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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

January 27, 2013

Robert asks…

What do you study to get into the sterile reprocessing department in the hospital?

You know the department where instruments, beakers, etc. gets cleaned up and sterilized in the hospital? does anyone know?

admin answers:

Special Education is for students with DISABILITIES. You have miscatergorized your question. Y!A suggests a category but you need to verify it is the correct category and change it if need be. This will ensure you will get more useful responses.


The provision of education to people with disabilities or learning differences differs across countries and (in the US, Canada, Germany, and other federally organized countries) across states

Special education in India was present since the pre independence time, with very few schools or NGOs helping intellectually impaired children. Today India has come a long way and made a good progress in the field of disability rehabilitation. Presently India has four national institutes for effective implementation of this special education through various government schemes.

Miscatergorizations is a violation of the Y!A Community Guidelines:;_ylt=Al7YZOo5P3CPU4qL9vhG4OI_zKIX;_ylv=3

Categorize correctly.Categorize your question correctly. Placing your question in the right category ensures that it is seen by people who can give you better information and more accurate answers. Yahoo! Answers is available in many countries and languages, so find the right one for your location or language

try the HIGHER ED category;_ylt=Ar1NZd981liDmiITV9oOlPW.xQt.;_ylv=3?link=list&sid=396545359

This is a legitimate attempt to answer a question by redirecting the asker on how to get the information needed. It is not a violation of the TOS or community guidelines.

Yahoo merely SUGGESTS the category….iti s up to YOU to change it if it is wrong….YOU CHOOSE the category

Sandy asks…

How can someone who has perfectly normal speech suddenly develop a lisp?

I know someone who talked just as normally as you and I and throughout the course of our association with one another he soon developed a lisp. How is this possible? And what causes this?

admin answers:

Children’s Health Encyclopedia: Lisping

A lisp is a functional speech disorder that involves the inability to correctly pronounce one or more sibilant consonant sounds, usually s or z.


Lisping is a speech disorder characterized by the inability to correctly pronounce the sounds of s or z, known as the sibilant consonants. Usually th sounds are substituted for the sibilants. The word “lisp,” for example, would be pronounced “lithp” by someone with this speech disorder.

Many children lisp at certain stages of speech development, especially when they lose their front primary teeth. Lisping is, therefore, sometimes called a developmental phonetic disorder. Frontal or interdental lisp is produced when the tongue protrudes through the front teeth when teeth are missing and is the most familiar type of lisp. Sibilant production may be interfered with in a number of other ways as well. These are all classified as lisping and include excessive pressure by the tongue against the teeth, the tongue held too far back along the midline of the palate, and a “substitute hiss” produced in the throat or larynx.

Sometimes children with functional speech disorders have problems making other sounds, such as sh, l, r, and ch. When a child cannot produce these sounds correctly, the condition is usually not considered a true lisp, but is a functional speech disorder.

Children can have a functional speech disorder as well as a developmental phonological disorder. The latter is not a matter of being able to physically make a specific sound but is a language disorder. These children have trouble organizing the sounds of speech in common patterns and may consistently replace one sound with another. For example, a child may say “wun” instead of “sun” or “doe” instead of “so.”

There are four main types of lisps.

Interdental lisp—occurs when the tongue protrudes between the front teeth and the s or z is pronounced like th.

Dentalized lisp or dentalized production—occurs when the tongue pushes against the front teeth.

Lateral lisp—sounds wet because the air flows around the tongue, which is in the normal position to produce the l sound.

Palatal lisp—the middle of the tongue touches the soft palate, or roof of the mouth, when trying to produce the s sound.


According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, about one in six people in the United States (42 million adults and children) has a communication disorder. Of them, 14 million have a speech, voice, or language disorder that is not linked to hearing loss. Functional speech disorders with no known cause, such as lisping, affect 10 percent of the population; 8–9 percent serious enough to require treatment. Nearly 5 percent of first graders have functional speech disorders, and 50–70 percent of all children with functional speech disorders struggle academically throughout elementary school and high school.

Causes and Symptoms:

As a functional speech disorder, lisping has no clear known cause. It is often referred to as a speech delay of unknown origin. Structural irregularities of the tongue, palate, or teeth (including abnormalities in the number or position of the teeth) may be implicated in lisping, but they generally are not the main causes. Mild hearing loss involving high frequencies may also impair a child’s ability to hear language correctly and be able to repeat phonetic sounds. In some cases, a child with no physical abnormality will develop a lisp. It has been thought that some of these children may be imitating another child or an adult who lisps.

