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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

April 20, 2013

Helen asks…

What are some popular rock songs to play in a high school talent show?

We played “for those about to rock (we salute you)” by AC/DC last year for the talent show. But I was thinking more along the lines of “Rock And Roll All Nite” by Kiss, or “Nothing But A Good Time” by Poison. What do y’all think? And what suggestions to y’all have??

admin answers:

Bad Medicine – Bon Jovi
Paradise City – Guns N Roses
I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

Richard asks…

What are some good rock bands like Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Trapt, Rise Against, Avenged Sevenfold?

Ok i have generally liked Hardcore and Screamo but i recently got in to music that is less hardcore. I need some bands that sing and scream, not JUST screaming. Im not talking about classic rock for all those about to put stuff like sabbath (I already have every classic rock band thats worth listening to). And could you give me a list of like 2 or 3 bands and their best songs.

admin answers:

We are the ocean – nothing good has happened yet

escape the fate – not good enough for truth in cliche

bullet for my valentine – waking the demon

3 of my personal faves, include screamo and singing :)
hope this helps

Lisa asks…

Do people really salute for those who about to rock?

admin answers:


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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died

April 19, 2013

Betty asks…

how to cope with death of a dog?

my dog was medium sized dog about 15 pounds. she had the most energetic personality i‘ve ever seen in a dog when i first got her as a puppy. i‘ve had her a little over 2 years. yesterday my friend came over with his dog (sister of molly) so we could walk our dogs at the park. molly is always anxious to go out (since i never have the time to take her out. most of the time she is either in the garage or backyard). she ran ahead of my and when i was trying to get her she ran across the street and i saw the car tires run over her neck and she laid grasping for air for a couple of seconds. after not breathing for a while, she had a big deep breath and i think that’s when she actually died. i was so i shock, and i felt like it was a dream. i saw my dog eye’s dilate and i knew she was dead, she died in my arms. by at the time i was in denial and still took her to the vet. the vet told me she’s already gone and that’s when reality sank in and from that point i went home and slept the whole night and majority of today thinking about her and blaming myself that i should of had a leash on her before going out and that i should of spent more time with her. seeing the whole accident happen and seeing that she was dying tears my heart in broken pieces. so any pet owners, or psychologist that experienced what i‘ve been through. what did you do to cope with your loss dog. i don’t want to lay in bed for days more.

admin answers:

I didn’t even read all of the description because I don’t want to think that you are lonely. The cure of the gloomies caused by a death of a dog is: Getting another dog; that simple.

Steven asks…

Can I Get An Honest Opinion Please?

So, I love reading. And, I love that feeling I get when I’m sucked into a good book. I love the feeling of knowing that I can get into other worlds like that and picture it all around me. And, because of this, I decided I’d try my hand at writing instead of reading. This is the very first time that I’m trying my hand at writing. So, with that in mind, please C/C and rate on a scale of 1-10. Without further ado, here goes nothing:


Tessa was cold, but it wasn’t the kind of cold that a blanket and coffee could fix. It was the type of cold that went down, deep into your bones and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t shake it.

Her teeth were chattering slightly, and her skin was paler than normal. She was scared. And being scared and cold just didn’t mix well. Tessa hadn’t slept in days. Her normally green eyes were red and puffy, her nose was running, and her long blonde hair was tangled way beyond the help of a brush.

She had no idea why she felt this way. But, she did remember that the last time she felt like this, somebody close to her died. Tears started falling down her face, making streaks of mascara run and drip off her chin.


So, that’s what I have so far. Do you like it? Should I keep going, or find a different idea? (Any questions, comments, or rude remarks?) Anything else you want to add/say? I guess that’s it. Other than if you have any questions, ask. And! Thanks for your time.

admin answers:

There are quite a few mistakes in your grammar, but not so many that it made your writing impossible to read, in fact it was very descriptive, I’d give it an eight.

Here’s how to fix it.

1) “… A blanket and (a) cup of coffee could fix”

2) “It was the kind of cold that penetrated your body and gripped your bones, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot shake it off.

