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Your Questions About If You Choose To Accept This Mission

December 19, 2012

Jenny asks…

can you edit my essay please? if u want….?

What is Denial? Why do people choose do deny? Denial can be refusing at accept reality and people choose to deny because it provides them with a false comfort that everything is okay. Denial is a very present theme in the book Night by Elie Wiesel’s . The literary techniques parallel structure and rhetorical questions are used to emphasize the feelings of denial throughout the story.

Moshe the Beadle’s emotions were showed through parallel structure when he felt the Jews denied his message. The drastic difference was shown in Moshe the Beadle ” Moshe had changed . There was no longer any joy in his eyes . He no longer sang. He no longer talked to of God or of the cabbala but only of what he had seen. People refused not only to believe his stories, but even to listen to them.” Parallel structure emphasizes to the reader the change that took in Moshe the Beadle. The change was not only because of what he went through in the camps, but the fact that he felt his mission had been denied . The Jews had denied the news Moshe had brought to them, simply to keep themselves in a comfort zone. This is how parallel structure makes evident the theme of denial.

Denial’s theme was also shown through the literary technique of rhetorical The Jews asked questions to make light of the situation” Was he going to wipe out a whole people? Could he exterminate a population scattered throughout so many countries? So many millions ! What methods could he use? And in the middle of the twentieth century! ” By the Jews asking themselves these rhetorical questions they were denying that Hitler would actually exterminate all them . The Jews were providing themselves with a sense of security by making the answers to these questions seem unreasonable. This was a form of denial .

Denial was a very apparent theme in Night. The author made denial very clear through the techniques of parallel structure and rhetorical questions. the parallel structure showed Moshe the beadle’s change because of the denial. rhetorical questions shows how the Jew’s denied reality by making light of the situation. The literary techniques also showed how the Jew’s used denial as away to make themselves feel comfortable instead of accepting reality.

admin answers:


Daniel asks…

Why don’t the Jews accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah(lord and saviour) but merely a prophet? Part 2?

Thank you for all your responses some food for thought. I am glad everyone so far is being open minded and really providing help with out being critical. Now i want to expound a little more to get more info. I would say all of turmoil in this world can be traced back to some sort of religious belief or someone’s interpretation of their holy book etc… I also think there is a lot of Blind leading the Blind. Do all three religions believe in the 10 commandments or just the Christians and the Jews? is there a commonality of the three religions? I do know that religions do like to do a lot of converting of people to their faith. Do we agree that in general in the African country of Egypt there was pharaoh who thought he was a Demi-God (some pharaohs) and the slaves (the Hebrews) were freed by Moses? And those people are Gods chosen people and those people are the Jews. Do all three religions believe in this Exodus story? Now on to the converting. To my understanding of Islam is that Islam

is the culmination of all the religions. There is only one religion which is Islam. I never picked up a Quaran but i did after 911 to find out why this is happening. Did not take me long to find early in the book 3 steps to convert. 1. Convince them if that doe snot work 2. tax them if that does not work. 3. Destroy them. and Also look for the people preaching peace and there you will find your enemy. Ok Christianities’ mission is convert the Jews to Christianity 1. You can only to get to God through Christ word and the only way in to heaven is by Gods grace. 2. Convince the jews that God has sacrificed his only son for their sins and he forgives you but please obey me. 3. The two greatest Christain commandments is to Love God with all your heart and to love thy neighbor. 4. teach the jews the Spirit (deadly sins) not just live by the law(10 commandments) it is my understanding that if the Jews are Gods chosen people and it says in Bible that faith has evolved why don’t they believe

that Christ words are divine. I am Christian(still learning of course) and I am pretty sure one of my purposes in life is to convince the Jews that God has chosen you to be his favorite so please listen to HIS son to get into heaven and once they are all converted then essentially Revelation end of the world etc… Will be upon us. However I don’t see this happening anytime soon. So please don’t hate the Jews but educate them. I wish that all of these monuments over in the East could be dismantled seems that it could misinterpreted by God as breaking the idolatry commandment. Worship God not land and buildings. Seems that people are putting to much faith in these materials. Deos this sound right? Please don’t criticize me this forum is for discussion and insight that’s all. If anyone has something negative to say keep it. Educate me. Or tell me your opinion. Thanks
OK Aravah Your obviously Jewish. I am trying to be humble. For Clarity I wil stop saying YOUR Messiah. How ABOUT THE Messiah! GODS SON . THE GOD YOU WORSHIPS SON . GOD OF ABRAHAM. THE CHRISTAIN GOD.

