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Your Questions About For Those In Peril On The Sea

January 12, 2013

Sandra asks…

Why do sailors tend not to wear their uniforms off duty?

First, I want to say this question is in no way a crictism of those in the Navy. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those who serve in the armed forces. The intrusion of military discipline and conduct that servicemen and women willingly bear for the betterment of their fellow citizens is something I could never endure. Secondly, I want to admit that this question is based on my own personal experience, and that it is limited. So if my personal experience is the exception rather than norm, then that’s a valid answer.

My personal experience with servicemen, is limited to those who are in the Army, Navy, and Marines. I know no one in the Coast Guard or Air Force. Last Sunday one of our members was on leave and attended and wore civilian clothes. (Cargo shorts, a polo and gym shoes–which is what guys our age tend to wear to church). However, in when those serving in the Army or Marines attended church, without exception they wear their dress uniforms. Also I see soldiers wearing their fatigues (battle dress?) from time to time in town. Until I saw battleship a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what what the navy fatigues looked like. I never see sailors in those fatigues — but I’m quite a bit inland, and no naval instillations are around.

I’ve known other sailors and they all wore their civilian clothes on leave.

I’m certain that it isn’t a pride issue. At the end of the service they had this man stand and mentioned that he was in the Navy and would be returning to duty that afternoon. The choir then sang “Eternal Father Strong to Save” (with the chorus Oh, hear us when we cry to thee for those in peril on the sea.”) as a special prayer for him and from his expression to his bearing, anyone could tell that he was immensely proud of what he does–and again rightfully so.

I know that the dress uniform for the enlisted sailors is all white and that must be terribly hard to keep immaculate. But I was wondering if there are regulations or other reasons why, when off duty, sailors tend to wear civilian clothing. Again this is no way a criticism. I understand that those who who put themselves on the line to keep me free are much, much less free than I am, and that commands nothing but gratitude and respect, but I am curious.

admin answers:

The Navy blue camouflage uniform is called NWU and it is not allowed to be worn as a liberty or leave uniform. The Navy does not wear “tactical” uniforms, like camouflage or flight suits, on liberty. You would never wear NWU to church. The appropriate uniform to wear to church on leave is the traditional blue or white “crackerjack” uniform. That is permitted but like you said, it is difficult to maintain, hot, and just one more thing to pack. And frankly, many Sailors just don’t like to wear it except when required.

Paul asks…

i’m doing a report on the last moment of RMS titanic, can you please help me in the following questions? Thx!!?

1. What became of J. Bruce Ismay, managing director of the White Star Line, after the Titanic went down?

a. He moved to New York City and became a successful businessman.
b. He retired from White Star Line within a year of the disaster and became a recluse.
c. He was fired from his job at White Star Line and started his own shipping business.
d. None of the above are appropriate responses.

2. Even though we’ll never know for sure, what was the final song, according to Walter Lord, the band played as the ship sank?

a. Nearer, My God, To Thee”
b. “Autumn”
c. “For those in Peril on the Sea
d. “Go Ye Now In Peace”

3. Did the millionaires Thayer and Guggenheim survived the sinking of Titanic?

a. Yes
b. No

4. Did officer Lightoller died of exposure in Boat B?

a. Yes
b. No

5. Is it true or false the band played “Nearer, My God, To Thee” while the ship sank, according to Colonel Gracie.

a. True.
b. False

6. The entire time the ship was sinking, the band played religious songs in order to help passengers feel at peace during such a frightening time.

a. True
b. False

7. According to White Star shipping, Third Class passengers were reluctant to leave the ship and they didn’t want to part with their luggage, hence the high loss of steerage passengers.
Is this true?

8. Do you think the third class passengers were mistreated or discriminated against?

Thank you very much for your contribution!

admin answers:

1. B) He retired from White Star Line within a year of the disaster and became a recluse.


2. A) Nearer, My God, To Thee”.
Although there is no reliable source for that as many passengers reported that they were playing different songs altogether (such as “Song d’Automne”).


3. B) No.
Benjamin Guggenheim:
John Thayer, in case you’re interested, was a cricketer.


4. B) No.
He survived and didn’t die until 1952.


5. B) False.
It wasn’t just him who gave that account (if he did), there were many witnesses who said that was the last song they played. But there are doubts – see my answer to question 2.


6. B) False.
They played many different types of songs such as ragtime, waltzes and religious stuff.

7. No idea sorry.

8. Yes of course, more than half of them died (75%). They were treated appallingly.

Nancy asks…

Could you please summarize this article for me?

