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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

August 26, 2013

Sandra asks…

if i am fluent in sign language already what do i have to do to become ASL certified in ny?

i am fluent in sign language as i have 2 hearing impaired siblings. i live in ny and would like to work as an interpreter. do i need a college degree or is there a skill assesment to pass since i am fluent already?

admin answers:

Ok, I’m going to answer best I can. I did some quick research and can’t find specifically if there has been a licensure law passed yet. I know there was one in the works. The best way to find that out is to search (google) New York RID. There are several chapters for NY, so pick one and send them an email through their website and ask them. And ask them for requirements for education interpreting as well. There are usually different requirements for that.

Now, the part I can answer FULLY. :)

Knowing how to sign and knowing how to interpret are two completely different processes. Not only that, but there are also business implications and ethical things to think about. I would suggest contacting an Interpreter Training Program to see if maybe some training would fit your needs.

ALSO, as an interpreter, many companies and referral agencies will require that you are nationally certified through Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). Currently, to take their certification tests you MUST have at minimum an AA degree. In 2012, that requirement will become a minimum of a 4-year degree. The field/subject does not matter, it does not have to be in Deafness or Interpreting.

So, if you don’t have a degree and your goal is to become an interpreter, I would suggest looking for a school that offers a 4-year degree in interpreting. To find a list of schools, go to there is a link to find Interpreter Training Programs on their page.

Hope that helps!

Sharon asks…

Is it possible for humans to be born without vocal cords but be capable of hearing?

If so, what can cause a person to be born without vocal cords? Also, would the speech center of the brain be taken over by another function while leaving language recognition intact?

As stupid as this sounds, I’m asking because I’d like the information for a character I created who lacks the ability to speak due to having no vocal cords. While she is incapable of speech, she can recognize language and is capable of hearing and seeing with no problems.

admin answers:

Vocal cords are in the throat – Having it somehow dysfunctional by not being able to control it properly or having misdeveloped muscles could be an option. Not having any vocal cords at all might be problematic – It might screw up the development of the trachea (windpipe) to much. Damage to the vocal cords will not mess up language recognition in any way. So for your story, it’s easier to just have physical damage to the vocal cords than to have him have brain damage.

Language isn’t centralized in one area of the brain – certain regions have certain tasks, such as motor function or comprehending spoken speech. And thus, if you cannot speak due to having malfunctioning vocal cords, it should leave your language comprehension intact.
I even doubt if the area responsible for motor functions required for speech will be taken over by the rest of the brain, but I do not know this for sure.

There are symptoms in the brain itself that can cause lack of speech as well.

Aphasia is the overarching term for disorders that impair language in a person. Eli’s idea is a good one : read up on it a bit, even if it’s just on Wikipedia, to get some idea of all the different ways someone’s ability to use and comprehend language can fail.

Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area in the brain are important in speech function.
Broca’s aphasia makes it tough to use motor functions required for speech, so it’s hard to move muscles to produce speech. Damage to Broca’s area can make a person having trouble to speak, although his language recognition and hearing will remain relatively intact – though it’s still a far cry from a normal person’s comprehension.

I hope I didn’t outdo myself to much on this question. Good luck with your story :-)

Donald asks…

How do I get people to stop makeing fun of me becaues im dyslexic?plz help?

People say to me Is the English language your native language?And other stuff I try and try when I get home from school i work all the way to 10p.m. I use google sometimes but when someone ask me to read something I panick.ever sence I was a kid I had it so what can I do to stop it?

admin answers:

Unfortunately we will always have bullies, and because many people DON’T understand what dyslexia is, and how it affects a person, they will continue to make unqualified comments, which causes more frustration for the dyslexic.

When someone says something to you about not being able to read or your spelling etc, tell them calmly that “I am dyslexic”, and say nothing more, you do not have to explain to them anything else, if the persist in making unqualified rude comments, ask them “do you even know what dyslexia is?”, fair bet they wont.

