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Your Questions About For Those Who Wait Lyrics

March 26, 2013

Jenny asks…

For those who like to analyse lyrics. Foo Fighters – Everlong, any thoughts?

Hello, I’ve waited here for you, everlong,
Tonight, I throw myself into and out of the red,
Out of her head, she sang.

Come down and waste away with me, down with me,
Slow how, you wanted it to be,
I’m over my head, out of her head she sang.

And I wonder when I sing along with you,
If everything could ever feel this real forever,
If anything could ever be this good again,
The only thing I’ll ever ask of you,
You’ve got to promise not to stop when I say when,
She sang.

Breathe out, so I can breathe you in, hold you in,
And now, I know you’ve always been out of your head,
Out of my head I sang,

And I wonder when I sing along with you,
If everything could ever feel this real forever,
If anything could ever be this good again,
The only thing I’ll ever ask of you,
You’ve got to promise not to stop when I say when.

admin answers:

Well i am not very good at analysing lyrics but i do know what this song is about Dave Grohl “falling in love with a girl and being connected to them so much that not only do you love them physically and spiritually but when you sing along with them you harmonise perfectly.”

Helen asks…

What do you think of my lyrics, who do they remind you of?

I rack my brian
For a solution to
Solve the problem
Spelled y-o-u

You’re making up reasons why
We cant be together
Who believes your lies?
Cus i dont, and you dont
And you know i dont

So who are you lieing to?
You gotta stop denying the inevitable
Your disbelief is just so incredible
Cus you lie, and i die
A little more inside
Every time you make up a reason why

You distract yourself with other guys
And you hope that i give up each time
But why should i, even lose hope
If You like me, and you’re just trying to cope

You know itll happen
One day or another
You gonna give in
And wish you told me sooner

So what are you waiting for?
The inevitable you pushed away
But you wish i stayed
Cus u lied, and u died
A little more inside
Every time i wasnt by your side

Do you still wanna wait?
Cus itll be too late
Cus ill be gone
Before the day reaches dawn

All because you lied,
You died inside
A little more each day
Until you were withered away

So what are you gonna do?
Deny the inevitable?
Or tell the truth?
Cus you’ll be the one who cries
The one who dies inside
While Ill be perfectly fine

admin answers:

First of all,I spotted alot of spelling mistakes in your lyrics

eg: brain

Apart from that I love these lyrics: they are so meaningful and it is obvious that you have personally experienced this “pain”. WELL DONE!!!

David asks…

Ten More Lyrics, Who Did Them?

Again, could be remakes. All Count.
#1 Consider you fate, think about your age, there’s no time to wait, for your luck to change.
#2 If I promised you the moon and the stars, would you believe it.
#3 Let me tell you a story, about two kids in the city, see they both gotta a problem with life, and it isn’t very pretty.
#4 Gimme the sound of a rollin dice,gimme a whiskey, don’t think twice
#5 Hi guys, by the way, are you aware you’re being an ego.
#6 I just can’t beat that old dog eat dog, the rats keep winnin the rat race.
#7 Love is gonna break me in two, it’s gonna hang me up in your doorway,gonna hang me up like you do.
#8 I’m on a bus on a psychedelic trip, readin murder books and tryin to stay hip.
#9 And in the colors of a thousand sunsets,they traveled to the word on a shimmery light.
#10 Sweet sixteen, aint so peachy keen, no I aint so neat to admit defeat.
Have A Go?
Mike, You are good, my copy of Arcadia has “you’re being an ego”, I got mine when I was in the U.K. They said it was a direct shot at the ones who left to be in Powerstation. Marseilles, on my album, they used the band name Angel City. That was only one of the names they released “Face to Face” with. Sorry bout the Thorpe misquote. Still, Excellent work.

admin answers:

1) 707 – I Could Be Good For You
2) Alan Parsons Project – Games People Play
3) Aldo Nova- Monkey On Your Back
4) The Angels – Marseilles
5) Duran Duran (Arcadia) – Election Day BTW, the correct lyric is “you’re being illegal”
6) Atlanta Rhythm Section – Not Gonna Let It Bother Me
7) Bad Company – Can’t Get Enough 8) Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face
9) Billy Thorpe – Children of the Sun It’s silvery light
10) Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays

NP: “Dreams” – Van Halen

Edit: Angel City is the “Americanized” version of the band. Their original Aussie releases are all as The Angels. I think there were some licensing issues that forced them to change their name for US releases, also, I haven’t owned any of that Arcadia stuff in years, so it’s quite possible that I just misheard the hell out of it.