admin answers:

We do NOT believe Jesus is the messiah, we do NOT believe Jesus is divine, we do NOT believe Jesus was aprophet, we do NOT believe Jesus was a Rabbi, we do NOT believe Jesus was a teacher- and, from the way the Christian scriptures portray him, Jesus was not even a particularly good Jew!

Heh, and it is clear you are completely ignorant about Jewish beliefs. Really, do you think that showing off your ignorance about Judaism will make Jews convert rather than just laugh at your ignorance?

Edit: As per usual we see the clown giving out complete nonsense as if it was truth. His diatribe has nothing to do with Judaism, acuracy or real Jewish beliefs, just with an attempt to undermine authentic Judaism to promote his Christian missionary cult that utilises lies and deceit (as does his his answer) to try and convert Jews. The easiest element (and one he utilises to try and claim Jews accept beliefs other than Cjristianity mixed into Judaism and thus to create hatred of Judaism amongst Christians) is his lies about the Donmeh. Lets see what that the official answer from “Ask the rabbi” at, a website representing multiple Orthodox, Harieid Yeshivahs, had to say:

edot: As can be seen by the clown’s answer. “messianic jews” are desperate to spread msinifprmation about Jews and he continuously repeats the same lies trying to make out that the “messianic jews” are singled out. ALLL mixing of other religions with Judaism are forbidden in Judaism- anyone mixing in elements of other religions with Judaism is NOT part fo the Jewish people, is an apostate and outside of the Jewish community uness they repent. His lies about the Donmeh have also repeatedly been exposed, here is a direct answer for the question of the status fo the Donmeh in Judaism:

What is the status of the Donmeh?
Rabbi Ari Shvat

Are the Donmeh, the followers of Sabbatai Zvi that took on Islam but practised some Jewish laws in secret, considered Jewish at att or would they require a full conversio to be considered Jewish?

Shalom Marc,
The Donmeh have been removed from the Jewish community for many generations, and have often intermarried and assimilated with non-Jews (including many who’s spouses underwent non-kosher conversion). This need for them to undergo a full conversion is also clearly in their interest as well, especially those followed their custom of taking each other’s wife, where if they were Jewish, their offspring would be considered mamzerim (bastards) and wouldn’t be allowed to marry Jews. But as gentiles, requiring full conversion, they are allowed to marry Jews.
With Love of Israel,
Rav Ari Shvat


Where do we see the typical kind ofmisrepresentation the “messianic jewish” cult indulges in? Here people should go the link to the Jewish encyclopedia the clown posted to see how he misrepresents it. Lets see what they say about the Doenmeh and Judaism:

“The community is outwardly Mohammedan (following the example set by Shabbethai); but in secret observes certain Jewish rites, though IN NO WAY making common cause with the Jews, whom they call “koferim” (infidels).”

“They work for the Turks when a religious observance PREVENTS other Jews from doing so, and for the Christians on Sunday. ”

Hmm, doesn’t look lik,e the article claims the Doenmeh are Jewish or recognised by Jews as Jewish. And as the link I posted, from a website representing multiple Orthodox Yeshivahs and Judaism as it is practised today makes it very clear, the Doenmeh are NOT considered Jewish!

Similarly, the rest of his claimsabout Judaism and Jewish practoces are lies and misrepresentations of what Jews believe, sadly, the Clown actually thinks if he repeats these lies often enough he will get people to believe them

Nancy asks…

How can the belief that God created everything, then make the Jews his ‘chosen’ ones make sense?

