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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

December 4, 2012

Helen asks…

What do you think of my plot?

What do you think of the plot? My ideas? And if you have any recommendations and/or advice they would be truly appreciated.

It’s called Hex: Rise of the Fallen
Adam and Amanda are fraternal twins. They are witches (both female and males are called witches) they are withes, a witch’s job is to protect humans from the underworld, witch includes, demons, vampires, werewolves, warlocks (evil witches) and every other creature in between. Humans usually have no idea of the existence of theses real withes nor the underworld. At the age of 13 the twins received their abilities and at the age of 18 they must face the council of the underworld to see if they get to keep their powers. They are are sent for th first time on a mission alone. Vampires have taken control of a church and they must stop them, which they do. After that they are summoned by the council who tell them they get to keep their powers. When they go home they find their house burned down. And their parents dead. Cause of accident unknown. After seven months they move away to Saint Theresa Collage. On the first day Amanda meets a mysterious boy called Robert. Who will later turn out to be a vampire so she must chose to either accept him or due her duty as a witch and kill him. Since the day after turning 18 Adam has been having headaches and weird visions. At the Halloween party Adam feels a surge of power within him and goes to the bathroom where in the mirror he sees his eyes turn black. He goes back to the apartment with Amanda. Next day they discovered that the party ended after they left because a boy was found dead in the bathroom which leads Adam to believe that he may have had something to do with him. That night returning home after her first date with Robert she finds Adam levitating in the middle of the living room on top of the couch, surrounded by black smoke witch she recognizes to be that of a demon. The smoke zooms past her and out of the house which triggers a vision in Amanda. In the vision she sees Adam covered in blood killing another boy. And from there the story goes.

Questions raised in this book is.
What is happening to Adam?
Why does he have demonic abilities?
What was that demon doing to him in the living room?
Who killed their adoptive parents and why?
Who are their real parents?

Later in the book they discover the answers to these questions which again raises more questions to set up the final climax of the book. The whole plot is driven by the Rise of the Fallen. Which are 200 Fallen angels, 66 demons, and 400 of their off springs the Nephillim.

I plan on finding a publisher to publish this book and if successful I will continue with making it a three part series. Which will follow with Hex: Shadow World and Hex: Dawn of the Apocalypse. Rise of the Fallen is a stand alone but the story I want to tell is so big that it has to be told in three books. The first two books have already been plotted and I’m just finishing the thirds.
Hope you guys can understand, I wrote it in a hurry.

admin answers:

Okay, just got me, I’m not into vampires. I do not read vampire books. But is it me, or is it common knowledge that vampires can’t see themselves in the mirror?

Anyway, it’s a good idea. You have a ton of incomplete sentences. You also need to paragraph more. I have a feeling you’ll need a good editor. But remember, half of making a book is writing; the other half is editing.

I think you should rbing up more evil creatures than just vampires. There are waaaaaay too many vampire books. I’m wondering if this is going to be a vampire flick. If you don’t change it a bit, no matter how good this is, it will just be “another vampire book”. Add some other creatures and make them more common than vampires; imps, demons, werewolves, zombies, etc. Just make vampires the least common occurence or, as I said before, it will simply become another vampire book.

But it’s a good start. Keep writing =)

Richard asks…

How is “Should you” and “Should you not” and “Should you ever” and “Should you never” used?

Well I didn’t really know how to phrase my question, but what I meant was:

“Your mission, Jim, should you decide to accept it, is to…”
“Should you choose not to buy the product, we would understand completely.”
“Should you opt out of the scheme, we would remind you that your deposit is non-refundable.”
“Should you not agree to accept our proposal, we would like to settle by arbitration.”

In these sentences, does “Should you” mean “If you ever”?
Does “Should you not” mean “If you ever not”?

Also, do “Should you ever” and “Should you never” mean “If you ever” and “If you ever not want to“?

Please help!

admin answers:

“Should you” means “If you (do)” in the given sentences. So, “Should you not” means “if you do not”

“Should you ever” and “Should you never”, thus, means “If you ever” and “If you never”" respectively. Let me exemplify:

“We will kick you out of the Service, should you try to run away from us, should you not obey our orders, should you ever try to inform other gangs about us, or should you never come to any use.”

Can be interpreted as:

“We will kick you out of the Service, if you try to run away from us, if you do not obey our orders, if you ever try to inform other gangs about us, or if you never come to any use.”

Hope that helps!

Nancy asks…

NASA’s Mission To Mars!?

