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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died Lyrics

August 16, 2013

Sandra asks…

What are some songs that are upbeat, clean lyrics, and appropriate to use in a dance class?

specifically a jazz technique class for teenagers, but i need clean lyrics. no sexual meaning or swear words, i know in today’s society that can be hard to find, but any ideas??? the more recent the song the better.

admin answers:


Pink Floyd— Summer ’68, Coming back to life, Lost for words, Great day for freedom, San Tropez
High hopes, Lucifer Sam
Billy Joel—Only the good die young, We didn’t start the fire, Uptown girl, River of dreams
David Hasselhoff–Queen of the rain, Try a little tenderness, Dark Side of my heart, Crazy on a Saturday night, Until the last teardrop falls
Evanescence–Bring me to life, Lose control, The only one, Breathe no more, Even in death ,Going under,
Everybody’s fool, Sweet sacrifice, Call me when you’re sober, sick
Sarah Brightman—Fly, When it rains in America, Rain, How can heaven love me, You take my breath away, It’s a beautiful day, Arabian nights, Harem, I lost my heart to a starship trooper (hot gossip)
Paula Abdul- Vibeology, Cold Hearted Snake, Straight up, to you, the way that you love me
Miami Sound Machine- Dr. Beat, Conga, Primitive love, prisoner of love, rhythm is gonna get ya, 1-2-3, movies
Rob Zombie—Dragula, Spookshow baby, Phantom Stranger
Enigma –Gravity of love, Silence must be heard, Principles of lust, Sadness
Meatloaf—If this is the last kiss, everything louder than everything else, bat out of hell, rock & roll dreams come true, You took the words right out of my mouth, not a dry eye in the house, los angeloser
Charlotte Church—Don’t think about it, moodswings, dream a dream (Elysium), call my name, crazy chick
Black muddy river—grateful dead
Underneath the radar—underworld
Put your lights on—Santana
She wolf—Shakira
Fighter—Christina Aguilera
Music that you can dance to-The Sparks (Rad)
Send me an angel—Real Life (Rad)
Thunder in your heart—John Farnham (Rad)
Get Strange—Hubert Kah (Rad)
Loved by the sun—Tangerine Dream (Legend)
Is your love strong enough—Tangerine Dream (Legend)
She’s like the wind—Patrick Swayze (dirty Dancing)
Tonight is what it means to be young—Fire Inc (Streets of fire)
Love is in the air—John Paul Young (Strictly Ballroom)
It’s my turn to fly—The Urge (Titan AE)
Chilly Down—David Bowie (Labyrinth)
Magic dance-David Bowie (Labyrinth)
Partyman-Prince (Batman)
Batdance-Prince (batman)
One more time –Michael Bolton (Sing)
What’s the matter with love—Laurena Wilerson (Sing)
Only my heart talking—Alice Cooper
When I grow up—Pussycat Dolls
Striptease—Danity Kane
Circus—Britney Spears
When the rush comes—Motorcycle
Sledgehammer—Peter Gabriel
Talking in your sleep—The Romantics
Crystal Blue persuasion—Tommy James & The Shondells
Silent Lucidity—Queensryche
Abracadabra—Steve Miller Band
Red red wine—UB40
Godzilla—Blue oyster cult
Who’s Johnny-El Debarge
Set the night to music—Starship
What have you done for me lately—Whitney Houston
No more tears—Ozzy Osbourne
Zombie Stomp—Ozzy Osbourne
Nasty—Janet Jackson
It’s raining men—Weather Girls
Dream Weaver—Gary Wright
Set adrift on memory bliss-PM Dawn
Moon Baby–Godsmack
Won’t back down-Eminem
More than a kiss-Tommy Conwell (shout)
Kentucky Rain—Elvis
An American Trilogy—Elvis
There’s a brand new day on the horizon—Elvis
Love you to death—Kamelot
My destiny—Leaves’ Eyes
I Like it—Enrique Iglesas
Only girl—Rihanna
Rock you like a hurricane-scorpions
Finest hour-Cindy Valentine aka Valentine Leone (Teen Witch)
I like boys-Elizabeth & the Weirz (Teen Witch)
Never gonna be the same again—Lori Russo aka Valentine Leone (Teen Witch)
Detroit Rock City—Kiss
Dreamstate-Liquid Sky
Crossing the River-Eddi Reader(Batman Forever)
Shake your cosmic thang—The B-52’S
Channel Z—The B-52’S
Cause I’m a blonde-Julie Brown (Earth Girls are easy)
Naughty girls need love too—Samantha Fox
Dirty Diana (and others)—Michael Jackson
Marry the night-Lady Gaga

Chris asks…

what are modern songs that relate to moods of Tale of Two Cities chapters?