Isn’t that really unfair and insensitive to the rest of us? How would you feel if your earthly father did that? “Sorry Billy, but Johnny is the chosen one in THIS household!”
Why would God create everything and then chose a tiny tribe of people (who make up less than .000001% of all humans who have lived and died on this earth) to be his ‘favorites’. And then for some reason, only God know why, decided to change the ‘rules’ halfway thru the game and send his son to inform the Jews that the laws He had given them were no longer applicable.
Doesn’t the mere belief in Jesus as the son of God, and understanding his ‘mission‘ on earth, mean that you are accepting that God made a mistake and was trying to rewrite the rules? Ooops.
And may I respectfully ask that no one answer using Bible verses. Just common logic will do. Thanks

admin answers:

Read the bible. Know the bible to understand things on your doubt.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Asset

December 18, 2012

Richard asks…

Accounting 101 help please?

1. A pressurized spray painter was purchased on September 1 of the fiscal year for $4,800. It has a useful life of 4 years and a residual value of $300. Determine depreciation expense for the first two years, assuming a fiscal year end of December 31 and using (a) the straight line method and (b) the declining-balance method. 2.

2. Equipment with a useful life of 5 years and a residual value of $6,000 was purchased on January 3, 2002 for $48,500. The machine was sold on January 5, 2007 for $13,000. (a) What is the book value of the machine on January 5, 2007 assuming that straight-line depreciation is used? (b) Illustrate the effects on the accounts and financial statements of the sale of the machine on January 5, 2007. (c) Illustrate the effects on the accounts and financial statements of the sale of the machine if it had been sold for $18,000 instead.

3. For each of the following items indicate whether the transactions listed below increase (+) decreased (-) or had no effect (o) by inserting the appropriate symbol

. Net Income, Assets, Liabilities, Qwners’ Equity, Cash Flows

(a) Record depreciation expense

(b) Sold equipment for cash at a loss

(c) Record loss on impaired Goodwill

(d) Record depletion expense

(e) Recorded a capital expenditure and issued a note payable

admin answers:

1. A pressurized spray painter was purchased on September 1 of the fiscal year for $4,800. It has a useful life of 4 years and a residual value of $300. Determine depreciation expense for the first two years, assuming a fiscal year end of December 31 and using
(a) the straight line method
(4,800 – 300) / 4 = 1,125 depreciation per year.
Year 1:
1,125 x 4/12 = $375 depreciation expense
Year 2:
$1,125 depreciation expense

(b) the declining-balance method. 2.
100% / 4 years = 25% straight-line depreciation rate
25% x 2 = 50% declining-balance rate
Year 1:
4,800 x 50% x 4/12 = $800 depreciation expense
Year 2:
First 8 months:
4,800 x 50% x 8/12 = 1,600 depreciation expense. Book value is now $2,400
Last 4 months:
2,400 x 50% x 4/12 = 400 depreciation expense
Total depreciation expense for year 2 = $2,000

2. Equipment with a useful life of 5 years and a residual value of $6,000 was purchased on January 3, 2002 for $48,500. The machine was sold on January 5, 2007 for $13,000.

(a) What is the book value of the machine on January 5, 2007 assuming that straight-line depreciation is used?
Since the equipment was depreciated for its full useful life of five years, the book value has been reduced all the way down to its salvage value of $6,000

(b) Illustrate the effects on the accounts and financial statements of the sale of the machine on January 5, 2007.
Dr Accumulated Depreciation 42,500 (assets increase)
Dr Cash 13,000 (assets increase)
Cr Equipment 48,500 (assets decrease)
Cr Gain on Disposal 7,000 (equity increases)

(c) Illustrate the effects on the accounts and financial statements of the sale of the machine if it had been sold for $18,000 instead.
Dr Accumulated Depreciation 42,500 (assets increase)
Dr Cash 18,000 (assets increase)
Cr Equipment 48,500 (assets decrease)
Cr Gain on Disposal 12,000 (equity increases)

3. For each of the following items indicate whether the transactions listed below increase (+) decreased (-) or had no effect (o) by inserting the appropriate symbol

