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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 5, 2013

Laura asks…

Is there any way to regain my eyesight ?

I don’t want to wear glasses and I know that wearing contact lenses will be a burden for me. Can you please give me some advice how to improve my eyes ?

admin answers:

I looked into virtualbucks with “eyevisionimprovement” and Moonbeam with “visionbetter” and they both lead to the same scammy website with popups and they appear to be pushing “eye exercises”. Most eye exercises(eye push-ups, eye drills, eye yoga) have nothing to do with returning to clarity. Eye exercises do not strengthen eye muscles and eye muscles do not need to be strengthened for clarity. Eye exercises can increase circulation which is good, but without an understanding of blurry vision habits and clear vision behaviors, they can often lead to effort, strain, diffusion, and blurry eyesight.

Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) give us instant clarity, but do not address the real issues of blurry vision, so our vision usually gets worse year after year. There are great professionals that are very good at giving very accurate prescriptions for blur and at helping you when you get disease. These professionals protect us from the scams of most eye exercises and eye potions but they also deny that we can have clear vision without their system let alone naturally.

I have improved my eyesight and many of my students are improving their eyesight. Some already no longer need glasses. The best way to start relearning to see is to read from the best books. The best way to return to natural perfect eyesight is with the help of a great teacher. If a program doesn’t offer or lead you to a great Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher or at least some kind of direct support, they are not going to be very successful and are more likely depending upon you not taking the effort to get your money back.

Susan asks…

How Can I Restore Eye Sight?

how can i regain my eye sight?
i have 20/40 vision
i heard some food helps but are there other ways?

ps- please dont say get off the computer i know that, i need help with this, ya i have glasses also

admin answers:

Your visual acuity being 20/40 is really not all that bad!

Oh and sorry to break it to you…. But no foods or exercises will actually improve your eyesight.
Different foods contain vitamins/nutrients that promote eye health but they do not actually improve vision.

Eyesight is found to be mainly genetic and there is nothing you can do to change your genetics.
The best thing you can do is just take care of your eyes to preserve their health.
You can do this by always wearing UV protected eyewear when outside to prevent photokeratitis, such growths like pingeucula and pterygium and the early onset of cataracts and macular degeneration. Always maintain a healthy well balanced diet and prevent eyestrain by wearing corrective eyewear and taking breaks while reading and on the computer.
There is nothing you can do to restore your eyesight without the aid of some sort of corrective devices. Corrective devices only help you while you are wearing them they do not improve or worsen vision.
Your vision will naturally change on its own over time and really there is not much you can do to prevent this!!!

Sandra asks…

How do yu improve your eyesight??????????

I noe eating carrots desn’t wrk, but are there any wayz whatsoever that you can ACTUALLY improve yur eyesight?

admin answers:

Eye doctors are trained to say that “eye exercises don’t” work. This is correct, eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) have nothing to do with natural perfect eyesight and are a complete waste of time. What thay have no comprehension of, is that everyone is supposed to natural perfect eyesight without the crutches of artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery).

If I can’t make baskets in basketball do I make a machine that makes them for me? If I can’t hit balls in baseball do I make a machine that hits them for me? No, of course not. I practice, and learn the principles of shooting baskets and hitting baseballs. I also unlearn any behaviors that interfered with my performance.

Blurry vision is a learned behavior. Most people can return to natural perfect eyesight by unlearning the incorrect vision habits, reintegrating the correct vision behaviors, and undoing the damage of artificial corrections and blur.(squinting is definitely an incorrect vision habit)

The best place to start improving eyesight naturally is to read the best books. I have a referral link to one of them on my website. Most people do best by getting the help of a local teacher. I also have a link to a very good list of teachers around the world on my website. I can interview a teacher you may be interested in to make sure that they are teaching correct principles and not eye exercises or potions.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 4, 2013

Thomas asks…

Should my daughter wear her glasses all day or as needed?

My daughter is 14 and is near sighted. She struggles to see the board when she sits in back of the class. She has prescription glasses that helps her see better. I don’t mind if she wears them as needed, but her grandmother insists that she should wear them all the time because her eye sight can get worse. advise please :)

admin answers:

Go to

The info on this website seems to make sense, though I haven’t done more research on this myself. So I encourage you to look at it and decide for yourself what is best!