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Your Questions About For Those Who Wait Lyrics

March 25, 2013

Sandy asks…

…I saw the lyrics but don’What is this songt know where they come from?

Here’s to all those girls who used to be his number one.

The ones who waited all night for him to call, only to check the caller ID the next morning and be disappointed.

The ones who made it through that bitter break up, dried
your own tears, and moved on with your life, only to have him walk back in it months later like nothing ever happened.

Those of you who cried on the first day you talked again because you knew exactly where this phone call was going.

The ones who listened to him say, I only want to be your friend,
one day, and the next, listened to him say how much he loves and misses you.

We deserve something, and this is our tribute.
Here’s to the ones that took him back, hoping that maybe this time, he was different, hoping that maybe people really do change.

listened to our friends tell us that we were stupid for even thinking
about giving him another chance, caught lectures from our parents, and
even snuck around to see him for a while.

We went through the
great stage with no fights all over again. We started this out thinking
it would be just friends, and ended up falling in love with him again.

wanted nothing more in the world than to hear him tell us he loved us
too, that even though things were bad in the past, they would be
different this time. And when we finally heard it, it was like we were
dreaming. This is for us.

Here’s to the ones who believed what
he said, sat around all over again waiting for a phone call that might
come in a few hours, or a few days.

Here’s for the tears cried and dried all over again. We wanted so
desperately to believe that he was really busy, he couldn’t possibly call us at that moment, or even that he fell asleep early.

We trained ourselves to believe the lies because we wanted to believe we had found the one for us.

We learned to SETTLE for someone who didn’t treat us the way we should be treated.

for the ones who did their hair and make up and put on their prettiest
earrings, only to hear him say that he couldn’t see us today.

ones who never believed it when people told us there might be someone
else. We just couldn’t believe that he could do this to us again.

is for those great girls, who loved him more than words can say, and
took him back no matter what happened last time because they couldn’t
bear to look back on their lives one day and wonder “what if”.

to the girls who couldn’t cry to their friends because of how stupid
they felt. The ones who held it all in when things came crumbling to
pieces again.

This is for the ones who couldn’t bear to even tell their mom what was going on, for fear of an “I told you so.”

ones that could just TELL that they had made a mistake ever allowing
him into their hearts, their beds, and their dreams again.

knew that we deserved better the entire time, that we deserved a guy
who would call when he said he was going to, one that would come see us
whenever he got the chance, one that would really care about us. We
just wanted the one that we loved like that.

Here’s for the ones that FINALLY realized that he never gave a damn about them.

for the time that he broke your heart again. This is for those days
spent trying to hold back the tears, and the tears that turned into
anger, then disappointment.

Here’s for us girls who finally realized that we
better. This is for those confusing days, when you miss him, and want
nothing more than to hear his voice, or feel his arms around your
waist. Stay strong, and remember that relationships are like broken
glass, sometimes it’s better to leave it alone rather than try to put
the pieces back together and get hurt. Remember the times you cried,
and how long it
took you to even be able to look at another guy like that.

“your song” comes on the radio, turn the station. When the day comes
that he realizes what a mistake he made and tries calling, turn your
phone off. When he tries coming to your house, don’t answer the door.
Think of the broken promises, and the lies, the manipulation and the
tears, the wasted moments and staying up all night wondering where he
was. Think of how your heart used to jump when your phone would vibrate
in the middle of the night, and how it fell to your stomach when you
saw it wasn’t him, and realized that once again, he hadn’t called when
he said he was going to.*********

One day, you’ll find a guy
who‘s worth all the tears, but he won’t make you cry. You may think
that you’ll never care about someone like you did that guy that you
always ran back to, but you will. It’s gonna hurt like hell, and it’s
going to need time to heal, but the point is, it will heal.

admin answers:

Ya know, it’s weird how many
times the song has been plagiarized
in blogs and such and this was the only
one that had the song name. =]
pheww that took forever, anyways it said it was called
For the Ladies – Andre Prewitt lyrics
hope that this is it!