3) Never start a sentence with “And”
There’s more but I don’t want to be too much of a cynic as I did give you an eight. I am starting to write a new book myself and I’m always willing to help a fellow writer.

Check this sight out, it will really improve your writing, it did mine.


Paul asks…

~EDIT~ Can I Get An Honest Opinion?

Tessa was cold, but it wasn’t the kind of cold that a blanket and a cup of coffee could fix. It was the kind of cold that penetrated your body and gripped your bones. No matter how hard you try, you can’t shake it off.

Her teeth were chattering, and her skin was paler than normal. She was scared and cold, so cold. Tessa hadn’t slept in days. Her normally green eyes were red and puffy, her nose was running, and her long blonde hair laid in knots that were beyond the help of a brush.

Normally, she would be carefully put together, but today she just wore grey sweats, a red plaid shirt, and blue slippers. She didn’t even bother with the jewelry she was almost never seen without. She obviously didn’t care about her hair with the state it was in. Her face was naked other than the mascara she tried to put on to bring some life to herself.

She had no idea why she felt this way, or why she was acting in this way. But, she did remember that the last time she was like this, somebody close to her died. Tears started falling down her face, making streaks of mascara run and drip off her chin.


So, I edited it. C/C. Rate on a scale of 1-10. And blah blah blah. Thanks for all your time!

admin answers:

Dazhean, this is really amazing. You switched tenses in the first paragraph, but that didn’t really bother me at all. Your descriptions were just wow. As was your spelling. I noticed a few minor grammar errors, but those didn’t bother me. I love how it’s like she’s in denial. So realistic. God, I wish I could read more. 10/10.

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Your Questions About For Those Who Have Heart

April 18, 2013

Richard asks…

Is apologetics a waste of time if God gives evidence sufficient for those with an open mind and heart?

apologetics – the branch of theology that is concerned with the defense of Christian doctrines

I will make the point clear that God gives evidence sufficient but its sufficiently vague as not to compell those whose hearts are closed. Does this mean that sufficient evidence alone would give someone the desire to obey Gods commands?

This point may not even be true, it is just something i have heard preached before.

[P.S. Looking for christian answers really]
Stop lying friend.
Grey Tower, thanks, you didn’t really answer my question however. My question was if God gives sufficient evidence, then is it a waste of time proving Gods existence?

admin answers:

There’s a difference between arguing for the correctness of Christian doctrines and arguing for the existence of God himself. For a start, unless a person accepts that God is, no Christian doctrine makes any sense to them. It’s a total waste of time. That is why God himself does not argue for the reasonableness of his existence. He opens up his holy word with the flat statement, “In the beginning, God…” We can take it, or leave it: God is. That has to be the starting point.

Only if a person believes God exists can there then be any merit in trying to persuade them of the rightness of Christian doctrines. That’s where apologetics comes into its own. But, there’s always the proviso that some believe God exists yet they are so hardened, their admission of that fact will not save them. “Even the demons believe – and shudder” (James 2:19) No Christian would try to debate Christian apologetics with a demon!

Jesus told us the reason why he spoke in parables was to sift the chaff from the wheat – understanding has been ‘given’ to some, and not to others. Why? Because Jesus knows our hearts. (Mark 4:9-13 & 24-2) Those whose hearts are closed will never hear properly and so what little they have will be taken away from them. We are called to respond to any God-given truth – to respond in faith. Then we will be given more. This is how the word of God ‘works’. That was how the Word of God worked when speaking to people.

So I would go along with the idea that there is a deliberate vagueness in the word and in the evidence God provides, so that the word that drops into ‘good soil’ will take root and begin to grow. God knows what hearts will be ‘good soil’ for his word and respond aright. But hearts that are hardened will never hear in a way that brings spiritual growth and understanding. Evidence is there, all right, but it would be wasted on some. The desire to obey God never comes solely with knowledge. Salvation is not a head trip – it’s a heart transplant. For those treating Christianity as a head trip, apologetics is a waste of time. For those who have had that spiritual heart transplant, it’s very necessary.

