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Your Questions About Google Chrome

January 31, 2013

Richard asks…

How do i get Google Chrome to remember my Email but not my password?

Okay so google chrome use to do this for facebook, hotmail, and usernames for other websites but its not doing it anymore and i dont know what i did wrong. I’ve been trying to fix it but its not working. I dont want it to remember my password but also dot want to have to type a long email everytime i wanna check facebook or my hotmail.

admin answers:

Is this your own personal computer or are you using a family computer? If it’s yours it doesn’t matter what Chrome saves. No one can see your data if it’s password protected.

If it’s not, you’re out of luck.
Make sure you delete your web history to prevent anyone from going into your accounts.

George asks…

How do you allow google chrome to open when you accidentally blocked it?

when google chrome came up a security box came up saying trust this website or block and i accidentally hit blobk..So not my internet browser, Google chrome says its unavailable and was blocked. Where do i go on my computer to allow access to it?

admin answers:

What program did you use to block the website? Is that a firewall or smth ?

Lisa asks…

How do i download google chrome from one laptop to another?

On one of my laptops I need to access the internet, but internet explorer is down on that laptop. I am trying to download google chrome or firefox or whatever on to a flash drive. I download it on to the flash drive and put it in the other laptop. Then, I put the flash drive in the other laptop and click on google chrome, but it says can’t access or something like that. Help!

admin answers:

To install Chrome you need an active internet connection, so you may make your way easier by downloading Firefox or another installer that provides the full package and try with it. Once installed, if it can’t access either, then you have to check the security features of the system.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

January 30, 2013

Richard asks…

I’ve lost mt motivation at can I gain it back?

I really want scholarship so in order to receive one I must earn great grades. I’ve used to be an excellent student at middle school. junior years, I’ve transferred to a new school and I’ve completely lost all my motivation and I got bad grades on quizzes/tests and it seems that I don’t care. I want to improve and show people that I can do it but I have an ASL interpreter and I’m not motivated because of it. ASL is an american silent language for hearing-impaired people. I’m hard of hearing but I’ve told the school that I don’t want one because I can hear on my right side. It’s just that I need to work on pronunciations. I speak french. I’ve lost my motivation because I now have an interpreter, problems at home, no friends at school, new home/environment and I don’t know anyone. I’ve applied for a job since last summer but no luck yet. Since I’m not a citizen, I need a work permit and it takes forever. I’ve lost my motivation because I’m lonely and no one talks to me at school…

admin answers:

I work with international students so I can sympathize with your plight. It is difficult, and I’m guessing your school doesn’t have a close knit or large population of international students and I know some of my fellow students ostracize international students based on your accent and nationality, plus it doesn’t help that your English isn’t as good.

I’m not sure if this is possible for you, as you are a non-resident, but what you need is some time off away from your problems. This doesn’t mean go blow your money on an expensive vacation, but perhaps taking a solo road trip and go sightseeing somewhere and take a few days to think. Your stressor right now is your campus and the environment around it, and to find your motivation again you need to get away from your problems.

Joseph asks…

Theists, what is the “soul” and how do you explain the following phenomena?

1. Brain damage

When certain parts of the brain are destroyed, parts of the mind are also destroyed. When Wernicke’s area in the brain is damaged, for instance, language ability is impaired. This suggests that the mind is simply a part of the brain, and not separate from it.

2. Altered consciousness

Modern science now has the capability to induce altered states of consciousness at will. The familiar “near-death experience” of floating outside your body, which is used by some to promote the idea that your mind can actually leave your physical body, is actually nothing more than an altered state of consciousness that can be induced with certain drugs or by altering blood flow to the brain.

3. Brain development correlates with mental development

Immature brains will have immature minds. Mental development is correlated to brain development. Again, exactly what you would expect if the mind was part of the brain and not a separate “thing.”
“When you are flat lined, you are dead”

Nope. You can have zero measurable brain activity but still be alive because the neurons in your brain can still have active concentration gradients. Your assumption is based on an ignorance of how the brain actually works.
“But if you have zero measurable brain activity, how can someone remember dialog and vivid sight of what occurred after they flat-lined”

I think there are several responses that I can make to your argument:

First of all, just because a machine shows no brain activity doesn’t necessarily mean there is no brain activity. All measuring devices have a known level of accuracy and no machine is perfect. EEG scanners where you place electrodes on someone’s forehead cannot measure deep sub-cortical brain structures.