Lisping is also associated with immature development. Some children will adopt a lisp as a means of gaining attention. Other children will begin to lisp after they have experienced unusual stress or trauma. This behavior is part of a regression into a more secure period and can include other types of regressive behaviors such as bed wetting or wanting to sleep with the light on in the bedroom.

One theory of the cause of lisping is the result of tongue thrusting, a physiological behavior that causes the tongue to flatten and thrust forward during swallowing and speaking. It is suggested that thumb sucking, overuse of pacifiers, bottle feeding, and recurrent upper respiratory illnesses cause tongue thrusting. Thumbs (or fingers), artificial nipples, and pacifiers keep the tongue flat and do not allow the muscles of the tongue to develop in a normal fashion. When the child speaks, the tongue shoots forward, creating a lisp.

Frequent upper respiratory illnesses often stuff the nose, forcing these children to breathe through their mouths. The sounds that they make when they speak may be thick and garbled, and may encourage lisping. Closing the mouth and teeth to make s or z sounds cuts off the breath, so children compensate by trying to speak without closing their mouths completely. Thus, a lisp develops.

Laura asks…

How to become an American Sign Language teacher/professor?

I want to teach American Sign Language more than anything. My older sister was saying you’d have to at least be an audiologist/speech pathologist before you could get a teaching job. How should I go about it? Btw, I live in Ohio.

admin answers:

I am a hearing person myself, so my experience is limited. My impression is that you will have an up-hill battle unless you are hearing-impaired. I think that hearing-impaired persons will think it presumptuous of another person to teach ASL when she doesn’t know what it’s like to “be there.” In recent years, an otherwise qualified person was rejected as candidate president of Gallaudet University (for the hearing-impaired) in Washington, D.C., because she was a hearing person.

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Your Questions About Carnitine

January 26, 2013

Robert asks…

Can nootropics aka smart drugs be combined with antidepressants like lexapro?

I have always experimented with cognitive enhancers during the school year and this summer was prescribed antidepressant lexapro as well as a balancer seroquel. Wondering how drugs such as piracetam, Aniracetam, Pramiracetam, L-Huperzine, Alpha GPC, Vinpocetine, Theanine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, HYDERGINE, PEMOLINE, PRL-8-53, etc drugs like these be combined with prescribed medication.

admin answers:

Why not just ask your doctor to prescribe something for you for cognition. Then you do not have to worry about interactions with your disease state and your other medications if the doctor watches for interactions for you.

Jenny asks…

what foods are rich in the following compounds?

I need to know which foods contain the highest concentrations of each individual compound.

1.docosahexaenoic acid(DHA)
2.Acetyl L- Carnitine(i know the body naturally produces it after exercise but just work with me)

thank you and good luck!

admin answers:

For the first one its 1 Eel 2100
For the second it is beef 200
For the third it is Mexican wild yam.

Hope i helped!

Mark asks…

This Combination of Smart drugs for maximum helpfulness?

I was thinking about starting a regimen of Vinpocetine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC), and Ginko Biloba.

I have been searching around and thought that this might be a good combination to increase most areas of cognitive thinking and was going to test it out

Any other Combinations that anybody has had experience with? Im going into this blind with no experience so any information would be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

Please do not test this it could be deadly

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Your Questions About For Those Who Think Young

January 25, 2013

Linda asks…

Do you think that the young voters who backed Obama will now vote for Ron Paul?

It seemed that Paul had the 2nd largest contingent of
young voters next to the current president, but now that
Obama has been exposed as a fraud do you think that
Paul has the young vote sewn up?

admin answers:

No, they will be voting for Rick Perry. Ron Paul needs to be in a padded cell. He is crazy.

Mary asks…

For those who beleive in young love, do you think that it is okay for a…?

12 year old girl to be with a 10 year old guy???

And this only goes for those who believe in kids/teens having bfs gfs so dont be annoying by saying i am too young b/c I dont think that I am.

admin answers:

Aww thats so cute! Just dont do things your not ready for.

Betty asks…

What do you think about young men who use “spray on hair” to cover up thinning hair?

