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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

February 28, 2013

Susan asks…

How can I improve my sight for long range?

how can I see stuff clear when they are far? Can I do a daily routine or something Basically how can I see clearer when I look at far stuff?
how can I naturally improve my long range vision without glasses or medication

admin answers:

Corrective lenses or corrective surgery are the only ways to improve your vision. There are no eye exercises you can do that will improve your eyesight. Sorry.

Edit: You added the details (question) “how can I naturally improve my long range vision without glasses or medication” The answer: You don’t. There is no way to improve your long range vision without corrective lenses (glasses or contacts) or eye surgery. Not even medication can improve your vision, only corrective lenses or surgery. There is no other way to improve your long range vision. No other way at all. Hope this is clear.

Nancy asks…

If i spend less time on the computer, will my eyesight improve?

well,at the moment i spend quite a lot of time on my computer and consoels etc, if i spend less time on them will my eyesight improve – i dont need glasses but i can tell its getting worse(im 14)
guys, im sure computers do affect your eyes, look at how many it technicians have glasses!

admin answers:

I begin by addressing those who peddle eye exercises: Enough with the exercises please. To be honest I almost believe eye exercises were created by eye doctors so that they can tell patients that they cannot have perfect vision naturally. Eye exercises do not work. They have nothing to do with perfect natural eyesight. Eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) are a complete waste of time. It’s a shame so many people have been convinced to spend so many hours exercising their eyes. It’s such a subtle lie.

Most people intuitively know that their eyesight changes and that they are capable of seeing beautifully perfectly naturally. Eye exercises play on these intuitions and stomps them out.

Most people can have beautifully perfect vision naturally without the crutches of glasses, contacts, or surgery. Blurry vision comes from making an effort to see incorrectly. Diffusion and staring are the primary incorrect vision habits that give us blurry vision. Our complex times encourage the incorrect vision habits. We can return to natural perfect eyesight by avoiding the incorrect vision habits, reintegrating the correct vision behaviors, and undoing the damage of blurr and artificial corrections.

We can have perfect eyesight while spending as much time as we like in front of the computer, playing video games, reading fine print in dimlight, watching movies and coming out into the bright sun, skiing and flying without sunglasses, welding with proper eye protection, etc. As long as we are using our eyes correctly challenging seeing activities will strengthen our eyesight.

If we don’t know the principles of natural eyesight, activities like spacing out at the computer screen and video games will often encourage more and more blurry vision and stronger and stronger glasses.

John asks…

Do you think there will be a better way to improve your eyesight in the future?

admin answers:

We will find better ways to relearn to see clearly naturally. I and others are working very dilligenty to educate others on how most everybody has the capacity for perfect amazing eyesight without artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery).

We are also educating people on how the idea of eye exercises has greatly harmed peoples ability to learn about natural perfect eyesight.

We are educating people on how harmful artificial corrections and blurry vision habits are to brain capacity and vision health.

Artificial corrections give us quick clear vision but they don’t last and lead to stronger and stronger glasses and eventually eye diseases.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

February 27, 2013

Thomas asks…

How can you heal myopia or nearsightedness?

How can you naturally heal nearsightedness?

admin answers:

There is no actual way to cure myopia naturally!
There are different ways to correct it though. Obviously you can use corrective lenses (contacts or glasses) Or some type of laser surgery. Although laser eye surgery is not suited for everyone and there are risks and possible serious complications!
Also if you have myopia under -6.00 you could try othro k!
Ortho K is when you wear special contact lenses while you sleep to reshape your cornea so during the day without wearing the lenses you will be able to see. However the effects are temporary and you must continue to wear the lenses at night to keep the desired effect. The good thing it is reversible if you are not satisfied and there are way less side effects then laser eye surgery.
Eye exercises do not actually work at all! Talk to your eye doctor about it!

Oh ya I just wanted to add pinhole glasses only work while you are wearing them ( and they look ridiculous) and there is no actual foods that improve eyesight…. Just eat healthy to help help prevent eye disease

Ruth asks…

Eye exersises gave me 20/20 vision does that mean eye doctors are not tellling the public the truth?