Secondly, just because someone claims to have experienced something while “flatlined” does not necessarily mean that they did. They could simply be having a false memory. False memories are actually quite common during traumatic events and many research papers can attest to this.

admin answers:

According to some models, the brain is the bridge between the realm of the astral and the soul, and the realm of the physical and the body.

Damage it, and not all the functions can be bridged properly.

Robert asks…

How do you answer this psychology question?

Discuss how damage to one of several different cortical areas can impair language functioning, and outline the process by which the brain directs reading aloud.

admin answers:

You answer this question by reading your textbook or wikipedia,
finding relevant passages in the text,
and then restating them in your own words.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

January 29, 2013

Ken asks…

Would you play this game?

okay. the short sum is this:

you are a loner living in a fascist country that is bound to tear itself down. you have to perform many criminal tasks to get the governments attention, raising awareness at the same time. when you finish 2 acts, a gang of people join you in your cause you can accept one of two gangs:

1.they are less skilled but would not betray you. they know where you stand and they fight for what they believe in

2.far more skilled, yet aren’t in it for your cause and have a 50% chance of betraying you

you perform numerous stunts, while laying low and escaping from public eye. then as you‘re halfway to completing your goal, you go on a solo mission while your team is spotted by cops. you have to choose to stay with them or go solo the rest of the journey

would you? ( note: I just thought of this on the spot. if you make games you have every right to make this game as I do not have a permit or the equipment to publish it)
Did I mention you would have to do stuff in every state INCLUDING hawaii and alaska? plus traveling would take some time (which during you would plot or recover from injuries)

admin answers:

Put on Xbox 360 and I’ll buy it. It sounds pretty fun actually. I’d stay with the gang rather than go solo. Hah, now I kinda wish it was real.

Carol asks…

what do you think of this Poem?

Be as harsh you‘d like I would like a genuine opinion, can’t get better if I don’t have critique.

Hell is not a place to burn, it is a place to reflect
On the state of mind we fill with hatred we collect;
From a life lived in silence behind a shadow
Of society implied ideologies. Shallow
And hallow; no more ours than the love we follow.
It is these beliefs that we are taught to swallow
That starve us and create in our selves an abyss
Which simple minds accept with simple bliss.
To create the idea that After never exists

What if hell is black and only grows colder
With every path serpentine and leading only closer
To Forgetting ourselves; never reaching our goals or
Knowing any purpose. The weight of the boulder
Only getting heavier to hold until it’s all over;
But when dying is all the soul can hope for,
Your eternity decays increasingly slower
Till time freezes and seizes moving forward
Locked in an infinite point of inner horror.

What if Hell is not fire or Demonic Torture?
But our failure to achieve; the instant we lowered
Every moral. Or when we choose to no more
Believe, seized to dream. When we faltered
To know ourselves and let our desires alter
Our minds and hearts to generic ideas lived all for
No purpose, no mission, like abandoned soldiers
Loosing our personal morals and culture
This is the hell religion never sculptured

admin answers:

Not bad, you just have to think your words through a little more and realize grammatical errors and conflicts. For instance:

“Hell is not a place to burn, it is a place to reflect
On the state of mind we fill with hatred we collect;” – The “state of mind” is the subject and the
word “fill” is the verb. You can fill a mind. You can’t fill a state of mind.

“From a life lived in silence behind a shadow” – You meant to say something along the lines of “within” a shadow. If you’re behind a shadow, you’re not in the shadow anymore, so you must be in the light, which is the opposite of what you were trying to say.

“Of society implied ideologies. Shallow” – To make this correct you’d have to say “socially-implied ideologies”. (“society” is a noun. “socially” is an adverb which describes adjectives like “implied”). But obviously that doesn’t flow well so you’ll have to restructure the line.

Those are just a few. If you go through this with a fine-toothed comb and fix all the technical problems you’ll have a decent poem.

James asks…

I am Christian girl. Why can’t people be more accepting like Jesus? (Part 2)?