Worldwatch Report: Oceans in Peril
September 21, 2007

Our planet’s oceans are in deep, deep peril, says a new report from the Worldwatch Institute. The only road to recovery may be to declare 40 percent of the world’s oceans off-limits to human exploitation to ensure the restoration of life in depleted areas.
Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by ocean, and three-quarters of the population live in coastal areas. We are all dependent on marine resources – yet our oceans are facing threats that include overfishing, toxic pollution, climate change and whaling.
A new report from the prestigious Worldwatch Institute, Oceans in Peril: Protecting Marine Biodiversity, calls for these marine reserves – areas where all extractive and destructive activities, including fishing are prohibited – while giving an alarming snapshot of the shocking state of the world’s oceans. It’s a wake-up call that should jolt the complacency of policy makers worldwide.

Written for the Worldwatch Institute by a team of experts – Greenpeace’s Science Unit in the UK’s Exeter University – Oceans in Peril updates an earlier study by the same team in 1998. They have been staggered by the scale and rate of destruction that has taken place in less than a decade in every ocean on Earth.

©Greenpeace/Grace Sharks entangled in a Japanese driftnet

The Science Unit provides crucial scientific expertise to our campaigns, and has a long history of working on oceans issues, including whaling, toxic pollution, climate change and overfishing.

“Recent studies such as the one which shows how 90 percent of the world’s large predatory fish, which include the sharks, swordfish and tuna, have disappeared due to overfishing since the 1950s have helped expose what has been happening under the waves and have therefore been out of sight and out of mind to most people”, says Paul Johnston, Greenpeace’s chief scientist.

Oceans in Peril details new and emerging threats, such the increasing acidification of the world’s oceans, and underscores how the race for ever-diminishing resources is forcing marine ecosystems to the point of collapse.

The report illustrates how 76 percent of the world’s fish stocks are fully or overexploited, an estimate borne out by figures from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which suggest that 158 million tons of fish were harvested worldwide in 2005 – a seven-fold increase since 1950. Catch records between 1950 and 2000 show the “collapse” of 366 out 1,519 fisheries worldwide, most famously the Grand Banks cod fishery off Newfoundland.

©Greenpeace/Grace Orange Roughy and bycatch in the Tasman Sea

Oceans in Peril also details the pitfalls of fish farming, the supposed magic bullet of marine resources with alarming statistics: producing carnivorous animals such as salmon or marine shrimp requires 2.5 as much fishmeal as the amount of saleable fish eventually produced. For tuna caught in the wild and fattened in “ranches”, the weight of fish fed to the tuna is a shocking 20 times more than what is actually produced.

The damage to thousands of marine animals and entire ecosystems by longlining and bottom trawling, as well as overfishing off the coast of developing countries, is made even worse by the estimated 20 percent of the global catch that is illegal, unregulated or unreported. This illegal catch is worth somewhere between $4-9 billion a year. While countries with enough resources to control their own waters stand some chance of putting measures in place to protect resources, there’s little or no regulation of any kind of marine harvesting in international waters – an issue that needs to be urgently addressed at an international level.

500-year old Gorgonian Coral trawled from the sea bottom by a fish net. (Image ©Ministry of Fisheries NZ)

But it’s not all doom and gloom – there is a beam of sunshine in the report, including a comprehensive package of measures that if implemented could reverse current trends, restoring the former productivity of our planet’s oceans. That solution is the establishment of comprehensive marine reserves all over the world, protecting vulnerable species and habitats, enhancing fisheries beyond the reserve boundaries, and buffering the worst impacts of climate change.

Marine reserves are the single most powerful tool available for arresting and reversing the decline of our oceans and are equally applicable to the high seas as they are to coastal waters. The oceans have immense powers of regeneration and wherever in the world marine reserves have been established marine life is flourishing.

admin answers:

Cut and paste on word and outline it. It’s basically saying if you set aside reserves you can save the oceans.

Reduce each paragraph to one sentence.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

January 11, 2013

William asks…

what do you think of this? (i dont want to be catholic-sort of have to be confirmed, made a list of my own be?

OK. I am catholic. I am trying to decide whether I should continue in the confirmation process. I feel like I would only be doing it because my parents paid.
Martin Luther wrote a list of complaints, and I have a few. I have earnestly looked inside my soul, heart, mind or something- and I found that the truth that I believe-the Truth that is true to me, is somewhat different from mainstream religions. I fully 100% believe that each person has the Truth written in their hearts from the moment of conception, but that some may not be able to discover the full and whole truth because either they are not properly educated, or they have been brainwashed by religious pedophiles. Granted, I am more than willing to accept that some truths God has simply not told us. Like, when the world will end. He may not have even told us anything about guardian angels-maybe this is an opinion we have similarly agreed on, or we feel their presence. My belief in them, however, is so strong that I have decided it is one of the Truths written in our hearts. People may not recognize this truth because they are still discovering the most important facts: there is one God. God is love. Etc.

