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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died

June 10, 2013

Michael asks…

Is it normal to still feel sad a few months after a pet has died?

So in june my beloved rat kenai passed away. I was expecting it, but i was still extremely upset when i found him. I did cry alot that day. But even know if i think about him or come across a photo of him, i burst into tears. When my hamster died i cried for an hour, then i was fine after i buried him. Kenai was such a lovely rat and he would get on with everyone, even my dogs.

admin answers:

Awwh yes of course it is ! Dont worry bout it , time is a healer i promise :)

Donna asks…

Arts and Honours? Is it not humble to accept or Avontguarde to be Cavalire to reject or MacCarthiest?

Is an arts title like Oscar or Globe just as detrimental to new work or biz?

I really can’t see the fuss in a title? Mr Master Dr Prof Sir? Oscar? Globe? Olympian. Olympic Champion? When was the last time you acknowledge someone? Oh? Hello? I‘ll be with you in a minute?

When was the last time you got put on hold and three minutes later the receptionist came back appoligetic knowing who you were, was embarrassed she’d been rude dominating conversation but although her reception phone was screaming at her to acknowledge every 30 sec but chose to chat you up? Its difficult to know when stinging vinegar of media and politics smart or honey in heat sticks your feet to floor?

I cannot fathem why selfishness sense of belonging and being late for breakfast or missing the bus in life means either elitest ideologyy or false modesty would fail to acknowledge an average jo blow to a pro who drank but those who weren’t at the right pub or club couldn’t be told? Well done! Good on you! You’re a role model?

My dad took 46 years to say he loved Mom?

Because awards mean so much? False modesty denies saying what you feel and your actions show? My dad always wanted to say he loved mom he was dying he died? But? It was never going to happen without one trick by me? I asked dad two questions the answer was the same? Mind my own biz? Had he told mom 3 words he loved her? Did she know if he hadn’t told her? If not? Why not? Every greeting and going I said I loved him? He eventually said it to mom in her tears I asked if she’d said it back? More tears?

Soldiers die for recognition babies cry for it?

Well I do emergency services work as auxillary only but my sales skills and entertainment performance is something vital to first aid 1st responders advanced responders I‘m not a hero I take time to care compassionately as a disabled person whose loving?

What do you do if reception didn’t ask to ring back if yoyou wait or hang up if you waited but gave up? Go higher or get results do you have a can do or tsunarmi dump attitude? Charity is a gift costing time sometimes? It being nice to be great to be be too nice to be great? Surely not?

admin answers:

No hablas Espanol!

Linda asks…

What are some country songs that talk about a friend dying?

I had a friend that died in 2008 of heart failure and I‘ve heard several country songs that reminded me of him because it talks about a friend dying, but I never wrote down the title or artist of them. What are some that talk about that?

admin answers:

Artist: Keith Toby
Song: Cryin’ For Me / Wayman’s Song
Album: American Ride
Featuring Dave Koz,Marcus Miller and Arthur Thompson

“Sorry you missed me
I’ll get back with you as soon as I can
Thank you and god bless”

Got the news on Friday mornin’
But a tear I couldn’t find
You showed me how I’m supposed to live
And now you showed me how to die
I was lost till Sunday mornin’
I woke up to face my fear
While I’m writing you this goodbye song
I found a tear

I’m gonna miss that smile
I’m gonna miss you my friend
Even though it hurts the way it ended up
I’d do it all again
So play it sweet in heaven
‘Cause that’s right where you wana be
I’m not crying because I feel so sorry for you
I’m crying for me

I got up and dialed your number
And your voice came on the line
That old familiar message
I heard a thousand times it just said
Sorry that I missed you
Leave a message and god bless
I know you think I’m crazy
But I had to hear your voice again

I’m gonna miss that smile
I’m gonna miss you my friend
Even though it hurts the way it ended up
I’d do it all again
So play it sweet in heaven
‘Cause that’s right where you wana be
I’m not crying because I feel so sorry for you
I’m crying for me

So play your upside-down, left handed
Backwards base guitar
And I’ll see you on the other side

I’m gonna miss that smile
I’m gonna miss you my friend
Even though it hurts the way it ended up
I’d do it all again
So play it sweet in heaven
‘Cause that’s right where you wana be
I’m not crying because I feel so sorry for you
I’m crying for me