Related to the title above, i have a question.Sources tell me that by 2030, NASA and the Russian Space Agency(don’t know it’s name) will be sending people to mars.Is this mission a one way trip or just a research trip?

Also, I am from Malaysia and i wanna join NASA.I am only 14.I have been jogging 2.8KM everyday and I intend to do my bachelors degree in >>One of these>>(Engineering, physical sience, biological science or mathematics)in the top universities to get into NASA’s space program.By the time I graduate, I will be 24 and I MUST return home because of the student visa.I then plan to return to the US, get a green card or get dual citizenship <<Please explain how to get these.In order to be a NASA astronaut, I must be a US citizen.

My questions are: Should I continue doing my masters after i’ve done my bachelor’s degree? or should I join USAF to get the 1000 hours of pilot in command thingy?

:If I do choose to join the USAF, is it possible that, while waiting for the US government to review my citizenship application, can I join the millitary?Or is there another faster way?
:And, if i’m in the millitary, and my dual/citizenship application is accepted, will I be able to go above warrant officer?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.Thank you!

admin answers:

Any talk of a manned mission to Mars is just talk. There is no actual project with a fully developed plan that has funding. There are plenty of good ideas that you can read about though.

Joining the USAF would certainly be a good first step to becoming an astronaut. Getting a masters degree would also be a good idea. The more you do the better your chances. I don’t know about the citizenship requirements. I know there are astronauts who fly on the Shuttle that are not U.S. Citizens, but I think they are mostly from countries that contribute to the ISS. Does Malaysia have any kind of space program? Does it have any agreements with NASA or the ESA or RKA? That may be another way to get to fly in space. You might also try to be a pilot for Virgin Galactic or one of the other new private space flight companies.

Basically, try everything you can think of, and then think of some more things to try.

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Your Questions About If You Choose To Answer This Question At Random

December 3, 2012

George asks…

C&A: (>^.^)> Is it hard to Choose Best Answers? Anime Questions? <(^.^<)?

(>^.^)/ Hiii!!!

What do you think? When you ask a Question and you Get Really good Answers…is it hard to Choose Best Answer form all of the Great Answers you Recieved? <(^-^<)

~ I love Reading the Awesome Answers you C&A Peoples Give me, but I hate when it’s time to Choose Best Answer cuz it’s so Hard to Choose Sometimes…(>*.*)>…

+++ Random TC Survey: If you are a Top Contributor, do you have a Weekly Point Goal? In other words, do you set a Target of how many Points you have to geat at least Every Week for your TC Badge?
~ I think my Goal is around 100 Points per Week.

=== aNiMe QuEsTiOn$ ===

(>^.^)>[1] How many Characters do you know like to Crack their Fingers in an Anime? Who and Why?

(>^.^)> Who’s your Favorite Computer-Geek Anime Character?…if you don’t have one, Which Anime Characters do you know are like this?

(>^.^)> How many Anime Characters do you know have Hair that is more than One Color? Who?


d-(^__~)> Thumbs UP! Thnx for Answering!



admin answers:

What do you think? When you ask a Question and you Get Really good Answers…is it hard to Choose Best Answer form all of the Great Answers you Recieved? <(^-^>Hell Yeah, its complicated for me to choose a Best Answer to ALL of my questions, people that answer my questions are so awesome and they always give such great detailed and enthusiastic answers which makes it difficult, thats why whenever I resolve my questions I almost always end with the phrase “Thanks Everyone” becuase its a difficult decision., I often feel really guilty to because I feel like I cant show my appreciation for all of thier answers.

+++ Random TC Survey: If you are a Top Contributor, do you have a Weekly Point Goal? In other words, do you set a Target of how many Points you have to geat at least Every Week for your TC Badge?
~ I think my Goal is around 100 Points per Week.

>> I work very hard to maintain the TC badges that I recieve and sometimes my efforts are in vien because Yahoo takes away my TC badges and I have to try to get them back, I put the most effort in trying to maintain my TC status in C&A, although I have a TC badge in Video&Online Games, I work hard to keep that one to. Im trying to get a 3rd badge, but it so difficult to get the 3rd one while keeping the other two.

I usually set a weekly point quota of about 500 points, my daily quota ranges from 50 to 100 points.

=== aNiMe QuEsTiOn$ ===

(>^.^)>[1] How many Characters do you know like to Crack their Fingers in an Anime? Who and Why?

>>I dont know any….That is a trait that I have never seen in any anime.

(>^.^)> Who’s your Favorite Computer-Geek Anime Character?…if you don’t have one, Which Anime Characters do you know are like this?