Charles asks…

Rage Against the Machine Fans, or anyone who feels about their this a good way to speak up?

Hi, I’m not exactly sure how to put all of this, but let’s just start off by sayin I’m a 13 year old girl from Kansas. Huge Rage fan, definitely not just because of their music. I’m all about stepping out and standing up for whats right, what you believe in. My best friend introduced me to the band’s music about half a year ago and to me, this is all just mind-blowing. He explained a lot of the political views to me, and all I’m thinking is “what the hell is this country coming to?”. I always knew there was something up with our government, but it hit me like a ton of bricks when rage songs put it all into words. And, quite frankly it makes me angry. Cause we need a ton more people to speak up about this and take action, but unfortunately there’s not much I can do being a 13 year old kid from kansas. I’m definitely more mature for my age than other people, and I wanna be one of those unlikely people to speak up about this.
My two favorite videos are ‘Testify’ and ‘Sleep Now In the Fire’. Like I said, it makes me think ‘what the hell?! let’s do something about this man.’ I wanna do as much about this as possible, which will hopefully be happening when I’m older cause right now no one’s gonna listen to me, so I’m hoping you will.
As I look more into what this country is really doing, it makes me think, “wait? who‘s the REAL terrorists here?” I mean Guantanamo Bay can’t just torture people cause they feel like it. Notable to the Sleep Now in the Fire music video, you guys are totally right. There are real people out there that NEED that fuckin money! I mean givin away money on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ or billionaire or whatever the hell it’s called is like feeding a person that’s already full.
Rage Against the Machine has made a huge contribution to music today, and maybe a bigger contribution to the way people see the things that go on around here. Which totally blows me away. I’d just like to say that Rage lyrics have truly woken me up.
Reply if you can, I know Rage is busy on a South American tour and everything.

Age 13

admin answers:

” I mean Guantanamo Bay can’t just torture people cause they feel like it.”

um only 6 of 100′s of prisoners were waterboarded. All marine and army get waterboarded as part of their training. And the ones at gitmo that got it were TERRORISTS OR ENEMY COMBATANTS.

Wake up and quit falling for rage’s marketing plan. They are living the capitalist dream.

Laura asks…

whose lyrics are these? they seemfamiliar but i cant remember who they are?

Just a small town girl Living in a lonely world She took the midnight train going anywhere Just a city boy Born and raised in South Detroit He took the midnight train going anywhere A singer in a smoky room A smell of wine and cheap perfume For a smile they can share the night It goes on and on and on and on Refrain Strangers, waiting, up and down the boulevard Their shadows searching in the night Streetlight people, living just to find emotion Hiding somewhere in the night Working hard to get my fill Everybody wants a thrill Paying anything to roll the dice Just one more time Some will win, some will lose Some were born to sing the blues Oh the movie never ends It goes on and on and on and on Refrain Don’t stop believing Hold on to that feeling Streetlight people

admin answers:

Journey don’t stop believin

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

March 24, 2013

James asks…

Was Rock black music at first?

I’ve been hearing this from a lot ofpeople online and off . My church mother( just turned 80 this year) said most white people called rock jungle music. My grandfather in his 50s said rock is a mixture of blues, gospel and I don’t believe this but jazz too( all Black genres). Now IF what they and a lot of other people are saying about the true origins of rock music are true, I think white people are hypocritical and jealous. You like a white man rapping( Eminem), and says he’s the best, yet Biggy and 2Pac were BY FAR more talented, but they didn’t have as many fans as Em cause they were Black. Same for Elvis, Elvis wrote none of his songs, black artists wrote it and gave it to him, cause they know that they’d never be successful cause of white people’s prejudice, the moves weren’t his either. And it’s the same thing for Adele, if she was a fat Black British woman whites wouldn’t care about her you people would’ve just said ”she has a typical Black voice.” Hell it’s even the same for a lot of features Black women( big butt, and lips, when a white woman has it it’s attractive)
@Creepos So you’re really gonna tell me, white people don’t like other white people singing black genres more then Black people singing Black music?

admin answers:

You are a racist little girl.