Or you could tell them what dyslexia is; Dyslexia is a neurological problem where the brain misinterprets what is sees and hears, which can affect all aspects of learning, including, reading, writing, spelling, maths, memory, sequencing, confusing left & right etc.

Dyslexia does NOT affect a persons IQ, in fact many people with dyslexia have above average IQ. Dyslexics need different strategies to help them learn, and if given the correct supports they can a do achieve a great education.

Where as mental retardation (preferred term is intellectual disability) means a person IQ is well below the average IQ, and it impairs their ability to learn, and significant difficulty with daily living skills including looking after themselves, communicating and taking part in activities with others.

Before I found out my daughter & I were dyslexic, my daughter was like you and would spend hours trying to complete her home work even with my help, and I used cry for her when teachers would say she is not trying hard enough or trying to do her home work. Once we learnt why she had so many problems I spent some time trying to find & develop learning strategies to help her while at school, thankfully most of her teachers were very good and would willing use the strategies I gave them, sadly a few were not so helpful.

I grew not knowing I had dyslexia, but I was teased and bullied for not being able to read until I was 14, I was shocking at maths etc, and even a few teachers were mean to me, one writing a school report that I was retarded, another often making fun of me for not being able to tell the time, and when I learnt to read the clock she laughed at me, and said “about time you stupid girl”. So I left school having failed my final year dismally.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

August 25, 2013

Helen asks…

What effect does drugs have on the endocrine and Immune systems?

admin answers:

Depends on the drugs to be honest. Long term taking of drugs can impair the bodies ability to use its immune system effectively. For example I was on Anti biotics for 6 months and I got so many colds I went to doctor and she said it was because my immune system was weak.

Some drugs do directly affect your endocrine system however if you look on the Internet something like they talk about drug interactions with your body.

William asks…

What would you do if teen was smoking pot?

I smelled pot so I bought a home test and my 15 yearold daughter tested positive for THC. All the other drugs were negative.
She is is honors classes and makes straight A’s. How serious is this? I told her I wanted her to go to out patient drug treatment. She said I was crazy!
I grounded her for 30 days or until the future drug tests are negative.
What would you do?

admin answers:

I would have her do research about the dangers of smoking Marijuana.
Then have her write a one page report about what she learned from the research.
There’s plenty of information online that can help her understand why Marijuana is wrong.
And there’s some organizations that might be willing to send her info in the mail.
Here’s one website:
Here’s something I cut and pasted about the dangers:

Constant coughing with phlegm production
Frequent respiratory problems (chest colds, lung infections, obstructed airways) that result in more sick days and doctor visits than non-users
Impaired immune system/infection fighting responses
Cancer – especially in the lungs, respiratory tract, neck and head

Most chronic users experience mild to moderate marijuana withdrawal symptoms whenever the drug is not present in sufficient quantities. These include:

Trouble sleeping
Loss of appetite
Weight loss
Shakes or tremors- especially in the hands

Besides having her write a report, you shouldn’t allow her to hang out around anyone who smokes Marijuana. Have her cut off contact and make new friends. Perhaps a church group..

Richard asks…

What is the scientific reason why humans need sleep?

Is it simple cell biology, or is there some sort of phenomena that exists within all of us?

admin answers:

Sleep helps you to restore and rejuvenate many body functions:

Why do we need sleep?
Sleep helps you to restore and rejuvenate many body functions:

Memory and learning – Sleep seems to organize memories, as well as help you to recover memories. After you learn something new, sleep may solidify the learning in your brain.

Mood enhancement and social behaviors – The parts of the brain that control emotions, decision-making, and social interactions slow down dramatically during sleep, allowing optimal performance when awake. REM sleep seems especially important for a good mood during the day. Tired people are often cranky and easily frustrated.