Sandra asks…

What was your baby’s heart rate before you found out what you were having, and what did you have?

Okay, here’s my story: I have two boys, and we are really hoping for a girl. I had a check-up today and have my ultrasound scheduled for the 25th to find out what we’re having. My Dr. said the heartbeat sounds boyish, haha. The heart rate was between 120 and 130. Have any of you had girls whose heart rate was that low?

admin answers:

This has actually been a pretty popular theory in gender prediction for a long time.

The heart rate of your baby fluctuates as they grow and as they move. Heart rates start out slower, and then by 8-10 weeks run in the range of 170-200 BPM (beats per minute).

As your approach mid-pregnancy the average heart rates run between 120 – 160 BPM.

If your baby moves, his or her heart rate goes up, just as your heart rate does with movement. However, none of these is related to the gender of your baby.

A study was actually done to test this theory. The study actually shows that there is no correlation between gender and fetal heart rate. Although they did find a correlation between heart rate and gestational age prior to 9.2 weeks

Mark asks…

How can I specify to donate my heart (upon death) to a friend who has heart failure?

I am registered as an organ donor in the state of CA and it’s also updated on my drivers license and I also carry the ID card with me in my wallet next to the license. I emailed the registry foundation to ask this question, but they never got back to me.

My question is, I have a friend around the same age who was diagnosed with heart failure a while back. I would like to specify that if I should die, I want my heart to be made available for transplant for my friend FIRST and only then if it’s not possible for him to receive it can they offer it to someone else. Do I need to put this in a will or something? Thank you.

admin answers:

You could do your friend more good by motivating others to become donors. Your sentiment is honorable, but the reality is there are a lot more people in need of organs than there are donors. If all of us in this country were donors, most of the people on the lists would not die needlessly waiting for an organ. For more information on how to become an organ donor, please go to the following link:

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

April 17, 2013

John asks…

What is the easiest way to make animated gfx characters to make simple movements?

I’m looking for a 3D software really simple to use, I’m planning to make a software to teach sign languages for hearing impaired people. And I want to create some characters showing the movements and the signs.

What do you recommend me?

I’ve heard that Poser Figure Artist ( ) is good for this…

admin answers:

A good way to go if youre sort of good with animation is to download endorphin learning edition on the endorphin website (endorphin is the animation used in Grand Theft Auto IV) i dont know the url so you will have to google it. Endorphin pretty much takes the regular pre animatde animations and replaces them with more realistic animations to give it a more realistic feel. To learn more on how to use it there are a bunch of youtube videos showing how to use it…endorphin is mainly for videogames…hope this helps

David asks…

Is Cognition and Intelligence quotient the same thing?

I would like to know this because my mom told me that when I was 18 months old I was cognitively delayed by 9 months even thought I was walking at 13.2 months which is in normal range. I also have Autism spectrum disorder and I think that might be the problem I looked up what cognitive delay meant on wikipedia and it said Mental retardation and I was wondering if they both mean the same thing?

admin answers:

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is designed to measure a persons possible cognitive skills.

BUT, lets break down what you’ve said a little bit. You were tested at 18 months old, and it sounds like you may have gotten some services as a result. This could have been something call early intervention or it may have been working with a specialist like a speech therapist or an occupational therapist.Often when I see small children with Autism (ASD) they come out lower on IQ testing because it taps into one of the areas that is impacted by ASD – oral language. For me, this is a red flag that they need support to overcome these difficulties.

When we as psychologists say cognitive delay we often mean that the child is not up to standard with their peers at this moment. With intervention like the ones I described above the student can make progress. With a diagnosis of ASD you are entitled to special education services under the law called IDEA if you are still in school (prek-12th grade). This means you should be tested by a psychologist every three years, to make sure you have the right services for you.

Your mom should be invited to meetings every year to review your progress, and when you have the testing every three years. She should have been given reports for each of these testing sessions. These reports should explain your strengths and weaknesses, and how they plan to help you succeed. Given your diagnosis of ASD, it makes more sense to focus on the nonverbal parts of the testing. If the results are not clear to you, you can message me with the scores from the report and I can try to explain them.