(a) Record depreciation expense
Net Income, -
Assets, -
Liabilities, o
Qwners’ Equity, -
Cash Flows +

(b) Sold equipment for cash at a loss
Net Income, -
Assets, -
Liabilities, o
Qwners’ Equity, -
Cash Flows +

(c) Record loss on impaired Goodwill
Net Income, -
Assets, -
Liabilities, o
Qwners’ Equity, -
Cash Flows +

(d) Record depletion expense
Net Income, –
Assets, -
Liabilities, o
Qwners’ Equity, -
Cash Flows +

(e) Recorded a capital expenditure and issued a note payable
Net Income, o
Assets, +
Liabilities, +
Qwners’ Equity, o
Cash Flows o

Mary asks…

will obama admit his policies are not working or just keep asking for patience?

so were into the 2nd half of his first year and although the stock
market has stabliezed and gnp is not negative the banks are
still standing, we have a tremendous problem with unemployment
and reduced tax revenues.
now the only time tax revenues dropping is a problem is when your
spending too much and have too much budgeted. why not just
admit it. Instead spend more ?? now that sounds risky.
do you think there will be a time when obama admits and agrees
1) holding his hand out to iran and having it burned on national tv was a huge mistake and now his judgment appears to be impaired to observers.
2) banking his whole presidency on a single payor health system and then lying about it, and coming up with a trojan horse program deceitfully designed to hide the fact that its going to put private insurance out of business.
3) breaking every important campaign promise from closing gitmo
to not appionting donors to ambassadorships to not putting in extreme supreme court nominations, to bringing home troops, to not raising taxes on less than 250k incomes, to give avg americans a tax cut,
to use tarp money to buy up the toxic assets, instead of using it for employee bonuses. now can anyone admit this or am i seeing things???

admin answers:

He will keep asking for patience… Its a con game… You can’t let the players (America) know they are being scammed until it is to late for them to do anything about it.

Welcome to Obama-nation 09.

We really ain’t seen nothin yet!

Susan asks…

Should I grow them Indoors, in a Greenhouse or outside in the garden?

Basically, I’ve seen these seeds for sale (in the link below) and I think there is a gap in the market where I can make quite a lot of money growing and selling them. The only problem is should I grow them indoors or outdoors? When I make enough money I could buy a greenhouse but until then it’s outside or inside. Has anyone had any experience growing these? If so is there any special requirements? I’m thinking of feeding them miracle grow to make them really big, but I don’t want this to impair the taste. Thankyou in advance for any help or advice you can share with me :D

admin answers:


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Your Questions About Carnitine

December 17, 2012

Jenny asks…

How much amino acids should I take in supplement form daily, as I am working out and trying to make gains?

I take 1 – 1000 mg L-Arginine
1 – 250 mg L-carnitine
1 – 500 mg L – lysine

Also, I take Centrum, a 1200 mg Lecithin, 30 mg Zinc, and a 500 mcg of B-12, all in either tablet or capsule form. I think all I am missing now is Glutamine? I also take Creatine monohydrate , 5 mg powder daily in my drink, and I consume protein shakes after working out, and on days I don’t lift, to recover. I work out like 4 days a week. Does this sound like a good regimen to you.

admin answers:

I stay away from the acid these days just mushrooms , and weed and a little coke everynow and then, some paote, oh ya and mescaline, one time i did heroin , oh shit what was the question

Helen asks…

What are some good vitamins to take to help with energy and muscle building?