The following list is facts I have either decided must be true and therefore believe in so strongly that I think they were written in my heart, or I certainly know they were written in my heart- but either way are uncommon.

1.There is one God that is a trinity; but the Holy Spirit is different from the person Jesus God the Son and the person God the Creator. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of love and virtues that was made from the love shared by God the Creator and God the Son.
2.Love itself is God.
3.God is not a male, He has no gender. We say “He” because His figure is dominant, and He is not an “it” and also we actually don’t say “he” we say “He”. There is no real pronoun proper to fit God.
4.Mary is the most holy saint, and somewhat beyond just a saint. She is a vital mediator between us human children and God, and she is also the mother of all.
5.The Church that Jesus refers to is not the catholic church- it is the communion of saints, angels and humans living and dead that are baptized and a part of God’s family, that have a mission to spread His love.
6.However, Jesus did create the Catholic Church, to unite us. It worked…at first.
7.The Pope is not infallible. Nor is he destined to be a saint. Nor does God always choose him.
8.Angels have a mission to help save us.
9.We have specific guardian angels as children, but as sin enters our lives they have less responsibility over us. They will always try to guide us though, and are there for us.
10.Animals and all living creatures are not guardian angels nor archangels or the ones in heaven, but they are in many ways much like angels. They were created for similar purposes- so that we may learn from them, but also sometimes they were simply put on Earth for us to enjoy and live off of. Many do have spirits that are aware and love us.
11.More than half if not most or even all of the stories in the Old Testament are metaphors. They may have been based on real events, but did not occur exactly as told. They were changed to teach us lessons.
12.The bible is not infallible, like God intended, because God inspired the humans to write the bible but since He would never take control over our choices and actions, several humans have tampered with it.
13.It IS a FACT that Jesus did not have biological brothers and sisters.
14.Jesus did not intend for men to rule the Catholic Church.
15.It is none of the Magisterium’s business whether you go to church, and they have no right to decide that you are not holy enough to be confirmed.
16.Abortion is not wrong or right. I hate to be indecisive-I really do- but it depends on the situation and the intent of the person. An 18 year old girl who plays around with her boyfriend and gets preggers would be sinning to abort the baby so no one finds out. A 16 year old girl who was pressured into sex and talks it over with her family and the baby and she would both die in childbirth anyway, would not be committing a sin to abort it.

I should really stop because now I’m getting off the topic of truths and into the topic of modern-day controversy. Anyway. These are some crucial facts that I think separate me from Catholics.

admin answers:

You make some valid points. What I would suggest is that you follow your conscience in these matters.

Charles asks…

Want to play this puzzling puzzleless puzzle?

1. almost dropped over a cliff by a baboon (5 letters)
2. bee moving at c (2 words, 13 letters)
3. blast off (2 words)
4. both wear goggles but are from different seasons (2 names)
5. can do anything but force love (5 letters)
6. come to life at night (9 letters)
7. computer geek who says “prodigious!” (4 letters)
8. fervent advocate of pacifism (2 words, 16 letters)
9. humans with tails (7 letters)
10. impersonated a soldier and cross-dressed (5 letters)
11. lives with over half a dozen horny men (2 words, 9 letters)
12. mission accepted (2 words, 8 letters)
13. mother was shot and he was later shot in the leg (5 letters)
14. planets of the solar system (2 words, 12 letters)
15. rhymes with sex (5 letters)
16. swallowed by a whale (9 letters)
17. trying to take over the world (team name)
18. wears a loin cloth (6 letters)
19. yell Cowabunga! (team name)
20. yellow one is Asian and black one is African (2 words, 12 letters)
21. zero to hero (8 letters)

read other answers only after answering or choosing not to answer
you may not participate if you tried my previous puzzles
tiebreaker goes to first answerer
answers are characters or groups of characters from anime, cartoons, and Disney, NOT the title of the show or movie

1 point per correct answer
0 points per blank answer
-1 points per wrong answer
best answer goes to highest scorer
Nocturnal is not the name of a character. The correct answer is a team name.

admin answers:

1. Simba
5. Genie
6. Nocturnal
9. Monkey
10. Goldie Hawn
11. Snow White
15. Decks
16. Jonah
17. Cobra, Kaos.
18. Tarzan
19. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
20. Hercules

Mary asks…

Help with my story please?