I went there and it says that if you wear prescription glasses for nearsightedness, it will encourage your eyes to elongate and thus make your vision even worse over time (and become more reliant on glasses to see.) So, only use as needed. I think the site also recommends a different sort of prescription that helps to improve nearsightedness, though I forget what it was.

I’m thinking of getting them myself soon, because I have noticed that the more I use my prescription glasses, the worse my eyesight gets without them…I keep having to go back to the doc and get a stronger correction. It’s a weird feeling. I feel like my eyes are a lot older than the rest of me!

Then again, it could be that my eyes are naturally getting worse…but I genuinely feel that it gets worse faster with the glasses on.

Helen asks…

I wear glasses but how can I see things without them or any other kind of Lense?

admin answers:

Re are quite a few eye exercises that can be used that are beneficial to keep your eyes healthy and to improve vision naturally. Poor eyesight is common and many people won’t even think about natural ways to improve their eyes. I know that I didn’t think of this when I had poor eyesight.

When most people realize that there vision is becoming blurry and getting more difficult to see clearly they are most likely to visit the eye doctor to get prescription lenses. Many will think that getting some sort of artificial lens is the answer without even think of other alternatives. So we end up paying hundreds of dollars on glasses or contact lenses could be easily avoided if we learned how to improve eyesight naturally.

So what are some the eye exercises that people use? There are a different kinds and some work better than other depending on what type of eye condition you have. I will go over some basic ones that people use most often.


One exercise that is popular is something called palming. This will help your eyes to relax as well and reduce strain on the eyes. Sit down and rest your elbows on a table. You want to be relax. You can also do this laying down. What you’re going to do is close your eyes and place your hand over them but don’t put and pressure on the eyes. You also want to eliminate any light passing through your hands as much as possible. There really is no time limit. Some people do it for a few minutes and some do it for 20 minutes.

Massage The Eyes

Close your eyes and gently massage them and around the area in a circular motion for a couple of minutes. Don’t hurt your eyes either.

Use A Pencil

Hold your pencil about arms length away from you and move the pencil slowly toward your nose. When the pencil gets starts getting closer to your nose and you start losing focus, then slowly move it away from your nose. Repeat the steps a few times.

Youll improve your vision in no time! X

Paul asks…

Is it possible to naturally improve your eyesight without performing any surgery?

Reference provided would be really helpful, Thank You!! :)

admin answers:

Glasses NEVER cure poor eyesight. There is a large body of opinion that glasses can even damage your natural eyesight. An interesting fact is that glasses have never been proved safe. This is because they were invented before products had to prove medical safety.

There is also a large body of people who believe that eyesight can be improved using natural methods to re-learn good eyesight habits, removing damaging habits and other techniques. If you search, you will find lots of sites. Don’t sign up to anything though – you can get all the info you need for free. The link below should help.

The simple answer to your question is yes.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 3, 2013

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know how to restore eyesight without undergoing laser eye surgery?

admin answers:

Hi Liv, here are some ways to work on restoring your eyesight naturally. Hope this helps.

1. Do not wear glasses

Contrary to what most people believe, glasses make your eyesight worse over time. It is only a temporary fix. The glasses are doing all the work and your eye muscles weaken because they are under-utilized. So it is important to learn to take your glasses off, especially in non-demanding, non-threatening situations.

2. Get some bilberry extract

Bilberry extract is found to help improve eyesight in some people. Go check out your local pharmacy! They might have it. Mine doesn’t, by the way.

3. Sunshine

Sunlight improves the eyes and the pupils in many wonderful ways. For instance, it loosens tight muscles. The nerves and muscles just naturally let go of stress and tension, the leading cause of poor eyesight.

You can do some “sunning” exercises – sit down under the sun, relax your facial and back muscles, close your eyes and look up at the sun. If your eyes start to tear or water, that’s a good sign. Tear is healing in nature.

4. Avoid food rich in fat

Research has shown that those with eye problem usually suffer from high blood pressure within the eyeball as well. Cut down on your fatty food and try to eat healthily. In this way, eyeball blood pressure will decrease and this will relieve strain on the eyes.