The take away message is, being cognitively delayed at 18 months does NOT make you intellectually impaired (what used be called retarded). Did you have trouble as a little kid with some areas of the testing? Yes, it seems so. Does it mean you won’t be a successful adult? Absolutely not.

Good luck!

James asks…

What are some exercises I can do to train people to be more sensitive to people with disabilities?

I’ve been assigned to do this training, and my thought is to try to get the people to empathize with the people who have mental and physical disabilities. Anyone know any good excersizes i can do with people to have them “walk a mile” in the shoes of someone with disabilities?

admin answers:

You didn’t say if this training is for children or for adults. The links to web sites in an earlier response could be a good starting place. I would also suggest that you contact local agencies that provide services for people with disabilities; when I worked for our local chapter of United Cerebral Palsy, for example, part of my job was to do “Ability Awareness” trainings for schools, park and recreation programs, etc. Besides UCP, look for local phone listings of agencies like ARC and Easter Seals. Ask them for any resources they may have.
Our area used to do an annual “Barrier Awareness Day,” which was oriented toward adults. People with a variety of disabilities, such as blindness, deafness, and mobility impairments, were paired with non-disabled adults for the day. The non-disabled people were given the same “disabling condition” for the day; they would have to use a wheelchair, or have their hearing impaired by sound-muffling headsets, have their vision impaired by darkened or distorted lenses, etc. Then they would accompany the person with the actual disability for the day. All the things that we able-bodied people with intact senses take for granted become much more evident – how hard it is to navigate the sidewalks and get into many buildings, or to get a drink of water from a drinking fountain, when you are using a wheelchair; how isolating and sometimes hazardous it is to be unable to hear; how difficult it is to find your way in a new environment when you are blind, etc.
For both children and adults, it’s great if you can have a person with a disability be a guest for your training. Ask them what they wish people knew about people with disabilites. For example, people often treat people who have mobility impairments or sensory impairments as if they were also mentally retarded. For example, if a person in a wheelchair is having lunch with an able-bodied person, the waiter will often ask the able-bodied person, “What can I get for your friend?” rather than directly asking the person for their order. There are so many examples of well-meaning but misguided interactions.
For children, there are many activities you can do to simulate disabilities; for example, threading a needle or buttoning a shirt while wearing socks on your hands gives some idea of what it’s like to have a motor-impairing condition like cerebral palsy. Having kids read aloud from stories where all the words are written backwards (ecnO nopu a emit) is a little like some learning disabilities.
The thing I always emphasized in doing ability awareness trainings is “people first language.” All human conditions and abilities are just a continuum; when you look around any group of people, some are artistic, some athletic, some creative, some excel at math and science, others at language. It’s the same with people who have diagnosed or more clearly noticeable disabilites. They also have many strengths and abilities in addition to the conditions that make some things more difficult. So try to remember to refer to the person first, and the disability as a description (“a boy with autism” instead of “an autistic boy” or “an autistic;” “a woman who uses a wheelchair” instead of “a cripple” or “a wheelchair bound lady.”)
It’s great that you are taking on this project! I wish you success!

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Pull The Trigger

April 16, 2013

Ken asks…

Virginia Tech Massacre: Cho Seung-Hui’s fault, or society’s?

He should’ve sought help on his own, that much is on him, but the whole thing is played down too much, this was a kid that NEEDED help and didn’t get it, and a monster that society created. Obviously no one forced him to pull the trigger, but it was pretty clear in that final video that he was long gone, you don’t just choose to be insane. I often hear the rationalization “Everyone gets bullied, they don’t shoot up buildings!” I get it; I thought like that, still do since it’s undeniably true. I thought he was just an evil person who had a choice and made it, then I read about how much he dealt with on a daily basis; it’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever read in my life. The worst part is that he was not forcefully institutionalized; he was having mental problems since high school, people knew, people were indifferent. All in all, a profound tragedy, I pray for the victims AND Cho, wherever he is. You can call me a liberal bleeding heart idiot if you like (I’m actually a moderate, anyway), or you can actually offer an intelligent opinion, though I expect the former more.
His biggest problem was that his issues were in high school, not college; he was a broken soul by the time he got to Virginia Tech, he needed more than people just offering help in my opinion.

