russian accent and I myself did a lot to get rid of it. I don’t really know why but a lot of Russians are convinced that they can speak Spanish without any accent but when I asked on of my Argentinian friends, he said that in terms of pronunciation Russians usually speak terrible Spanish…
So in your opinion which language is the hardest for you in terms of pronunciation? And if anything, which is your mother tongue.
Thanks. I’m just curious!
Laurence, number one is the most difficult, right?
well Russian is usually thought to be very difficult for non native speakers. So I think Danish is the most simple one for you

admin answers:

NORWEGIAN LANGUAGE because it is Impaired form of Danish language, they have own alphabets that is very hard to prounce ,

Mandy asks…

Why do they still hire sign language interperters?

21st century, every tv in existence has close captioning, sometimes even in multiple languages ( i find myself watching an inordinate amount of Mexican tv sometimes) You can sometimes even get a channel that describes what is happening on the screen for the blind and/or lazy?

So why do we ever need someone converting anything into sign language? Do these people just have a great union, or what?

admin answers:

Contrary to your thinking, not all tv’s have close captioning and believe it or not, not all hearing impaired persons can read. Hence the justification of sign language interpreters (not interperters). Maybe they should get a couple of spell checkers as well.

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Your Questions About For Those In Peril On The Sea

September 27, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Would you all join me by giving a big round of applause to all those brave RAF Air Sea Rescue Pilots?

and brave crew who winched passengers and crew off of not one but two stricken vessels over the passed twenty four hours.

I know there are trained to carry our air sea rescue but the weather conditions were appaling and scary stuff enough to give the bravest of the brave the willies.

Would you be prepared to risk life and limb to save all those in peril on the seas?

admin answers:

Agreed but dont forget the Royal Navy,Coastguard and RNLI were also involved well done all of them.

Steven asks…

what is really happening at the Bermuda triangle?

I think so there matter is converted into energy. Is that so?

admin answers:

The Bermuda Triangle has been a topic of hot discussion and interest for many years because so many strange occurrences have taken place in this area of the world that lies between the southern eastern coast of the United States and the islands of the West Indies. Basically, if you draw a line from Miami to Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico to Bermuda and then Bermuda back to Miami you would have the area that is known as the Bermuda Triangle. Many boats, airplanes, and ships have mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle with no explanation for what happened to the crafts or the individuals on board. In the past 100 years, more than 1000 lives have vanished in the Bermuda Triangle. For many years individuals attributed the disappearances and strange events to extraterrestrials or aliens because there simply was no other explanation for what was happening in this area of the world. In fact, in 1974 Charles Berlitz wrote about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in a book that sold almost 20 million copies in more than 30 languages. This is because the entire world is intrigued by the unknown that is the Bermuda Triangle.

However, the unknown of the Bermuda Triangle does have some explanations other than extraterrestrials or aliens flying down and snatching up boats, ships and airplanes. Some simply say that accidents happen and while some of those accidents occurred in what is known as the Bermuda Triangle, many more have occurred outside of it. Then, there are those looking for something more substantial to answer the questions of the Bermuda Triangle. One such result is that methane gas hydrate is the explanation for the disappearances of boats and planes over the years.

In 1981 a geochemist by the name of Richard McIver introduced his theory of the role methane gas hydrate plays in the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. His theory was that to the North of the Bermuda Triangle huge landslides occur on the continental shelf, which results in large stones and sludge falling rapidly to the sea floor and ultimately rupturing the sea floor which covers a layer of gas hydrate. When the seafloor is ruptured the hydrate is released rapidly as well as methane within the hydrate causing a huge surge of gas which erupts from the surface of the water with no warning. When this happens any ship, airplane, or boat within the vicinity will be in immediate peril because the water and air no longer have the same density, causing the vessels to sink rapidly and lie to rest covered by sludge on the floor of the ocean.

While this is a somewhat viable theory, most people prefer to believe in something more extraordinary that happens in the Bermuda Triangle. Because of its triangular shape and strange events many individuals believe it is a portal to another world, outer space, or even the Lost City of Atlantis. Also, people claim to have an unusual feeling when they are in the Bermuda Triangle, as if something is calling to them from another place and time. Many claim there is something strange about the Triangle because it is the only place on earth where the compass points true north. There are no definitive answers as to which theory is the truth behind the Bermuda Triangle, or if the extraordinary Bermuda Triangle is simply a myth that has been created over the years. However, no matter whether you choose to believe in one myth or other, or a combination, or simply believe the Bermuda Triangle is nothing more than a lot of hype, you will probably still be apprehensive when traveling in the area simply because of the question, “What if.” So, until more concrete information is found that points to one solid answer behind the disappearances of boats, ships, planes and people in the Atlantic’s Bermuda Triangle it is up to you to decide if the Bermuda Triangle’s disappearances are simply accidents played up into something dramatic or whether there truly is something otherworldly about the Bermuda Triangle. So, what do you think? Are the Bermuda Triangle myths fact or fiction?

And yes i think ur right … Matter is converted to energy

Daniel asks…

Which country is most affected by Global Warming?

I have to do a presentation about global warming in a certain region. I know all about it and regardless if you think global warming is false or true, i still have to do this project. So my question is, which of these countries would be most interesting/touching. She gave an example of polar bears drowning so I want to do another example besides that. Any advice would help! THANKS SO MUCH! Top answer gets 10 points!

admin answers:

Countries in the Arctic are experiencing dramatic changes:

“This winter might become the mildest winter in Northern Norway ever registered. So far the average temperature in parts of the region has been up to eight degrees Celsius above the normal.”