I have friend that has struggled with his thinning hair for many years. He has tried to many things to remedy his genetic problem.

But for the past few years he has sprayed on this black spray that gives the illusion of a fuller head of hair. This prevents him from many activities that he used to enjoy such as swimming and other water sports. His look also discourages him from going to public places quite often.

This so-called “spray on hair” does give an impressive illusion, but it’s not the same as having a nice full head of hair that every young man should enjoy.

What alternatives does he have other then slapping on a wig or costly hair plugs?

admin answers:

Tell him to just shave it all. Bald is cool and It is hip.. Just go with it and quit fighting it. Lot`s of women LIKE bald guys. And did you know that bald guys have more testosterone (male hormone) than guys with full heads of hair..

Just beam with confidence, walk up and smile really nicely.. Bald guys are cute as can be to many many women.. Get into it and dig it..


God bless & hugs from Texas. {:-)

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

January 24, 2013

Betty asks…

Christian Rock Lyrics, 89.7 kvrk fm radio fans?

I was listening to the radio last night and i heard a song that i really liked but i dont know what its called or who its by
This is the part of it that i remember:
I’m pushin up daisys
I wish they were roses
I feel like i’m dieing
For some one to notice (or but no body noticed… im not sure which)

If anyone could tell me something about this song it would be very helpful. Thanx

admin answers:

Rescue – Seabird

I’m pushing up daisies, I wish they were roses
I feel like I’m drowning but nobody knows it
I’m pushing up daisies, I wish they were roses
I feel like I’m dying, just want you to notice

somehow the grave has captured me
show me the man I used to be
just when I feel my breath is running out

the earth moves and you find me, alive but unworthy
broken and empty, but you don’t care
cuz you are my rapture, you are my savior
when all my hope is gone, I reach for you
you are my rescue
you are my rescue

I’m swimming to safety, but even with my best
if I don’t see that rope soon, this might be my last breath

somehow the grave has captured me
show me the man I used to be
just when I feel my breath is running out

the earth moves and you find me, alive but unworthy
broken and empty, but you don’t care
because you are my rapture, you are my savior
when all my hope is gone, I reach for you
you are my rescue

don’t let me drown
can you hear me
cuz I am
“drawlin out” (not sure)
I’m underground
won’t you pull me out

the earth moves and you find me, alive but unworthy
broken and empty, but you don’t care
because you are my rapture, you are my savior
when all my hope is gone, I reach for you
you are my rescue
you are my rescue
yeah, you are my REScue
yeah! You are MY resCUE

I’m pushing up daisies, I wish they were roses
I feel like I’m dying, just want you to notice…

Robert asks…

A Rock Lyrics… I think it’s cliche’ but let me know!?

You light the fire that goes burning through the streets,
So that everybody knows that this is where we meet,
On the sidewalk I can feel the earth start to shake,
This Southern Coastline air is getting way to much to take.

And you spoke about the first time we met,
As though it was only yesterday,
But the years have come and faded away,
The foundation of the love that we had.

So your blue eyes they are putting Diamonds to shame,
Cause they are the most beautiful things i have ever seen.
I feel sorry for the Sun today cause they have taken it’s breathe a way,
It’s drowning alone in the sky praying that you’ll stay.

You thought about the way that we used to drink all day,
And by the night we would say exactly what we need to say.

So your blue eyes they are putting Diamonds to shame,
Cause they are the most beautiful things i have ever seen.
I feel sorry for the Sun today cause they have taken it’s breathe a way,
It’s drowning alone in the sky praying that you’ll stay.

And today, alone I am craving you more,
Then I ever thought would be possible.
But I can only hold your hand if you let him go,
Cause in my dreams you are the only one here,
But reality comes and I cannot believe,
That the luck I had has now turned into,
The way that you walk hand in hand with him.
Ye not one of my better pieces

admin answers:

Oh yeah an old time r&per!!!
As always my dear it’s grate. Yes, a little cliched but sometimes those kinda cliched songs need to be written.

