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Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

August 1, 2013

James asks…

What is the minimum cash fyou should keep in your stock account?

I have a Schwab account and I am thinking of buying some certain stocks while the economy is headed for a slight recession. I wanted to know what you all think is a safe amount to keep in your cash spending for an account, because if I do not use the cash, I want it gaining interest in savings, but then again, if a stock hits the right price, I want to pull the trigger. Would you say that 10,000 dollars is a safe number, what do you experts recommend?

admin answers:

$10k is plenty but you should split that into 4 or 5 positions.

I don’t agree with the concept that you should wait to “pull the trigger”.

I would like to know which stocks you are considering and how you choose the trigger price or optimal strategy.

I think you should buy a combination of selected mutual funds and stocks like ANR which have an arbitrage premium.


ALSO this is Warren Buffett’s time to shine. His yearly historical returns have varied from 8% to 40%. He’s making some strategic buys. Take a hard look at BRK-B.


How good is Buffett? He avoided the dot com bubble and didn’t lose a penny on Fannie Mae. If you simply avoid doing anything stupid, you can beat the averages.

Lizzie asks…

What is the deal with the iphone 3g reception?

Being a Mac owner, I was just about to pull the trigger on the Iphone 3g. – That is until I noticed all the negative feedback about the iphones reception. A mobile phones number one use is to make and receive calls is it not? If the 3g Iphone really does have reception problems -then why buy it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the iphone. I really do want one,-but not at the expense of reliabilty.

admin answers:

A lot of people have been blaming AT&T’s 3G network for the phone’s weak reception, but as you can find online, people around the world, relying on other networks, are unable to get good service. I was in the same boat as you — longtime Apple user anticipating an affordable iPhone — but I have now decided against it. $70 per month, plus text message fees, plus taxes is way too much for a phone that isn’t a promise to get great reception, especially since I don’t have a landline. My contract with AT&T is up for renewal next month; I’ll be keeping my Razr. I would give you this advice: consider the iPod Touch. It’s more expensive than the phone, but it’s a one-time shot, it’s beautiful and reliable, enjoys all the toys at the App Store and can get on the Web with wifi. It’s no fun having to carry that and a cell phone around, but at least I know the phone will work at all times. I’m not sure I could say that about the iPhone, and boy does that make me sad.
Anyway, here’s some further reading. If you choose to buy the phone, good luck to you:

Ruth asks…

What is the song meaning/theme of It’s time to dance by panic at the disco?

Everyone says that based on the book Invisible monsters so i know that. But a while back a comment on you tube suggested that it had another meaning. I don’t remember exactly what it was, i think something like being forced into tradition; “she didn’t choose this role” “you‘re pulling the trigger all wrong” I need help! This has been bothering me for a long time.

admin answers:

Hey, this is my favorite song from AFYCSO. Well i think some bits probably make more sence than others. I have interpreted some of the lyics my way, dunno if its right or not but it makes sence to me. If you wanna know more on that then feel free to contact me but if you wanna know more about its relation to the text then i hope the following helps =]

invisible monsters, the first chapter is set in a manor house at Evie’s wedding. Evie shoots brandy, but there could be two meanings with this.

Either they are at a photoshoot and the lyrics “have some composure where is your posture, oh no no, your pulling the trigger pulling the trigger all wrong” is the photographer shouting at Evie those lines, or Evie has really shot brandy, which would make more since as it happens at the end of the book as well, same setting but a real shooting. So the lines “when I say shotgun you say wedding” would come from that.

The lines “give me envy give me malice give me attention” etc are from the 1st chapter also, but come up throughout the book where the main character thinks about what a photographer would say (give me attention, flash) flash = the camara flashing.

The verses, I think, are just Panic!’s interpretation of the main character’s feelings but from another persons view etc (read the book this will all make more sense).

“Boys will be boys hiding in estrogen, and wearing Aubergine Dreams,” Aubergine Dreams is the make up that Brandy wears in the book, and boys will be boys hiding in estrogen. If you read the book and think about this, the word hiding explains it all. At the end of the book we find out Brandy is actually a man, and estrogen is the hormone that would effectively change you into a women, therefor boys will be boys hiding in estrogen: Brandy is a boy, although she is hiding in estrogen (if you want to think of it that way).

“Photo op screaming photo op” the main character the invisible monster, was a beautiful model, but driving down the freeway one day she has her jaw shot off by a gun and that’s when she becomes ugly and an invisible monster. She has surgery and a new jaw put in, so this is the only simularity I can find about the lyrics “photo op”

a very confusing book

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