Im already slim and taking a multivitamin twice a day. I need more energy and something to help my overall growth. Im, 16, 5″10, 160lbs
Ive heard about L carnitine but i dont know a lot.

admin answers:

The energy comes as a result of greater stress to the body. For example, to become more energetic, run faster or lift higher weights. This causes a need for more oxygen and growth of more muscle tissue and blood vessels for every cell in the body to distribute the Oxygen. It also strengthens the heart. I have used that pills and I know many different ones are recommended. Early humans evolved without pills, hunted animals and survived without synthetic supplementation. As you are very lean and a good height for your age, just be sure to get enough sleep and proper meals, enough to satisfy a growing male. If you want to try them, it can’t hurt. I had no results. As for the vitamin, if it says once a day, don’t take it twice, as you will get too much iron in your body, which is not healthy. Follow the directions. I have bought lots of others as well, and notice various gurus write books, but also sell supplements. My BIL is an amateur bodybuilder and sells them. My sister is a health expert with credentials. She will sell supplements, as well. So, if you have money, someone will sell something. The science is still out, but you can research. Just make sure the research was funded by another source besides the company itself. Also, look at how the energy increase was measured, and if the percentage of increase is considered significant. Although, you are a junior in HS, you can still read adult, academic level studies with a little effort, and the conclusions usually say, “More research is needed”, or that there was no significant difference.

Joseph asks…

Will an aloe vera and collagen drink do my skin good?

There is a drink in the supermarket which claims to have natural aloe vera bits, 500 mg of collagen, vitamin e, and 200 mg l-carnitine in every 350ml bottle. They say its really good, but is it safe to drink and will it be good on my skin?

admin answers:

I will tell a little about the Aloe Vera that I use.

Aloe-Vera-Benefits the skin. When used on the skin, Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate the deepest body tissues, some seven layers deep, unlike most lotions, liquid substances and water that penetrates only two layers of the skin.

It has been proven by research that the Aloe-Vera-Benefits comes from its active ingredients. Aloe Vera has over 75 known active ingredients that include: Vitamins, Mineral, Enzymes, Sugars, Anthraquinones, or Phenolic compounds, Sterols, Amino Acids that perform specific functions in the human body.

Explore more on aloe vera’s uses, health benefits, side effects by visiting:

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Your Questions About For Those Tears I Died Lyrics

December 17, 2012

Sandy asks…

What is the name of a song whose lyrics I barely know and who sings it??

I‘ve been searching, asking around, trying to hear it on the radio for quite some time, for a year and 3 months to be exact and no success.

What I do know is that it’s an old salsa song, not quite the salsa rhythm we hear today (more like a son rhythm?), and the lyrics go something like “tiempo (or viento??) soy, no sufras por mi! lejos me voy, muy lejos de aqui!”

This song means so much to me, my boyfriend of 2 years died last year and one of the many good memories I have of him is when we were driving around in the Dominican Republic on a rainy Sunday afternoon and he had this song playing over and over again, singing it at full force, while looking at me and smiling.

I really do hope there is someone out there that can truly help me find this memorable song. Just thinking about that special moment and the bits and pieces of lyrics I remember brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you for anyone that could help me :o )

admin answers:

Is it this? Check out the Chorus. It’s a part of the way down on the linked page. I cut and paste it below.
Viento soy, no sufras por mí,
lejos me voy muy lejos de ti.


Michael asks…

Tell me what you think of my story…I know its not lyrics lol?

Late at night I hear a soft oice. I close my eyes and listen to the lyrics
Sing me a lullaby, sing me to sleep. Make me want to dream, I don’t wanna be like them. I wanna be special. So just sing me a lullaby, I really wanna dream. I just wanna be me.
She sings to only the lonely darkness, but I feel that she thinks of it as more. Her words encircle me, call to me. I wonder if she’s singing to someone or just the air. Every night her child-like voice seems to set me toward dreamland.
Sometimes I feel as though she is singing to someone lost among thousands. The sadness she puts in these songs tell a story of her hopes and wishes. Sometimes even her tears.
Her songs seem to guide someone to her, someone she has yet to meet. Her songs seem to make me feel hopeful again. Almost…alive again.
She sings a tune so lonely, yet so lovely, that it makes me shed a tear. Such beautiful lyrics and such a beautiful voice. I guess we all need something to make us feel wonderful and I guess this is just one of those things.
As long as her beautiful voice continues to sing such unexplainable lyric, I will continue to forever be bewildered by why. Funny thing, I do not want to find the girl who sings for I fear she might stop.
That is something that I would dread most horribly. I feel now that I need her to sing, I feel addicted to her voice. I would die without it. Yes, I would just die without it. By now I‘m sure you fancy me mad. Crazy, if you will. But I‘m not mad or crazy. Just in a trance by that beautiful voice..
The softness of her voice leads me. I don’t know where I am. There are greens, reds, yellows, purple, and blues surronding me. Terror strikes me, then solitude. I could listen to her voice forever.