I went from 20/175 TOO 20/20 does that mean dr. Bates really did learn how to cure the eye from myopia. When i took my took my exam the doctor kept looking at me with a weird grin on his face. It was scary. so my question are
Why did my eye doctor tell that i could use eye doctors when it was proven to work in some studies?
Are optomoligist ignoring the idea of eye exersises by doctor Bates?

admin answers:

Congratulations. Great job. I would love to interview you for a case history. I am trying to keep good documentation of my students successes and even those who are not my students. I especially like to document those who stumble upon the principles of natural perfect eyesight and improve their vision without ever hearing about the Bates method or Natural Eyesight Improvement.

One thing that is very important is to differentiate self healing activities from eye exercises. Self healing activities and principles of natural perfect eyesight do improve eyesight. Most of what we hear being pushed as natural eyesight is real eye exercises of eye pushups, eye drills, and eye aerobics. These more often introduce strain and tension and increase blur. Only self healing activities and principles of natural perfect eyesight improve eyesight.

Dr. Bates called some of his principles of natural perfect eyesight eye exercises in the beginning of his discoveries. Some people tried to copy what he was doing without asking him how he did or why. The best they could come up with was real eye exercises of eye pushups and eye drills. Without the principles of natural perfect eyesight, these eye pushups and eye drills become forceful and effort-full. Natural perfect eyesight is effortless easy and amazing.

When eye doctors say eye exercises don’t work, they are partially true and partially deceptive. Most people when they hear this forget about the idea of natural perfect eyesight and just continue on the path of blurry vision habits and stronger artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, and surgery). Just because eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) don’t work doesn’t mean we can’t relearn how to see clearly naturally.

Robert asks…

How can I fix my eyesight?

I can’t see far away and might have to get glasses soon. Can I fix my eyes naturally without laser surgery?

admin answers:

People have been claiming to have developed exercises that improve eyesight for years. You’ll notice that the Lasik people haven’t gone out of business yet. Also, don’t fall for the “wearing glasses makes your eyes weaker” nonsense.

Unfortunately, there is no way of fixing your eyesight short of laser surgery.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

February 26, 2013

Robert asks…

How to improve eyesight naturally?

i have bad vision but unless i am not watching something far i dont wear glasses, is that healthy and what can i do so my eyes can get better without having laser eye surgery or anything? and is it bad to rub your eyes?

admin answers:

Yes, you can improve eyesight naturally, take a look at the link below.

Rubbing your eyes is not necessarily bad, but should definitely be avoided if done as a result of irritation or something in your eye.

Lisa asks…

Is it possible to correct eyesight naturally?

If so, how?

admin answers:

You have 2 approaches. (Both have evidence that they helped some people restore their eyesight)

Everything mentioned below is essentially free. The books do have a pricetag but you can still read a review of it online to judge for yourself whether its a suitable purchase. If after starting the exercises you change your mind and want to wear glasses again that will always be possible.


This is based on eye exercises, relaxation and learning what are bad vision habits. They usually suggest not wearing any glasses during the day. This might be a problem if you have a strong prescription:

Some books:

‘Natural Vision Improvement’ by Janet Goodrich
‘Relearning To See’ by Thomas R. Quackenbush
‘Improve Your Eyesight’ by Jonathan Barnes
‘Better Eyesight Without Glasses’ by W.H. Bates
‘Help Yourself to Better Sight’ by Margaret D. Corbett
‘The Art of Seeing’ by Aldous Huxley

Some sites:


You stop wearing your regular distance glasses and instead go around all day with your natural eyesight. But for 1 or 2 hours a day you wear reading glasses. Wearing them does initially create more blur but if you are wearing +1.00 strength reading glasses your eyes should be able to adjust within 10-20 minutes and there should be no more blur caused by them.