>>Yuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and also Nina from Code Geass

(>^.^)> How many Anime Characters do you know have Hair that is more than One Color? Who?

Death The Kid from Soul Eater, his hair is Black and White.

See Ya ^_^

John asks…

Please answer these Statistics questions?

Please answer the questions and help me to understand this.

. 1. Find the indicated probability.

You are dealt two cards successively (without replacement) from a shuffled deck of 52 playing cards. Find the probability that both cards are black.

2.Find the indicated probability.

An unprepared student makes random guesses for the ten true-false questions on a quiz. Find the probability that there is at least one correct answer.

3.Find the indicated probability.

A sample of 4 different calculators is randomly selected from a group containing 15 that are defective and 30 that have no defects. What is the probability that at least one of the calculators is defective?

4. Find the indicated probability.

In a blood testing procedure, blood samples from 5 people are combined into one mixture. The mixture will only test negative if all the individual samples are negative. If the probability that an individual sample tests positive is 0.09, what is the probability that the mixture will test positive.

6. Evaluate the expression.


7. Solve the problem.

The library is to be given 3 books as a gift. The books will be selected from a list of 18 titles. If each book selected must have a different title, how many possible selections are there?

8. Solve the problem.

How many 5-digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 if repetition of digits is not allowed

9. Solve the problem.

How many ways can 6 people be chosen and arranged in a straight line if there are 8 people to choose from

10. Answer the question.

Find the odds against correctly guessing the answer to a multiple choice question with 4 possible answers.

Thank you..

admin answers:

1) p(x) = 1/2 * 25/51 = 25/102

means not all answers wrong.
2) p(x) = 1 – (1/2)^10 = 1023/1024

3) same as nr2 , means not all in order.
P(x) = 1 – ( 30/45 * 29/44 * 28/43 * 27/42)

4 p(x) = 1- (1 – 0.09)^5

6 ) 10*9*8*7

7) 18*17*16/(1*2*3)
8) 7*6*5*4*3

9) 8*7*6*5*4*3

10) how many questions??

Ken asks…

English football fans, may I hurt your brain for a second?

If you choose to answer this question at random, what are your chances of being correct?

a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 60%
d) 25%

Think about it.

Enjoy your weekend :)

admin answers:

This is easy.

The chances of picking the correct answer out of a possible 4 choices is 1/4 which equates to 25%.
But 25% appears twice in your choice of answers, which means the chances of getting the correct answer is 2/4 which equates to 1/2, and in percentage it is 50%.

Ergo, the correct answer is b)50%

-edit… Actually, doesn’t it all depend on what the question is? If so, the answer will always be 25%.
But it appears twice. There is a chance im over thinking this. Ok, nose bleed time.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

December 2, 2012

Michael asks…

What are my chances? Rice University Early Decision Fall 2012?

Hello! So I applied early decision to Rice University and I’m having trouble dealing with the anxiety of waiting!! If anyone can give me a clue about my chances I would really appreciate it, I’m kind of a different type of applicant.

-Hearing impaired
-From Alaska
-Spanish Immersion program since kindergarten

Freshmen year- Freshmen year I didn’t do very well, I got mostly B’s, a few C’s and a couple of A’s. I still didn’t know I was hearing impaired at that point and was hating my new school where the teachers didn’t wear microphones. High school was also just a shock.
I was taking all honors/highly gifted courses though

Sophomore year- I got hearing aids and life improved drastically. Both semesters I got all A’s except for two B’s. Still all honors level

Junior year- I got straight A’s first semester including IB English and AP Spanish. Second semester I got all A’s (including the AP/IB) and two B’s.

Senior year- I didn’t have a senior year because I decided to graduate from high school in three years. So right now, I’m living in Brazil and fluent in Portuguese, and in 2 weeks I move to Ecuador to be a volunteer English teacher high in the Ecuadorian Andes for 6 months.