Listen to my crying heart, listen to the tears, in my mind I hear. Drip, Drop, Drip, Drop, Drip…

I smile and lie among the shadows of this spinning room. Forever I could listen. She is an unwanted sould, a soul filled with crushed hopes and dreams. I never want to leave. Maybe my obsession with her has grown or maybe I was just this was crazy from the begininng. I don’t have a clue how crazy I really am. Maybe I just don’t care. Yes, I just don’t care. I have her now. All to myself. Mine. Mine. Mine. Wait. Where am I? No more colors…just white and black. Things are changing with her song. This time I suppose I‘ll just explore the place. Yes, I‘ll just exlore as I listen to the soft, beautiful voice…
oh and i messed up some words lol like i missed some letters
p.s. im only 13 so dont judge too hard
yeah im 13

admin answers:

A beautiful song,
it is a question
is someone out there
her music beckons

the colors are true
her heart so alone
this love song is drawing him
close to her home

so many questions
the answer for you
its Jesus that listens
to hearts that are true

Paul asks…

How do these lyrics sound?

I wrote this for my friend who died of a brain tumor months ago

I have only one more year before I go,
I will remember the people that cared, and was not afraid to show

Themselves to me, my secret is in a lock,
When the time comes, I will be in a box 

There will be only goodbyes, and rain of tears
No longer I will have to face my Everlasting fear 

Of the black ghost, he will greet me at
No longer will I have to worry about the past

admin answers:

This is truly beautiful lyricism, with more verses, and good enough music, i could easily see this being a hit song. I imagine it being sung by a voice like Gerard Way’s in the early days of My Chemical Romance ( have you heard their song Cancer, I think it would have a lot of meaning to a person who knew someone who had died of a brain tumor, let me know what you think of it), with soft guitar and piano accompaniment. It is almost haunting, especially the part about “the black ghost,” and you manage to convey incredible amounts of grief into your words. You are truly a poet. I am so sorry to hear about your friend, and keep writing, you are amazingly gifted.

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Your Questions About An Impaired Use Of Language Is Known As

December 16, 2012

Steven asks…

How do I get my daughter to leave what’s in her diaper, in her diaper?

My daughter is 17 months old and we have begun potty training. For the past few days, she has begun to pull her poo out of her diaper and show it to us to tell us that she needs a diaper. We’ve tried to put one-piece pajamas on her to discourage this, but she finds a way around it.

We do not leave her unsupervised. Take tonight for example, she was right next to me as I was answering an email from my husband at work. She reached in, took out a handful, and proudly showed it to me… in an instant. I’ve had a cold for what seems like 3 weeks, so I can’t always smell when she’s odiferous right away!

She is hearing impaired, so don’t say, “Yell at her when she does it!” and we have scolded her for it, as she communicates very well in sign language, and I am not going to spank her for it. She knows the sign for “diaper” and uses it when she’s wet and needs a change, and she uses the “potty” sign to tell us when she needs to go potty, but this thing with pulling her poo out of the diaper really has us baffled!

I don’t know how else to stop this disgusting habit she has! I’d love advice from anyone sincerely wanting to help!

admin answers:

This is a good one. I have never had this problem and but you are in a predicament. She is very young to potty train so she is doing what a 17month old would do with something she was proud of -show it to you!

You don’t want to overreact since you do want the awareness but do you have another word or sign for ‘yuck’ or ‘don’t touch!” Like if she was going to reach for something else she should not touch? Then can you teach her a more satsifying sign for ‘poop’? Maybe she really want to make it dramatic?

Chris asks…

Can people with Asperger’s be (intentionally) funny?