I’m still crying
I’m crying for me
I’m still crying


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Your Questions About For Those Who Have Heart

June 9, 2013

Robert asks…

Advice about dating a friend who is heart broken?

ok here is the deal… my friend and i have been talking just starting to date, now we both know we like each other. He is still heart broken, his relationship was for three years now i need advice in what to do so that we can start a new relationship how should i help him get over that? this might sound dam of me to ask but i really like him n this would be my only real reationship i ever had.

admin answers:

Just be yourself and be there for him. Don’t ask him about his break up, but talk about other things. You dont want his mind on her you want his mind on you. So make him laugh, take him out, do things. He’ll got over his breakup the more he spends time with you.

Charles asks…

can a dog harm a person who has heart problems?

I have heard that dogs can make you sick. Well, can a dog harm a person with heart problems? Would the dog make s/he sick? like bad for s/he health. answer as soon as possible. Thanks!

admin answers:

No – - -

more likely a companion animal that is calm and interested in people who are non-threatening will aid in the ill person’s prognosis

Paul asks…

What are some inspiring quotes for someone who is heart broken?

My friend broke up with his girlfriend who he has been going out with for 5 years. I want to make him a list of inspiring quotes that he can look at everyday

Thanks !

admin answers:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“To truly love yourself is beautiful, but to change yourself for someone, just mean’s they never truly loved you for you.” – marie chaidez

“Only write what inspires you to write. If nothing inspires you write, anyhow. Something might come up.” – A.J. Chilson

“If you have the desire, passion and enthusiasm to do something, nothing in the world will stop you.” – Luke Poyner

“You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to a point of passion that unhinges my soul.” – Julie de Lespinasse

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

“Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also.” – Carl Gustav Jung

“Inspiring visions rarely (I’m tempted to say never) include numbers.” – Tom Peters

“Part of growing up is just taking what you learn from that and moving on and not taking it to heart.” – Beverly Mitchell

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Tab

June 8, 2013

Daniel asks…

I need some new tabs to play on my guitar, suggestions please?

I’m into playing alternative/hardcore/rock stuff, i’m not the best at playing i’m still working on that. I’ve only played about 8 months, so i’m not looking for anything real complicated but nothing too easy.

admin answers:

I just learned this song today and i cant stop playing it, its so fun. And simple too. Its called “Favorite Son” by Green Day. U can find the tabs on ultimate guitar tab Pick the one that has been rated 5 stars 5 times. Its the most accurate

Donna asks…

“In or Out?”: What fashions, makeup, or hair styles are completely out-of-style for Fall 2008?

Ok Fashion and Style, and Pop culture Gurus: What women and men’s styles (hair, makeup, fashion, shoes, bags, etc.) and trends are completely out of fashion, what is retro and cool, what is timeless/classic, what is trendy for Fall 2008, and what do you forecast for Spring 2009?
I’m going to start:
IN : natural, healthy hair, individualized cuts
OUT: Emo Hair, forced overstyled hair, too much heat
IN: recycling, Hybrid Cars, reusable grocery bags, clean power
OUT: Gas guzzlers, H2s (they were ugly anyway), Escalades
IN: Obama (even if you don’t plan to vote for him, he IS very
popular with the news media)
OUT: Bush (eh, soooo 2000)
IN: the Bob (timeless, the roaring 20s anyone?)
OUT: the mullet (not back yet – be patient…give it a few more years)
IN: Hoverboards (I wish)
OUT: being bored (you know you watch you tube all day at work…there’s no excuse for boredom)
IN :Youtube and Facebook
OUT: Myspace
IN: Getting a Life
OUT: “WOW” (You know who you are. Come on, those graphics are terrible.)
IN: Barbie (yeah we like Bratz, but come on, this babe is timeless)
OUT: Beanie Babies (well, my dog still likes them to chew on)
IN: Eating at home or going out for Hot Wings!
OUT: Overpriced chain restaurants
IN: Family owned coffee houses or making stuff at home
OUT: Starbucks and $5 coffee (who has the money for that after buying gas)
IN: Staycations (lol)
OUT: Vacations?
IN: Superhero Action Flicks (Batman, Indy, Transformers, etc. retro?)
OUT: Natural Disaster Movies (Wanna rent Dante’s Peak on VHS?)
IN: Not watching those horrible reality talent shows
OUT: American Idol
IN: Thrift stores and Urban Outfitters
OUT: bling, designer junk, and $350 jeans
IN: Tote bags
OUT: $1500 designer bags. (If you’re going to spend that much, go buy a computer)
IN: Getting out of debt
OUT: Credit cards
IN: Taking trains and carpooling
OUT: Commuting really far
IN: Classic Rock (classic), 80s music (retro), 90s music (retro)
OUT: Emo (what IS it anyway?), and just about anything they play on the radio right now
IN: Jeans that look good on your unique body.
OUT: Acid wash jeans (no, not back yet), Skinny, skin-tight tapered jeans (These are my pet peeve. Sorry, they don’t look good on anyone except the one genetically engineered and photo-shopped model in the advertisement. You can weigh 95 lbs and they will look bad. They look awful on guys, too.)
IN: Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, RC Cola etc.
OUT: Burple (you know you remember that), Tab, Squirt, Crystal Pepsi, Slice, New Coke…ok maybe those are retro…how about DECAF sodas…now those are definitely OUT
Ok, that was fun…you get the point.
Most creative wins!