Tests: SAT: 2120 M700/W730/R690
SAT IIs: Spanish 770, Literature 730
AP tests: English Lang and Comp: 4, English Lit and Comp: 4, Spanish Language: 5
IB test: Spanish Higher Level 6 out of 7

Extracurriculars: Varsity Tennis and JV Soccer
Spanish tutor to 4 middle school Autistic boys 3 hours a week all three years of high school
Sophomore and Junior year volunteered as a math tutor to hearing impaired kids for 4 hours a week
Spanish club officer
Model UN
I also have taught myself Portuguese using Rosetta Stone and am currently learning German, French and Arabic with Rosetta Stone (+2000 hours over 4 years)
Sophomore Class President
Student Intern at my Otoneurologist’s office 60 hours Junior year

Essays: I wrote my commonapp essay about how my hearing impairment has taught me to view challenges rather than obstacles because I learned Spanish as a little kid when no one knew i was hearing impaired but if I had known I was hearing impaired I would have been told not to try

Supplement: What will you bring to the Rice community? And I wrote about how I’ve spent my life integrating myself into new communities, the Alaskan community, the spanish speaking community, Deaf and hard of hearing community, global community, etc. and how I have learned from my past experiences that to appreciate a community you have to immerse yourself in its culture and truly experience it (meaning I will give my all at college and be an extremely active member of the Rice community)

Future plans: I’m going to school to study Cognitive Science (psych, neuroscience, linguistics and philosophy) and then I will go on for my masters and PhD because i want to be a college professor conducting research in language acquisition particularly studying primates, deaf children, and bilingual children

admin answers:

I like your chances

Sandra asks…

Help about deafness/hearing aids in school etc?

I’m writing a short story in which the main character is deaf or hearing impaired. I haven’t decided yet, but because I know virtually nothing about the subject – though I would love to! – so, I was wondering if someone with experience, or who are deaf/hearing impaired would be able to help me? He is a 14 year old, who goes to regular school by the way!

In the story, the boy got meningitis when he was 4 and lost his hearing.

1) Would he become completely deaf or hearing impaired from this?
2) Would he use a hearing aid?
3) If you are completely deaf, do hearing aids work?
4)I would like to introduce lip reading into the story as I find it fascinating, so I was wondering does the hearing aid work for everything ir would he have to rely on reading lips sometimes?
5) In school, what support would he have – mainstreamed? How would he take down notes?

Also, his father will not approve of him learning sign language. So he relies on lip reading.

I am really interested in this topic! And it would be very much appreciated if you could answer! Thanks!

admin answers:

I had custody of a boy with hearing loss, the hearing aids helped him a lot. He became deaf because his mother never had his ear infections treated as an infant, resulting in scar tissue that built up over old scar tissue, he was prone to infections, and was not treated in time, so he became deaf.
My mother also has hearing loss due to a bone in her ear, she had to have it replaced with a prosthetic bone to prevent her hearing loss.
If someone is totally deaf then cochlear implants may work, depends on the person. Most deaf do not get them because you can not filter the volume. Hearing aids do not work if you are completely deaf, there has to be some hearing in order for them to work.
The boy that lived with me, his school provided hearing aids for him, or a special listening device with head phones like those whisper 2000′s that pick up the faintest noise. When he was younger, he learned how to read lips through deaf services, sign is taught from an early age, i cant imagine a father telling his son, he is not allowed to learn to talk, and ASL is a most primary way of a deaf person learning to speak, so you may want to rethink that one, however, a lot of parents are opposed to the cochlear implants.
In school, the boy i had, had an IEP (individualized education plan) so, he sat up front in regular classes, and when he took tests, they were tailored to what he could read and learn while he was in class. You have to remember that the deaf community speak differently, and have a hard time writing complete sentences, since, sign language is not considered complete sentences in the listening world, they also speak choppy, because its hard to teach discrepancies….they greet someone “nice me meet you” we greet “nice to meet you” they use their hand gestures to assimilate one person going “to” another. In school the boy had an aid that went to class with him, that took notes for him. He also relied heavily on reading lips, since he wanted to be considered “normal” and fit in with other kids, but it only made him louder when he spoke, and it came off pretty obnoxious, i just couldn’t make him wear his hearing aids to save my life. He missed out a lot on what people said, especially if they weren’t facing him. He would pretend to understand, but you could tell he couldn’t at times, and was too embarrassed to ask someone to repeat something.

Hope this helped.

Jenny asks…

How could a hearing impairment be diagnosed by child’s drawings?

I am doing a research project for school, and interviewed one of my friend’s mother’s, who is a speech and language pathologist. One of the answers she gave during the interview was this:

I once worked with a “boy who could not read. He was smart and memorized all the books they read aloud in class so no one knew he couldn’t read. He also had some trouble expressing himself with language and so he became my student as well. It was so puzzling, he just did not make progress even though I could see he was trying to do what I asked. I finally sat in a room with a huge blackboard and gave him some chalk. He drew for over 30 minutes and used the entire board. It was a very detailed and elaborate drawing of buildings, railroads tracks and other items. It meant nothing to me but it was striking and seemed significant so I took pictures of it and showed them to a psychologist (this is where a team is important.) Withing minutes of looking at the photos the psychologist said, “This kid has a hearing loss.” I was dumbstruck. We arranged for a comprehensive hearing test and guess what- he was hearing impaired. We would have not figured it out if he did not have the chance to express himself though art.”