From Wiki,

“Children with AS appear to have particular weaknesses in areas of nonliteral language that include humor, irony, and teasing. Although individuals with AS usually understand the cognitive basis of humor, they seem to lack understanding of the intent of humor to share enjoyment with others.[13] Despite strong evidence of impaired humor appreciation, anecdotal reports of humor in individuals with AS seem to challenge some psychological theories of AS and autism.[30] According to the Adult Asperger Assessment (AAA) diagnostic test, a lack of interest in fiction and the positive preference towards non-fiction is common among adults with the disorder.[31]”

I have a friend who claims to have Asperger’s and I believe her. She is very odd and quiet socially, and has an obsession with baseball and biochemistry. However, she actually has quite a good sense of humor. She has an uncanny ability to mimic voices and uses this talent to make everyone laugh. Even though she’s always been a bit odd, no one wants to pick on her because she has such a sharp, acerbic wit. I’ve seen people who didn’t know this, and tried to bully her reduced to practical tears.

Do these character traits preclude Asperger’s

admin answers:

She may not understand why when she does the funny voices everyone laughs, but she does know if she does the voices, people do laugh. She may not find her own behavior funny, but she may enjoy the attention of her peers and feel accepted socially -which is often what people with aspergers struggle with and is rare for them to achieve.

Does she laugh only when others laugh? People with aspergers do not lack cognitive functions and therefore can make associations between topics or behaviors and proper social conduct – such as your friend’s association with the voices and social acceptance. Experience of positive attention is rewarding, reinforcing the behavior (mimicking voices). People with asperger’s can figure out what other people find funny or get enjoyment from, although they themselves would otherwise be uninterested in.

Laura asks…

What About This Story, Would You Rip It Out Of The Bookshelf?

Harry’s date, as opposed to his other dates, went pretty well. He had pointed out the mistakes he made accidentally on the last ones and encouraged himself to build up his confidence anew; it had been impaired by the girls who turned him down. Harry was positively sure nothing could ruin it this time as he’d taken precautions against everything that might. His date had improved his temper entirely that anyone that was used to his old attitude would have noticed the change in his behavior. Harry did not think for a second that his exaggerated courage could turn out to be a lethal weapon to devastate his relationship. His parents knew that and wanted to warn him, though he was warned, but he tended to ignore anyone who tried to admonish him.

“Harry, I know you’re in love- I acted the same when I was in your age, but maybe you take it a bit too seriously? You sound as if you’re going to marry her.” a smile cracked his face as he thought of what he’d said. “Which I’m sure you’re not…”

Billy, Harry’s father mumbled in a low voice. Harry broke him off mid-sentence and put aside the arm his father had curled around his neck to hug him.

“Oh yes I am!” Harry said, emphasizing each word. “If you think it’s not serious- you’re incorrect!” he continued in the same level of tune.
Billy started at him for a long moment, repeating the words in his mind as if he had spoken them in a foreign language. He opened his mouth to reply but Harry pushed his palms down against the mattress to get up, angling his body towards the door.

“Sit down!” Harry commanded as Harry’s butt was lifted a few inches off the sheet. “IT’S AN ORDER” he shouted, reaching out to grab his arm. His eyebrows pulled together and darkened his stare as his forehead puckered up into tiny creases that accentuated the frown lines across it.

“Never, but never ignore me. Have I made myself clear?” Billy asked, holding up a finger as if to reprove him.

“Yes, sir” Harry answered, making a military salute and looked down at the pavement that was shaded by his father’s mighty figure. He let his right leg hang off the bed, swinging back and forth while the left one was folded under his butt, and fiddled with his necklace, pretending to be listening.

“Look son” Billy said, Harry rolled his eyes, making the “whatever-you-say” expression, could not wait for his boring lecture to come to an end. “I know it’s the first time you unexpectedly enjoy dating, but ignoring your friends? Your family? I’m sure she doesn’t want you to do that too…”

admin answers:

Books are sold on reputation and good marketing and good summaries at the back of the novel.

Write a whole book first.

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