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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died

December 15, 2012

Paul asks…

what u think of this… ?

its a famous Egyptian song

If you’re my friend… help me
To leave you
Or if you’re my beloved… help me
To heal from you
If I had known that love was so dangerous
I wouldn’t have loved
If I had known that the sea was so deep
I would not have set sail
If I had known my ending
I would not have begun
I longed for you… so teach me
To not long
Teach me how to clip the roots of your love from my depths
Teach me how the tear dies in the pupils
Teach me how the heart dies and desire kills itself
If you’re strong… pull me out
From this sea
For I know not the art of swimming
The blue wave in your eyes…
is dragging me to the deeps
And I have no experience
In love… Nor have I a lifeboat
If I was dear to you, take my hand
For I am in love from my head to my toes
I am breathing under the water
I‘m drowning

admin answers:

Thats good, Great meaning, very true and heart-felt

Susan asks…

How can I find my long lost friend whom I love with all my heart? We fought together during the war?

We were like brothers who always looked out for one another; he had my back and I had his. Whenever I needed his help he was always there for me, even at times of sorrow and despair. He was always there to comfort me, love me, letting me know that he’ll always be there for me no matter what. I‘ve never felt so close to a person, I tell him everything about myself – the big things like all my secrets, to the smaller things like how my day went. He’s always there to listen, no matter what.

Sometimes on a regular afternoon, we’ll head over to the mountains and watch the sunset together. I watch the golden sun descend with his arm around me and my head on his shoulder. Our male bonding has grown stronger and stronger ever since and continues to grow with each day. When we shower together, he always jokes around with me and peeks up on me while I‘m changing. He said that he’ll show me his tattoo if I showed him mine, so I did and we compared each others. It was a very great experience, something I‘ve never had in my whole life.

One time an Iraq soldier shot at me and I was scared constantly and death seemed inevitable. I was lying on the ground groaning in pain, he ran up to me and did everything he could just to keep me alive. I could feel death approaching, his hand ran through my hair and his voice instructed me not to die. Tears soaked his cheeks and he promised he would always be there for me, just don’t die.. I touched his face and said don’t worry bro I know you love me a lot, I may not physically be here but you’re always gonna be in my heart. I‘ll be watching over you always.

admin answers:

Firstly, I bow my head to your friendship! I don’t have many suggestions to offer. But you could try the social networking sites. Chances are, with a bit of patience, you will find him all right. If possible, try to contact his relatives. Maybe the army has records about their men? Sorry if I could not help much, but your friendship really touched me…

Chris asks…

….girlfriend might die…..?

My name is Chelsea….The love of my life Veronica might die…..*tears*
What can I do with her during her last hours….
(she can’t get out of the hospital bed)

I‘m here on her moms labtop….She’s asleep next to me in my arms……I just want to show her that i love her and i want her to have the best last moments she might have in her life….

if you would please help me…..this isn’t one of those sick jokes….I‘m serious and i would like to know if there’s something i can do for her…give to her…?…. I‘ve been asking everyone here at the hospital, but they say they don’t know….

will you please help me?….please….

admin answers:

I’m sorry to hear of your situation. The only thing you can do is to stay with her and hold her. She will know you are there for her. Be brave. It is a tough situation, but hold on for hope. Your love for her will help her. Again, I am very sorry and I wish I could I be of more help to you.

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Your Questions About For Those Who Think Young

December 14, 2012

Lisa asks…

what do you think of this i was watching the news about this guy who killed a young girl and was in prison?

and he got out and recently he killed a young boy now how the hell can you let someone out of prison who raped and kill a young girl and killed a young boy whose fault is that the people who let him out now be real for those who have kids if someone killed your kid i think you would want them to suffer in prison and never get out right or am i wrong?

admin answers:

If someone had killed my son and then got out of prison…you can bet someone would be dead…the guy who just got out.

Joseph asks…

Do you think that those who get food stamps and govt subsidized apartments should be randomly drug tested?