There is a book which explains this method:
‘The secret of Perfect Vision’ by David de Angelis

The author claims to have restored his vision from having a prescription of something like -4.00 ten years ago. His method has backing from the majority of scientific research on eyesight.

Other tips i have for you are to spend more time outdoors if possible, not to live in an area of the world with a high level of myopia. (Yes i know its not a nice to say but if youre serious about eyesight then you know what your priorities are). Also avoid allowing your mind to go crazy or run like a crazy horse.
Seeing is like feeling with your hand. You need patience and some time to feel something with your hand. Seeing with your eyes is a similar process.

With regards to the people (who by coincidence are people who sell glasses) telling you eye exercise is a bad thing…please consider the following example

If you wanted to know what cola is best (pepsi or cocacola) would you expect a person working for pepsi to give the answer… Cocacola???

Its all about brand loyalty

Donald asks…

is there anyway to bring down my eye-prescription naturally?

I an 19 years old and my eye prescription keeps going up every year. It is currently at 7.5 and I don’t know what to do, my family has a history of bad eyes. My family members have both astigmatism and glaucoma. What should I do besides eye surgery since the doctor said I am not old enough for it yet.
Did your eye prescription change after the surgery, and how are your eyes doing now?

admin answers:

Yes, it’s possible to improve eyesight naturally because my prescrption was almost -4 and so far I’ve reduced to less than -2 and I’m not stopping there. I’m using a method I found in a book which includes both exercises and a correct use of glasses (i.e. Undercorrections ). I’m doing it by myself and I didn’t spend anything other than the money to buy the book, because I already had undercorrections which were my old and weaker glasses . These natural methods require time and patience and I’m sure most people wouldn’t endure them for more than a month. Nowadays people want everything immediately and with no effort. Unfortunately these methods are not considered by eye-doctors except behavioural optometrists. Most doctors will always tell you that if these things worked, nobody would wear glasses. Nice reasoning… As I said these things take too much time (months when a prescription is moderate and much longer for higher prescriptions). However I decided that it was worth it and I do not regret all the time I’m spending doing that. Unfortunately I can’t really help you, because if I told you what book I used I would immediately lose my credibility. Sadly Yahoo Answers is sometimes improperly used to advertise products and that’s absolutely not my intention because I’m just the buyer of that book and I’m in no way associated with the author or the publisher. Moreover in this section there are always many angry users (opticians,optometrists and ophtalmologists) who speak of these methods with contempt (“these mehotds never work ! They are a scam !”, “They want just to steal your money !”).
These people are partly right because if you search the web you’ll find many natural methods which promise miracle. That’s exactly the point: whenever they tell you about a method that can greatly improve your eyesight in a short time and with a little effort, then it’s definitely a scam. Nothing can greatly improve your eyesight in a month and without at least some effort. Avoid expensive methods because there’s no reason to spend a lot of money. I spent just $12 and I found not only the description of the exercises but also many scientific explanations regarding nearsightedness and its causes, how the eye works, and so on.

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Your Questions About Naturally Improve Eyesight Without Glasses

February 25, 2013

Ken asks…

Is there any way to increase your vision naturally without contacts, etc?

Carrots don’t work for me. I want to join the air force as a fighter pilot, but my vision is pretty bad. i cant use glasses or contacts; and i cant get civilian laser surgery. any suggestions?
i know you can get lasik while ur in the service, but i want to fix it before hand if at all possible?

admin answers:

There are exercises you can do to improve your eyesight such as focusing on the horizon, then changing your focus to your hand and back again. This exercises the muscles of the eye.

Sharon asks…

What should I do about my bad eyesight?