Greenland is melting much faster than scientists (including last year’s IPCC report) predicted:

“Instead of sea levels rising by about 40 centimetres, as the IPCC predicts in one of its computer forecasts, the true rise might be as great as several metres by 2100. That is why, they say, planet Earth today is in ‘imminent peril.’”

“Ground-based surface temperature data shows that the rate of warming in the Arctic from 1981 to 2001 is eight times larger than the rate of Arctic warming over the last 100 years. There have also been some remarkable seasonal changes. Arctic spring, summer, and autumn have each warmed, lengthening the seasons when sea ice melts from 10 to 17 days per decade.”

Change is even more dramatic on the Antarctic Peninsula, but so far local weather patterns have prevented that change from being consistent across the entire continent:

“A new report from WWF, published at the UN conference on climate change in Bali, has found that global warming is occurring five times faster in the Antarctic peninsula than the rest of the world, and threatening the survival of the emperor, gentoo, chinstrap and Adélie penguins that breed on the continent.
The Antarctic peninsula is warming five times faster that the average rate of global warming and the waters of Southern Ocean have become warmer as far down as 3,000m, the report found.
Sea ice is now covering 40% less area that it did 26 years ago off the west Antarctic peninsula. ”

We can even see that the melt rate is unprecedented for the last several thousand years:

New Research Confirms Antarctic Thaw Fears – Spiegel Online

“…the Pine Island Glacier has shrunk by an average of 3.8 centimeters annually over the past 4,700 years. But the Smith and Pope glaciers have only lost 2.3 centimeters of their thickness annually during the past 14,500 years. Satellite measurements taken between 1992 and 1996, though, show a loss of 1.6 meters in thickness per year on the Pine Island Glacier — a figure that represents 42 times the average melt of the past 4,700 years.”

42X faster melt than historic trends! That’s huge!!

As for maximum human impact, it would be tempting to consider one of the countries affected by food production issues, but it’s difficult in the short term to tease out long term climate changes from regional weather fluctuations such as droughts:

Hunger. Strikes. Riots. The food crisis bites

“Across the world a crisis is unfolding at alarming speed. Climate change, China’s increasing consumption and the dash for biofuels are causing food shortages and rocketing prices – sparking riots in cities from the Caribbean to the Far East. Robin McKie and Heather Stewart report on the millions facing starvation – and the growing threat to global security”

Hungry mob attacks Haiti palace

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Your Questions About For Those Who Think Young

September 26, 2013

Michael asks…

Research shows that young college students who learn that other students have a more lenient attitude about dr?

Research shows that young college students who learn that other students have a more lenient attitude about drinking will …
a. also adopt more lenient attitudes about drinking.
b. Learn to be more cautious about drinking.
c. Not be influenced by the new information.
d. Begin to educate other students about the dangers of too much alcohol.

admin answers:

The answer is “A”.

This tendency is well know by social activists/engineers, by the way. Social change is achieved by convincing people that other people’s attitudes have changed — whether or not this is really true.
This is how, for instance, the taboo against open homosexual expression was broken in the West. It was a deliberate and clever campaign by gay rights advocates to change the focus from homosexual behavior to homosexual rights, and to convince everyone that their neighbor was growing more tolerant.

Carol asks…

Research reveals that young, unemployed African American and Hispanic males pay a higher punishment penalty?

Research reveals that young, unemployed African American and Hispanic males pay a higher punishment penalty than offenders of other races. What accounts for this?

admin answers:

Being hispanic and working in the law enforcement field I can tell you that this stat is true but it is also deceiving. Of course the gut reaction is to simply look at race and make a snap judgement that it is the reason for the difference in sentencing..but really it is not about skin color. It actually comes down to presentation in Court. Minorities tend to get higher sentences for a couple of reasons, 1) Socioeconomics make it more likely that the minorities will have a prior record. Having a prior record means more steep sentences, 2) white people present better in court…they are less likely to be all tatted up, don’t ghetto-speak, etc…so they come across as less of a threat to the community, 3) within some minority communitties it is actually looked at favorably for people to snub law enforcement, the court and the system…this show of disrespect angers the court and they get higher sentences and 4) minorities are more likely to use appointed lawyers who are more concerned with pushing cases through and wrapping up the paperwork rather than truly fighting for their client. So, yes on one hand the stat is true…but when you look at it a little deeper, it really has very little to do with the color of their skin. There are other true factors that are overlooked that have nothing to do with skin color.

Lizzie asks…

Is it normal to be jealous of those younger than us?

I am 18 years old and a rising sophomore in college. I know this sounds stupid, but when I look at my cousins and other girls JUST a few years younger than me (high school seniors, etc), I get jealous that they are experiencing something that I will never experience again. I’m already done with high school, I already enjoyed the “excitement” of being a freshman in college, etc. Now, I feel like there is not much more to look forward to. Does anyone else feel this way looking at those younger than you?

admin answers:

No, not normal. I look back at my past self and am thankful as HELL that I am past a time in my life when I was dumber than I am now. I’m sure in 5 years I’ll look back at myself now (I’m currently 25) and be glad that I’m not that dumb anymore!

The older you get, the wiser you get. This is normal. I can’t think of a single person (except meth-heads) who actually had a better life at 15 than they are having at 30. Grow up. You are over-romanticizing your past. Don’t you remember how scared and insecure and DUMB you used to be??? And how much smarter and more mature you are now? Don’t you like being smarter?

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