I know people who sell their stamps for drugs and young girls who have babies and let their druggie boyfriends stay there and eat up all the children’s food.And the govt talks about medicare fraud

admin answers:

I understand your argument but it would actually be a big waste of money. Each drug test costs $5.00 each plus the cost of a nurse administering the tests around the state or country. That’s literally billions of dollars. It would cost more to do then what you would possibly save.

Plus, there is no law that says a positive drug test will deny you welfare benefits.

I work with Medicaid/food stamps, most are elderly, children or the the disabled. People always think people on welfare are drug addicts, immigrants or whatever, but that’s just the stories you hear about. I see it every day, the majority are not those types of people. It would just be a waste of money to test children/elderly/disabled etc.

Betty asks…

Do you think that people who die young live and die when they do for a reason?


The last couple of months it’s struck me that my friend Matt (who sadly died when he was 7 and I was 9) has been gone for 8 years now. I remember asking God why Matt had to go so soon when we were so close and so young. Maybe…just maybe He and others like him aren’t meant to stay for long because they are meant to do what they were sent to do and then go. Matt was for lack of a better way to put it a saint. most of his life was a living hell of hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and things like that because of birth-defects he had (one of which contributed directly to his death) he had every reason in the world to complain but never did, not even once. He acted like there was nothing wrong. He kept a sweet brave smile at all times and turned everything bad to something he could make the best out of and loved everyone around him. I learned so much from our friendship and I adored that kid like my baby brother. It tore me to pieces when he died but… any more time he had would have just meant more pain… now instead he’s home with our Heavenly Father and will never be hurt again. I believe he was sent here to teach me and those who knew him what it meant to live and love, to have true courage ad faith, and to never give up, I also believe now that he was taken away to save him from the rest of his painful life. He was unconscious when he passed and didn’t suffer the Lord just called his name and he left us.

What do you guys think?

admin answers:

Sorry, as I told you in email, the answer I did have on here was to some else’s question.

I agree with you that you and people who knew Matt can learn what is meant to ‘live and love, to have true courage and faith, and to never give up’, and he is now at peace.

You can also benefit from him as a role model by learning grace, the ability to smile and act like nothing is wrong when you really don’t feel like nothing is.

My Mom could do anything. She worked full time while she put three of us through parochial school. She was active in church, Cub Scouts, volunteered at a hospital, socialized with people from her work. She was a lot of fun for us kids: we were never bored. She was beautiful, artistic, clean, kept the house spotless and was a great cook. The entire 8 years she lived in the Alzheimer’s residence, she smiled all the time. It wasn’t an idiotic pasted smile, but was genuine. When she could no longer talk, she responded to things she understood by smiling. She was really lovely!
I only hope that I will be as graceful as she was when it’s my time to go.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Immune System

December 13, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Supervisor very unprofessional RE sickness?


The days I work are : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Last Sunday I was in work (Im a care worker) and I wasnt feeling great when I left but went in anyway. When I got to one of clients I actually vomited so I phoned in and went home. Booked a drs appointment for the earliest possible (wed). I was violently ill all the Sunday and Monday, could barely keep water down. Was ok with liquids on Tuesday but still couldnt eat. Wed morning and afternoon I was fine, managed to eat it and keep it down but I was sick again after dinner.

Anyway the Dr examined me and said I had gastroentritis and said I should leave 48 hours between the last instance of vomiting and returning to work as its quite contagious and can seem to clear then just come on all of a sudden. She also gave me a note to confirm this.

I was sick the early hours of this morning despite being fineish on Thur so I phoned in. He was quite rude to me and was short of calling me a liar “do you have a note?”. Yes. I do. Seemed to imply he was going to “get me back” or somthing. Im not being funny but his main concern should be the health of our clients, many of which have impaired immune systems due to old age so what does he expect me to do, ignore the doctors advice and put them at risk and even risk vomiting in a clients house again?