Nervous system – Some sleep experts suggest that neurons used during the day repair themselves during sleep. When we experience sleep deprivation, neurons are unable to perform effectively, and the nervous system is impaired.

Immune system – Without adequate sleep, the immune system becomes weak, and the body becomes more vulnerable to infection and disease.

Growth and development – Growth hormones are released during sleep, and sleep is vital to proper physical and mental development.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

August 24, 2013

Mark asks…

How can i put music from iTunes onto my phone?

Is there any way i can take music from itunes and put it on my phone? I have the LG Revolution. Please help, i leave for newyork on a mission trip in 2 days, i can’t go eight hours without music!

admin answers:

Isn’t that You have an iPod AND a smartphone? I’m assuming the iPod came first.

Anyway, as a smartphone, it should be easy to put stuff on it. It’s easy to install stuff on my BB, and while I’ve never had an LG smartphone, my Voyager was workable on that score back in ’09.

There may be a problem with whether the music files are compatible, but the Revolution seems to accept a wide variety of music file formats, including AAC +.

There may also be a problem if your music files are on the iPod and NOT on your computer. IPods aren’t supposed to transfer music TO a computer – but there are ways around that (that question is posted here on YA by 5 or 6 different people a day – and answered).

Anyway, the long and short is that to transfer music files from your computer to a phone like this, you need to have a MicroSD card installed on the phone, then connect the phone to the computer (via USB cord) as a USB mass storage device.

If you don’t have a USB cord, and your charger’s cable doesn’t detach (with the usb plug on it) see if you can easily find one on eBay for under $10. Many Verizon phones seem to have the same plug these days (my husband’s BB, our Samsung Realities, my son’s LG Cosmos – same carrier, different makers, same connector plug on the phone), and many chargers have the detachable cord w/USB connector. So if you don’t have the cord, you can probably bum one from a friend.

Connect the cable and set the phone as mass usb device – if the computer doesn’t do this automatically, go into the phone’s settings and tools menu, choose tools and look for “usb mass storage” or something like it.

You’ll get this box asking if you want to play media on the card using any of your installed software, or just view the folders on the “drive” (the card). You want to browse the folders.

The card will show up as a removable drive on your monitor. You can then explore its folders or copy music to it as if to any folder on the HD.

You can skip the USB connection by inserting the card into a card reader slot (using microSD to sd adapter – which are typically included w/the cards), but not before it’s formatted on the phone. You’ll know if it was properly formatted when you put it on your computer and see that it’s got folders for “my music”, “my pix”, “my flix”, etc.

Jenny asks…

What are the first steps to convert to Christianity?

Hi there;
I want to be christian. I don’t know the first steps. Which community should I adhere: catholic, protestant, …. ? Would Jesus accept me, love me and forgive the days I wasn’t christian? Tell me plz the maximum advises and help. I’m waiting for your answers.
Thank you!

admin answers:

It doesn’t matter really the Christian religion you choose to align with. To be a Christian, you must believe the Jesus, the Christ was God incarnate who came down from heaven and was made man. This was Gods spectacular gift to us. Jesus was here to teach, to die to atone for all the sins of all man. If you believe in Jesus and His mission, you are a Christian.
I think you would find knowledge and comfort with the catholic church.

George asks…

Are there forces at work trying to instill a BLIND hatred of the One God Faiths in Humanity?

Jewish, Muslim, and Christian? Natives too accept a Divine Being over the other spirits they acknowledge.

admin answers:

Yes. Satan is the father of lies. He is also the father of all violence, rage, and anger. In the beginning, when God created man, Satan became so jealous and full of rage that he made it his eternal mission to lead us away from God, and into the burning pit of hell where we would eventually go if we choose his way of life instead of God’s.

When you feel most angry, most rageful, most upset, dont you feel blind?

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

August 23, 2013

Sandra asks…

How do I get degree in teaching blind children?