admin answers:

1. He was schizophrenic, I believe he was also diagnosed narcissistic as well which is a bad combination.
2. Do not get my wrong, I am a gun nut and believe in the right to bare arms, but how did he get his background checks.
3. People at the university offered help but he refused. Some prof’s and students recommended he go to student counselling office.
4. Here is the problem? Human rights of the mentally ill. A person cannot be forcefully committed until they are a physical threat to themselves or others.
5. We are not in a 1984 Orwellian Society yet, you cannot be guilty of a thought crime.
6. I am a hard liner, what if someone who was sane and law abiding had permission to carry concealed could have dropped him and cut the causality rates.
7. The killings in Finland, one of the most restricted gun access countries makes this point clear, gun laws alone will not stop someone who is crazy enough to obtain weapons and cause damage, there has to be a balance. A screening to keep fire arms out of a person who is unfit to use them, with a reasonable well armed population that can defend themselves if need arises.

Mark asks…

How to convince a friend he is wrong.?

Ive got a friend whom has had terrible luck with girls. He is 21 years old going on 22 years old and has never even kissed a girl. Don’t get me wrong I know some people choose to hold out..But he’s not holding out, He wants to be kissed and have sex and date and do all the crap. Ive always tried my best to help him meet girls but he is so shy that most of the time they wind up talking to me for the whole night and that kinda makes him the 5th wheel which I hate.

But here’s my problem…He told me today that he met this random girl online that apparently lives in Russia (you‘re probably thinking the same thing I was). And she’ wants to move here and she’s been sending him all these E-mails about how she wants to fall in love with an American man and things like that. My friend is getting really desperate because he is to shy to pull the trigger on any girls here were he and I live so instead he is resorting to internet dating. I myself once experimented with internet dating and learned that it is NOT the way to go. I am now seeing a girl whom I had a crush on in high school. But anyways I am trying to convince him that this will only end in disaster. But he seems to be kind of taking me lightly. And for the record he is very gullible. I know that if he would just work with me I can help him get a girlfriend here and sooner than he thinks. But he seems more content waiting for this -supposed- Russian girl to move to the states or what ever the plan is.

I dont want to see him get hurt. He is in a depressive state right now. Would I be better off….

Just giving up and letting him learn the hard way like I did?

Or keep trying to convince him that this is a more diffacult route to take.

Thanks for any help.

admin answers:

No! I’d tell him shes just looking for a green card if she wants an American man.
And definetly tell him not to go for her and that eventually he will find someone; and that he NEEDS to step outside of hsi shell a bit.

But that chick totally sounds like a green card looker; tell him to dodge her, and dodge her hard.

Good luck with your buddy,

Joseph asks…

Indian/Middle Eastern kids are you stuck with parents like this till MARRIAGE?

when i mean marriage i mean an arrange marriage, for the white ppl: arranged marraige isnt necessarily a forced marriage…ur family picks sum1 for u meet them SUPERVISED by ur/his family, and in a week or 2ish u have to decide if u want to get married………………….& u rnt allowed to choose ur life partner on ur own…no dating… it still sucks

but yea back to my ?, parents like this (this is a previous ? u can answer it seperately if u want to cuz yea i posted this twice cuz i dont have any1 to vent to):im hardly allowed to do anything other kids my age are allowed to do, (i dont mean just hanging out i mean EVERYTHING….like even traveling alone and a lot of teenagers have done that…or even taking a walk alone in the daytime in my SAFE neighborhood, my dad will even freak out if i step out of the house for 2 seconds)

if i am allowed to hang out w/o there being a big deal i can only hang out w/ the other indian kids in the community & we’re not even that good friends!……my family doesnt understand the concept of an american social life…instead i HAVE TO spend every weekend/weekday w/ them or im selfish

the onle thing i am allowed and HAVE to do is go to my grandma’s house everyday for dinner….u know the whole joint family thing where you have to hang out w/ family, family and only family!