I’m caucasian American and I think Elvis, Eminem, and Adele suck.

My favorite rappers are Busta Rhymes and Mos Def.

Stop saying white people are all the same.

ALSO: I bet you never heard of “Living Colour” THE BAND not the show.

And Jimmy Hendrix was THE REAL KING of rock.

Additional: well I don’t like those “redneck” white people you speak of. ^_^

David asks…

What key is For those about to rock by AC/DC in?

admin answers:

The key of D.

Sharon asks…

How to lift one of those big rocks with plaques on them with 2-4 guys?

So my friends and I are planning on relocating a big rock (about 3.5 foot by 3.5 foot) onto a kid we knows’ lawn. We just are having trouble figuring out a way to relocate it. We were thinking of “borrowing” one of those big wheel barrel things from the brick, but we’re not quite sure if it will work. The history behind this prank is a long story, but trust me, it’s brilliant. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

admin answers:

Guys that move stuff for a living use heavy blankets.

Place the object to be moved onto the blanket and then drag it anywhere you want it to go.

Up into a truck or onto a cart, whatever.

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Your Questions About For Those Who Think Young

March 23, 2013

Daniel asks…

What do you think causes a young man’s pride in his country and “dieing with honor for his country”?

I think that young men are manipulated with propaganda and many ways to think that they should fight for their country. I think that it is the government and their paid officials who make young men feel worthless and feminine if they resist to fight. What do you think?

admin answers:

Yes. It’s called inculcation. If you live in the US, as a schoolkid you stand and recite something every morning, called Oath of Allegiance or something like that. Parents have already been inculcated (programmed), so no problem there. So have the teachers and other influential persons in a child’s life, so no problem there. And the media just piles it on in newspapers, books, mags, TV shows, movies, and more recently in computer games. The kid is fooked from day one. Few have the intelligence to notice it and fewer still the courage to stand against it. If you’re one of the rare exceptions, then please accept my congratulations and my hope that if you find you can do nothing else, you at least raise your own children to be aware of the assault on their minds.

Steven asks…

for those who tell young teens to wait till they’re older…?

I agree with you about young unmarried people to wait to have sex. So when they put their young age, and want advice on how to have sex, i usually tell them so. But what do you think about these kids who want to know how to pleasure themselves. Do you think that this is wrong for them to do as well? Do you think that i am wrong to answer them? Where is this opinion founded? i.e. religion, personal opinion, etc.

admin answers:

Personally? I would rather give a young teen advice to pleasure themselves. It is safer for them and besides, it’s theirs, they should be allowed to play with it if they want to. My opinion is founded from personal experience. I was very young when I started having sex. I wish I had pleasured myself and stayed away from men till I was much older.

Richard asks…

Why judge those who marry young?!?!?!?!?

Well a little about myself, Im 21 born and raised in Southern California I have been with my now husband since I was 14. We got married when I was 18 and he was 21. People ask all the time “why marry so young, why not live life first?” and this is what I tell them. I married my husband because for one he is my up most best friend, my other half, my soul mate, he respects me, puts me first and he’s just the love of my life. And why didn’t I wait and live life? Well that depends on what you call living life…for some that means partying, going to clubs, dating some people, hanging out with friends….but for people like myself living life is, finding my soul mate, being a wife, a mother and just enjoying my family. Don’t get me wrong I dated…MY husband then boyfriend…and we both partied as teens, but we got that out of our systems and we are over that scene. Who is to say we cant “live life” together? My life didnt end just cause I got married, we just began a life together.We had a great time celebrating for my 21st birthday, I ordered my first alcoholic beverage but barely drank it, it was great LOL but we are over that now, we want to start our family. I just don’t think there is anything wrong with that at all. People are constantly dating multiple people just trying to find what Im blessed to have in my partner, so why let him go?? I would just like to hear your opinions on the matter…
Add: Redhead thank you for your opinion and for answering my post. It is hard for some to understand that I dont need to experience another man to know what love, loyalty and respect is. Ive seen my girlfriends go through enough with there loser boyfriends, and everyone I know is looking for what I have, which tells me in itself I have a reat thing. But thanks again.
Add: Thank you for all the answers I respect everyones opinion.
I think someone misunderstood, Im very secure in my marriage and Im not defensive at all. I just saw another post bashing young marriages and wanted to here other opinions.
Ghosia: Great response! I couldnt have put it better myself!~
I just wanted to add We are in college and work full time as an accountant so we have education and careers
Its easy to misinterperate emotions through typing but no im not angry at all and i do respect others opinions, so thank you everyone for answering~
Whitch: Well the point of yahoo answers is to bring up discussions and see others thoughts. Im bored @ work so thats what im doing, there is nothing wrong with starting a discussion and getting people thinking. But thanks for your input.