5. Exercise all eye muscles

This is the key to restoring your eyesight. Lax eye muscles will only add to your degree. One simple exercise is to shift focus from far and near objects. It keeps the eye muscles flexible and stops them from being fixed or frozen in one position.

Exercising your eyes on a regular basis is more important than exercising them for a long period of time. Exercising for 5-6 seconds several times a day will help reduce eye strain.

Sandra asks…

Natural and Free Ways to Improve Your Eyesight?

Hey! Kay, my eyesight is a horrible -7.00. I am so nearsighted. And I’ve recently heard of some natural ways to improve my eyesight, however I haven’t been able to find any ‘exercises’. So I was wondering if you guys knew some, preferably FREE. I’d also appreciate it if you could just write down the exercises on here, instead of sending me a link, pretty please. Also any fruits that help your eyesight from getting worse? THANKS <3

admin answers:

As we progress through life, our specific dietary and herbal needs do change. Preventative health care and early detection can help us make better choices. With proper care, our bodies, minds and spirits can stay at peak performance. We schedule maintenance checks for our homes and cars. It makes sense to also treat our bodies with even more respect and love. After all, it’s carrying around a marvelous person inside. Make a daily herb combo or tissue salt and a few eye exercises part of your daily health regime. Many people have improved their vision with just a few simple changes. Some have even thrown away glasses that they’ve used for years.

Homeopathic tissue salts for eye care

Very low doses of Homeopathic Tissue salts taken over a period of six months can help rebuild the eyes and tissues at a cellular level. This is a short list of some of the most popular ones for overusing and or straining the eyes.

Ruta Grav 3x – For gradual eyestrain, eyestrain headaches (require a higher dose).

Cadmium. Ray. 6x – If you spend at least one hour a day at the computer, this one is a must! It is made from the rays given off the computer screen and helps to correct vision problems from prolonged exposure.

Calc Flor /Kali Phos 12x – Combination for eyestrain (when you begin pulling the book away a few inches more than you used to).

Mag Phos 12x – When there are spasms in the eye or eyelid after eye strain.

** Natural and free ways to improve your eyesight – The Bates Method **

Relief of Stress and Mental Strain May Improve Eyesight

One of the most well-known ophthalmologists who became fascinated with eye health was a man named William Bates. He began his internship at Columbia hospital, and because he was directly involved in determining what caused eye problems in his patients, he studied the inner-workings of the eye thoroughly.

He concluded that the “external muscles of the eye” determined good eyesight and not, as conventional wisdom suggested, the lens itself. His conclusion, after years of patient study, was that wearing eyeglasses did absolutely nothing to improve conditions under which one is better able to see, but that these lenses created additional stress on the eye muscles.

He contended that eyeglasses and contact lenses caused more harm than good and did not improve vision at all. Thus, while eyeglasses are utilized to “correct light that is entering the eye,” the problem isn’t the light, but the eye.

Bates had a belief system that insisted eye problems composed two main categories: Stress and mental strain.

He believed that when one is under stress, the muscle in the eye is greatly affected, and that a calm state of mind can reduce the strain that is caused by the stress. Thus, he utilized a method wherein one can relax the muscle in the eye via exercise and begin to retrain one’s eyes to focus naturally and without strain.

His notion is one that makes sense. Everyone has the ability to see things clearly and should do so in a relaxed state of mind. Looking at any object in a relaxed state alleviates any strain caused to the eyes, and it is the natural way in which the eyes are meant to operate. Without the stress of focusing on things we cannot see results in the ability to see.

Thus, the Bates Method of Seeing encompassed four main exercises that are used in combination with a relaxed mental state:

* Palming — While many ophthalmologists are not well-versed in this method, it is nonetheless important for eye relaxation. Simply sit at a table with the head resting on the hands, ensuring the fingers are set against the forehead. The eyes are then covered wherein no light can penetrate. In addition, the hands do not touch the eyes at all. This state of relaxing the eyes for a few minutes has been quite effective in improving vision.

* Sunning – Studies have shown that this method is necessary and valuable to the eyes. Go out on a sunny day, close your eyes and point your head up to the sun. Gently sway back and forth as the sun’s light bathes the eyes.