Im quite angry but Im not well enough to argue the toss with him right now. But Im right arent I?

admin answers:

Main problem you have is — not the professional conduct of your Supervisor– simply your clear lack of common sense. For after bringing up the food you ate, you need to take water until digestion is settled. You say you ate solid food soon after being sick. Then what else could you expect? Try not to be so “angry with your self”.

Jenny asks…

Are You Aware Tha Elevated Blood Sugar And Severe Stress Are The Real Enemies NOT Cholesterol In Coronary?

Are you aware that elevated blood sugar and severe stress are the REAL enemies, NOT cholesterol in coronary heart disease?

“High blood sugar promotes CHD in numerous ways; it stimulates free radical activity, reduces vitamin C uptake by our cells, impairs the immune system, decreases levels of nitric oxide in our arteries, inhibits the breakdown of blood clots, and dramatically increases glycation, a process in which glucose molecules irreversibly attach themselves to protein and lipid molecules inside the body.. Amoung other things glycation stimulates further free radical production and results in the formation of advanced glycosylation end-products (AGEs), also known as glycoxidation products.

It’s a pity so few of us would even have a clue what out fasting blood glucose is because monitoring one’s blood glucose levels is a far more useful and widely applicable predictor of one’s future mortality risk than one’s cholesterol levels. “

admin answers:

As I always answer to these questions, there’s a lot of junk “theories” from pseudo-experts that I don’t know or care about.

The last part of the question is apparently a quotation from one of the pseudo-experts.

Sandra asks…

testicle cancer causing urinary symptoms?

Can cancer of the testicle impair the immune system? Thus causing an overgrowth of yeast and urinary symptoms?

admin answers:

Testicular cancer and infection as you asked are usually not related. Cancer usually causes local mass effect and problems associated with its spread or metastasis. However, cancer can result in lack of blood supply or necrosis complicated by potential inflammation and infection. Cancer can certainly overwhelm or interfere with the immune system.
In addition, it is known that the symptoms of testicular cancer and inflammation of the testis and/or epididymis can be similar. That’s why when ones have the pain, discomfort, lump or problem with testis, they should seek medical help. The early diagnosis is the key to long-term survival.
Good luck.

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Your Questions About For Those About To Rock Lyrics

December 12, 2012

William asks…

Rate these rock lyrics i wrote please?

this is a hard rock song
its called Swallowing the bomb
its about being overwhelmed
with some of the problems that come
with getting older

Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
please, if you hear me
recite a silent prayer

wilted spine, from on-going time
niche of the servant
the profession somewhat crosses the line
imma pity-f**ker
stacked ten-high with more dilemmas
subjective pleaser
clutching onto my over-booked agenda

Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
force you troubles on me
seriously doubt you care

syphon from me, give to the weak
completely drained
my defiance has a very severe leak
hand down spoils, commence song & dance
insufficient funds
im not at all allowed even a second-glance

Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
Albatross-cross to bear
please, if you hear me
recite a silent prayer

thanks for reading

admin answers:

Reminds me of Albatross by Fleetwood Mac; and Albatross by Wild Beasts. This song reminds me of Albatrosses, my favourite bird.

David asks…

Rate my rock lyrics I wrote please?

This song is called Dawn Circle
It’s a hard rock song

Verse 1:
Dawn circle
Means nothing to anyone
But me
Dawn circle
The story arc
Of my little life
Some say short
I swallow my retort
On such the weak-minded
A one track trainwreck
About to tumble over the rail
At any time
So watch out

I’ve come so far
To only take one step back
And fall straight on
To my Ian faith
Now I’ll only be
Forced to contemplate
If it was ever too late

Verse 2:
My unauthorized biography
That wasn’t written by me
Tattooed to my forehead
A word in can never see
Unless it’s read to me
I’m reminded at every mirror
A reflection
That steadly grows grimmer
In the weakest light
During the strongest night
It remains unseen
Except by anyone
That surrounds me