Ken asks…

rate these rock lyrics i wrote please?

this song is called Dawn Circle

verse 1:
i was born to disappointment
contradiction tattooed to my forehead
im a walking train wreck
about to tumble over the rail at anytime
for a moment to shine
but even when i succeed
in others eyes it’s considered a failure
my downfall has been tailored to me
like some kind of suit
a part of me
like the contradiction tattoo

i’ve come so far
to only take one step back
and fall straight on
to my own faith
now i’ll only be
accepted by the disgraced

verse 2:
haven’t found the stairway to heaven
but i’ve found the one descending into hell
i usually just blame it
solely on some very bad unreliable intel
to remain in this state
i know that im astray
all i do now is pitifully pray
now matter how hard i really try
i wont get a break
i have tried
but failed to set myself straight

verse 3:
i don’t care
no one cares
i don’t care
no one cares
why should i care?
when no ones there?
and my pain
can never be shared
’cause no one cares
i don’t care
i don’t care
i don’t care

thanks for reading
im 15btw
@master of puppets
you do know that there is more to a song then just rhyming right?
again does it really have to rhyme???
is that an essential part of a song?

admin answers:

Bad rhymes. You’re trying too hard for “meaning”. It’s a little whiny-sounding. But not the worst ever seen at YA! Take this as constructive criticism and keep plugging away.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock

January 23, 2013

Daniel asks…

for those who like rock songs, what do you guys think bout lil wayne – prom queen?

i like lil wayne for rap and hiphop, i dont know how to judge rock songs and stuff… how do you guys feel about THE SONG?

admin answers:

He ruined the Genre of Rock.
LIl Wayne never Do rock.

John asks…

for those who listen to hardcore, metal, punk and other rock genres?

just wanna know what is the story about your music taste. How did you learned about the genre you’re listening to, is there anyone who influenced you? and…. when did you started listening to those kind of genres?

admin answers:

I love me some punk and emotive hardcore(but my music is more emopop and punkpop, sadly) I do have a thing for Led Zepplin, Metallica, AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses,and Rush. I grew up with that stuff, its my dads favorite, but I am more into Blink 182, Green Day, Sum 41, MCR, Panic, at The disco and such.:)

Paul asks…

in afl. highway to hell, thunderstruck or for those about to rock?

in ac/dc terminology. what category best describes your teams push towards the flag in 2010?
and im not going to put in there about richmomds dirty deeds done dirt cheap as it was done last year ok.
yes yes very funny.

admin answers:

Ah, good old Acca Dacca.

I think you could do one song for each team… Here’s my selection.

Adelaide: T.N.T. (when they’re on form, they’re dynamite to watch – they’ll be top 4 if all goes well this year).

Brisbane: Hells Bells (They’ve got the two main goalkickers in the league – the line “I’m comin’ on like a hurricane” may well be the roar of the Lions this year). Definitely a team to watch.

Carlton: Carry Me Home (after the drunken incidents earlier – might not be a good year – hopefully it will be for us).

Collingwood: Back in Black (and white)- they’ll look the goods this year, but will they be able to break the finals wobbles? Pies for top 4 regardless.

Essendon – Down on the Borderline (I reckon the Dons can scrape the eight two years in a row – maybe around 6th if injuries don’t plague them).

Fremantle – Highway to Hell – it’s going to be a long year away from home I think – (and I’m going dowwwwwwwwwwn alllllllll the wayyyyyy – my choice for wooden spoon).

Geelong – High Voltage (the team to beat at present, but can they maintain their scintillating form of the past three years?)

Hawthorn – Heatseeker (they just missed out last year due to poor form and injuries – expect them to rebound with a vegeance).

Melbourne – It’s a Long Way to the Top – (enough said, but they’ll be better this year).

North Melbourne – Shake Your Foundations (they’ll surprise a few teams this year).

Port Adelaide – Rising Power (couldn’t resist the crap pun really – they’ll do ok, may make the lower eight). I reckon around mid-table this year.

Richmond – Deep in the Hole – (sorry Tiges fans, but I can’t see a huge improvement this year).

St Kilda – Are You Ready – they almost made it last year, but will they be as good in 2010?

Sydney – If You Want Blood(s) – The Swans will be going through a transitional period this year, but I think they’ll put on a respectable show.

West Coast – Anything Goes – my favourite for smokey for the eight – they could do anything this season – a good young side coming up, and if they can improve their away performances, they could be up in the mix this year.

Western Bulldogs – Bad Boy Boogie (they’ve got Hall now and play hard defensively)

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