I am currently a junior in high school and i’m looking into special education to teach blind children. I love working with children, but I think I would be more of a help if I taught children who were blind. I need to know what degrees i’ll have to take, how long it takes to get my degree, the benefits, and the payrole. If anyone could answer any of my questions please do so.

Thanx :)

admin answers:

Perhaps a major in special education and those with hearing impairments (education of the deaf and hearing impaired). I’m sure that sign language would be required as part of the curriculum :)

For general info: and can search ‘Teachers Special Education’, ‘Speech-Language Pathologists’ or such.

For more info on SLP:

Please steer clear of those online, for-profit schools such as university of phoenix, penn foster, strayer, capella, kaplan, devry, ITT tech, ashworth as they are merely out to ‘make a profit’: and can type into search.

William asks…

How can I highlight my special recognition( award) in my resume?

I mean the problem is I can not just make it in bigger fonts or make it bold( because that is inconsistent), btu still I want that information to be given attention more than other information on the resume. I don’t know where and how to put it?

admin answers:

Special Education is for students with DISABILITIES. You have miscatergorized your question. Y!A suggests a category but you need to verify it is the correct category and change it if need be. This will ensure you will get more useful responses.


The provision of education to people with disabilities or learning differences differs across countries and (in the US, Canada, Germany, and other federally organized countries) across states

Special education in India was present since the pre independence time, with very few schools or NGOs helping intellectually impaired children. Today India has come a long way and made a good progress in the field of disability rehabilitation. Presently India has four national institutes for effective implementation of this special education through various government schemes.

Miscatergorizations is a violation of the Y!A Community Guidelines:…

Categorize correctly.Categorize your question correctly. Placing your question in the right category ensures that it is seen by people who can give you better information and more accurate answers. Yahoo! Answers is available in many countries and languages, so find the right one for your location or language

This is a legitimate attempt to answer a question by redirecting the asker on how to get the information needed. It is not a violation of the TOS or community guidelines.

David asks…

How do you describe music to a deaf person?

HOW do you desbribe music to the def becasue my grandma is and she wants to know what its like

admin answers:

Sign language! No seriously, deaf people can feel the vibrations associated with sound and can “feel” the rhythm and other components of sound and music. There are numerous hearing impaired musicians and composers throughout history who did great works that endure to this day.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

August 22, 2013

Thomas asks…

Is it unusual that certain people just scare me?

It doesn’t happen very often, and even when it does, it doesn’t impair my social functioning. I can still operate politely and normally, but without being able to explain why, sometimes certain people just give me a bad feeling. Perfectly nice, ordinary people who have never done anything to warrant this kind of reaction. Even when I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and put aside my irrationality, I can never quite open up to them. Does anyone else have this knee-jerk reaction of distrust?

admin answers:

Yes really so, I couldn’t shake off this feeling. I addressed it logically, because normally in retrospect it’s quite obvious. Tell yourself the story of the events that preceded the feeling and you come up with something but nope. Just a bad feeling.

Once with another guy it was screaming at me, I couldn’t even listen to what he was saying. No idea why. Must be some quirk in his face or body language. Hollow eyes?

George asks…

Does knowing sign language help a special education teacher?

Not necessarily for the hearing impaired but also for students with other disabilities?

admin answers:

Very much so! Children with Downs Syndrome can often have difficulty enunciating and use ‘sign supported speech’ – using some signs. Some with autism use signs to communicate. Also, generally, some children using a tactile, visual, language can assist in learning English. The Canadian Association of the Deaf ( had a program set up called Bridge of Signs for use with hearing kids with disabilities. You can check their site for details.

Mary asks…

Autistic, Language Impaired Children and their Relationship with Animals?

Does anyone know of children with learning disabilities or language impairments that have an unusual fascination with animals? I have heard of dogs, cats, and even birds being inexplicably attracted to or at least less timid with children with social and language disorders. If anyone has any info I would be very interested in reading what you have to say. Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Try to check on this site there you find it..

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