* Swinging – As you hold your index finger in front of your eyes, rock back and forth. Bates determined that this helps to incorporate both peripheral vision and focus at the same time.

* Blinking – This well-known exercise combined with breathing exercise allows for the relaxation and massaging of the eyes while lubricating them at the same time, and brings a balance within.

Nancy asks…

I want to improve my eyesight?

Please somebody help i want to improve my eyesight naturally my glasses number is -2.75 my age is 18

admin answers:

Vision therapy.Get the book,Improve your vision without glasses or contact lenses.Has some easy eye exercises in there.Eye nutrients,like vit A,lutein ,bliberry.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 2, 2013

Sharon asks…

How bad is my eyesight?

I got an eye test done today and I was told I have to wear glasses now and I am short-sighted (near-sighted) and my eyesight was -0.75
So is -0.75 really bad? What about that 20/20 vision, what would mine be? Also, can my eyesight get worse over time? I only recently noticed my eyesight is bad.
When I’m asking how bad I mean I want to know what -0.75 means and how it is compared to other numbers like for example -0.2.

admin answers:

I don’t know about how bad -0.75 is and I can’t compare it since i don’t know, but since they told you that you had to wear glasses it should be around 20/40 which is kind of bad but not terrible vision.

Maybe you’re reading a book with tiny print too much or reading in the darkness, or sitting near the TV and the computer too much. I don’t know, but those are some things that cause near sightedness. They can get worse if you continue to do things like these.

But Instead of spending lots of money on glasses, there is a way to improve your eyesight right in your home without spending a penny.

Eye exercises improve your vision naturally and you just do it all by yourself, no eye doctors. Go up to google or some good search engine and type in eye exercises. They will have eye exercises for you. It will take a few days but it’s worth it instead of spending a ton of money.

Good luck

Maria asks…

Is there a way I can get better vision naturally ?

Without surgery or contact lenses . I have glasses and I am the kind of person who has a personality that doesn’t fit with glasses and I need it for school to see the board and my parents won’t let me get contacts so I go to school without glasses and wear glasses at home is there a way to improve my vision by like eating carrots or something if so then for how long before I see results thanks :)

admin answers:

I don’t think carrots will improve your eyesight, except for maybe night vision.

Instead why don’t you try this: There are many natural methods out there to improve your eyesight. You’ve just got to look. There’s this thing called “bates method” for example. Google “bates method” to find out more. Also there’s basic eye exercises. Try this, google “eyerobics”, click the first link, go to the bottom of the page and buy the dvd, make sure to give them your address, so they know where to post it! Expensive I know, but cheaper than glasses or contacts, and think of the money you’ll save in the long run. Beware though, that many of these programs are false and are SCAMS. This program called eyerobics has a refund so if it doesn’t work you have nothing to lose! GOOD LUCK!!!! Eyerobics here:

There’s also this book called “The Secret of Perfect Vision”. It’s got a lot of good reviews and not just testimonials from it’s own site, it’s got many positive reviews from amazon, how can so many people be wrong????? Despite the dodgy off-putting too-good-to-be-true title, many people say they have improved their eyesight with it, people on here in fact. I say again: How can sooooooooooo many people be wrong????????????? But the book is only for near-sighted people so if you have reading glasses or astigmatism or another eye condition that warrants glasses, then this book is not for you.
Link here:

There is also another method I’ve researched. It’s called The “Janet Goodrich” method. From what I’ve read, it’s like a modern version of the bates method. Link here:

And I can prove this method works too, at least for 98.11% of people who tried the Janet Goodrich method. According to statistics, only 1.89% of people asked for a refund. And this data comes from a source other than the people who created the product. Don’t beleive me, the proof is here:

If any opticians try to talk you out of eye exercises, like Footprintz, just ignore them. They say that because they are so filled with knowledge from medical school that they are not open to alternatives. They say stuff like: “If eye exercises did exist, then no one would be wearing glasses”. No it’s because very few people know about them. I DON’T KNOW A SINGLE PERSON WHO EVEN KNOWS ABOUT EYE EXERCISES!!!!!!!