In a story I want to write, there are 4 teens, with an epic mission, and a “chosen one”…except the story will be written in the viewpoint of the friend of the chosen one- the sidekick, if you will. I realize this is a vague and cheesy description but I assure you the actual work will be better- with your help! :D

Okay, so I’ve got a girl who’s a witch, and she has little tools and stuff and a book of spells (even if it is just a composition notebook). But what about the other three? What should their specialty be? Should the sidekick/narrator even have a specialty? Gosh this is harder than I thought…I knew there was a reason I stick to romantic comedies when writing books!

Well anyways this is a small scene I wrote. It’s the only thing I’ve written so far but here goes (oh and fyi, Demi is the witch, Ross is the narrator, Millie is the pretty love interest and Trey…well just read it):

“The savior,” Demi hisses, her eyes transfixed on her crystal ball, “is standing before us.”
What? Really? He’s here now?
I look across the room. It’s just the four of us. But who is this “savior”? I inspect the kids around me. Millie is biting her thumbnail, looking bored. Okay, she doesn’t even believe Demi, so not her. Trey isn’t nearly resourceful enough to save anyone, plus he can be pretty dense. So no to him. And Demi is the one telling the prophecy, so it can’t be her.
Which means….
My god! I know what this means! It means the savior, the chosen one, is…is…I feel a surge of self empowerment rush over me. I crack a smile and am about to accept my role as mankind’s redeemer, but a shriek from Millie cuts me off.
Jolted back into reality, I finally notice what the rest have already taken into account. There are a bunch of crazy, bright lights seeping out of Demi’s necklace, and floating across the room. The colors are overwhelming, and I’m not sure if I should be frightened or amazed. It’s as though the aurora borealis has somehow condensed and transported into this room.
However, that isn’t the only thing I notice. All the lights seem brighter in one spot of the room. In fact, it looks like they are all surrounding…Trey?
Oh no. You have got to be kidding me.
Trey is the chosen one?!

So based on that kind of vibe what kind of powers would you suggest? Sorry if I’m asking a lot but I just need some ideas to get my creative juices flowing! Thanks!

admin answers:

Having the narrator be the friend of the “chosen one” is intresting. I’m not really into the whole witches and supernatural stuff this may sound cliched or something but maybe one could be a mindreader, or maybe even though their is a “chosen one” the narrator could be the most poweful even though their the “sidekick” One of the teens could be evil and want to destroy the “chosen one”. Idk if this was any good, it was worth a shot…lol

Hope it all works out for you!

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Your Questions About Carnitine

January 10, 2013

Robert asks…

What development do you want in a cooking oil?

like do want it to have a fiber?, L-carnitine?, longer usage.

what changes do you like given the chance to improve a cooking oil.


admin answers:

One that didn’t go rancid (not that they last that long around my house), didn’t splatter when used for frying, didn’t leave a residue on some pots and pans. Otherwise I want what I’m buying, a pure oil with no additives. If I want fiber, I’ll eat some foods high in fiber.

Paul asks…

Is the pre workout Bulldozer XL5000 safe for a 15 year old?

It says it contains Glycine which induces the pituitary gland to secret HGH. It also has Carnitine-l-Tartrate which increases the Androgenic Receptor Content which increases Testosterone uptake. Is this safe for a 15 year old male?

admin answers:

Glycine is already found in nature, in many foods like fish, meat, beans, milk, and cheese. Pretty much all high protein food contains Glycine since it is an amino acid. Glycine has many benefits The increase in HGH is a natural occurring process and not synthetic like taking steroids or hormonal products.

Also, Carnitine has been shown safe and effective in converting fat into energy to build muscle. There are many forms of Carnitine (such as Carnitine-L-Tartrate, Acetyl-l-carnitine and others). Carnitine has many benefits, from enhancing brain function to improving energy and metabolism. Http:// There was a study published on Carnitine-L-Tartrate that it naturally increase testosterone by freeing more Androgen Receptors in the body (In other words, it does so using a natural process and not inducing or forcing additional secretion of testosterone at all). Women take Carnitine and Glycine for improving performance and no side effects. Carnitine and Glycine are both found in nature, sources rich in Carnitine include red meat (lamb is high in it), nuts, seeds, and dairy products.

Overall the formula in Bulldozer is designed to enhance muscle building, improve energy and recovery and all ingredients are put there to work in synergy.

Hope that helps. Good Luck

Richard asks…

What is a good and inexpensive online vitamin and supplement store?