I have to find songs for a school project that reflect the mood/tone of the chapters in a Tale of Two Cities. I need either the lyrics or the sound of the song or both to fit in with the chapter. They can be sarcastic songs that mock the chapter also ex: when jerry beats his wife use Beat It by Michael Jackson.
They dont have to be modern either!

admin answers:

I hate this f*cking song, but it works: Bryan Adams, “Everything I Do (I Do For You)” – pretty much sums up Sydney’s feelings for Lucie.

You know that song “Back To Life” by Soul II Soul? First chapter – “Recalled To Life”.

Eric Clapton wrote “Tears In Heaven” when his poor little boy died in a fall – that would work for Gaspard’s poor son being run down by that bast@rd’s carriage. I hate that part, and I was so glad Gaspard had the spine to kill him!

Hmmm. . . I love the book, I will keep thinking and edit my answer if anything else comes to mind. Fun assignment!

Oh yeah – why not “Revolution” by the Beatles for the seige of the Bastille?

Mark asks…

what are the lyrics to towards the sky by maino?

i cant find the lyrics anywhere.and can you not paste a link can you just copy and paste them here.please.

admin answers:

For Zane, my future


Man I feel like a runaway slave
Can’t calm down
Never gon behave
My back to the wind
My spirit in the sky
I’m never giving in
Middle finger up high
And even when I die
Don’t shed a tear when I’m laid
I feel like a runaway slave
I said I feel like a runaway slave
Sometimes I feel like a runaway slave


Verse 1:

I could die before I get rich never touch a mill
Die before my album drops never sell a mill
Die before I get to see how success feels
Die before any of my dreams are fulfilled
Die before I really start livin out my plans
Die before I see my son grow into a man
Die before my niggas come home from they bids
Die before I truly learn how to really live
Now it feels like I know death
Gotta watch my own steps

Wonder my niggaz aint around cuz they all left
Pride in the ring contemplating on my own death
Shots fly niggaz tryin to kill my on my doorstep
How they gon remember me? What’ll be my legacy?
How they gon talk about me when they pour that hennessy?
That nigga thug, that nigga was a rider
That nigga was one hell of a survivor
Niggaz in the pen with no money for bail
Every nigga on the run tryin to stay up outta jail
I could feel ya…

Yea I know, hold on and be strong my niggas


Man I feel like a runaway slave
Can’t calm down
Never gon behave
My back to the wind
My spirit in the sky
I’m never giving in
Middle finger up high
And even when I die
Don’t shed a tear when I’m laid
I feel like a runaway slave
I said I feel like a runaway slave
Sometimes I feel like a runaway slave

Verse 2:

I could die before I bring happiness to my momma
Die before I make peace with my baby momma
Die before I squash all my bullshit drama
Die but don’t cry this is death before dishonor
This is my last will and testament
Listen to my testament
Please raise Zane to be a leader and a gentleman
I don’t have regrets all the times that I was negligent
Standing in the courtroom fronting like im innocent
Look at how I came up
Duckin undercover men
Friends getting railroaded hung by his government
This is what they made me
Hell is what they gave me
Homies coming home on parole but they ain’t free
Look at me, look at life, how im supposed to change huh?
Im feelin like a runaway slave ma
Cant calm down I refuse to be tamed
Standing in these 4 walls banging on the cage
Niggaz on the jail bus handcuffed and chained
When its said and done they gon remember my name
Now mommy in the front row, sittin at my funeral
Everybody cryin’, just another death as usual
You feel me?


Man I feel like a runaway slave
Can’t calm down
Never gon behave
My back to the wind
My spirit in the sky
I’m never giving in
Middle finger up high
And even when I die
Don’t shed a tear when I’m laid
I feel like a runaway slave
I said I feel like a runaway slave
Sometimes I feel like a runaway slave

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

August 15, 2013

Linda asks…

What do you think is moving those rocks in Death valley?