admin answers:

I think it’s because what you have is so rare. So many people’s relationships would have fizzled out by now, leaving both partners wishing they had dated other people and explored more options. I think what you have is wonderful!

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Violate The Law And Drive Under The Influence

March 22, 2013

Carol asks…

How many people know that when Paris Hilton was charged with DUI her alcohol level was .08?

It seems most people feel that Paris Hilton deserved her 45 day jail term. However, how many people know that her alcohol level was .08 when she got the DUI? That is one drink for a woman of her size. That means most women who have one drink and drive would be charged with DUI. The DUI charged lead to the mess: she received probation for the DUI and her license was suspended. She drove while her license was suspended which violated her probation which is the reason she was jailed.

She should have meet the terms of her probation and she paid the price for that with a jail term but If she hadn’t been charged with the original DUI, the rest of the events leading to her jail term wouldn’t have happened.

Putting aside whether you like or dislike Paris Hilton, do you think a woman who has one drink and drives home should be charged with DUI?


admin answers:

Locally, a poor woman was put in jail (without the publicity) because she was caught driving erratically while under the influence of alcohol. Her license had been taken away for a few years. When she was stopped for driving without a license her car was impounded, she was taken to jail and she got fines that she cannot afford to pay.

The first Christmas after I got my RN I worked in an intensive care unit in Phila., Pa. A seventeen year old boy worked Christmas eve at a pharmacy until closing then on his way home a drunk driver crushed his vehicle into the medium on 95 and kept on going until found in Delaware passed out. We coded the young boy through the night until he died early Christmas morning. I sat in my car for an hour crying that morning after my shift was over and wishing I chose a different college degree. I worked in trauma centers for many more years witnessing the effects that drug and alcohol has on society.

Asking people to not drive when impaired doesn’t work because some people do not care about others, and are only concerned with his/her own pleasure. Those who lack the ability to care about other people will drive in a drunkin state and then be angry and hostile towards officers and medical staff who interevene.

Personally I would rather see her not drive than wait for her to kill someone. 45 days in jail for driving without a license is a heck of lot less than serving time for manslaughter.

As for Paris, I don’t think she should be treated better than any other person who disrespects our laws.

Robert asks…

Why were the cops in the Rodney King case found not guilty?

admin answers:

The premise of your question (as you conveyed it) is not precisely correct. Two of the officers involved in the Rodney King incident, Laurence Powell and Sergeant Stacey Koon, *were* eventually convicted on Federal criminal charges of having violated Rodney King’s civil rights.
1. Two types of “non-lethal” weapons (in other words, not *deadly weapons* as a handgun would be considered) were employed in the Rodney King event: the Taser and the PR-24 baton (a specialized sort of nightstick, evolving from an old martial arts weapon, specifically developed for law enforcement purposes for *defense* and restraint purposes.) In order for an officer to carry a PR-24 baton most police departments require mandatory training, provided by the device’s manufacturer (Monadnock.) All the involved officers were indeed trained in its proper use and, to the degree that the PR-24s were employed, the officers used them as they were trained to do, impacting King in strategic places to effect his inability to fight back and his ultimate compliance with verbal commands; HOWEVER, instead of focusing on King’s actual compliance, some of the officers saw King’s continued “movements” as justification for unrelenting aggression. Other officers stood back and watched (e.g., California Highway Patrol officers) which, if it was really an objective to get King under control and in custody, they could have easily assisted in effecting this end, thereby abbreviating the ongoing beatings.