I am tired of spending a fortune at GNC!!!!! Where can I get quality vitamins and supplements online for cheap?

I’m a bodybuilder so I’m mostly interested in creatine, protein, multi-vitamins, beta-alanine, L-carnitine, etc.

admin answers:

In portland OR theres a store that is literally called “the vitimin store” if you live in portland or near it I will gladly give you the directions. But I’m not sure if there are more like it else where

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

January 9, 2013

James asks…

How many languages can you speak and which have been the most useful for you?

I know it’s hard to say what can be the most useful. But also what was the easiest? The hardest? How long did it take you to learn each language? Do you find yourself thinking you are smarter than the average person because of all the languages you can speak?

And please, no one take offense to the last sentence. I don’t mean it like that, and I can only speak one language anyway.

You guys don’t have to answer all the questions either.

admin answers:

I can speak and understand and read some romanian because my Grandma is romanian and I had to learn it to understand her because she could not speak english. I don’t know how long it took me to learn it because I was practically born speaking english and romanian. Its useful because I can eavesdrop when people are speaking romanian lol. And no, I do not think I’m any smarter because some of my words are impaired, due to knowing two languages, like I say some letters and words weird in english because I get confused with my other language. Honestly, I HATE knowing another language, because I am sometimes not fluent when it comes to reading and speaking and people say I have an accent :/ My mom also speaks romanian and so does my dad and it drives me crazy because I Hate that its almost my primary language >_< IT SUCKS KNOWING ANOTHER LANGUAGE.

I can also speak and read some spanish, which is helpful in school.

Chris asks…

How can I find employment as a sign language interpreter?

I am not certified but I am fluent in SEE and ASL. (I have a hearing impaired sibling) I would like to start this as a career but am not wanting to go through years of school for something I already know. I’m willing to take additional sign classes if needed but not a full course load. I appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.

admin answers:

You might want to contact an agency or organization such as disability usa as they will be able to provide you with the exact criteria you need.


Linda asks…

I need a website where I can download a language text translator for blind person?

I am helping a person to create it own fundation to help people with skin cancer. I need to find a program that she might use. She uses the keyboard to navegate in the whole computer with the TAB button. I really need to help her with this if someone knows about a really good one please let me know. Thank you very much for your help. I appreciated!

admin answers:

If you are using a Windows based computer you already have allot of help built-in to the browser.
You just open up the “accessibility” tab or icon and it should have a wizard to guide you through setting up your keyboard for sight impaired use. It will have a keystroke voice confirmation tool as well as it will automatically read everything on the screen.
Another great tool for the sight impaired is “Dragon” voice control software. This lets you run the entire computer with just your voice. It has a bigger learning curve but is a very good piece of software. Dragon combined with the access options should have and blind/sight impaired person able to use the computer very successfully.
Also. Google has free language translation apps on their home page.
Best Wishes

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Your Questions About Google Earth

January 8, 2013

Joseph asks…

What are your favorite places to view on google earth?

What are your favorite places to view on google earth? I like to look at ships at naval bases, and I’ve seen Niagra Falls and the Himalya Mnts. If you have exact addresses to anything that is even fairly unknown that is cool. I just want some neat stuff to check out. If you are into astronomy, as I am, you can also mention something in the “sky” portion of Google Earth.

admin answers:

I’ve checked out the Great Wall of China, Paris, the Vatican, the Colosseum in Rome, the pyramids in Egypt, Boston MA (my hometown) the Golden Gate bridge in SF, the Hollywood sign, the Big Island of Hawaii, Easter Island and the Grand Canyon. FUN stuff that Google Earth!

Jenny asks…

How often does Google Earth update it’s photographs of the globe?

I’ve noticed that photos of the same locations change over time but since I hardly use Google, and only use Google Earth periodically, I’m curious as to how often the photos are updated: Is it monthly, bi-monthly, every 6-months, a year even? Does anyone really know for sure?

admin answers:

Not often enough LOL – they definitely need to do it more often!

Donald asks…

How does google earth/maps get pictures of so many places on street level?

I like checking out google earth and maps from time to time and find it interesting, but I wonder how do they get so many pictures of so many places on street level etc?

admin answers:

They have a car with cameras mounted on top that produce images that when spliced together form 360 degree views of the street or highway they are driving on. They have been doing this for a couple years now. I believe the project is incomplete at this time. I agree it’s very interesting, you can visit many cities and towns in many parts of the country and some outlying areas too. It’s also helpful when planning a trip even just across town, to know where to turn and exit, to see and recognize physical landmarks, etc.

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