What do you think is moving those rocks in Death valley? I have been twisting my brain into a pretzel and the only thing I can come up with is the ground becomes icy and some wind comes along and moves them or some alien is playing tricks, what do you think?

admin answers:

Huge, forceful deluge during rain season. Either that or extremely powerful winds.

Chris asks…

What are those rocking models of birds that rock into a glass of water called?

I cant figure out what those wooden or metal bird figurines that rock down and up and usually their beaks go into a glass of water are called; they use to have them in cartoons and tv shows. I really want to get one but i have no idea what to search and it’s going to take forever if i try, can any one help please?!

admin answers:

Dipping bird

Nancy asks…

What are some features that rocks, soil and minerals on the moon do today?

What are some features that rocks, soil and minerals on the moon do today on earth?

admin answers:

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Do you mean “how do Rocks, soil, and minerals that exist on the moon, affect earth?” Soil consists of organic matter, because nothing can live on the moon there can be no organic matter, and therefore no soil exists on the moon. The rocks and minerals,(minerals being inorganic by definition) we gather from the moon normally sit in museums collecting dust.

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Your Questions About For Those In Peril On The Sea

August 14, 2013

William asks…

odessy book 12 hellov help from somone smart?

Book Twelve: Sea Perils and Defeat

1. Kirke advises Odysseus not to try to fight Skylla for both practical and philosophical reasons. What are these reasons?
2. Homer uses similes that are developed and detailed. These lengthy similes are known as “Homeric similes.” On page 218, to what does Odysseus compare the sailors being eaten by Skylla?
3. Odysseus says the power of destiny forced him into the position where his men ate the cattle of Helios despite being warned. What actions, man’s and god’s, played into this destiny? List at least four.

admin answers:

1. She advises that the practical reasons are that Skylla is dangerous and bloodthirsty – and has six heads with three rows of teeth in each ‘full of black death’. The philosophical one is that she is no mortal thing but ‘mischief immortal’

2. He compares them with little fish being hauled up onto dry land ‘gasping and struggling’

3. The hunger of his men in pleading to be allowed ashore, the actions of Eurylochos in persuading the men to eat the cattle rather than die of hunger eventually; Athene keeping out of the action in not protecting him, the role of Zeus in punishing their crimes?; the enmity of Poseidon towards him for blinding his son Cyclops

Jenny asks…

What is the best way to control slugs?


we have a real problem with slugs eating my beautiful plants! Anyone got any good solutions that are pet safe? I have used slug pellets that are safe for cats and it appears slugs too!


admin answers:

Hostas and lettuce are two of their favorite foods. But they will happily chow down on just about any plant in your garden. One year, I found them in the tassels of my sweet corn—a good seven feet off the ground! Unfortunately, the existing beneficial nematodes used with great success against fleas and grubs can’t help here, because slugs are above ground pests. And the ‘new’ slug-eating nematode we mentioned last year will probably not be made available in the US, due to fears it may prey on earthworms as well. But don’t worry—there are many other non-toxic ways to subdue these slimy sons of snot!