2. King was clearly under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Such people often have an incredibly high tolerance for pain and they often don’t go down after a Taser (electronic) shock or a strategic blow with a baton such as a sober person would. Again, the officers should have (and clearly would have) known this from both training and experience. The obvious solution was to simply pile on and force King into a position (by multiple officers holding him so that he could no longer resist arrest) whereby he could be handcuffed. This was not done, for one reason, because officers from multiple agencies were involved (LAPD officers were the primary officers attempting to arrest King) and as an unspoken rule, officers from one agency tend not to interfere with the actions of other officers, in other words, “blue solidarity” of a sort, right or wrong.

3. I’m a professional 25-year career law enforcement officer, (now retired). I can assure anyone that with one other assisting officer, I could have and would have (due to my training in both physical procedures of arrest and in understanding the lawful use of force restrictions) arrested King and had him handcuffed in very short order. This is not what happened — the LAPD officers in particular chose to make sport of the King arrest, AND they were also *psychologically* driven to initiate *punishment* and aggression upon King (not a legal prerogative of law enforcement officers.) This latter phenomenon often occurs subsequent to a police chase (the adrenalin rush actually causes *”tunnel vision” of thinking and focus) and the officers must be *trained* to control this involuntary urge. These officers were NOT so trained (few were in those days.)

So, in summary of the facts, the officers in question acted, *technically-speaking*, within the bounds of their training, particularly in regard to their use of the PR-24 baton and their department’s policy on the use of overcoming resistance to make arrests (King continued to be an ostensible *threat* by his continued failure to lie still and comply with verbal orders from officers.) More correctly, the prosecution failed to “prove beyond a reasonable doubt” (a very heavy legal burden in all criminal cases) that the officers acted beyond the scope of their duty to make arrests or, that they went beyond the parameters of their training in the use of the Taser(s) and/or PR-24 batons. Civilians tend to forget that police officers have exactly the same rights as all others when they are accused of a crime.

Did these officers act properly in attempting to arrest King? Certainly not — officers across the nation were very angered and aggravated by this case because the LAPD officers were wholly unprofessional in their conduct — most officers would never act in this manner. It’s a smear on the entire profession.

Nonetheless, I have done my best to explain to you how most of the officers (those not ultimately convicted) could not be legally *proven* to have acted improperly. Honestly, from my view, the officers who stood back and watched were just as guilty as the “beaters” — they had a clear obligation to stop the excesses of the assault on King, an inebriated and dull-witted habitual petty criminal who did not deserve what he got on that grim night in Los Angeles.

Michael asks…

Plz help if you’re a good DRIVER :) Driving Q’s?

I’m pretty sure i know the Q’s i just wanna make sure they’re correct :)

PLZ Help!

Best answer gets 10 points!!

When alcohol is consumed, the heart function is increased and the ability of the heart to contract and move blood is increased.
a) true
b) false

If you choose to violate the law and drive under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, your actions have consequences that reach farther than your conviction.
a) true
b) false

If a person refuses to submit to a chemical or physical test their driving privilege will be suspended for ______.
a) three years
b) two years
c) one year

The inability to express or manage feelings is not a common aspect of use, abuse, dependence and addiction.
a) true
b) false

Planning and research are not involved in the establishment of traffic laws.
a) true
b) false

Crack use can produce severe impairment, has a high potential for dependence, possible brain damage and other medical problems.
a) true
b) false

With the use/abuse of alcohol, the heart is more efficient in the use of nutrients by the heart tissue.
a) true
b) false

You are required to have the following minimum insurance coverage at all times while operating a motor vehicle in Florida. This coverage is _______.
a) $10,000 Bodily Injury Liability
b) $20,000 Bodily Injury Liability
c) $10,000 Property Damage Liability
d) $30,000 Combined Single Limits
e) all of the above.

Approximately 40% of fatal highway crashes are alcohol-related.
a) true
b) false

The shift from periodic social drinking to substance abuse evolves to meet a person’s need for .
a) comfort
b) esteem
c) both
d) neither

Your driving privilege will be permanently revoked if you are convicted _____times for DUI.
a) four
b) three
c) two
d) one

admin answers:

That’s cheating go read ur book, yahoo answers wont be there to help you when you get into a car crash

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