admin answers:


David asks…

What are some actual good guitar tab sites?

I know about ’911 Tab Search engine’, and ‘Ultimate-Guitar’ but there isn’t always good tabs.

Does anyone know any tab sites that only allow good tabs?

Rock and acoustic tabs preferably.

admin answers:

You want perfect tabs? Get Guitar Pro 5 and go to and search for song and look for the Guitar Pro version with the most stars and open it up in Guitar Pro. Then you will be a badass.

If you cant afford Guitar Pro, Torrent it at

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

June 7, 2013

Maria asks…

What do you think of my lyrics?

A Pocket of Rocks

The earth is round
Everything is spinning out of control
But you never know
Look at what I found today
Lying on the ground over there
A dollar bill made by the FED
Making money for all their friends

The sky is blue
Their favorite color is green
Standing at the corner street
Begging for money and a bite to eat
Sleeping on the pavement advocating for enslavement
But they don’t even know it
Waiting for their payment from the government

(Guitar Solo)

Watch out kids, their coming to steal you from your parents
Making sure you make the grade
Keeping you afraid
Keeping you in check with the FDA
The worlds burning away and it’s yours to save
Their carrying anthrax on the Amtrak
That’s just the facts man
That’s just the truth if it means anything to you

(Guitar Solo)

What’s the song about? don’t ask, haha

admin answers:

I like them, your realistic views are somewhat humerous in the way you have “stated the facts”. I would like to hear the music! ^_^

Joseph asks…

sad indie/rock song lyrics help needed?

I am looking for a song. Its quite a famous one and I think it has been used in sad tv programs. it think it maybe less than 2 years old but I could be wrong.
I’ve spent all afternoon googling it with no luck.
Its a rock/indie song, but (really quite) slow and sad, a little bit like ‘the scientist’ by Coldplay.
I heard it in Argos the other day but didn’t take much notice, but have the tune stuck in my head now.
The chorus lyrics go something like, ‘its a looooooooong time coming/running’ or something to that effect, and I swear at the end of the song the guy was singing something about a slow heart beat or his heart slowing down and the end near
:-s I know it sounds crazy but please someone help!!

(accidently posted this in the rock/pop section too :-$)

admin answers:

I answered this (in more detail) in the rock/pop section.

“Gravity” by Embrace.

Linda asks…

A song from the mid to late 90′s, rock, has lyrics that talk about streets of gold or something, anyone know?

I can’t remember any of the lyrics, I just remember that it was played on mainstream radio a lot, kind of pop/rock, it’s a guy singing, I think it talks about streets of gold or something like that. I know it was talking about a girl. It’s been bugging me for so long, I HAVE TO FIND THIS SONG!!! Thanks in advance for any help :)
Hahaha, I know it’s not Fields of Gold!
YES!!!! THAT’S IT! Thanks :) 10 points when it will let me give you best answer.

admin answers:

I’m not quite sure but I’ve heard this song “Higher” by Creed. Creed was a 90′s rock band, and the song was released 1999.

The end of the chorus line contains ‘golden streets’ though.. But not ‘streets of gold’.. There’s a little bit of difference but you might want to check it out..