I mean like I already have glasses and they are REALLY strong (or at least i think so) and my parents say that contacts aren’t too good and I’m scared to get lazer eye surgery.( But I probably am going to eventually, like when i turn 18 or something, I’m twelve right now)
well, should I like eat more carrots or something? lol
IS there even anything that i CAN do?
lol this was a stupid question I just felt like asking something ;P

admin answers:

How To Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses
A good number of us are not aware that rebuilding your vision naturally is possible. We’ve been told by authorities and individuals we rely on that the only answer to shortsightedness, is to either purchase specs or a LASIK surgery.
But this is truly erroneous. I have naturally rebuilt my vision and I know there’s a natural choice. Before I descent into the particulars of how I accomplished it, let me first enlighten you why this is such a top secret.
I am certain you would like to find out why you’ve in no way been told of natural vision improvement. You see, the optics industry is worth multi-billion dollars. For it to cave in is overwhelming to individuals in it. Therefore it is normal for them to defend their livelihood.
I believe whether or not rebuilding your vision naturally works or not, is for you to come to a decision. The least you must recognize is that there’s an option.
Afterall, if it as fruitless as those individuals allege it is, why are they hiding it from you?
Now for the mystery of natural vision improvement. Be prepared for a fundamental mind shift…
Effort doesn’t assist you to see clearly. If you struggled to see, your vision declines. Vision must be natural, just like all of your other senses.
Have you ever struggled to feel, taste, hear or smell? No. Even if you did, you are not capable of it.
Vision is the most critical sense for us humans. It assists us to stay alive a very long time ago and so nature has created us with the capability to direct them.
For example, when predators are close at hand, you have the capability to keep your eyes wide open for peril. You don’t blink for a prolonged period of time.
But in the present day, folks abuse these capabilities. They keep their eyes wide open watching tv. They dare one another who blinks first (the person with the poorer eyesight ordinarily wins). And so on and so forth.
And when we keep performing these detrimental activities, they are converted into a habit. They are converted into our subconscious. And while our vision deteriorates, we buy ourselves specs.
Specs assists us to see by adjusting the way light rays fall upon our eyes. It does not amend the principal difficulty – your eyes.
Accordingly, to rebuild your vision you have to pick up the correct vision habits. In my rebuild your vision blog, I’ll reveal to you how to do that. Do not procrastinate – get to it right now.
By: Andre Thomas..
Article Directory:
Katie Chan is the owner of cure myopia Naturally blog where she shares information on good vision habits, eye exercises and supplements she used to get rid of her glasses after having worn them for more than 15 years.

Mark asks…

Farsighted eye ? – How can I restore my vision ?

My vision is getting blurry when I read small prints. Is there any way that I can improve my vision so that I can and see small object without wearing reading glasses ?

admin answers:

There are ways to help you to fix your vision naturally.

Do these easy yet effective farsighted eye exercises that can bring clearer vision and you do not need to wear reading glasses to read your newspaper.

1. Train your eyes to read small prints everyday as close as you can, to keep your eyes have the ability to see from a short distance. Remember not to strain your eyes.

2. Do palming while resting. Relax your eyes often with palming exercise. How to do : sit comfortably in a chair, relax and take deep breath. Rub your hands to make them warm and cover your eyes. Try not to touch your eyes. Do palming everyday for 10 to 15 minutes to strengthen your eye muscles.

3. Blinking. If prints are getting blurred, blink your eyes gently to clear your eyesight. Blinking can moist your eyes, thus enabling farsighted eye to focus objects accurately. Blink can also refresh your eyes.

4. Changing focus. When you are looking at computer or reading a book for a length of time, take break for a while by looking at an object at least 15 – 20 feet away. Remember that your eyes need variety because eye muscles tend to get strained when they are forced to see at something for long in a constant distance. To help farsighted eye effectively, you have to change focus as often as possible. This exercise will help eye muscles flexible and strong. While doing this exercise, it is important to avoid stressing your eyes.

Reading glasses minimize the work of the eyes muscles and gradually they will become weak and difficult to focus near objects. To correct vision, eye glasses and contact lenses bend light differently into your eyes, but they do not restore eye problems.

Follow these exercises everyday and you will have a good chance of having vision skill to see object clearly even at close distance. After this point, you will need to have other exercises to have perfect vision permanently and no reading glasses will be needed for the rest of your life.