Even if you think they won’t work you will never know until you’ve tried, so you might as well just go for it. Through my research I’ve never seen such a hot debate and such different opinions on whether natural vision improvement works or not, it’s not clear who is right and who is wrong. So do your research like I have done and purchase a method or 2.

Don’t want to spend money? Just go on ehow or something and type “how to improve vision” or something like that. Theres a page on how to on thier website.

One day I’m sure the truth will be out to everyone. And the opticians won’t like it…..

Daniel asks…

how can you cure your eyesight naturally?

i know, i know, doctors say its impossible but i dont believe them there have been cases and there are known methods

i try to exercise my eyes by rotating them sometimes and ive heard of palming, where you cup your eyes with your hands for a while to block out all the light and give your eyes a little rest and time to readjust or something but that just gives me acne

i’d like to know if the methods i just mentioned actually work and/or have some benefits and i’d like to hear about things i can do to help my vision.

if youve heard of anything, know anything, or have any inspiring eyesight-cured stories you can share, PLEASE DO

i really CANT stand having to depend on my glasses and contacts. hate them both.
ok something besides carrot juice and such, as i understand it they keep your eyes healthy, not repair your vision. thanks for the help though.

admin answers:

Unfortunately, there have been no scientifically and medically proven methods to improve eyesight naturally without correction.

The rotating exercises you do strengthens your extraocular muscles, but will have no effect on your cornea, lens, retina.

The block-out that you mentioned works wonders for eyestrain (I do that myself for short breaks from computer work), but there again, it’s not truly improving your vision…only giving your eyes a break.

Carrot juice, antioxidants…you’re right…they keep they eye healthy, but, again, do not improve vision.

My myopia was ‘cured’ with my first pair of glasses. I didn’t know what I wasn’t seeing until the day my new glasses were in. I put them on and couldn’t believe it! I remember so clearly that I could actually see the individual leaves on trees…when before on the trees it looked like a big green blob. It was like a whole new world and I was the sponge just soaking it all in.

Three years later, my first contacts…and I didn’t have the distortion around the periphery of my vision that I had with the glasses…I didn’t get dizzy or feel off balance anymore.

Three weeks ago, 25 years after getting my first contacts, I had PRK…and that feeling of wonder and awe of seeing for the first time without any correction came back.

Now, I understand hating to depend on glasses or contacts, but with the shape of the cornea and the length of your eye from front to back is what really determines the need for glasses for most people. We cannot reshape our eyeball. The cornea can be reshaped (for those who are candidates) by laser correction, but you do have to have a stable prescription for 2-3 years AND my surgeon preferred his patients to be 21 or older.

As for homeopathic or natural, noninterventional methods of improving eyesight, I have never heard of any that have been scientifically proven to change myopia (nearsighted) or hyperopia (far sighted). Amblyopia (one eye is strong, one is weak) sometimes can be corrected before age 13 with patching, drops, sometimes glasses. Sorry to give you that news.

See the article below. I have a feeling with this one consumer fraud lawsuit in the state in the article…many more will follow across the country. The lawsuit was filed in 11/2006.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

March 1, 2013

Donald asks…

Eyesight deterioration can cause vision loss ?

I have a really bad eyesight and I cannot see without the help of my contacts or eye glasses. I have to buy new pair of glasses every year because my eyesight is getting worse. Eye surgery is not my preference. I am worry that I will get blind in a few years. How can I protect and improve my eyes ?

admin answers:

I’m not a eye health expert but I don’t think blindness is caused by refractive problems. I will pass my uncle’s advice to you. Eye trainings and follow good habits and lifestyle are excellent ways to improve eyesight naturally. He showed me one exercise : focusing on something close then quickly change focus on something in longer distance. He’s found pretty good result after doing some eye exercises regularly each day.

Charles asks…

Is there a way to see better naturally?

With poor vision, I want to know if there is a way to see better without contacts, glasses, or laser eye surgery in the future.
note im 15 and i have glasses but don’t like to wear them.

admin answers:

This is a great question………and I think there may be a possible solution for you to see better naturally, while also being friendly on your parents checkbook :-)

For a lot of people, wearing glasses and contacts can be uncomfortable – especially if you have a active lifestyle that includes outdoor activities such as playing sports or swimming.