Verse 3:
Dawn circle
The street with an unknown name
My personal disability
The street sign rustin in the rain
My trust-worthy crutch
Has lost it’s remaining reliability
My own past
Has become my own worst enemy
Gotta face the disaster
As I set out on my Odessesy
For the correct remedy

Thanks for reading
I’m 15 btw

admin answers:

It has alot of potential. As an avid music listener and a song writer myself i can really see the talent in these lyrics and i really believe you have a talent and have great potential. You seem to relize that lyrics don’t always have to rhyme which is great. Obviously you have some kinks to work out but keep writing and improveing your old work practice makes perfect and you will evolve more as a song writer that way.
Good Luck!

Betty asks…

rate my punk rock lyrics please?

this is a punk/hard rock song
its called shell-shocked
its about how people feel that they need to be better
than who they are because of celebrities

ive had enough
of these f*cking cretins
breathing down my neck
making me question my meaning
there hypocrites
the very worst
they are the absolute
scum of this earth
feeding off the weak
reckless and irresponsible
and they are quickly forgiven
with just a quick flash of their perfect teeth

following in their footsteps i wouldn’t advise
say what you will im just being wise
self-loathed im told
if that’s what you believe
i will not
deny anything
i don’t care if im hated
maybe im the one who is just really jaded


i watch them feasting
off of my self-esteem
and i deem
that their the ones destroying our prosperity
but im not a charity
i don’t give more than i own
i show no shame
i don’t care if they forget my name
i don’t care what they do or say
i plan on staying this way

thanks for reading
i know…
i find that its easier to rate if you can think of the music that goes along with it…
did you even read what i said this song is about..
i bet you dont even know what a “cretin” is..
and you think that punk rock lyrics only have to be about throwing off control?
i dont think the song blitzgrip bop or dancing with myself are about throwng off the goverment…
punk rock is about expressing the way you feel and if you dont know that then your really closed minded on what music has to be…it doesnt have to be subjected to just one topic…
and im being whinny?
im just expressing my opinion your saying that the song i want to be sedated or longview arent whinny?
they are both about expressing how you feel and how much you hate something…
im not joey ramone?
look i love the ramones as much as the next guy but…
the ramones werent exactly a diversely complex lyrical band…
the KKK took my baby away?
i wanna be your boyfriend?

and how is this pop?
do you see kesha or lady gag or katy perry singing this?
thats what i said at the beginng in the desprciption and at the end of this song
i want to stay the way i am i dont plan on changing anytime soon

admin answers:

Theyre really cheesy try switching up some of the words, ssuch as “cretins”, they dont seem to have much depth either, sorry they arent good

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language

December 12, 2012

Mark asks…

Human language questions?

Can you affirm, more concretely then, that both biological capacity and cultural invention contribute to the formation of language? Would these concepts be utilized differently from a person that is hearing impaired? How?

If non-verbal language is non-spoken gestures used to communicate a message, then is sign language considered to be a spoken language or a non-verbal language? Consider their differences in regard to structure and grammar.

admin answers:

Biological capacity contributes to the formation of language. Spoken language requires the biological capacities to speak and hear. Sign language requires hands.

Cultural invention also contributes. The Inuit famously have many words for snow, while the Arabs have several words for camels in different stages of life and of different genders. We have a word for studying by candlelight (“lucubration”), which only makes sense in a culture that has candles.

Obviously, a person that is hearing impaired has a very different biological capacity from a person whose language depends wholly on hearing certain sounds. Similarly, a person who is hearing impaired probably would be inclined to have many fewer words for various sounds and sound qualities (“high-pitched,” “mellow,” “reedy,” “breathy,” “said with a Boston accent,” “metallic,” “clangy,” “sharp,” “smooth,” etc.), but they may have many more words for various gestures and physical movements that contribute to their language. This is the cultural aspect of things.