i hate arranged marriages and ill regret it if i never get to be independent in my life BUT im seriously considering it now…and asap like @ 20 (cant go to a university not doing good enough…tried tho so dont say tht)

but still im ****** depspe
40 minutes ago – 1 week left to answer.
Additional Details
38 minutes ago

rate? i know i cant ever move out on my own not only am i not allowed to but my bastarddad is a psyco! he controlled my mom even after they serpearetd (shes bak) and when he cant control some1 he gets mad!…….and i mean scary as **** mad (bad childhood 4 me)

so yea shud i just get an arranged marriage & live w/ it? thnx 4 every1 who listened
16 hours ago – 1 week left to answer.
Additional Details
16 hours ago

wth do i do?? i relly want to b ‘free’ but not married??
1 day ago – 2 days left to answer.
Additional Details
1 day ago

& it was worse 2day cuz im visitin d.c. and i went to george town and saw a bunch of college students dressed like they were goin to a club and screaming out a limo and partying on boats…..& i thot tht is NEVER going to b me…& 4get college i screwed myself over in hs & now im gonna hav to go to comm college

& the sad thing is if i do get an arranged marriage my condition is no kids…i dont wanna have kids or sex w/ sum1 who im not comfortable w/ so tht mite make an arranged marriage impossible to an indian muslim man…..wut do i do?

24 minutes ago – 1 week left to answer.
Additional Details
21 minutes ago

and plz dont say move out when ur 18 tht makes me feel worse! im a dtis and i only dont say tht so yea i could never handle or understand financial **** AND my dad has a huge scary temper…..lets just say he mite pull the trigger if he had one idk if he wud but im just telling u tht option is out……i hate my family and culture!
19 minutes ago

and yea can u also answer my ? about the indian muslim man thing thnx guys
18 minutes ago

the sex part i mean

& i think im sumtimes goin thru (depending on my dads mood tht day) mental abuse (its 1 of my ?s if u wanna know bout it) mental abuse so i have to get married i dont wanna live here anymore

admin answers:

I had to read all your history of questions to get your gist.

1. Your dad Controls your life. You don’t have liberty to go anywhere without permission.
2. You are afraid that he would force you into an arrange marriage.
3. You want freedom.
4. You are curious about arrange marriage.

Arrange marriage works the same way you described. Your father knows your possible husband’s father. His father would come with his whole family to see you if you are blind, deaf, mute or ugly. You get to see the groom. Whole family okays you and you get married.

Forced arrange marriage – Your father sees the groom and you get
married. You don’t get to see the groom b4.

In both cases, it doesn’t even matter if you want to marry him or not. Moving on……

I believe you are 16+. I saw something about his temper somewhere in your questions? Do you think you could avoid his temper or his forced arrange marriage of yours when you live in same house? Many people have advised you to move out. You answer no. What is the problem? You don’t know financial s***? You learn. You are afraid that your father would pull the trigger? You hide in the best hole you can find.

All your questions has only one answer : get a secret life. Work on your grades. Talk to your counselors. Get a job when you finish school. MOVE OUT.

Meanwhile, bear it out and pray. Keep your head down. Stop throwing things. If he gets a whiff of your plans, he would bring you to India and then force to you marry. That would be a continuation of your whole life all over again. Only this time you would be f***** too. Underage marriages are common here. You are afraid to act now in US where you can call different services for your protection and you have relatives to hide you. Think about a time when you would be in India where you don’t know anybody or anything, stripped of your rights and privileges.

These are the facts. I am just scaring you to make you realize that your inaction will only hurt you. If you keep whining, sitting on your lazy b***, keep saying “I hate my family and culture” and still do nothing, well, arranged marriage is a year away for you.

The way you spell, I don’t think you are good in your studies. I really feel sorry for you. I do. I suppose, advice doesn’t work on you. I’ll pray.

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