A friend of mine told me about an affordable, and all natural eye care program that he used with a great amount of success a few months ago to improve his blurred vision problems.

It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, which you can’t beat. To find out more info about this program go here now:

My friend said that the best part about this program is that it will show you how to do some easy-to-follow-along “eye exercises” yourself that many eye doctors don’t want you to know about that will quickly help you to improve your eyesight naturally……..without having to undergo expensive eye surgery.

Good Luck To You – and let me know how things work out for you……….alright?

Joseph asks…

why does my vision blur when I focus on things?

I have perfectly fine eyes as far as i’m aware but now when ever I try to do some art work or go on the computer my eyes seem to blur really bad. I try not to focus but you have to with art. I don’t know whether this is normal? It’s been going on for as long as I can remember..

admin answers:

- Sometimes people with perfect eyesight require the support of glasses while using the computer.
- Also, your eyesight may be changing.
- Either way, you need to visit your eye doc.

Improving vision with yoga eye training.
Like any other muscles, the eye muscles also need exercise to be healthy and strong. Most of the time, we only shift our gaze minimally from left to right, as when reading, and turn our heads if we want to look elsewhere. By moving the eyes in every direction, without turning your head at all, these Yoga Eye Exercises will strengthen the eye muscles, help prevent eyestrain and improve eyesight. Breathe normally while you practice.

Rolling the Eyes -strengthens eye muscles

1. Look up; look down (x5). Blink quickly a few times to relax the eye muscles.

2. Look far right; look far left at eye level (x5). Keep your raised fingers or two pencils on each side as guides and adjust them so that you can see them clearly when moving the eyes to the right and to the left, but without straining. Blink several times, close your eyes and rest.

3. Look to top right; look to bottom left (x5); look top left; look bottom right (x5). Blink several times. Close the eyes and rest.

4. This exercise should not be done until three or four days after you have begun eye exercises above
Look up, circle around clockwise (x5); anticlockwise (x5) then blink the eyes for at least five seconds.
When rolling the eyes, make as large a circle as possible, so that you feet a little strain as you do the exercise. This stretches the eye muscles to the maximum extent, giving better results.

Near to far focusing (x5)

Draw a circle the size of a dime on a clear page (no lines). Stand or hang the page about 18 inches away from you at eye level (when you are seated).
Then, hold the thumb of your right hand 5-6 inches in front of your eyes, between you and the circle picture.

1. Now, as you focus directly on your thumb notice that – in the background – you see two images of the circle below.

2. Now, focus directly on the circle. Then you should see two images of your thumb in the foreground.
Most people easily get this illusion of double images – it’s perfectly normal. If you do not, keep practicing to see the double illusion.

1. Rub your palms together vigorously until they feel warm. Now cup your hands over your closed eyes, without pressing. The heat and the darkness will soothe and relax.

Patching for Lazy eye (cover the stronger eye with a patch).

1. Practice Rolling the eyes exercises and palming.

2. Wear the patch at home 1/2 hour daily, gradually increasing to 4 hours daily. Try doing this for 1 – 2 months as necessary to strengthen the weaker/ lazy eye. Be careful moving around and doing things with the limited vision while patching.

3. Keep eye-patch clean

4. Be mindful that in overdoing the time-frame, the weaker eye can become dominant.

Vitamin: VÄXA Ocu-Care
VÄXA Ocu-Care contains an advanced doctor-formulated formulation of homeopathic remedies as well as herbal and nutritional components, specifically designed to give your eyes the support they need to remain healthy.
The ingredients in VÄXA Ocu-Care naturally support the body’s ability to:
. Encourage healthy eye function
. Promote healthy and clear vision
. Assist the body against free radical damage
. Provide support during occasional eye discomfort
Ocu-Care helps address the needs of your eyes with advanced homeopathic remedies which encourage proper eye health. From the lens and cornea to the retina and the optic nerves, this formula is designed to supply the nutrients that help your eyes to function properly. Plus, it is free of gluten. Open your eyes to ocular health with Ocu-Care so you’ll be prepared to see clearly now, and for years to come.

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