I would say that sign-language should be considered a verbal language. Not a non-verbal language, because it isn’t mere gestures, and not a spoken language, because it isn’t actually physically spoken. But it is verbal, and does have a proper grammar. Thus, I’d say verbal and deny the question altogether.

Susan asks…

Muslims Please: is the following a true statement?


The name of God in Arabic.

It is a compound word from the article, ‘al, and ilah, divinity, and signifies “the god” par excellence. This form of the divine name is in itself a sure proof that ilah was at one time an appellative, common to all the local and tribal gods. Gradually, with the addition of the article, it was restricted to one of them who took precedence of the others; finally, with the triumph of monotheism, He was recognized as the only true God.

In one form or another this Hebrew root occurs in all Semitic languages as a designation of the Divinity; but whether it was originally a proper name, pointing to a primitive monotheism, with subsequent deviation into polytheism and further rehabilitation, or was from the beginning an appellative which became a proper name only when the Semites had reached monotheism is a much debated question. It is certain, however, that before the time of Mohammed, owing to their contact with Jews and Christians, the Arabs were generally monotheists.

The notion of Allah in Arabic theology is substantially the same as that of God among the Jews, and also among the Christians, with the exception of the Trinity, which is positively excluded in the Koran, cxii: “Say God, is one God, the eternal God, he begetteth not, neither is he begotten and there is not any one like unto him.”

His attributes, denied by the heterodox Motazilites, are ninety-nine in number. Each one of them is represented by a bead in the Moslem chaplet, while on the one hundredth and larger bead, the name of Allah itself is pronounced.

It is preposterous to assert with Curtiss (Ursemitische Religion, 119) that the nomadic tribes of Arabia, consider seriously the Oum-el-Gheith, “mother of the rain”, as the bride of Allah and even if the expression were used such symbolical language would not impair, in the least, the purity of monotheism held by those tribes. (Cf. Revue Biblique, Oct., 1906, 580 sqq.)

Let it be noted that although Allah is an Arabic term, it is used by all Moslems, whatever be their language, as the name of God.

admin answers:

I’m not Muslim… But getting ready to go on a mission trip to Israel, I’ve been studying the Koran so I will know how to approach the Muslims we will encounter there. So to answer your question, God in Arabic is “Allah,” but that doesn’t make the Christian God Allah. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek, and in Hebrew, the word is “YWHW,” which is meant to imitate the sound of breathing. The bible sometimes refers to God’s spirit as a wind. You’ve probably heard the term “Yaweh,” which is about as close as we can get to pronouncing His name. There’s also Jehovah, but I’m really not sure about that one.

Also… I don’t know what your background is. But if you’re at all curious to know, it is not unheard of for a Muslim to read the bible and notice immediately how different it is from the bible, both in God’s love and mercy, and how much more detailed it is. While archaeology has disproven the Koran repeatedly, the Bible has yet to be disproven. There are also multiple other ancient texts, like Athenic court records, that correlate exactly with Scripture. And while the Koran was written by one author, the bible was written by over 40 different authors over the course of thousands of years. The texts didn’t meet each other until much later, and early theologians and scholars recognized very quickly that prophecy was always fulfilled, and the bible never contradicted itself. (Some argue this last fact, but careful study reveals that it does not. It stays very consistent.)

James asks…

How should I go about tutoring a hearing impaired adult?

The subject I am tutoring is Earth and Space Science, so I use a lot of visuals (pictures, models, rocks, that kind of stuff). I dont know sign-language but there will be an interpreter. What I would like to know is if there is any advice when dealing with the hearing impaired that may help me communicate between me, the interpreter, and most importantly the student.

admin answers:

I’d start by not using the term “hearing impaired” unless the student uses it first. Then second what the last guy said, ask the interpreter about working with an interpreter. Generally speaking, introduce yourself to your client and to the interpreter and then talk to the client as if the interpreter weren’t there (meaning, don’t direct your speech to the interpreter). And don’t lean your mouth into your hand while you’re talking. ;-)

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