1) Beer. Yes, it really does work. It’s also the best non-personal way to confirm that overnight damage is due to the slimy beasts. Just don’t use the often-cited “stale beer”, which slugs like about as much as you and I do. Place commercial traps or old margarine tubs on top of the soil close to the damaged plants, wait until dusk and then fill them with the cheapest—but freshest—beer you can find. The next morning, they should be filled with dead drunken slugs. Dump this defeated debris nearby (where it will attract their cannibalistic pals) and repeat every evening.
2) Coffee. New research has found caffeine to be very effective at dispatching slugs. Save your dregs and spray them full strength directly on the beasts in the evening. Surround plants under attack with a mulch of used coffee grounds to deter slugs and feed the plants.
3) Iron phosphate. Turns out that iron is very bad for a slug’s digestion. Like deadly bad. So a new generation of products with brand names like “Sluggo” and “Escar-Go!” wrap iron in a slug-attracting bait. You simply scatter the pellets around plants in peril to wipe out the pests without poisons. (And a little extra iron is good for your garden soil.)
4) Copper. Slugs get shocked when they touch this shiny metal. You can buy ready-made copper plant guards or just adorn your raised bed frames with copper flashing. Hot-glue rings of pennies around the tops of your containers. Drop captured slugs into a jar of pennies and watch ‘em spark!
5) Diatomaceous earth. Available at garden centers, ‘DE’ is the mined fossilized remains of dinosaur-era, sea-going creatures called diatoms. It looks like white flour, but is incredibly sharp on a microscopic level, dehydrating slugs on contact. Surround plants under attack with protective rings of DE (be sure to wear a dust mask); freshen them up if they get wet.
6) Boards. Lay some old planks between your garden beds. The vampiric slugs will crawl underneath to hide from the sun. Come morning, lift the boards and scrape the slugs into a bucket with a flat piece of metal. Then do with them what you will. Hey—got any pennies?
7) Human hair. Surround your plants with a protective barrier of hair. The slugs will get all tangled up in it and strangle (hey—it was them or the hostas!); and the hair will eventually add plant-feeding nitrogen to the soil. 8) Citrus. Leave lemon, orange and grapefruit rinds out overnight near slug prone plants, and then collect and trash them—covered with slugs—first thing the next morning. Old lettuce leaves work well too.
9) Vinegar. A spray bottle filled with plain white vinegar is a great cure for slugs that aren’t on plants. An extremely effective mollusk dissolver, vinegar is also an herbicide—so don’t spritz the salvia.
10) Toads. Avoid all pesticides, provide water low to the ground and a damp shady spot for them to hide during the heat of the day, and these wonderful nocturnal predators will eat lots of slugs for you.
11) Rove beetles. These big black bugs don’t bother plants, but do eat LOTS of slugs and their eggs. So don’t hurt them!
12) Lightning bugs. The larval form of these summertime entertainers, the fascinating “glowworm,” eats slugs and their eggs. To encourage adults to breed nearby, turn off outdoor lights at night, allow a small area of your garden to stay moist and a little weedy, and don’t use pesticides.
13) Ducks! Just turn a few loose in the garden—these feathered friends (and natural fertilizer providers) are among nature’s FINEST slug-eaters! And all together now: “We can always use the eggs”. Thank you.

Joseph asks…

Are there any authors out there who mix romance with adventure?

I’m looking for books that have a significant portion of romance in them, but also have a story line that is not driven by the romance.

admin answers:

Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum novels have good characters and exciting plots and a lot of humour, there is plenty of romance in them, but the plots are not driven by the romance, but by Stephanies attempts to succeed as a bounty hunter. They are a really good series, the first one is ‘One For the Money’.

As another commnentator has alreayd mentioned, Tanya Huff’s ‘blood’ series are really good and have a strong romantic element in them, very good characters and exciting plots, and a strong vein of humour. The first one is ‘Blood Price’. Her ‘Keeper Chronicles’ series also has a strong romantic element, the first one is ‘Summon the Keeper’.

Maddy Hunter’s ‘Passport to Peril’ series are whodunnits featuring a hapless tour guide from Iowa who always seems to run into a corpse on her ill-fated excursions abroad. There is a strong romantic element in the books, which are also very amusing. The first one is ‘Alpine for You’.

Elizabeth Peters wrote some very good books that feature young American women who usually find themselves getting involved in a mystery in an exotic location, usually to do with archaelogy or antiques or something similar. Some of my favourties are ‘The Jackal’s Head’ ‘The Dead Sea Cipher’ ‘Legend in Green Velvet’ ‘Street of the Five Moons’ and ‘Summer of the Dragon’, and there are quite a few others.

Barbara Michaels (Elizabeth Peters writing under a different name) write Gothic thrillers which generally have a strong romantic element inthem. ‘The Sea King’s Daughter’ is a very good one, so is ‘The Dancing floor’ and she has written loads of others.

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Your Questions About For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice

August 13, 2013

William asks…

What is the difference between caring and loving?

Are the two usually intwined together? If there is a difference what acts signal the act of caring or loving (sacrificing one’s own life, etc.)? How about these acts:

Wanting the safety of the other.
Sacrificing one’s own life for someone.
Tending to someone when he or she is sick.
Jealousy over rivals.
Showing a significant change of personality as a result of that person’s doing.
Hugging, holding hands, cuddling.

admin answers:

Caring for somebody can be an act of Love when responding to another without wanting anything in return. You do it because you see their need, you have no idea of yourself neither any idea of what you might gain or lose, including your own life. You just do it without a thought, you do it because you are moved by the compassion inside of you,
you don’t need any reason.