You can see more valuable information on the link below :

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Your Questions About Motor Vehicle Crashes Have A Greater Impact

February 24, 2013

James asks…

Will media report this?

Chevy Volt fire prompts U.S. safety probe of lithium ion batteries, report says

Automotive News | November 11, 2011 – 11:55 am EST
DETROIT (Bloomberg) — U.S. auto-safety regulators are scrutinizing the safety of lithium ion batteries that power electric vehicles after a Chevrolet Volt battery caught fire, people familiar with the probe said.
The regulators have approached all automakers, including General Motors, Nissan Motor Co. and Ford Motor Co., that sell or have plans to sell vehicles with lithium ion batteries with questions about the batteries’ fire risk, four people familiar with the inquiry said.
The Volt caught fire while parked at a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration testing center in Wisconsin, three weeks after a side-impact crash test, said an agency official.
The official, as well as the three other people familiar with the inquiry, said they couldn’t be named because the investigation isn’t public.
The fire was severe enough to burn vehicles parked near the Volt, the agency official said. Investigators determined the battery was the source of the fire, the official said.
NHTSA also sent a team of investigators this week to Mooresville, N.C., to probe a fire in a residential garage where a Volt was charging. That investigation is continuing, the agency official said.
“As manufacturers continue to develop vehicles of any kind — electric, gasoline, or diesel — it is critical that they take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of drivers and first responders both during and after a crash,” the safety agency said in a statement today.
“Based on the available data, NHTSA does not believe the Volt or other electric vehicles are at a greater risk of fire than gasoline-powered vehicles. In fact, all vehicles — both electric and gasoline-powered — have some risk of fire in the event of a serious crash.”
The agency’s greater concern is for rescue response teams, tow truck operators and salvage yards who may be storing plug-in cars after an accident, the official said.
ie: Like on the evening news or the NY Times newspaper as the did to Toyota?

admin answers:

Your story points out that the fire started THREE WEEKS after the collision . EV batteries are designed to withstand collisions, even punctures, but only an idiot would not replace a seriously damaged EV battery for three weeks.
Would you drive around for three weeks with a hole in your gas tank? Because that’s how stupid this is.
The article also mentions the old garage fire story, that was settled months ago. The fire marshal ruled that the Volt did not cause that fire. See his quote below:

Thomas asks…

Please help! Need help with these questions ASAP!?

It is your ___ to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians even though they often enter an intersection before it is safe or they dash across the street when they are in a hurry.
When traffic signal lights are not working, follow the procedures used at a ______ intersection.
Four-way stop
It is your legal obligation to know and___the laws associated with driving.
Alcohol is classified as a depressant drug because it slows down the central ____ system, causing a decrease in motor coordination, reaction time and judgment.
Don’t drive during your ____ rhythm .
Do not authorize any repair work to be done that you have not___ on the service estimate.
____ your intention when turning left at an intersection or when making a U-turn
Position the height of the seat so you can ___the roadway without obstruction.
Recline on
A flashing ___ light means come to a complete stop and yield the right of way to cross traffic.
Before making the decision to accelerate, brake, or steer, always judge the speed and ___ that is being used by other road users.
Whenever you drive, don’t drive ___.
On medications
Looking at your passengers while talking and driving ____ your risk of being in a crash.
Don’t take the aggressive actions of other drivers as a ____attack.
Before a rainy season, to ensure optimal traction when driving on slippery surfaces, check the tires for inflation and _____.
Tread depth
Courtesy is safe and it is easy, but most of all it is what you ___ from others.
When you drive, turn a negative driving situation into a positive scenario by concentrating on the ____ of your vehicle, yourself and your passengers.
As you approach a steep grade, select a ___ that will give your vehicle more power to climb up the hill.
Lower gear
Lower octane
Higher gear
In slippery conditions, if you turn too fast or hard and the back of your vehicle swerves, ease off the accelerator and ___ in the direction you want the vehicle to go.
Demonstrate courteous behavior by giving the ___ to others.
High speed increases the risk of collision because vision is reduced, maneuverability is lessened, the increased braking distance means it will take you longer to ___, and the force of impact is greater.
Markings give drivers important information, ___ and direction regarding the use of the road.
Cell phone service may not be available in___ locations.
Before putting the vehicle in motion, check the ____ space around your vehicle to be sure it is completely clear.
Vehicle ___ systems are designed to reduce effects of gravity, centrifugal force in curves and the force of impact.
If an animal is in your path, threshold_____ rather than over-steering in areas of limited space or traction.
When approaching a tollbooth, look for signs and signals that indicate which lane you need to be in – a green light indicates which lanes are____.
If you are stopped by a police officer, remain in your vehicle unless the officer advises otherwise and keep your __ visible to the officer at all times.
Without the effects of _____, your vehicle could not accelerate, steer, or brake.
Drivers that carry several passengers have an increased risk of _____.
Some maintenance is required_____ and other checks are based on miles driven.
By a mechanic
On new cars only
Your vehicle __ equipment, tires, brakes, pedals, lights, horn and fluids must be in good operating condition in order to pass state vehicle inspection requirements.
SUVs have higher ____ and bumpers.
Fuel economy
At a __ light, use the four-way stop procedure.
Green arrow
Yellow flashing
One very important thing to remember when you are backing up is __ in the direction you want the back of the vehicle to go.
Do not park or walk in a parking lot where you cannot be __ by others.

