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Your Questions About For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice

July 1, 2013

Helen asks…

How do you write “for those I love, I sacrifice” in Latin?

I would like the phrase “for those I love, I sacrifice” translated to Latin. Google Translate yields: “enim illis ego amore, sacrificium ego” but I have a feeling that isn’t correct. Help please, and thank you in advance.

admin answers:

Illis quos amo iacturam facio.

Google, as usual, blew it completely.

Illis = for (the benefit of) those

Quos amo = whom I love

Iacturam facio = I sacrifice. Literally, that’s throwing something away. It’s an idiom in Latin. The Latin words sacrificium (noun) and sacrifico (verb) do translate as ‘sacrifice’, but in the sense of a sacrifice to the gods. English borrowed the word and broadened its meaning well beyond the original.

Jenny asks…

What is the best thing you can do to display love in Y/A ?

Keeping in mind that love requires sacrifice, what is the best expression of this on Y/A

admin answers:

The Catholic Priest at a Mass I attended once gave a great message on love and the expression of love. Many people think that the best way to express love is sex. This is not always the case. Sure, in marriage it is key. But, engaging in sex outside marriage, especially frivolously, is devaluing the meaningful value of the act for both yourself and your further spouse of the opposite gender. Outside of marriage, it is companionship, support, sacrifice, an ultimate friend, always being there, and maybe even a peck on the cheek. Romance does not require romping.

Love takes on various forms, especially extreme sacrifice. The greatest of all, is laying down one’s life for another. Such as Our Lord Jesus Christ offering Himself up on the Cross for our Salvation. When asked, “How much do you love me?” He spread His arms wide and shows the marks on His hands and feet. He offered His Body out of love for us once and still remains physically present with us in the great sacrament of love, that is Holy Communion.

Love on Y/A? Meh! Take it or leave it, I suppose. But, I guess it can play into it a little. So, make a sacrifice on Y/A. Ask a question, loose points. Then give a best answer to someone who shows love in their answer. Reward love.

George asks…

Was Christ more uplifting and optimistic than those who claim to represent him?

For example: Christ did not preach that God loves blood sacrifice… he taught something far more uplifting.

He said that God is like a loving Father, and we should think of him as such.

So, are those who say they represent Christ really misrepresenting him by teaching that God is so nasty that he has to be appeased by blood sacrifice!

More context to this question is on my biography.

admin answers:

Most of the Christians I’ve met are nothing like Jesus. I’m not trying to be belligerent here either. Even though I’m an atheist, I’ve read and listened and learned about Jesus. The man is a good example, if only his followers could follow the same path!

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