Often giving of oneself and caring for others, is a practise that one can use, to take one out of one’s usual mode of only thinking about oneself or doing things for oneself. In giving we receive.

But it is often the case – because of the nature of personality, which is selfish in nature – that even caring for others or giving things, has a hidden agenda, of gaining something for oneself. It is rare that people give ‘purely’ without expecting something in return, but usually even the giving person is not conscious that they have a hidden reason. So they might see themselves as caring and giving even when they truly are not.

But even knowing this about ourselves, it should not stop us from reaching out to others that need our help and offering them our hand. So few people do that these days, everyone is just so busy or doesn’t want to be bothered. If one can open their eyes just a little bit more, you will start to see all around you – people, animals, environment – all kinds of things, that could use your loving hand. And when you give of yourself, it lifts you up, it makes you feel good. Isn’t that the best reward of all?


Lisa asks…

Why do atheists thing vicarious redemption is immoral?

I didn’t get the memo that loving someone so much to sacrifice for them is immoral.

admin answers:

Anyone who believes that his or her wrongdoings can be atoned for by the suffering and death of someone else has no business questioning the morality of those who do not believe such a perversity.

Mandy asks…

Any song that talks about love is sacrificing?

I need a song that talks about love is sacrificing like a person would do anything for their lover. Any song other than As Long as You Love Me – Justin Bieber, Love Story-Taylor Swift, or It will rain by -Bruno Mars.
Or any songs that show the theme of how they can not live without love. it is for romeo and juliet. something i could compare with. please help. thanks

admin answers:

Bryan Adams – Everything I Do

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died

August 12, 2013

Lisa asks…

What is the worst event to happen in your country in the last 10 years?

I think mine would be the miners that recently died.. but there are more.

admin answers:

The G20 summit was held in toronto, canada this past summer. There were riots going on downtown. I think like 3 police cars were set on fire, people were smashing windows of stores, it was all chaotic. It was all over the news and at one point, i even felt like crying, because in a way, i was a bit disappointed… You’d never expect something like that to happen here. Plus to have lived here your whole life and to have a love for the city, watching these people tear the city apart is just heart breaking.

Sandra asks…

Why are the illuminati trying to tear down legends and celebrities with tabloids and murders?

Think of how many celebrities you know of that have either died or fell victim to tabloids and their whole stardom of a career has been destroyed. Hell, they even did Paterno in recently. They’ll go after anybody, white, black, chinese, native american, mexican, arabian brazillian, etc., etc. it doesn’t matter at all.

admin answers:

They are making way for a new generation of brain-washers.

Ken asks…

Is this a question for medical community to the legal community?

My understanding is that HIV virus is too big to penetrate the skin in many parts of human body except mucus and some other membranes get into blood. I also read that HIV can penetrate easily through tears or lacerations in the skin or covering of an organ.

If so, can one prepare the following beverage and administer it to a human being as an act of revenge or other evil intent? If the answer is yes, how can the forensics prove that evil act t o enforce the law?

The beverage consists of an ingradient that will cause ulcers in the stomach, such as strong coffee mixed with alcohol. It may also contain something that tears up the walls of the intestines such as a fine ground silica or glass. Both of the above will create an opening for the HIV virus to penetrate. Then of course it will contain HIV virus or infected blood or serum. It may also contain HSV-2 virus to facilitate HIV virus damage the immune system more readily.
I understand this is a very serious matter. I am not trying to prepare such a beverage or kill any one. I consider human life is extremely precious for it gives an opportunity for the human to experience and evolve into higher levels of existence and spirirituality. But I feel that unassuming people out there in the world should be aware of the fact that such possibility exists and that medical and legal communities should be prepared to deal with it

admin answers:

HIV is not amenable to transmission by the mode you suggest because as viruses go, it is a fragile one and does not survive outside of the body much more than 10-30 mins. It would probably die very quickly in such a beverage as you describe. You’d do better to use HBV instead if you want to do something like this although I don’t know if it would survive in a coffee/alcohol beverage for very long either.

If you want to transmit some HIV from one person to another, you should get it into a syringe and inject it into the victim. Sexual transmission is your other usual route for body fluid exchange.

Given the virus wouldn’t survive the beverage transmission thing, there won’t be any need for forensics.

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