My question is, how could the psychologist have known so soon that the boy had a hearing impairment? Do you think it had something to do with what he was drawing specifically? I’ve tried asking my friend’s mom too, and she said she has never understood it either. Just thought maybe somebody would have some ideas?

admin answers:

There are several things in this story that don’t add up. I work with children with hearing loss, and not a single one of them was diagnosed by their drawing ability. I doubt that you have been told the entire story. The psychologist may have talked to the SLP about his symptoms and other things she observed before ‘diagnosing’ him. Also, a proper Psychologist would never try to diagnose a hearing loss. He should have referred him to get his hearing tested.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

December 1, 2012

James asks…

Possible concussion, but scared of going to the doctor without good reason?

Hi there,

I’m a twenty year old female. I work in a school with autistic children, and the about 44 hours ago, I was hit several times, hard, around the head, by a student. I didn’t lose consciousness, but he also got my arm, which bruised immediately (just to give a guide as to the strength of these hits for better reference).

I walked home to clear my head, and went to sleep almost immediately after getting home, because… Well, I’d just done an eleven hour night shift, I was tired. I went back into work the next night, but I’ve had a really bad headache ever since, and it’s still with me. I was standing earlier, and I sort of stumbled slightly. In addition to this, my gaze went funny earlier, but only once. I’m also still really tired.

I don’t like going to the doctor’s, because they have a habit of sending you packing. I mean, the last time I went, my doctor told me I had a chest infection and that it would clear up in 2-3 weeks and sent me off without giving me anything to help, despite me explaining the kind of job I do, and how some of the students have impaired immune systems. That was about two months ago, and I still have trouble breathing. So if anybody with medical knowledge could tell me this isn’t likely to be something worth going about, I’d rather avoid going.

I’d appreciate the help. Thank you.

admin answers:

Don’t go to see a regular doctor then if he/she is the get you in and out in 2 minutes type. Go see a neurologist instead. You are dealing with concussion symptoms and you don’t want to treat them lightly. I was fine with mine for 2 days then everything went to heck in a hand basket and I had to relearn how to get dressed. If you can’t get an appt with a neurologist, go to the ER. The neurologist will most likely want an MRI or a CT scan done anyway. If you do have concussion symptoms that last longer than a week start looking for a neurologist with brain injury expertise. It will make all the difference in the world for your recovery. I spent the first 8+ months with a bozo. When I finally got to see an expert it gave me hope and it was like a breath of fresh air.

Good luck to you.

Nancy asks…

Can you guess this drug facts?

Common side effects of ___________ include severe acne, arterial blockages, and hair loss.
____________is absorbed directly into your bloodstream and can increase your risk for cancer and heart disease.
Each year an estimated__________ people under the age 21 die from alcohol related injuries.
____________is the leading preventable cause of death in this country.
____________ (found in marijuana) impairs the immune system‘s ability to fight off infectious diseases and cancer.
____________steroids are used primarily to build muscle mass.
____________speeds up the central nervous system.

admin answers:

THC impairs the impairs the immuune system`s ability to fight off infectious diseases and cancer.
Methamphetamines speeds up the central nervous system.

Helen asks…

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

I read this on web MD about complications of getting the measles:
Complications from measles include ear infection and, in rare cases, pneumonia, strep throat, diarrhea, and encephalitis. In extremely rare cases, encephalitis can result in permanent brain damage and death.

If a pregnant woman gets measles, she has a greater chance of miscarrying her baby, delivering her baby prematurely, or delivering a stillborn baby. But measles infection does not cause birth defects.

Infants, older adults, people who have impaired immune systems, and people who have poor nutrition are at a higher risk for complications.

So it is either the very slight possibility of your child getting autism(which has not been proven) or the possibility of death from not vaccinating a child. With all the recent outbreaks in measles how do you feel about this situation? Why or why not?

admin answers:

My three year old nephew is autistic and my sister in law believes it’s from the vaccinations. He is such a sweet little boy and although autism is horrible I’d much rather him have that then have him get a serious illness from not getting vaccinated. I think every child should get vaccinated, sure there is a risk of becoming autistic, but it’s far better than the risk of losing your child. My sister in law decided to wait to have my other nephew vaccinated until he’s five. I think that’s a good alternative.

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