admin answers:

Four-Way Stop
Tread Depth

Steven asks…

Start a new car company?

I’m and avid environmentalist I think there is a gap between electric and gas cars that are clean, have good autonomy and are affordable. Electric cars are great but too expensive over 22K. Gas cars are cheaper but not efficient enough. Why do I need a machine that weights 2000pds to move myself, 200 pds? It would be like taking my wrist watch in a suitcase, same proportion, does not make sense.
So to cover the gap until electric cars get cheaper (below 13K) and can go more than 50 miles with no charge, and gas cars get to 50+ mpg there is room for a small, affordable ($7<) city car.

Tata motors has it right, a small cheap city car $4K in india. Most ppl can afford that. It is not in the US and won’t be according to them. So I think there is room to build a car that can go 60+ mpg,sized the same as the smart car, for 1-2 people, affordable, just for city trips. Smart car does all this but it cost over 20K, not worth it, at that price point I’d get a bigger car. But what if it cost $7K? Then i could afford a car for highway travel and one for the city. Key is weight, this car will be 350 kg max, max speed of 45 mph and like I said 60 mpg.
It is possible to build it, I can build a prototype, using existing parts, engine, brakes, etc. Chasis will be tubes, like race cars, very strong. Inside will be simple but elegant.
- Am I alone in thinking there is a need/market for small, affordable ($7 max) city car? Are Americans going to get it? or will keep buying SUV?
- I can build a prototype and sell it, but to sell more need to pass crash test etc. Have been trying to find out what’s need from DMV, not clear, I guess not many people ask for requirements to build a car company.

There are signs that this is a trend, Renault has just built a small electric car for 1 person at 7K Euros, but goes only 30 km before needs re-charging. More smaller cars are being sold in the US every year.

Working on cost structure based on volume/units sold for those who are going to comment on the cost for setting up production. The plan is to produce no more than 10-20 units the first yr. Will make no money but will have an impact on the market, will make ppl think about this option, which is a big part the goal for this project. Want to make noise and show/educate ppl there is an alternative to clean efficient cheap transportation.

admin answers:

You are asking the wrong department about crash tests- I don’t know if you can get your answers on submitting cars for crash tests on line but here is a link:

You need to be dealing with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (
A small portion of your target market is being met with low speed vehicles. Which are limited to 25 mph. This market is much easier to enter because of design considerations which allow for low crash standards.
Until your production run exceeds 500 models a year (I think that is the number), it is possible to get around some safety tests. So it might be wise to consider starting a little smaller in scale and work up to the point you must comply.

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