I am amazed by the intolerance of some Christian people that are supposed to love others and to show them the way of Christ. Go ahead call me a lukewarm meteocre Christian for being kind to gay people, people who have had premarital sex etc. and wanting to help people and invite them to listen to the word of god if they so choose, rather than shun and ostrasize them.

If you beat people down and offend them, tell them they are not a good christian,or that they are going to hell for what they did etc. No one is going to listen to you!!!! You are doing more harm than good!!!! Maybe if you speak with love and respect twoards human kind they will be interested in God and our message.

And maybe your sins may not be the same as that person you see as unfit for God, but YOU my brothers and sisters have sinned as well. I don’t care who you are. You are no better than anyone else!!!!

We need more love in this world. More peace!!!!! I think people should lead by example of kindness and grace not shove down peoples throats and get angry judge or critisize. You haven’t lived the life that person has anyway or suffered the things they may have so stop judging.

I believe you can help and be a servant of god by being nice to others who don’t share your beliefs and share your religion as one who invites others to come and feel clean. To get their burdens off and be accepted. Then people will come in to our light. Stop making people feel guilty and unclean it isn’t NICE and it scares them away from the light! TRYING BE NICE!!!!!!! GEEZ I thought thats what it was all about anyway! Being a good person.

That is my mission and what I intend to do while I am here on earth.
Call me all the names you want. Doesn’t make me any less of a Christian and my fate is up for God to decide.
I am glad so many of you no matter what your religion desire peace on earth and goodwill twoards fellow man. Thats good for humankind. :D

Wow I suppose I’ll wear peace t-shirts now and bell bottoms and flowers in my hair. A hippie eh? :] hahaha

Aww i’m sorry I did not mean to make it seem like all or even most Christians are judgemental at all. :] Plenty of us are accepting and want to have peace and help out it is true!!! However of course we have the people who believe most of the population is going to hell and feel the need to voice this. Same with atheists or anyone of a different religion They have people who are respectful of our religion and all religions (thanks guys!) and some who tell us we are idiots/ want to fight. Everyones got these kind of people and they just like to fight. Well I say peace man. Peace lol

admin answers:

So whats the question??

I dont go to church,if thats what your asking..

Oh and your a hippie,we all hate hippies

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died Lyrics

January 28, 2013

Jenny asks…

Rate these lyrics I wrote?

(intro has a different time, which Is why the rhythm doesn’t appear to match up & the divides just separate chorus from verse- things they don‘t mean anything)
There’s an honest swelling in my throat
And a steady heartbeat to match
To tell me I don’t really care anymore
And when I’m falling on the ground
Not bothering to wipe the tears
You will know why
I’m to preoccupied with you
With all you say and do
And the worst part is
I know it’s ending soon.
I’m feeling the air whisk around me
Like tunnels of dying love
Come to tear me apart again.
I hear you footsteps by the door
Don’t bother to ring the bell
I’ll be there before your fingers start to crawl.
I’m feeling lonely and ashamed
That all I’ve done is place the blame
for all my failures on your shoulders.
And if you wanna leave now
I will completely understand
I’ve betrayed you all
And kept you from
All the ones you really loved.
So when I’m falling on the ground
not bothering to wipe my tears
You will know why
Oh, you will know why
I’m too preoccupied with you.
And all the things you say and do
But the worst part is
I know it’s ending soon.
That’s why you’re here, too.
So when you step off my porch
Onto the dirty linoleum floors
I hope you keep your coat on.
I hope you say t quick and leave
Leave and let me f*cking be,
Let me know that you mean it.
That we’re finished.
Now, as you’re stepping out the door
I wanna say I love you
Just to make you cringe and shake,
But those words have no real meaning
In today’s society.
So if I did, you’d still leave me.
You wouldn’t believe me.
So when I’m falling on the ground
Not bothering to wipe my tears
You will know why.
I know you know why it is
I’m so preoccupied with you,
And all the thins you say and do,
But the worst part is, I know it’s ended,
Ended and crashed though
The roof of my heart
So I can slowly feel it splitting in
Perfect halves.
Yes, I know it’s ending with the truth,
But I wish I was leaving you,
Not the inverse.
Cuz letting go’s not has hard as giving up
Everything you thought you loved
Just because someone said so.
So, when I’m falling on the ground
You will know why.
Yeah, baby, you will know why.