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Your Questions About For Those Who Wait Lyrics

June 6, 2013

Carol asks…

What do you think of these lyrics? (I wrote them – no STICKY paws)?

Turn on the radio, what do you hear?
Songs of love, making it in the rain
and then songs of the breaking and the pain.
But I’m not like those people who found love,
dancing in the drizzle, and kissing oh-so-wrong.
I just want some love, and I just a song.

So here’s a song for the misplaced
and a song for the waiting,
because I’m sure I can’t be alone.
A song for the hurt who were pushed around.
And song for the ones who are waiting
waiting for the sweet elixir called love.

“I remember you’re gentle touch and kiss,”
that’s all you ever hear of nowadays,
makes me want to throw my life away.
All I want is someone to realize
all I want is the sense that I belong,
that’s why I want love, and I want a song.

So here’s a song for the misplaced
and a song for the waiting,
because I’m sure I can’t be alone.
A song for the hurt who were pushed around.
And song for the ones who are waiting
waiting for the sweet elixir called love.
((Here’s the rest of it))

So I sat there dreaming and waiting
for him, my knight, to come a take me
and whisper in my ear, who I was meant to be.
So where is he at? Where did he go?
I’ve been here thinking for so long.
That’s why I wrote a song.

So here’s a song for the misplaced
and a song for the waiting,
because I’m sure I can’t be alone.
A song for the hurt who were pushed around.
And song for the ones who are waiting
waiting for the sweet elixir called love.
People are saying that I shouldn’t post it here if I don’t want people stealing it. By the way, it is copyrighted – sort of, on a site. So yep!
Oh, and another thing. (Wow, can’t stop adding details) I don’t have any music written for this, so feel free to make music up in your mind.

admin answers:

Hey! That’s pretty good! I just sang it to myself … Would make a great country song!

Remember me when you are famous!

Michael asks…

Can you guess who sing these lyrics?

Can you guess who sings these lyrics 10 points for 1st person who guess it.

I came up in it a little bit self centered
but did I kill a Queen
Alexander McQueen’s got a wrist on glow
the bottles is on po’
got that shibby shibby yeah shibby yeah ayou!
what the f-ck I look like b-tch I run this town
I aint coming out for less than a 100 thou
man, the last time I checked I was bubbling out
got to turn down shows, out in Dublin now
wait wait hold on, maybe they didn’t get that here
like 11 hundred horses when I switch that gear
swerve on them sorta like I missed that dear
press that little button on the sit back chair
b-tch I do it cause I get it
I got billion dollar credit
if you got a million dollars you could put it up and bet it
I just be like hello hello but I never could salute them
young money I do it for the yout dem!

admin answers:

Nicki minaj

Richard asks…

You know how much I like the wisdom in songs..what is the meaning of the symbol of the Wall mentioned below?

THE WALL lyrics by Kansas.

I’m woven in a fantasy, I can’t believe the things I see
The path that I have chosen now has led me to a wall
And with each passing day I feel a little
more like something dear was lost
It rises now before me, a dark and silent barrier between,
All I am, and all that I would ever want be
It’s just a travesty, towering, marking
off the boundaries my spirit would erase

To pass beyond is what I seek, I fear that I may be too weak
And those are few who‘ve seen it through to glimpse the other side,
The promised land is waiting like a maiden that is soon to be a bride
The moment is a masterpiece, the weight of indecision’s in the air
It’s standing there, the symbol and the sum of all that’s me
It’s just a travesty, towering, blocking out the light and blinding me
I want to see

Gold and diamonds cast a spell, it’s not for me I know it well
The treasures that I seek are waiting on the other side
There’s more that I can measure in the treasure of the love that I can find
And though it’s always been with me, I must tear down the Wall and let it be
All I am, and all that I was ever meant to be, in harmony
Shining true and smiling back at all who wait to cross

admin answers:

“The Wall” that “Kansas” played and was written by “Kerry Livgren”, was written in a defining moment, during a transition period within Kerry’s life.

A flow from one state of consciousness into a higher state of consciousness.

The wall spoken of in this beautiful song refers to the “Wall of Illusion” that man must pass through to reach “the promised land.”
When one has passed through this wall, one then looks back and holds out their hands to those waiting to also cross “The Wall”.

Kerry has become, “Dust In The Wind”.
Kerry has reached, “The Point Of No Return”.

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