Thanks for reading these! I really appreciate it!
(By the way I’m 14)
I kind of want it to sound a bit like The places you have come to fear the most by dashboard confessional when i get through with writing the guitar part for it.
(just in case you’re trying to think what it will sound like)
… And i definately meant to say THINGS not THINS in one of the verses. oops.
God, sorry another little addition, but In the first verse im not indicating that the person is outside, just that it feels like everything that the singer knows seems to be moving and changing in negative ways. If i said wind, i meant air.
It’s not true, by the way. lol
Darn I can’t seem to get this down. This twisted expression….
Its not emo… its indie. and its an isolated sad song.

admin answers:

Pretty good. Sort of depressing though, but maybe thats what u were going for. Good for a starting song. Hint for ur next song: write something not about love, or breakups, or heartache, or revenge. These themes seem to be the only ones out there now, i know. But if u get away and write something totally different, it has more chance of standing out and potentially going big. I do think, however, that if someone already famous had made this song, it would be a hit.

Ruth asks…

How do you like these lyrics?

Get the revolver ready, pull the trigger
Out come the bullets get ready, they come bigger
Press to my chest, take my life
No holdin’ back, I‘m ready to die

Boom! Boom! Boom!
Ready to take my soul soon
Sittin’ on a cliff looking down
While that gunshot makes a sound

It’s as simple as writing a pencil on paper
It ain’t that easy when I‘m seeing hell later
All it takes is a 1 2 3
Can’t be more simple as simple can be


Why don’t you just shoot at my heart
Tear this body apart
On the verge to taking a life
Except I can’t die

If you don’t take the gun
My life isn’t done
If you just pull the damn thing
It’ll be over in a swing

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Wait, I have a thought in my head
Do I want to take myself on my death-bed
I‘m on the road of emotionally instability
My name written in blood ain’t that pretty

Why can’t I just die?
That tear is coming down my eye
I made a mistake I can’t take back
Just make that sound and relax

But you touch my cheek
You kiss my lips and hug me
A nice hug is what you gave
Make sure to be there for my grave

(Chorus x2)

So point the damn thing at me
But it ain’t just so easy
I hear the revolver, with my eyes wet
My final fate has been met

admin answers:

Awesome! You should check out If you’re not planning on performing the song, then maybe you could submit for others. Who knows if another musician selects your song, you could make some cash…

George asks…

What is the name and artist of the song with these lyrics?

All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces.

Bright ‘n’ early for the daily races going nowhere, going nowhere.

The tears are filling up their glasses; no expression, no expression.

Hang my head I want to drown my sorrow: no tomorrow, no tomorrow.

And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad; the dreams in which I‘m dying are the best I‘ve ever had.

I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take; When people run in circles it’s a very very…mad world…mad world.

(That’s only half of the lyrics but it should be enough, thanks.)

admin answers:

GARY JULES “Mad World”

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It’s a very, very mad world mad world

Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday
Made to feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen
Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me what’s my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me

And I find it kinda funny
I find it kinda sad
The dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you
I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It’s a very, very mad world … Mad world
Enlarging your world
Mad world

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Your Questions About Google Calendar

January 28, 2013

Ruth asks…

How do I delete recurring events from Google calendar that I had imported from Yahoo Calendar by synching ?

Each recurring event in my Google calendar as a unique Event, but the event re-occurs at the original designated times forever.

admin answers:

Click on the entry, then delete, then All Events in Series


Charles asks…

How to turn off the default alarm on google calendar?

When I set an event in google calendar, the default for alarm is on. Since there are many events in my calendar each day, the alarm feature becomes an annoyance. However, each time when I set an event, I have to go and turn off the alarm, it also is an annoyance. Do you know of a way that I can enter an event without setting off the alarm? TIA!
There is no where under settings to set the alarm off.

admin answers:

Go to google account settings

then fix it

Michael asks…

Is there a way i can sync my exsisting iphone calendar with my new google calendar account?

I know I can sync my new dates from my google calendar to my iphone, but can i sync my old ones with google calendar that’s already on my iphone?

admin answers:

It should work. Plugin the iPhone, in iTunes go to iPhone > Info > turn on Sync iCal Calendars and disable the option to not sync older events.

The google calendar account needs to be configured in iCal too.

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